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6 Best Bootstrap WordPress Themes 2021

1. Angle

Angle is a Bootstrap WordPress theme with a stylish flat user interface design.

If you like the look of the flat design trend and would like to use it on your website, then this Bootstrap theme could be a good option. As Angle is described as a multipurpose theme, it should be suitable for creating a wide range of websites with WordPress. However, if you take a look at the default pre-built Angle homepage layout, you’ll see that it’s a particularly good choice for anyone who wants to launch a site that can help them promote their services.

The features of the pre-built default homepage layout include a four-column icon section that’s ideal for highlighting the key services you offer or the main features of your business, the portfolio section that shows a selection of items from the portfolio area of your website, and the team member panel that lets you share some details about your staff. If you want to display feedback you’ve received from customers and clients, then that’s possible with the testimonials carousel section of the homepage.

If you want to mix things up a bit, there are a few other homepage layout variations you can use instead of the default template. Among those options are two that incorporate sliders into their layouts, a minimal homepage design, and one that has a vintage look. If you’re looking for a Bootstrap ecommerce theme, there’s also a layout that’s been designed for creating online stores with WordPress.

Thanks to the video documentation that comes with Angle, it shouldn’t take you long to launch your new site with this theme.

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2. Omega

Omega is another multi-purpose Bootstrap theme that’s ideal for creating many types of websites with WordPress.

As the pre-built homepages of Omega are divided into either the business or creative category, you can get a sense of who this theme was designed for. There are some more generic options too, so it’s worth taking a look at the Omega theme demos to see if this would be a good option for your website.

Regardless of which homepage you choose, the design of your website will be fully mobile responsive. Your homepage can also include lots of useful features if you decide to use Omega for your website. Some of these optional features include the full-width slider that works really well for sharing information about your services in a slideshow format, the services section that combines text and images to help you explain your services in a bit more depth, and the features area that can be used to highlight other key information about your business.

Other sections of the pre-built Omega homepages include an area for sharing your work by displaying a sample of content from your portfolio and a panel for introducing some of the members of your team with a profile photo and short piece of text. You can also use the pre-built call-to-action sections to prompt your visitors to click through to another part of your site, such as the contact page or the portfolio area.

Of course, all of the homepage elements are optional, so if you don’t have a team or you don’t want to display pieces of your work, you can easily pick and choose what information is displayed on your homepage, all via a user-friendly control panel. If you need to make more changes to your website, you can use the integrated premium WPBakery page builder plugin and its drag-and-drop content editor.

As Omega also works with all the best third-party WordPress plugins, you can easily add new features to your website.

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3. Gridlove

Gridlove is a news and magazine style WordPress theme with lots of grid layouts and templates.

As Gridlove is a highly customizable WordPress theme, you can use it to build a unique news and online magazine website. The different homepage layouts do a good job of providing you with a few options for how your website will look. Once you’ve chosen a template, though, you’re not restricted when it comes to defining the design of your site.

Making changes that will adjust which fonts are in use on your site, the colors used in the website layouts, and many other settings can all be carried out through a user-friendly interface. There’s definitely no need to edit any code when setting up your website with the Gridlove theme.

As the name suggests, Gridlove comes with lots of templates that use interesting grid layouts to help you display your content in the best possible way. The grid layouts come in all different shapes and sizes, including a masonry grid layout and lots of other options. As the foundation of this theme is fully mobile responsive, the grid layouts dynamically rearrange themselves, depending on the size of the screen they are being viewed on. You can see this in action for yourself by viewing the Gridlove demos and then resizing your browser window. The mobile-friendly menu makes it easy for your visitors to navigate your site on their smartphone devices.

In addition to the homepage templates that come with Gridlove, there are also lots of templates for you to choose from when adding new content to your site. Some examples of these templates include the individual article layouts, the archive page designs, and the cover areas. Again, you can try these all out for yourself on the Gridlove demos.

If you’re creating a blog, news site, or online magazine, be sure to check out the Gridlove templates.

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4. SmartBox

SmartBox has been created to help you promote your services online and generate more leads.

If your business needs a professional-looking website or you want to start promoting your freelance services online, then SmartBox is well worth checking out. The retro style of this theme will certainly make it an appealing option to some readers, but if the overall design of SmartBox isn’t 100 percent right for your business, you can easily adjust it to ensure it matches your branding.

To save you time when building your website with this Bootstrap WordPress theme, SmartBox comes with a good selection of page templates. The options cover the homepage, about, services, and contact pages, to name just a few. If you want to add a blog to your website, SmartBox has all the templates necessary for that too. There’s a good set of portfolio templates as well, giving you the ability to share your work online — something that freelancers are sure to appreciate.

To help you add useful elements to your pages, SmartBox comes with a selection of different shortcodes. You can use the handy shortcode editor to define how these elements will look when they are inserted into your pages, giving you a lot of control over the appearance of certain parts of your website, such as the client logos, testimonials, and portfolio sections.

If you want to display video content on your website, SmartBox has good support for including content from a number of popular streaming platforms in your pages. With compatibility with sites such as YouTube and Vimeo, there’s almost no limit to the amount of video content you can add to your website.

With lots of customization options, SmartBox can be configured in many different ways.

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5. Leverage

Leverage is a creative multipurpose WordPress theme built on the Bootstrap framework.

If you check out the Leverage demos, you’ll see that the pre-built content that comes with this theme can be used to create a wide range of websites with WordPress. The demos definitely have a focus on helping people to launch websites for business-related projects, such as agencies, design studios, and events, so if this sounds like the type of website you’re working on, Leverage could be a great choice.

Even though Leverage comes with a good amount of demos, the developers of this theme have invested a lot of effort into ensuring that each one has a stylish, modern, and unique design. They definitely haven’t cut any corners or taken any shortcuts when it comes to producing the mobile-friendly demos that make up the Leverage package. Therefore, if you need to ensure that your website has a professional look to display your business or project in the right way, Leverage should meet that criteria.

In addition to the templates, Leverage also comes with lots of useful features to help you build the right type of website. One example of these is the multi-step forms that come with this theme. Thanks to this, you can not only easily add contact forms to your website but also publish more advanced online forms for collecting more information from your visitors and potential clients or customers. The demos also include pricing tables that give you a quick way to publish the details of your service, packages, and products on your website. The support for the Elementor page builder plugin and the inclusion of the premium WPBakery Page Builder plugin are two more reasons to consider this theme.

With over 20 stylish demos, Leverage is an appealing option for anyone seeking a high-quality Bootstrap theme.

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6. Lambda

Lambda is a multipurpose Bootstrap WordPress theme that’s ready for a wide range of projects.

With over 65 pre-built demos in the Lambda package, there aren’t many types of websites that can’t be quickly built with this mobile-friendly WordPress theme. If you take a look at the Lambda demos, you’ll see that there are options for everything from corporate and creative websites to professional portfolios and personal blogs. Lambda also has ecommerce demos, making it possible to launch a new online store with this theme.

If there isn’t a demo in the Lambda library that’s a perfect match for your website, you can easily customize the demos to make them more suitable for your project. Thanks to the inclusion of the premium WPBakery Page Builder plugin, you can edit the Lambda templates through a drag-and-drop interface. Making other changes to your website is straightforward too, thanks to the settings and options that are accessible through the Lambda theme options panel.

Another useful tool in the Lambda package is the premium Slider Revolution plugin. This tool can be used to create advanced slideshows that contain images, text, video, and audio. You can see some examples of what Slider Revolution can do on the Lambda demos, especially the ones that include full-width animated slideshows.

Getting started with Lambda is surprisingly easy and convenient. Simply upload the theme package to your WordPress website, choose one of the demos to import via the one-click installer, and then start adding your own content to the templates. As the demos include lots of templates, not just the homepage layouts, you should be able to add all of the essential pages to your website in very little time. If there are any templates that you need that aren’t included, you should be able to create them yourself using the page builder tool.

Lambda should appeal to individuals and organizations that need a professional website.

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