11 Best Elementor WordPress Themes and Templates 2018

Elementor has enjoyed quite a bit of popularity over the past years, and it's now become an extremely popular WordPress page builder. The reason for its rise in the space is most likely because of how easy it is to construct a WordPress website with the builder, even if you're not an experienced developer. In addition to that, advanced developers are now able to rapidly put together a WordPress site without some of the hassles they might have run into in the past.

Elementor is a free and open source builder, and it has a reputation for helping people build sites much faster than the competition. In addition, many WordPress themes have been built to work in conjunction with Elementor, turning it into an even more impressive tool. Therefore, we put together a list of the best Elementor WordPress themes and templates for the year.

Elementor technically integrates with any WordPress theme you choose, but the themes below are particularly useful because they are made for Elementor. So, if you're interested in total control and customization power over your WordPress website and theme, keep reading to find some amazing templates to start with.


When paired with some of the most popular page builders, Ocean WP has been known to fit right in. You are more than welcome to utilize the Ocean WP theme with builders like Visual Composer and Beaver Builder, but it also looks great and functions smoothly with Elementor. As for the theme itself, Ocean WP is the ideal theme for a blog or small business website. It's completely free and ensures that you have tools for portfolios, eCommerce stores, and several other options. For instance, you can integrate the Ocean WP theme with WooCommerce to immediately turn it into an online store. The professional, modern design is great so that anyone can pretty much install it and customize it however they want. The Ocean WP theme is a wonderful starting point for design, and the Elementor page builder is the tool that'll get you to your desired goal.

What's also impressive about the theme is that you're able to configure settings for both tablets and mobile phones. Most of the time you're stuck with whatever mobile settings come with the theme, but Ocean WP allows you to test out the layout and make it perfect. The theme has been praised by developers, since they're able to quickly design websites and extend the functionality with the codebase. It's an excellent multipurpose theme that could be used for a wide range of industries and workers. Some other things to keep in mind include the BuddyPress support, which is essential if you're thinking about making a social network. We also enjoy the full width template, footer widgets, and custom colors. It's the whole package with support for the best page builders in the world.

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GeneratePress is yet another highly sought-after free theme with the ability to combine with Elementor and make for a dream development environment. The theme is lightweight and offers a design that's more akin to something you would have to pay for. However, GeneratePress is free and ready for your download and integration with Elementor. In addition to that, GeneratePress is a mobile responsive theme with SEO and speed in mind. With free themes, you often get stuck with messy code and clunky websites, but this is an option that even an advanced developer would love working with. The reason for that is because the theme is well-coded so that there aren't any conflicts with WordPress or plugins. Popular plugins like WooCommerce, bbPress, and WPML all run smoothly with GeneratePress, so you shouldn't have any problems.

Another reason to consider GeneratePress is because it is translated into over 20 languages by the development community. This means that you don't have to settle for English or some language that isn't native to your country. Furthermore, the theme features an incredible number of customizable modules, starting with the nine widget areas and five navigation spots. The theme provides five sidebar layouts, which means you can get really creative with how your sidebars show up, increasing the space you have to insert more content and look unique. You'll also find a handy button that sends users back to the top of your site. The dropdown menus come into play as well, since you're able to choose whether or not users have to click on them or hover. Overall, GeneratePress is a powerful solution that always seems to do the trick for all industries. This is especially the case when integrated with Elementor.

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Astra is one of the best Elementor WordPress themes for a few reasons. First of all, it's a free theme with a beautiful layout. The logo area stands out, and you're able to insert a large header image below your menu. This is also a theme built for working with WooCommerce. In fact, Astra is one of the top templates to consider when you're planning on building an online store in Elementor. It already has the shopping cart and checkout elements included, and you're able to showcase several of your products in a beautiful gallery. As with many of the themes on this list, Astra is a lightweight and speedy solution. Therefore, you'll find that the development process is faster with Elementor, and you get the added bonus of a fast interface for your users. The theme offers Schema.org code, so the search engines are more likely to look favorably on your website.

With the Astra Elementor WordPress theme, you also have the opportunity to utilize other page builders. Beaver Builder and Visual Composer work flawlessly with the theme, so it's completely up to you to choose your page builder. You might even try the theme with builders like Divi or SiteOrigin. So, if you're thinking about getting started with a beautiful, lightweight online store, Astra has the customization tools and speed you need to feel comfortable. Language support is also a big deal with the theme, since you're able to open up your online business to other parts of the world. Along with two columns, right and left sidebars, and a full width template, you can't go wrong with the Astra theme in the eCommerce world.

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Page Builder Framework

The Page Builder Framework has a slightly misleading name, but it's still a wonderful option for if you'd like to run Elementor with a free theme. The reason we say it's confusing is because it's not technically a WordPress framework in the real sense of the word. Instead, it's a standard theme that you would combine with a page builder like Elementor to make customizations easily and quickly. The features include lightweight, fast elements for building your WordPress site without any hassles. It's also nice since the development of the theme has focused on using HTML5 and schema.org markup. So, your theme is less likely to conflict with plugins, and the search engines should take notice of it. In addition, the site is most likely going to run fast as long as you keep a clean database.

Going along with the trend, Page Builder Framework supports a wide range of page builders, but Elementor is certainly one of them that you should consider. For example, Divi and Beaver Builder are both considered excellent solutions when opting for the Page Builder Framework. In addition, the Page Builder Framework has a custom background and custom colors for the ultimate design environment. We like the custom menu for navigational purposes, along with the multiple sidebars for placing your widgets. This is also an option if you would like to make an eCommerce store. It integrates with WooCommerce, and some other eCommerce plugins, allowing you to sell products online with ease.

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Try out the Customify theme if you'd like eCommerce support, a colorful default layout, and some call to action buttons for making your business stand out. The Customify theme offers multiple powerful menus for highlighting your navigation, social buttons, and more. You're able to create and customize headers and footers, all with the help of Elementor. This is a free theme, using the most up-to-date coding methods for a quick and responsive build. We also enjoy the Customify theme since it's meant to be used for several different kinds of industries and companies. For instance, you would have no problem turning this theme into an excellent website for a lawyer. The same could be said for bloggers, eCommerce stores, and consultants. Overall, most small businesses should have no qualms about this theme.

The compatibility with plugins is strong, seeing as how Customify integrates with options like BuddyPress and OrbitFox. We especially think the WooCommerce support is impressive, considering the checkout and navigational buttons are able to show off large collections of items. Although Elementor is a fine page builder, the Customify theme is ready to work with other popular options like Beaver Builder, Divi, and Thrive Architect. As for some of the smaller features, Customify offers threaded comments in the blog, sticky posts, and three columns. You'll also get a full width template for making landing pages. Finally, you receive footer widgets and a full footer builder. The footer and header builders are certain to turn some developers onto the Customify theme.

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The Hestia WordPress theme has a material design that fits right in with the Elementor builder. This theme is a multipurpose template with a responsive build and sleek formatting for startups and other small businesses. What's cool is that the theme is free for your download. Therefore, you don't have to worry about spending too much money, and you also have the option to work with the free Elementor version. As for the features, Hestia integrates beautifully with the WooCommerce plugin. Therefore, you're able to build an online store and start organizing your products into beautiful galleries. The Elementor live customizer works rather well with the Hestia theme, so it cuts down on the amount of coding you might typically be used to.

The theme has a one-minute setup, making it easier than most themes out there. In addition, it's optimized for speed and SEO, keeping your rankings up and turning your website into a more desirable interface. You'll also get access to mega menus, which are essential if you plan on having an online store with lots of products. Along with custom backgrounds, and excellent support from ThemeIsle, the Hestia theme should be on your list of potential Elementor WordPress themes.

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The Elementorism plugin has an appropriate name, as it combines nicely with Elementor and has tools that you can't find on most free themes. This is a premium WordPress theme from CSSIgniter, and it is an excellent combination of landing page demos, Photoshop templates, and more. With CSSIgniter, you're asked to either pay for an individual template or sign up for the Developer Club. The Developer Club is your best bet since you end up paying a small fee to receive access to all of the CSSIgniter themes, plugins, and customer support. So, technically, you're not paying for one theme but a whole collection of them. This is advantageous for agencies, developers, and bloggers with networks. If you go through the collection it's clear that you can find themes for just about every niche and industry.

For example, one of the landing pages is made for showing off a portfolio. There's also a landing page theme for florists and flower companies. From themes for musicians to options for restaurants and bloggers, the Elementorism package has something for everyone. And what's great is that brand new layouts come out every week. CSSIgniter is doing a good job of keeping its members happy and ensuring that the landing pages they need are always available. There are also several HTML templates and other goodies to discover with the Elementorism membership. Overall, Elementorism gives you access to a large selection of templates and themes, and you can use them in an unlimited number of projects.

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The Landing Factory

The Landing Factory is an interesting option if you're looking for more of a general marketplace. This is the spot to search for a wide range of WordPress themes that are all made specifically for Elementor. So, the majority of them are going to be for single page websites, but there's something for everyone. This marketplace is a little different from others you might be used to. You do have the option to pay for landing page template individually, but it's often easier, and cheaper to pay for a monthly or yearly Landing Factory membership. This way, you're able to gain access to all of the templates in the library for your agency or development company. When browsing for templates you're given a powerful search bar. You can also browse around based on category. So, you might want to only look at sales templates or options for webinars.

Then, it's all about narrowing down your search and deciding on the right template for you. All of them are going to have different features, but you can guarantee that no matter what you choose, it'll run smoothly in the Elementor plugin. We like the selection since some of the themes are completely ready for customization and could be used for any type of company. Yet, on the other hand, some of them are more specific, like for a hair and makeup website or salon. The good news is that all of the templates are ready for mobile devices. In addition, you can rest easy knowing that all of the standard Elementor features (like the drag and drop editor) will work with the themes. The Landing Factory sells unofficial themes, so they're not affiliated with Elementor. However, the customer base seems happy to report that the one page website themes inside this marketplace are top-notch.

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Barista Bluegrass

The Barista Bluegrass WordPress theme is only for coffee shops and cafes. That certainly makes it easy when making your decision, so I would highly recommend checking it out if you own a business in this space. In addition to that, it's a strong, yet basic one-page layout made just for Elementor. Therefore, you can construct your website without any code and work with the rapid drag and drop builder without any problems. The Barista Bluegrass theme is ready to go for mobile devices, and it has some beautiful sections for your homepage. For instance, one of the sections showcases your entire menu, and everything is formatted to look great for your shop.

You'll also be able to talk about your franchise or maybe the secondary locations you run. If not, you might use this homepage section as an About page, with details about your workers and how your shop came to be. The Pro Version of the Barista Bluegrass WordPress theme is packed with several features for your coffee shop website. One of them is a complete price list of your offerings, while another is great for constructing your navigational menu. There's a form so that you can keep in touch with your customers, and the testimonial carousel is sure to get more people through your doors. Other than that, Barista Bluegrass features bold typography and plenty of spots to insert your images. There's also a built-in HTML menu, which means that your customers can still browse your selection even if they're on a computer with the slowest internet in the world.

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The Bryte Elementor WordPress theme delivers on style and functionality. This is a premium theme but it's made just for Elementor and can be used for a wide range of industries. In addition to that, the current $39 price tag is a great value for the number of features you receive. Bryte is considered a multipurpose, corporate theme. So, you could technically take it, plug it into Elementor and make anything from a consultant's website to a technology blog. In fact, many of the layouts seem to cater to tech-based companies, but that can all be changed with the customization prowess of Elementor. There are several demos to choose from, so I'd recommend going through those before you make a decision on purchasing. Once you choose a demo it makes things really easy for the developer. Then, Elementor comes into play since most of the interface is drag and drop, so there's no need to work with any code.

It's also worth mentioning that Bryte has several eCommerce demos, so you can construct a beautiful online store that looks modern and sleek. Furthermore, the Bryte theme has four classy blog layouts. This will help you stand out and format your blog to look like a gallery, list, or staggered gallery. One thing you'll realize when getting premium themes over free ones is that the premium solutions almost overcompensate with the extra customization tools. For instance, the Bryte theme provides seven header styles, which is most likely going to beat out the average free theme and provide more options for you to design. What's more is that Bryte provides WooCommerce support and various tools for making your customers happy. Customers can create wishlists and compare your products, while also enjoying some of the other WooCommerce plugins you might have integrated. As a quick example, you can include the TM WooCommerce Pack or even go for something like Cherry Social or MegaMenu. Several other extensions and plugins are compatible with Bryte, so you're in good hands.

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Business Lounge

The Business Lounge theme is the most expensive Elementor template on this list. But, that doesn't mean you should pass it over that quickly. It's an advanced multipurpose theme that you could most likely use for any company or industry. Most of the demos are professional and ready to be installed within minutes. This is a highly customizable theme with dozens of homepage and subpage layouts. With Elementor in the mix, you should be able to develop websites within no time at all. As mentioned, most of the homepage demos look like they're for corporate businesses. So, if you don't wear a suit to work then you might think about going somewhere else for your theme.

Other than that, the Business Lounge WordPress theme includes four different header layouts, mega menus, and a top bar. One of the standout features is the customizable menu location, which is perfect for standing out from other brands that use the same theme. It also might help when it comes to guiding your customers through the website. Multiple main menus are also available, so when you combine that with a mega menu, the theme supports as much content and pages as you'll need. The sticky header is also worth mentioning, along with the optional header styles. Elementor isn't the only page builder that works with Business Lounge. The developers advertise that the Visual Composer plugin is also a viable option. You'll have to pay for that plugin, but it's still an excellent choice. Overall, the Business Lounge theme is a responsive, fast Elementor theme with several designs for professional corporations. With WooCommerce support, rich portfolio tools, and much more, it's an absolute steal.

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