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7 Best Daily Deals and Group Buying WordPress Themes 2021

Creating a group buying and daily deals website can be a great way to provide real value to your audience while also making money online. With the right theme, setting up one of these sites is a lot easier than you might think, and in this collection of the best daily deals and group buying WordPress themes, there are plenty of good options to choose from.

By combining suitable designs with useful features, these WordPress daily deals themes should provide you with everything you should need to launch an effective website. Deal management and publication tools, support for user submissions, and payment collection functionality are just some of the features found in these themes.

As these themes cover a range of different coupon and deals websites, you’re sure to find one in this collection that can help you start your site.

1. WPGroupbuy


The WPGroupbuy plugin and theme for WordPress allows for the quick and easy creation of deals on a flexible site with robust merchant and management features. This is a widget-ready theme that supports custom colors and fonts. It also integrates Facebook login and allows custom login and registration pages.

The WPGroupbuy theme is ready for localization, includes a translation tool and language files and supports RTL languages. Numerous payment gateways are supported, including PayPal Standard, Pro and Adaptive, SagePay,, PayFast and offline Cash on Delivery. All transactions are protected by integrated SSL (if your domain supports it).

For licences at Silver level and above, WPGroupbuy is responsive and works on all mobile devices. QR code vouchers and rewards and referrals schemes are also supported at these levels. At Gold level, merchant accounts are supported and include voucher management, inventory notifications and detailed CSV report generation.

2. DailyDeal


Customizable, widget-ready and packaged with a rich feature set, DailyDeal packs a punch. This theme supports various deal types including digital discounts, coupons and affiliate offers. As well as affiliates, DailyDeal supports blogging, email notifications, social media sharing buttons and moderated user submissions.

The DailyDeal home page is customizable and supports localization, including custom currency codes. The footer area is widgetized, and an advertising sales widget is included as standard. The theme includes five different color schemes.

Plugins for Facebook login are supported and registration fields can be customized. WP-reCAPTCHA can also be installed. DailyDeal supports a wide range of payment gateways, including PayPal, 2Checkout, Google Checkout, WorldPay and Offline payment using cash and PreBank is also available.

Transaction data can be exported in CSV format and Developer purchases include a layered PSD file for greater customization. All-in-all, that’s a whole lot of features.

3. CouponSeek

CouponSeek has a bright and attractive design to help your website appeal to a wide audience.

If you want to ensure your daily deals and group buying website has a fun and casual look, then the pre-built demo in the CouponSeek theme should be a good option. Thanks to the modern and stylish design of CouponSeek, this theme would be ideal for promoting travel, entertainment, and fashion related offers. However, the design should also work well for deals and coupons for fitness, food, and gift products and experiences.

The homepage layout of the CouponSeek demo has been well thought out. Divided into multiple sections, each panel displays the deals and offers to your visitors in a different way in order to catch and keep their attention. If your WordPress deals and coupon site needs a professional look, then CouponSeek is more than suitable for this type of project.

In addition to the high-quality design, CouponSeek also has a good range of monetization features for you to work with. Some ways to generate revenue from your site includes using the WC Vendors plugin to charge anyone who wants to list a deal on your site a fee as well as the affiliate functionality that helps you earn commissions for each purchase that you generate. CouponSeek has full support for adding a membership component to your deals website, giving you the option of charging your users a fee for access to the best group buying opportunities and coupons.

The deal expiration settings and countdown timer should come in handy too if you’d like to try and encourage your visitors to make a purchase before the end date. If you want your site to automatically generate printable PDF vouches that your visitors can use to use their discount codes in offline businesses, that’s all taken care of by the CouponSeek theme and its support for the WooCommerce PDF Vouchers add-on.

CouponSeek also has a full set of customization features to help you personalize your daily deals website.

4. WP Deal

WP Deal aims to help you create a deals management and promotion website in minutes.

Thanks to an easy to use set up wizard and demo importer tool, you should be able to launch your daily deals and group buying WordPress website very quickly if you choose WP Deal for your project. Despite its ease of use, WP Deal isn’t lacking in features or functionality, though. With this theme running on your WordPress website, you’ll be able to create an interactive deals portal that looks great on both desktop computers and smartphones.

Once you’ve installed WP Deal, you can enable the front-end submissions feature that allows your visitors to add their own deals to your website. These front-end forms have been designed to collect all the necessary information from your visitors in an intuitive manner. After the form entry has been submitted, it can either be automatically published on your website or put in the moderation queue where it will await your approval.

All deals and group buying opportunities published on your website are nicely formatted using the library of templates that make up the WP Deal theme. Users can also create their own profiles that your visitors can explore to find more of the deals that user has submitted. There are a few different category page templates too, giving you more options for how your lists of deals and coupons are displayed. If you want to add a blog to your deals website, in order to promote your deals or share other types of content, WP Deal has a full set of blogging templates as well.

Thanks to support for the leading payment gateways and processors, such as PayPal,, and Worldpay, to name just a few, you get a good amount of control over how money is collected on your website. There’s an affiliate module too, that gives you a good overview of which of your deals are performing well and how many sales are being generated.

WP Deal has a very long list of features so be sure to check them all out on the theme website to find out more.

5. Froday

Froday is a daily deals WordPress theme that’s been designed to help you promote a range of coupons and offers online.

Although the Froday theme only comes in one main variation, you do get a good amount of control over how your daily details and group buying website will look. Thanks to the theme settings and options, you can effortlessly switch between a few different grid and list layouts for the homepage of your website. This theme also comes with a selection of templates for publishing the individual deals on your website, giving you even more options for how your content will look.

To help your visitors find the deals they are looking for, Froday includes some useful filtering tools. Due to this, your audience can filter the coupons and deals by location, product type, or participating store to find exactly what they’re looking for. The powerful search tool also gives your visitors another effective way to find the offers they are most interested in. Once they’ve found a deal, they can click a button to copy the coupon code or other relevant information to their clipboard for easy application at the participating site. Other daily deals and coupon related features of Froday include the rating system that makes it easy for your visitors to leave feedback on your listings and a discount icon that shows what level of savings are available for each deal.

If you do want to make any changes to the Froday demo, you can use the included premium page builder tool to insert new modules into your content, or edit the layouts through the drag-and-drop visual editor interface. You can also use the library of icons that are integrated into the theme to decorate your pages.

Froday aims to make it as easy as possible to launch a daily deals website with WordPress.

6. Couponis

Couponis is a coupon WordPress theme with good affiliate marketing support.

If you plan to monetize your coupon website with affiliate links, then Couponis is worth checking out. It also supports other monetization methods, such as display ads and pay-per-access. However, if you’re interested in earning affiliate commissions for referring visitors to partner sites, then Couponis can certainly help.

As Couponis comes with three different homepage layouts for your website, you can choose the design that works the best for the type of site you’re building. As there are three different options, you can also easily change the design of your site in the future as it evolves, without having to change themes. Simply switch the homepage templates to refresh the look of your site.

When it comes to publishing coupons and deals on your website, Couponis comes with lots of useful features and templates. The carousel feature gives you an easy way to promote your latest or most impressive coupons, while the tabbed interface gives your visitors a quick way to filter the coupons based on their preferences.

As this theme is fully compatible with the WP All Import plugin, you can quickly import coupons from a range of sources, directly into your WordPress website. This makes the process of adding new deals to your site very efficient. Visitors to your site can also submit their own coupons through the frontend forms that come with this theme. However, you can choose to disable this functionality if you’d rather not use it.

Some other features of Couponis include the timer mode that lets you define when a coupon is visible, the support for sharing printable coupons that your visitors can print out and take with them when making a purchase, and the powerful search tool to help everyone find the deals they’re looking for.

Overall, Couponis should have everything you need to launch your own coupon site with WordPress.

7. Coupon

Coupon has been designed specifically to help you start your own online coupon and daily deals website.

Perhaps the key focus of this theme is encouraging as many of your visitors as possible to click on the deals on your website and sign up for the offers you’re promoting. The deals are all prominently displayed on your website to catch the attention of your visitors. Elements like a coupon carousel, buttons, call to action banners, and other visual effects should all help with improving the conversion rate of your daily deals site.

Out of the box, Coupon and its five main demos have a design that’s very suitable for this type of project. However, your website can be easily customized if you choose this daily deals and group buying WordPress theme. So whether you’re looking for a theme with a design that’s ready to go, or you’d like to spend a bit of time personalizing the look of your website, Coupon checks all the boxes.

Like all modern WordPress themes, your website will be fully mobile friendly if you choose Coupon for your project. This theme has also been built to support the WooCommerce plugin, giving you countless options for how you can monetize your deals website. Another useful feature of this theme is the custom slider tool that can be used to showcase some of your best deals and coupons you don’t want your visitors to miss. Setting expiry dates for your deals, as well as moving finished coupons to the archive section of your site is part of the functionality of this theme.

This theme has a very long list of coupon and deals related features to help you set your site up exactly how you want.

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