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13 Best Elementor WordPress Themes and Templates 2023

Looking for some Elementor themes and templates to help you create a stunning WordPress site with the Elementor page builder?

In this post, I’m going to share two resources that can make your life with Elementor a whole lot easier:

  • Elementor themes – these are regular WordPress themes that work especially well with Elementor (I’ll explain what makes a good Elementor theme in a second)
  • Elementor templates – these are templates that you can import via Elementor to create a design for a single page. You’ll still need a theme, but these templates can save you time versus designing a page from scratch.

If you’re especially interested in one or the other, you can click above to jump straight to that specific section. Otherwise, let’s dig into the Elementor themes, starting with what makes for a good theme for Elementor…

10 Best Themes For Elementor Page Builder

So what makes a good Elementor theme?

I mean, you can use Elementor with any theme – so why is it still worth seeking out a specific theme for Elementor?

Well, I think there are three bits of functionality these themes do a great job at that your average WordPress theme doesn’t always do:

  • Detailed global style controls – I’m talking about things like colors, fonts, etc. Even though you can control such styles with Elementor, it’s more convenient and time-saving to control these style options from your theme. It also makes it easier to swap things up in the future.
  • Page-level controls – things like hiding your post title, disabling your header, footer, or sidebar, changing layout widths, etc. These controls come in really handy when you want to build a more custom-looking page with Elementor and let you change things up for individual pieces of content.
  • Great performance – even if you’re using Elementor to build your entire site (e.g. the theme building in Elementor Pro), your theme still plays a part in how quickly your site loads. For that reason, you want a theme that’s built for speed.

All three of those elements give you more control over your Elementor designs and help make sure your site works great for your visitors.

Hopefully I’ve convinced you…now, let’s dig into the best themes for Elementor, starting with…

1. Sydney

Sydney is a lightweight multipurpose theme that pairs well with Elementor and is on Elementor’s official theme compatibility list.

Sydney starts with a focus on performance. It has no jQuery dependencies and runs entirely on vanilla JavaScript, which helps it clock in at just 54.4 KB out of the box.

But while you get fast load times, Sydney isn’t just a blank canvas – it’s also packed with useful customization options and features including the following:

  • Dedicated Elementor widgets including post lists, employee lists, testimonials, and more.
  • Five different header layouts, plus an optional top bar.
  • Native integration with WooCommerce, plus extended WooCommerce features with the Pro version.
  • Six different blog archive layouts.
  • Just generally very detailed Customizer controls when it comes to layouts, colors, typography, and so on.
  • Advanced hooks system for developer customizations.

Sydney also offers a pre-built site library that you can easily import with just a few clicks. Currently, Sydney has 14+ different starter sites, with new sites being added regularly.

Price: Free at Sydney Pro starts at $69.

More Info / Download Demo

2. Astra


Astra is one of the most popular themes you’ll find with people who build sites with Elementor for a living.

It’s so tightly integrated with Elementor that the Astra team even has an entire landing page explaining why Astra makes a great Elementor theme.

First off, Astra gives you detailed layout controls for every single post, page, or custom post type at your site. For each piece of content, you can choose to:

  • Use the global defaults
  • Change the width of your content
  • Disable sidebars (or even add an extra sidebar!)
  • Disable your post title, header, and/or footer

Astra also has detailed WordPress Customizer styles that let you globally control how your Elementor designs are styled. You can even add global styles for the buttons that appear in your Elementor designs, which is quite convenient.

And Astra checks the third box, as well…

At less than 50 KB and with no jQuery, Astra is well-optimized for performance.

Other awesome features include:

  • Astra Starter Sites – this free add-on plugin lets you import pre-built demo sites built with Elementor.
  • Special plugin integrations – Astra has dedicated integrations for plugins like WooCommerce, LifterLMS, and LearnDash.
  • Great responsive design – you get special responsive controls, like a dedicated mobile header option.

Price: Free at, but I recommend the $59 Astra Pro plan because it includes more detailed style controls and functionality.

More Info / Download Demo

3. GeneratePress


GeneratePress is another massively popular theme for Elementor, especially with people who build Elementor sites for a living.

It’s also the fastest-loading WordPress theme that I’ve ever tested – switching to it cut my personal portfolio site’s page load times by over 40%.

Why is it so fast? Well, it’s less than 30 KB, has no dependencies (including jQuery), and just generally has incredibly clean code.

But GeneratePress is more than just quick page load times. Like Astra, you also get detailed page-level controls that let you:

  • Change sidebar or footer layouts
  • Disable header, navigation, featured image, title, or footer
  • Change the width of your container (e.g. full-width vs boxed)

And you also get detailed global style controls for colors and typography, though I think Astra’s style controls go a little bit deeper.

Beyond that, GeneratePress also recently launched a Site Library feature that lets you import pre-built demo sites built with Elementor.

Price: Free at, but I recommend the $39.95 GP Premium option because it has more style controls and features.

More Info / Download Demo

4. Zakra

Zakra was one of the best-performing themes in our collection of the best lightweight WordPress themes. Beyond that lightweight foundation, it’s also built to pair well with Elementor.

How so?

First, there are the demo sites. Like a lot of the other Elementor themes, Zakra includes a variety of fully-built demo sites, all of which are based on Elementor.

At the time that we’re writing this post, Zakra offers over 10 free demo sites powered by Elementor.

In addition to those Elementor demo sites, Zakra also offers:

  • Page-level settings to control header and sidebar layout
  • A dedicated page builder page template to use with Elementor
  • Boxed and wide layouts

Price: 100% free at

More Info / Download Demo

5. Neve

Neve is a lightweight WordPress theme that makes a great partner to Elementor.

It includes detailed page-level settings to control the canvas for your Elementor designs, as well as helpful header and footer builders to design the area outside your Elementor content (if you’re using the free version of Elementor, at least).

Beyond that, Neve comes with 25+ pre-built demo sites based on Elementor. These sites span a variety of niches including restaurants, photography, events, business, and more.

Price: Free core version. Neve Pro starts at $39.

More Info / Download Demo

6. OceanWP

OceanWP is one of the best Elementor themes

Along with Astra and GeneratePress, OceanWP is the third Elementor theme in this trio that’s extremely popular with professionals who build Elementor sites for a living.

You’ll find a lot of the same high points as you get with those two other themes.

That is:

  • OceanWP is lightweight and built to load fast.
  • You get detailed global style controls for colors, typography, etc.
  • You get detailed page-level controls to change layouts, disable elements, and more for each individual page.

One area where OceanWP differs from those other two themes is the free and premium extensions, though. You get some unique extensions like:

  • Stick Anything – make anything on your site sticky.
  • Full Screen – create a full-screen scrolling website.
  • Popups – for WooCommerce login.
  • Social sharing – for WooCommerce or regular posts.
  • Portfolio – display your portfolio.

These give you some flexibility to build creative sites.

And if you don’t want to build your Elementor site from scratch, OceanWP also includes pre-built demo sites based on Elementor that you can easily import, just like those other two themes.

More Info / Download Demo

7. Genesis Framework

Recently acquired by WordPress hosting giant WP Engine, the Genesis Framework has long been one of the most popular and performance-optimized ways to build a WordPress website.

Because the Genesis Framework is meant to provide a performance-optimized base that you can build on to make the design your own, it makes a great base theme for Elementor.

Because it’s a base framework, Genesis isn’t quite as featured-packed as the three themes above. But it is:

  • Flexible
  • Performance-optimized
  • SEO friendly

And that makes a great foundation to build your Elementor site.

Read our Genesis theme review for more information.

Price: $59.95

More Info / Download

8. Page Builder Framework

page builder framework

As the name suggests, Page Builder Framework is a lightweight theme that’s specifically designed to be paired with a page builder like Elementor.

To start, it’s lightweight and performance-oriented, weighing in at under 50 KB.

Like many of the other themes, it gives you detailed page-level controls so that you can disable specific elements of your site on a page-by-page basis.

And you also get detailed global style controls through the WordPress Customizer – again, a point I keep harping on.

If you get the premium add-on, you’ll also get access to other helpful features like:

  • Sticky navigation
  • More mobile menu options
  • Off-canvas menus, mega menus, menu hover effects, and more
  • Adjustable responsive breakpoints
  • WooCommerce integration

Price: Free at Can also purchase Pro add-on for $58 or $198 lifetime.

More Info / Download

9. Hestia


Hestia breaks from many of the previous options in that it’s not quite as generic-looking out of the box. Instead, it utilizes a modern material design style that integrates perfectly with the content you build with Elementor, which is why Hestia shows up on the official Elementor recommended themes list.

While it doesn’t give you quite as much control on a page-level, it does include a few dedicated page templates that work great with Elementor. For example, you can use:

  • The regular template
  • A full-width template
  • A 100% blank template (kind of like the Elementor Canvas template

Beyond those features, it also:

  • Supports WooCommerce
  • Offers a neat one-page layout for the homepage
  • Uses the live WordPress Customizer for style controls

Price: Free at, or $89 for Hestia Pro

More Info / Download Demo

10. Elementor Hello Theme

Hello Theme is the official stripped-down theme from Elementor designed to be used with Elementor Pro’s theme building functionality.

This free theme is completely barebones. Basically, it strips away everything unnecessary so that you get the most lightweight foundation possible for your Elementor Pro themer designs.

This theme is a great option but only if you’re using Elementor Pro’s theme builder to build your entire site.

(There’s no image here because it really is just a blank theme).

Price: Free

More Info / Download

3 Places To Find Templates For Elementor

Unlike the options above, these Elementor templates are not full WordPress themes.

That is, you’ll import them via the Elementor interface, rather than installing them as a WordPress theme at your site.

You can use them with the Elementor themes above, not “instead of”. They’re helpful if you want to, say, import a landing page for your homepage or a special offer.

1. Elementorism


Elementorism is a set of free and premium Elementor templates from CSSIgniter.

Right now, there are ~38 free and premium templates for you to choose from across a range of niches.

Price: One year of access to all the Elementorism templates costs $49. Or, you can get Elementorism and all of CSSIgniter’s other themes and plugins as part of the Developer Club for $79 yearly.

More Info / Download

2. The Landing Factory

The Landing Factory

The Landing Factory sells a huge collection of landing page templates for Elementor Pro.

Right now, there are well over 800 templates available for purchase covering a huge variety of niches and styles.

Price: $397 for lifetime access to all their Elementor Pro templates

More Info / Download

3. Katka Elementor Template Pack

katka elementor templates

Katka Elementor Template Pack (Gumroad link) is a collection of two types of Elementor templates, with over 220+ options:

  • Blocks – these are templates for specific sections of a page, rather than a full-page template. E.g. a template for a contact section.
  • Pages – these are full landing page templates that are ready to go right away.

If you’re looking for variety, then Katka Elementor Template Pack could be the one for you.

Price: $47 for lifetime access and unlimited personal/client use

More Info / Download

And that wraps up my list of the best Elementor themes and templates. Know any other great options? Share them in the comments!

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