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Caelus has been built for those who want to ensure their next project launches in style.

Although this coming soon WordPress theme has a strong leaning towards those launching an app, it can be just as easily used to build anticipation for the launch of a new website or site redesign, thanks to the two different website versions included in the package.

Both versions of the Caelus theme – the app and the website version – both make use of a retro style rocket graphic which works really well to highlight the launch aspect of your project, bringing it to their attention as soon as the visitor lands on the page.

This coming soon page builder comes complete with an optional text slider. This feature allows you to display a good amount of important information about your project above the fold, catching your visitors’ eye without them having to scroll down the page. As this is a highly responsive and mobile friendly theme, this text slider can be interacted with by using the touch screen interface on a mobile device.

Other features of the theme include MailChimp integration for allowing your visitors to join the launch notification mailing list, attractive social media icons, a countdown timer, and a quick colour scheme changer with two contrasting options to choose from.

If you like the retro styling of this theme and think it will match your project, then the widgetized drag and drop home page areas of Caelus make setting up this theme to suit your launch a breeze.

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Time to Meet


Time to Meet is a great looking under construction theme for WordPress. It includes all the important features you would expect from a theme of this type, including a countdown timer, newsletter email subscription form, and the ability to use a large full width image for the homepage background.

In fact, the background image area can be set to work as a slideshow, allowing you to showcase multiple images in one space in order to help promote your launch in an eye catching manner. The theme also includes a set of professional looking social media icons. These give you the opportunity to build your following, even before your project launches.

Time to Meet is a mobile friendly, responsive WordPress theme that can help you keep your visitors informed on the current situation, while you work on launching your new project or revised website.

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Working and its full screen background image slider makes it very easy to create a professional coming soon page, leaving you plenty of time to focus on getting your project ready for launch.

All the standard coming soon related features are present and correct, including a stylish countdown timer, icons which link out to your social media profiles, and a mailing list sign up form which integrates with MailChimp out of the box.

The Working theme also has room on the holding page to accommodate an image gallery, portfolio, or product showcase, where the graphics can be filtered by the user. When you purchase this theme you get access to the Photoshop PSD file for the logo, so you can easily customise it to meet your needs.

If you want your coming soon page to not only provide a countdown and optin form, but also give you the opportunity to showcase what your visitors can expect when the curtains go up, Working has all the features you need to make that happen.

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xTime is a great under construction template for your website available on Mojo Themes.

As well as the usual features you would expect to find on a coming soon or under construction theme, xTime gives you the ability to add a good amount of written content to the splash page so that you can share more information about what is going on behind the scenes.

Other useful features of this theme include an animated countdown timer displaying days, hours, minutes, and seconds until the date of your choosing, an email optin form for those who wish to be notified about the launch, contact information, and social media icons that link to your various profiles.

When setting up the xTime theme you get four types of background modes to choose from including a fullscreen image, a fullscreen image slider, a solid background colour, and even a YouTube video background. If you do choose the solid colour option, you can select the colour using the picker, giving you unlimited colour or gradient options.

The xTime coming soon splash page is flexible while still being easy to use and allows you to display all the important information about your launch to your visitors as soon as they arrive at your site.

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Glance is another attractive option on Mojo Themes and is ideal for those seeking a stylish coming soon page for their impending project launch.

When setting up the theme you get two main options to choose from for the background: a fullscreen image slider, or a fullscreen video. Aside from the background, the centrepiece of your website will be the countdown timer listing the days, hours, minutes, and seconds until the date of your choice. On the area above the fold on the homepage, you can also display a welcome message and social media icons with links to your profiles.

Unlike many other coming soon splash pages, with Glance you get the opportunity to add much more content to the homepage. This can be achieved by dragging and dropping the widgets into place, which can either display content from your site or elsewhere, or be used to display custom text just like regular sidebar widgets. The theme also includes an email subscription form so your visitors can sign up for email updates.

As Glance includes space for more information than just the countdown timer and pre-launch message, it’s a great choice for those who want to showcase more of what will be on offer once the big day arrives.

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MyCountDown from Tesla Themes includes a novel way to display the countdown timer which is used to show visitors how long they have to wait until the launch date, making a change from the popular clocks that are commonly found in coming soon pages.

However, despite making a break from tradition in this regard, this theme does include the other staples of a good coming soon page, such as an email sign up form and customised links to social media profiles. Any email addresses that are entered by your visitors are stored in a text file on your server, preventing you from having to sign up with an email marketing service until you are ready.

Other features that you will have at your disposal once you’ve installed this MyCountDown include six colour themes to match your project’s branding, support for adding additional pages to your site, and also templates for blog posts and post archives, allowing you to publish extra content on your domain to support your coming soon homepage.

MyCountDown makes it easy to do something a bit different with your coming soon page thanks to the unique timer in use.

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GapInvite turns your WordPress website into a very attractive coming soon page with the ability to accommodate fullscreen background images.

Whether you are a visual artist and have your own high resolution images to use, or you prefer to source a suitable image from elsewhere, this theme gives you the ability to make a strong visual impact on your visitors as soon as they land on your website. In fact, this coming soon WordPress theme includes 20 suitable fullscreen images for you to use.

When setting up the theme you also get the option to display a fullscreen slideshow for creating a captivating display of your best images. As the theme is fully responsive these background images, and the rest of the content, will resize to best fit the device your site is being viewed on.

However, if fullscreen background images don’t fit in with your brand or marketing strategy, then the GapInvite theme makes it very easy to choose from either a light or dark colour scheme that simply displays a solid colour as the homepage background.

Other important features you can add to your coming soon, pre-launch webpage include a countdown timer which displays the amount of time until the big event and also the ability to collect emails from those who want a notification when your site goes live.

Adding links to your social media profiles is easy too thanks to the support for each of the most popular networks and attractive icons for them. There is even a weather widget that displays the current climate details from a location of your choice to keep your readers updated.

Through the control panel you can make changes to the theme with ease, and even view the email addresses that your visitors have submitted via the front end form.

GapInvite is a simple to use and professional looking coming soon theme that allows you to get your landing page up and running in no time at all.

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Paragon is a coming soon theme that includes support for a fullscreen image, fullscreen slider, or fullscreen video as the background to your pre-launch homepage.

To ensure your fullscreen background looks great on any device, the whole theme is fully responsive so that it resizes to the device it is being viewed on. Setting up the Paragon theme is easy thanks to the intuitive control panel that allows you to enter important information such as launch date and your contact details.

Visitors to your site can choose to stay in the loop by entering their email address, or alternatively they can follow you on the various social networks by clicking on the social media icons. There is also the opportunity to add some additional information which is displayed to users in a lightbox window when they click on the ‘about us’ button.

With over 500+ Google Fonts to choose from, Paragon is a coming soon theme that is very easy to personalise.

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WP-ParkIt delivers the core elements required for a good coming soon page and adds an attractive design into the mix.

As the seconds tick away, the animated countdown timer makes it clear to visitors that they are getting a live countdown in real time to the launch event and when the project goes live. The social media icons make it easy for your visitors to connect with you elsewhere, as they await the launch of the new website, while the email sign up form takes centre stage, helping to encourage visitors to join your mailing list for a notification of when it’s time to return to the site for the big reveal.

Although WP-ParkIt doesn’t include any extra features or widgets, there is a custom thank you page which you can use to display further information once a visitor has submitted their email address to receive updates and notifications.

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Landis makes it as easy as possible to add a coming soon homepage to your WordPress site. The feature list may be short but for those looking for a quick and easy countdown solution for their launch, Landis makes a good choice.

With just a countdown timer, your logo, and some text of your choice, making up the landing Landis page, there really isn’t much to do when installing this theme on your WordPress site, except choose the colour skin and enter your text. This helps make it a good option for those without time to invest in building their project’s coming soon page.

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