Best Daily Deals and Group Buying WordPress Themes and Plugins 2019



The WPGroupbuy plugin and theme for WordPress allows for the quick and easy creation of deals on a flexible site with robust merchant and management features. This is a widget-ready theme that supports custom colors and fonts. It also integrates Facebook login and allows custom login and registration pages.

The WPGroupbuy theme is ready for localization, includes a translation tool and language files and supports RTL languages. Numerous payment gateways are supported, including PayPal Standard, Pro and Adaptive, SagePay,, PayFast and offline Cash on Delivery. All transactions are protected by integrated SSL (if your domain supports it).

For licences at Silver level and above, WPGroupbuy is responsive and works on all mobile devices. QR code vouchers and rewards and referrals schemes are also supported at these levels. At Gold level, merchant accounts are supported and include voucher management, inventory notifications and detailed CSV report generation.

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Kupon can be used to create a wide range of daily deals and coupon type websites with WordPress.

As well as the three homepage designs and library of page templates and layouts, the Kupon theme has all the features you should need to create a professional looking daily deals and group buying website with WordPress. Thanks to this, you won’t have to seek out and find any third-party plugins, helping you to save time and money when setting up your new coupon website.

Some of those features that you get access to with the Kupon WordPress theme include the ability to offer group buying offers that support manual refunds for failed deals, an option for selling gift certificates from your website, and a booking service for scheduling deals and other offers. As these features are powered by the WooCommerce WordPress plugin and its library of extensions, your daily deals website will be built on a solid foundation. Collecting payments online is all part of the service too, ensuring you’re able to monetize your website with ease.

Some of the other features of the Kupon theme that you might find particularly useful are the Facebook live chat integration service that can help you connect with your visitors, the visual page builder tool that lets you customize the design of your coupons website, and the library of tutorial videos that will help you set up your website and make the most of this powerful theme.

If you’re looking for a good all in one package for your daily deals website, Kupon should be on your shortlist.

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Customizable, widget-ready and packaged with a rich feature set, DailyDeal packs a punch. This theme supports various deal types including digital discounts, coupons and affiliate offers. As well as affiliates, DailyDeal supports blogging, email notifications, social media sharing buttons and moderated user submissions.

The DailyDeal home page is customizable and supports localization, including custom currency codes. The footer area is widgetized, and an advertising sales widget is included as standard. The theme includes five different color schemes.

Plugins for Facebook login are supported and registration fields can be customized. WP-reCAPTCHA can also be installed. DailyDeal supports a wide range of payment gateways, including PayPal, 2Checkout, Google Checkout, WorldPay and Offline payment using cash and PreBank is also available.

Transaction data can be exported in CSV format and Developer purchases include a layered PSD file for greater customization. All-in-all, that's a whole lot of features.

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CouponHut works equally well for creating daily deals websites and coupon sharing sites.

After importing the CouponHut demo content into your WordPress website, you’ll be able to start publishing coupons and deals online. Not only that, but you’ll also be able to give your visitors the ability to submit their own deals and coupons on your website if you wish. As this theme supports a wide range of different types of deals and offers, you and your visitors can submit detailed information about each promotion, including expiration dates, location details, photographs, and other information. Deals and coupons can be configured to require a certain number of purchases before they are activated, as well as other conditions that ensure everything works as expected.

When setting up your WordPress daily deals site with CouponHut, you also have the option of enabling the advert locations. This feature gives you the ability to display adverts on your site as well as offering advertising opportunities to your audience. The ad widgets come in a range of shapes and sizes to provide plenty of flexibility for the type of adverts you can display. Other monetization features of the CouponHut theme include full support for the WooCommerce online store builder plugin and templates for all the ecommerce sections of your site.

CouponHut makes it easy for your audience to filter the deals and find offers that they’re most interested in. They can also leave ratings if you enable this feature, helping the best deals rise to the top of your directory. You can also promote your best deals by making them featured listings that will hopefully catch the attention of your site visitors. If you ever need to customize any of the demo content, the integrated page builder tool makes it very straightforward to do so. You also get a good amount of control over how your site works as well as how it looks, thanks to the detailed CouponHut settings.

CouponHut has a great design that will give your daily deals and coupon sharing website a professional and trustworthy look.

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The DealPress theme for WordPress converts a blog into a daily deals or group purchase site without the need for additional plugins. This simple, turnkey solution supports a customized home page and integrates a wide range of features.

With both Facebook likes and Twitter sharing integrated, DealPress helps to increase website popularity and visibility and drive traffic. To help promote local deals, Google Maps and Street View are built in. Google Analytics is also included and can be activated simply by adding a tracking code.

Payment is integrated into DealPress using PayPal. This includes PayPal Chained and Adaptive Payments. In keeping with this theme’s ease of use, all that PayPal activation requires is the simple addition of a PayPal address to the backend.

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Social Deals Engine


Social Deals Engine is actually a plugin rather than a theme and a free one at that. This makes it a great choice if you want to work with an existing WordPress theme and start listing social deals on your website.

The plugin adds all the necessary features to your site for promoting and selling access to these daily deals. These features include a shopping cart for those who want to purchase more than one deal at a time, integration with the PayPal service, access to customer purchase histories, and optional facilities for social media account checkout.

When adding the daily deals to your site, you can choose to offer them on a dime sale basis where the prices goes up with each sale, set a limited quantity for the deals, or add time limited offers to create a sense of urgency in your visitors. There are many extensions available for the Social Deals Engine plugin, which allow you to make use of additional payment gateways, integrate with email marketing services to create a mailing list, and a whole lot more.

If you want a daily deals solution that works with any WordPress theme and has all the features a site of this type needs, then the free Social Deals Engine plugin is a great choice.

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