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JobEngine is more than just a theme, it’s a product that includes all the functionality required to create and run a fully-fledged job board website with WordPress. This app-theme has been developed by the EngineThemes team who specialise in making these highly functional WordPress themes.

With JobEngine, as well as getting a modern and clean design for your site, you also get all the necessary features for building a job listings website. Some of these features include:

  • Display job listings and accept online applications
  • Monetise the site with multiple payment plan options
  • Use email templates to notify users on certain events
  • Ajax powered filters and navigation to minimise page loads

Site admin users can create and manage all the job listings via the WordPress backend, while those publishing job vacancies can add and manage their own listings via the frontend of the website, saving them from having to navigate the WordPress admin dashboard.

Job seekers and the companies posting jobs on your JobEngine-powered site both have the option of creating a user profile on the site. This allows them to store information which can make listing new positions and submitting applications a more efficient process.

The theme comes with a handy wizard which guides you through the setup process, making it very easy to get started, despite the myriad features of JobEngine.

This theme has everything you need to build and manage a job board with WordPress, with the whole package being very easy to use, as well as having a visually appealing and responsive design.

Price: $129
Demo | Purchase



Jobify is a job board theme featuring frontend submissions, WooCommerce integration, a fully responsive design, easy setup/video tutorials and more. Jobify is by one of our all-time favorite ThemeForest authors, Astoundify.

Jobify is a great looking theme that works closely with the free WP Job Manager plugin in order to enable you to build a functional job listings website using WordPress. By using a standalone plugin to deliver much of the basic job board features, it does give you some room for changing themes in the future, without losing access to the features your site has come to rely on. The theme also integrates with a number of premium plugins which can help you add even more features to your job board such as paid listings and restricted access.

When it comes to setting up your site, the theme uses a homepage widget area which means you can easily drag and drop the different content widgets into place in order to determine what is featured on your site’s homepage. This can include widgets such as image and content sliders, blog posts, maps and stats to name just a few. Jobify also includes a few options for easily customising the colours of the theme. You can also import dummy content to flesh out the site before adding your own content.

While this theme is well documented, the use of third party plugins and the lack of a setup wizard can make it a bit more difficult to get up and running compared to an all in one package such as JobEngine. However, if you like the idea of using plugins to add the necessary functionality to your site, helping to keep your content and presentation separate, Jobify has the upper hand.

Price: $55
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WPJobus Theme

WPJobus has been designed to make it as easy as possible to build a job board portal website with WordPress. However, this theme can also be setup to function as a personal resume or company profile website.

To make using your website a straightforward task for your visitors, WPJobus includes front end submission forms where users can register, login, and create their employee or employer profiles, without having to switch to the WordPress backend to add content. The theme also comes with a selection of useful page templates such as the contact us, about, and pricing pages, to save you the trouble of designing these essential pages from scratch.

Unlike some other themes on offer for building a job website, WPJobus doesn’t rely on any third party plugins and includes all the functionality need to get a site of this type online. However, this theme does integrate the premium LayerSlider plugin which gives you the ability to create attention grabbing content and image sliders, while also saving you $15 in the process.

With WPJobus you also get a selection of monetization options for your employment portal. These options include accepting payments via Stripe for actions such as publishing a featured resume, job listing, or company profile.

The three in one nature of the WPJobus theme makes it a good value choice for anyone looking for a bit of flexibility from their WordPress themes.

Price: $50
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JobRoller from AppThemes is marketed as the #1 WordPress job board theme and is available as part of the AppThemes club packages or as an individual purchase. With this theme the focus is equally divided between job seekers and employers making it a good all-purpose choice.

Job seekers can create profiles and upload their CVs allowing their details to be searchable by those seeking to recruit new staff. Applications can be made to listings published on the site through the frontend forms, making the whole process very user friendly. The theme also includes a new recruiter role, giving these users extra permissions when it comes to browsing profiles.

The theme includes five job types for organising the advertised vacancies; however you can also create your own custom job types, each with their own fields for better storing industry-specific data and details.

JobRoller can be expanded by deploying any of the many child themes and plugins available from the AppThemes marketplace. These optional plugins allow you to insert adverts into your site, increase the features for handling resumes, create a JobRoller mobile app, and also populate your job site with listings from Career Jet and Simply Hired.

If you want an all-in-one job board solution then the responsive JobRoller is well worth checking out.

Price: $99
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Jobifier has been developed for anyone who needs to display job vacancies online, including recruitment companies, someone developing a job board website, or even an organisation that requires a separate website for advertising their in-house employment opportunities.

Through the monetisation settings of this theme, you can allow your visitors to post their vacancies for free, or charge them a fee for doing so on an automated basis. This makes it easy to turn your job board website into an online income generating asset.

The monetisation options of Jobifier allow you to create multiple pricing plans for recruiters, as well as charge a one off fee for individuals who want to post a job vacancy or upload a resume, making this a flexible WordPress job board theme.

For an intuitive and seamless user experience, Jobifier makes use of front end submission forms that can be fully customised to include any fields to collect data specific to your needs. Another feaure of this theme is a new user role entitled recruiter which allows you to add users to the site who can oversee the submission and application process. Other users can register as job seekers, or employers, depending on their objectives.

Jobifier not only has all the features you need to create a job board website with WordPress, but it also has a great look and feel.

Price: $79
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PetSitter has been created for anyone building a job board website that will be focussing on publishing pet-related employment opportunities.

Thanks to its design, use of icons, and pet-related terminology, this theme works great out of the box for building a job board website for animal workers. However, if the overall design and feature set appeals to you, it can be easily customised to suit more general uses.

When it comes to personalising the website you are building with PetSitter, the use of the Redux Theme Options control panel makes it very easy to modify a wide range of elements on your site.

Through the theme options and settings you can choose from over 600 fonts that are available thanks to the integration with the free Google Fonts service. You can also choose from an unlimited range of colours by using the colour picker tool to get the exact match for your branding.

With the PetSitter theme you get access to a library of over 40 shortcodes for adding page elements to your site and formatting the text in your posts. There are also front end submissions forms for allowing your visitors to register their account, and start posting their listings, or responding to advertised position, without having to access the WordPress dashboard area and back end pages.

When it comes to the job board functionality, the animal-friendly PetSitter theme makes use of the free WP Job Manager plugin. This gives you all the features you need to create and manage a fully functioning employment listings website with WordPress. For those that need additional functionality, there are a range of extensions available for the plugin to make your website even more useful.

If you want to build a website that puts pet sitters in touch with pet owners, then the PetSitter theme has been created just for you.

Price: $48
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JobBoard can help you build a website for listing employment opportunities online. However, this theme can also be used to create an employment marketplace, offering a similar service to websites such as Odesk and Freelancer.com

Providing a positive user experience is at the heart of this theme as can be seen from the mobile responsive layout and advanced search functionality. Visitors to your site will never have trouble finding the type of vacancies they are looking for, or finding the right contractor for their project if you are using JobBoard to create an employment marketplace.

When users seeking employment land on your website, they can instantly browse the different positions by contract type, or use the slider to filter roles by salary or amount of experience required. All a visitor has to do in order to start applying for jobs is register an account and then they can start reaching out to employers. Job seekers can also create a profile, upload their resume, and then sit back and wait for approaches from interested parties.

As the JobBoard theme includes front end submission forms, the registration, job posting, and application processes all takes place using custom forms, rather than via the WordPress backend. This helps create a consistent user experience for anyone interacting with your site.

If you’d like to generate an income from your job board website, one option with this theme is to charge users a fee to list their vacancies. As JobBoard integrates with PayPal out of the box, collecting payments isn’t a problem.

The developers of JobBoard are currently offering a one-time free installation of this theme to enable you to get your new website up and running as quickly as possible, with minimal effort.

Price: $48
Demo | Purchase



Jobera is a job portal WordPress theme that allows you to create a useful and easy to use job listings website. Like Jobify this theme has been built to integrate with the free WP Job Manager plugin, in order to handle the required functionality for building a site of this type. The theme also makes use of the Resume Manager and WC Paid Listings plugins which are included with the theme package.

Job seekers and employers both get their own portal to view the site through. Job seekers can use the frontend submission forms to apply for listed vacancies, submitting their cover letter and resume, which then gets routed directly to the email inbox of the employer who created the listing. Jobera also includes a new recruiter role which is ideal for third parties who help connect job seekers and employers in order to facilitate the hiring process.

The design of the theme is fully responsive for users on a range of devices and Jobera is also retina ready. When configuring the site you can choose from 100s of fonts thanks to the integration with Google Fonts. The PSD files are included allowing you to edit all the images used in the construction of the theme with Photoshop.

For a great looking theme that gives you plenty of options for customising its appearance, as well as all the job board features you’d expect, Jobera is a good theme for those building a job site with WordPress.

Price: $45
Demo | Purchase

Job Board


Job Board from Templatic is an all-in-one app-theme for building a job directory website with WordPress. After the 1-click installation, both jobs and resumes can be created and managed on the site, with custom categories available for organising both types of content more effectively.

Job listings can also be organised using the included job types, however users are free to create their own additional types for creating a more relevant structure for their site’s listings. As job listings are submitted via the frontend submission forms, the forms can be edited to include any additional fields that are required for handling the type of listings your site features.

When using the Job Board theme from Templatic, your site can be monetised by charging a fee for submissions. You get the option to create a number of payment levels and pricing packages ranging from a single submission through to multiple listing packages and on-going subscriptions. You can even create discount coupons to help promote your site and assist in generating interest in your service. As the theme comes with support for multiple payment gateways, you get plenty of options for collecting payments.  The homepage is widget-ready, giving you a good amount of options for how visitors are greeted upon arrival at your site.

If you want an easy to setup all-in-one job board solution then this app-theme from Templatic is a great choice.

Price: $49
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Nine to Five


Nine to Five has been around for about three years now, with many updates since its release. The theme has been refined over the years and now includes a great set of features and options for customisation. The optional responsive mode makes browsing your listings on tablets and smartphones a pleasure, allowing visitors to use your site on the go, when away from their traditional large-screen devices.

Applications made via the site are delivered directly to employers via email, allowing them to evaluate any applications as soon as they are made. The theme also integrates with Google Maps allowing job seekers to view available positions by location. Payments can be accepted for paid listings thanks to the integration with PayPal.

Nine to Five is a clean looking job theme for WordPress that has been designed to load quickly and work on a range of devices and screen sizes.

Price: $40
Demo | Purchase



Jobsapp is a fully responsive job board theme that users can access on a range of devices, allowing them to check for vacancies on the go, ensuring they never miss the perfect job opening. The theme is actually a child theme for the popular Jobroller theme from AppThemes, allowing you to harness the features of that theme, but apply a completely different look to your website.

Jobsapp comes with six pre-set colour schemes that allow you to switch the look and feel of your site at the touch of a button to best suit your brand. The other elements of the theme can also be customised through the theme options control panel, allowing you to really personalise the appearance of your website without editing any code.

When adding a job vacancy, a whole host of relevant data can be displayed about the position, including the location, allowing job seekers to filter the listings according to their individual requirements.

When it comes to monetising your job board website, the Jobsapp theme comes with a selection of advertising spots for displaying adverts on your website. Alternatively, you can earn money online from your job board website by charging users a fee for listing their vacancies on your site. Payments can be collected using PayPal, making the whole system very easy to use.

Jobsapp also comes equipped with the premium Revolution Slider plugin making it not only great value, but a feature packed theme.

Price: $49
Demo | Purchase

Job Board Theme


While the Job Board Theme can be used to list regular vacancies and accept applications and resumes, the ability for applicants to bid on jobs, in a freelance-style helps this theme stand out from the competition. As with sites like oDesk, the theme provides an internal messaging system for those working together on a contract or application, allowing them to communicate with each other.

With Job Board Theme you also get lots of options for customising the colours and fonts using the built-in tool and the theme even comes with access to a selection of child themes for applying a totally different design to your site.

Whether you want to create a job bidding site, or just a regular employment listings site, Job Board Theme gives you plenty of options for doing so.

Price: $79
Demo | Purchase



WPJobBoard is a well-known name in the job listings sub-sector of WordPress theme and plugin development. It’s a plugin and theme combination which gives you plenty of flexibility as to how you setup and manage your job board website with WordPress.

In this case, the functionality of WPJobBoard is provided via a plugin. This means you can use any of the existing themes and frameworks out there for the design of your site, while the plugin adds all the features and tools you will need to manage a professional job board website. However, the package also includes Jobelon, a purpose built theme for those who are starting a new website from scratch or don’t have an existing theme in mind.

Amongst the many features included in this package is the ability to create your own submission forms using the visual editor. Through this editor you can easily add and remove any fields in order to tailor the frontend submission process to match the type of jobs you will be listing.

WPJobBoard also allows you to store the details of the applicants and their submissions, whenever make an application to a job listing on your website. In addition to this you also create and manage employee profiles from the backend of your site to keep an eye on how they are using your site and which jobs they have listed.

Another nice feature of WPJobBoard is the ability to import jobs from sites like CareerBuilder.com and Indeed.com. This means as soon as your site is setup, you can populate it with real job listings, rather than sitting back and waiting for visitors to start submitting their own listings.

If you are looking for a plugin that can turn your website into a fully functioning job board website, then WPJobBoard is definitely worth checking out.

Price: $97
Demo | Purchase



JobJockey from Colorlabs excels at displaying the contents of your job listings website on a range of devices thanks to its responsive design. The appearance of your site when built using JobJockey is very attractive with clean and modern design techniques being used throughout.

The theme includes all the features you need to turn WordPress into a job board site and adds two new roles to help users make use of the site according to their needs. With JobJockey visitors can register as either a job seeker or an employer, with each role getting access to the specific features they need. Both user types get access to a dashboard which gives them an overview of their activity on the site, including applications they’ve made and listings they posted.

JobJockey is a great looking job directory WordPress theme, which has all the features you need to build this type of site.

Price: $79
Demo | Purchase



Suburbs is billed as a multipurpose WordPress theme but thanks to its great design and wealth of features, it really lends itself well to being used to create a job board website.

The modern, clean, and professional look and feel of the Suburbs theme, which has been developed by an experienced Theme Forest Elite Author, makes it a great choice for creating a job board website listing corporate and agency job vacancies.

While the theme comes with a good selection of page templates and layouts, making it ready to go out of the box, it also includes a drag and drop page builder that allows you to easily create your own custom layouts through an intuitive user interface.

The Suburbs theme also includes the premium Revolution Slider plugin for adding dynamic and powerful content and image sliders to your website with ease. The selection of custom widgets gives you the ability to display the latest jobs that have been added to your site for easy access for your visitors.

With three header types to choose from and an easy to use drag and drop page builder, Suburbs gives you lots of freedom to define exactly how your job board website will look.

Price: $43
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JobsHub is another responsive employment theme for WordPress from Colorlabs. Thanks to the integration with PayPal and the option to manage bank transfer payments, JobsHub aims to allow you to create an income-generating jobs listings site that can run on auto-pilot.

The theme also integrates with Google Maps allowing listings to be displayed on a map according to their geographical location. From the dashboards employers can easily see which listings they’ve posted, while job seekers can view the applications they’ve made through the site.

The JobsHub theme includes the ability for users to ‘favourite’ listings for future reference, and receive email notifications when an application has been made to one of the listings they’ve posted.

JobsHub is a cleanly designed jobs listing theme for WordPress that provides a good base for customisation and applying a personalised appearance.

Price: $79
Demo | Purchase



Babysitter is the perfect choice for anyone creating a website to list job vacancies related to child care or child focused employment.

Even if you are creating a blog about parenting and child care, or a related topic, then this theme is a good option. Babysitter comes with a nice selection of post formats for displaying different types of content on your blog, including galleries, videos, quotes, and links.

When it comes to the job board side of this theme, nannies and babysitters can post their profiles, including a photo, skill set, and other useful information, which can then be viewed by those looking for a carer in this field. Those seeking to employ someone can then contact the candidates directly through the website.

This responsive child care focused job board theme for WordPress comes with lots of customisation options and dummy content to help you get your site up and running in no time at all.

Thanks to the colourful design and playful fonts of the Babysitter theme, your website will have a design appropriate to the types of listings being advertised, with all the necessary features to match.

Price: $48
Demo | Purchase



JobPress has been developed by the Fab Themes team and is actually available at no cost to those using it for non-commercial purposes.

The theme includes everything you need to allow visitors to sign up and start posting their job listings. The listings are handled using custom post types to ensure that they are kept separate from the regular blog posts on your site. There are also two custom widgets for your sidebar areas which can be used to display the latest job listings that have been posted.

JobPress is very easy to setup and use, making it a great way to build a job board website for free with WordPress.

Price: Free
Demo | Download

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  1. Jobengine is my choice of favorite. The design is better than the other outdated ones and their updates & support are awesome.

  2. I am using jobroller for my jobs site. i want a footer also for this theme, anyone please tell me from where can i get that?

  3. Yeah, I think jobengine is quite better than the other ones. Their support is also very helpful so far.

  4. This is my experience. I have purchased 3 of them

    1. Job engine.
    – very great than others. specifically support team
    – most of things for employers, jobseekers are ready
    – but not WPML or multi language support.
    – little expensive. (I think it’s ok because it is good!)

    2. jobify
    – it looks simply and great.
    – woocommerce job payment system is good.
    – google map is good too.
    – but it’s too simple

    3. jobroller
    – Google maps is good
    – Front-end and listings are not bad
    – Support is So bad!
    – I never recommend you to purchase these. bad support and upgrade. when I bought this it was 1.6 in 2012 (I guess). it’s now 1.72 something like that. I spent much money than other themes and plugins. but I do NOT recommend if you are a serious business man for job searching site. a lot of people complain and support team never reply. just a few mods.
    – they have more themes and more plugins but you have to pay again.

    I guess job engine and jobify are good to use.

  5. We recommend using Jobify, the support is fast, never had any issues and lots of help with video tutorials. I wish all theme companies were this good! Jobify wins!

  6. I am trying to find a job board with the closest functionality to Craigslist, specifically the email relay function. Which one would you recommend for this? Thanks!

    • I could be wrong (Cragislist is not so well known in England) but isn’t Craigslist more of a classified site? In which case, this collection might be more suitable. I’m not aware of any themes that come with anything resembling the email relay function, but I did some searching and found a post by David Cowgill (founder of AppThemes) in this thread where he discusses a possible solution. Hope this helps somewhat.

  7. Thanks Charlie. Craigslist has a job posting function and is actually how they make their money. They charge a fee for companies to post jobs. It’s very popular in the US. If you could take a look at their “Jobs” section and let me know what job board template most resembles it?

  8. Thank you everyone for your comments. I have one question, do any of these have the abillity to set the list of members or job seekers to private? This way only a paying employer would be able to see the candidates and contact them?

    Thank you so much!

    • Can someone please reply to Xavier’s question above, I would also like to know how to make job seekers information private and only viewable by an employer who has paid.

      Thank you

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