36 Best Events WordPress Themes 2020

Setting up a website is an essential part of any successful event. By choosing the right events WordPress theme you’ll be able to promote your event online and create a resource that makes it easy for your target audience to see why they should register for your event.

By choosing one of the items in this collection of the best WordPress events themes of 2020, you’ll be able to create a website that builds anticipation and excitement for the big day. A good events theme will also make it easy to publish useful information for your attendees, such as the event location, session schedules, speaker profiles, and a lot more.

The best events themes also give you the ability to manage registrations from your website. Depending on your preferences, you can either sell tickets yourself or integrate with a leading third party ticketing service. Other essential features to look out for when building an events website include a mobile responsive design to accommodate smartphone users, social media integration to help you connect with your audience before and during the event, and a selection of prebuilt templates for all of the essential pages of your website.

It’s worth noting that there are two main types of events theme to choose from. Some themes are designed to build a website to promote a single event, while others have been created to help you feature multiple events on your site. The latter type of theme is a good choice for building an online events portal that promotes events from a range of organizers.

If you need to build a website to promote and support an event, whether it’s a conference, workshop, meetup, party, concert, or festival, choosing one of the themes from this collection will give your project a great head start.

1. Conference Pro


Conference Pro has been created by the WordPress events themes specialists, Showthemes.

The Conference Pro theme has been built to help promote a single event online. Therefore, the default homepage design gives you a great opportunity to highlight the best features of your conference. As your visitors scroll down the default homepage design, they’ll see a countdown timer to the big day as well as profiles of the key speakers.

You also have the option of displaying a pricing table to help visitors compare the different ticketing packages. Google Maps integration is used to display the location of your event. Displaying sponsor logos is easy too with the Conference Pro theme. It’s clear that building anticipation ahead of your event is a key goal of Conference Pro.

Conference Pro includes an interactive event agenda module. This is another feature that can also be added to your site’s homepage. Although the agenda module can be used to provide more details about your event, it will also be useful to your attendees during the conference itself. Thanks to the social media integration, your visitors can also see who else might be attending your event.

If you like the look of the Conference Pro demo, then setting up your professional events website will be very straightforward. However, even if the homepage demo doesn’t quite match your requirements, this theme could still be a good choice. Thanks to the integrated builder tool, you can easily rearrange or remove the modules featured on your site’s homepage.

Conference Pro has a very high-quality design that’s combined with a wealth of useful features.

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2. TheGem

TheGem should have everything you’ll need to launch a new events website with WordPress.

Among the many pre-built website demos that you get access to with TheGem, there are two that are ideal for creating events sites. One of these demos is focused on building sites for music events, while the other has been designed for creating a site to promote a business or IT event. However, as this is a theme that’s very easy to customize, whatever type of events you’re running, you might find that the TheGem and these demos can be easily adjusted to better suit your project.

If you do decide to use one of the two events demos from this theme, your homepage will have a modern design that’s sure to appeal to your target audience. Some elements that you can use on your homepage include timers that countdown to the start of the event, sliders for displaying lots of images and other content in a slideshow format, and sections for displaying the event lineup, schedule, and main attractions. You can also use the media player modules to share video footage from previous events and other promotional material.

As well as the feature-rich homepage layouts, the events demos include lots of other useful templates, covering the speakers, about, and schedule pages. Furthermore, as this theme works with all the best third-party WordPress plugins, you should have no trouble connecting your site with a ticket vending platform or selling the tickets yourself, directly from your website. If you need to add any extra templates to your website, you can either import them from the library of over 400 templates that makes up TheGem theme or create them yourself using the integrated drag-and-drop page builder plugin.

With high-quality business conference and music event demos, TheGem should appeal to a wide audience.

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3. Eventum


Eventum aims to be the one-stop shop for creating an events website with WordPress, no matter the size of your project.

From informal meetups to national, multitrack corporate conferences, Eventum has been designed to support and promote your event online and in style. The overall design and appearance of this theme is big and bold and if you want your events website to make a strong first impression, and not get drowned out in the crowd, Eventum could be the theme for you.

To help cater for a wide range of users and events, Eventum includes five prebuilt homepage variations. Each layout has a different style and design that will appeal to different types of users and their visitors. Applying each of these variations only takes a few clicks.

Once you’ve chosen your prebuilt style of choice, you can either use your website as is or use the included Visual Composer plugin to make any customizations. Through the drag and drop user interface of Visual Composer, you should have no trouble creating the custom designs and layouts your website needs. This commercial plugin normally sells for $34 so getting access to this plugin, and the commercial Revolution Slider slideshow builder plugin, will help you save around $53.

As well as great looks, Eventum also includes all the backend features you’ll need to successfully promote and manage your event online. From presenting speakers, managing tickets, and highlighting sponsors, Eventum has it covered.

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4. Fudge 2.0


Fudge is a great choice for anyone who wants to promote their event online in a professional manner. The developers of this events theme have implemented a modern and attractive design for this theme, making it ideal for a range of event types.

Fudge is able to create a strong visual impact by allowing you to upload a prominent image for display above the fold on the homepage. This means that those wishing to find out more about your event, as well as those who are already registered should be suitably impressed by what is on offer and awaiting them at the event, providing you choose the right image.

The homepage is also able to display the most important information about your event. This includes the location and time and date of the event, along with a strong call to action for those yet to sign up, purchase a ticket, and book their place.

Another useful feature of this WordPress theme is the ability to create profiles for each of the speakers that will be attending. This gives you an easy way to provide more information on them and help generate interest in the event and the different sessions that will be running. Displaying the schedule is also very easy with Fudge, and visitors to the site can filter by track and location, such as room, allowing them to easily plan the sessions they hope to attend.

If you want a theme that allows you to create a site tailored to your event, with the ability for visitors to register their attendance, Fudge is an excellent choice.

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5. Conference


Conference is a purpose built WordPress theme for promoting events online. Conference has been developed by WP Look Studio, and combines a great design with all the features needed to promote your event online.

The theme has been created to promote a single event, such as a conference, exhibition, and other types of gatherings. Through the long form homepage design, you can display the main features of the event, such as the location, date, and number of speakers, before providing more information in greater detail as your visitors scroll down the homepage.

Each of your speakers can have their own profile on the website, complete with photo and links to their social media profiles. This is ideal for helping your potential attendees learn more about the background of the speakers, and why they should come and listen to them. The theme also includes a feature-rich schedule planner. This allows you to publish a quick overview of the presentations that will make up your event, as well as letting your visitors click through to each session to find out more. As the theme is fully responsive, your attendees can access the schedule on their mobile devices, in-between sessions.

As Conference integrates seamlessly with Google Maps, it’s easy to display the location of your event. This not only helps your attendees find out where to go, but can also assist them in seeking out local hotels, and other amenities.

Other useful features of Conference include a sponsor logo display, ticket pricing comparison tables, a blog section, and the ability to sell tickets directly with PayPal, or integrate with the Eventbrite online ticketing service.

With all the most essential features, coupled with a high quality design, Conference certainly includes everything you need to promote your next event online.

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6. Exponent

Exponent is a versatile multi-purpose WordPress theme with a stylish events website demo.

By importing the events and conference demo into your WordPress Dashboard, you’ll have quickly laid the foundation for your new website. As part of this demo, you get access to a feature-rich homepage design that’s packed with useful elements to help you promote your event or conference. Some of the sections on this homepage layout include a timer that counts down to the start of the event or a date of your choice, a set of icons for sharing key data about your event, and a panel for highlighting the profiles of your speakers.

Other features of Exponent that anyone creating a conference or event website should find useful include the tool for publishing the schedule for each day at your event, the ability to quickly display the logos of sponsors, and a pricing table that compares the different ticketing options. You can also easily publish feedback from clients in the testimonial slider as well as create an FAQ and add that to your homepage.

As Exponent is a flexible theme, you don’t have to use the pre-built content in its default state. The integrated visual builder makes it easy to open up the theme templates and start customizing them through a drag-and-drop interface. Thanks to this, you get full creative control over how your event or conference website will look. Other tools you might want to use on your website that are included in the Exponent theme package include the GDPR compliance features, the support for the WooCommerce plugin that lets your visitors make payments through your website, and lots of customization options. Another benefit of choosing a multi-purpose theme like Exponent is that you can use any of the templates that make up the other website demos on your events site, should you need to.

Exponent is a theme that’s ready for almost any type of project including creating websites for events.

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7. WellExpo

WellExpo is an event and conference theme for creating an effective and professional-looking website with WordPress.

Whatever type of events or conferences you need to build a website for, you’re sure to find a suitable pre-built option among the WellExpo demos. With designs that are ideal for tech summits, business forums, and music events, to name just a few, you might be able to import one of the WellExpo pre-built website demos into your WordPress dashboard and then be ready to start adding the event or conference details.

If you can’t find a WellExpo demo that’s a perfect match for your project, then you can edit the pre-built content to ensure it’s better suited to the type of event or conference you’re promoting. By using the included premium WPBakery Page Builder to edit the WellExpo demos, it shouldn’t take you long to make any necessary adjustments. Furthermore, as this theme comes with an impressive selection of templates for the content your expo or conference website is likely to need, you should save some time when publishing details about the event, the registration pages, and information about the venue.

Thanks to the schedule and timetable layouts, no matter how many sessions and tracks your event has, you should be able to publish the key details in an easy-to-read format on your website. If you want to sell tickets and manage registrations from your website, WellExpo works with all the best plugins and systems that will make this possible. You can even generate passes for conference attendees that they can print out themselves so they are ready for registration. Those are just some of the features of this highly functional and well-designed events WordPress theme.

With a good combination of stylish templates and useful features, WellExpo should work well for many types of event sites.

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8. Exhibz

Exhibz is an event and conference WordPress theme with over 10 homepage layouts.

With a good selection of homepage layouts, there’s a high chance that you’ll be able to create the right type of website for your event or conference with the Exhibz theme. Some of the types of event websites that you can quickly create using the pre-built content of Exhibz include sites for food festivals, digital marketing events, and education conferences, to name just a few. Alongside the purpose-built event templates, there are also more general-purpose options that can be used for almost any type of website.

If you check out the Exhibz homepage layouts, you’ll see that they all feature lots of useful elements to help you promote your event. This includes speaker profile sections, countdown timers, schedules, and pricing tables for displaying and comparing the different ticketing options. Displaying an interactive Google Map on your homepage or another part of your website to share the location of the event is easy, too, with Exhibz.

As well as the homepage layouts, there are also multiple templates for the inner pages of your site. This makes it easy to quickly add other essential content to your events website, such as the details of your conference center, more information about the speakers, and anything else you might need to share with potential and confirmed attendees.

While the Exhibz templates look great and contain lots of useful elements, they can all be easily customized with the supported page builder tool. By opening up these templates in the Elementor page builder interface, you can add and remove sections from the layouts, customize their appearance, and do lots more to make this off-the-shelf theme suitable for the unique requirements of your event or conference.

With an impressive combination of features and templates, Exhibz should work for a wide range of projects.

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9. Evently

Evently has nine homepage demos to help you build an events website with WordPress.

The pre-built content and templates included in the Evently theme cover a range of events, including conferences, summits, meetups, and even festivals. As the pre-built content has been designed to a high standard, you should have no trouble promoting premium events using the Evently theme. There’s also a demo for creating websites for event organizers, so if you work in this field, then Evently could help you promote your services online.

All of the website demos in the Evently package make use of homepage designs that are packed with useful features. These sections can be used to display a timer that counts down to the start of the event, or another date of your choice, such as the time when tickets go on sale. The homepages also include sections for displaying the profiles of the speakers and other people who will be attending your event, a schedule for the event, and pricing tables for comparing the different ticketing options. Displaying logos from sponsors, sharing photos of the event location, and publishing a contact form on your homepage are all taken care of for you by the pre-built content.

Alongside the homepage layouts, you also get access to a library of templates for the other pages of your website in the Evently theme package. Thanks to this, publishing the full details of your event, listing the different attendance and sponsorship packages, and creating an FAQ is very straightforward. You can simply import the demo content into your WordPress dashboard, and then edit the pages using the included WPBakery Page Builder plugin. As this plugin adds a visual editor to your WordPress website, editing the demo content is very straightforward.

The long feature list of Evently should make this theme suitable for almost any type of events website.

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10. Uptime

Uptime is a business-focused WordPress theme that’s capable of creating events websites.

The demos in the Uptime theme package cover a range of websites, including an events option. Thanks to this, you can quickly import the conference website demo into your WordPress dashboard and start building your new site. You’ll get access to a stylish set of templates, including a feature-rich homepage layout. To help you promote your event, the homepage of your website will incorporate lots of useful elements by default, such as a section for displaying sponsor logos, a panel for sharing the details of your speakers, and some information on the topics covered by the event.

Another nice feature of the default Uptime event homepage layout is the tabbed schedule display area. Due to the way this feature works, you can easily display the schedule for multiple days, using a space-saving tabbed layout. The table layout of the schedule panel enables you to share the timetable for each of the days of your event in an easy-to-read format that your website visitors are sure to appreciate. As this theme is fully mobile responsive, your schedule and all of the other parts of your website will be accessible regardless of what device your visitors are using.

As all the homepage elements of the events demo are optional, you get full control over how this part and the rest of your website look. Also, all of the Uptime templates can be edited with the powerful Elementor page builder plugin, helping you to build the right type of website for your conference. You can also make other changes to the appearance of your site through the theme options and settings, allowing you to change the colors, choose a new header layout, and carry out lots of other adjustments.

With guided tutorials and a setup wizard, Uptime should be able to simplify the process of launching an events website with WordPress.

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11. EvenTalk

EvenTalk is a feature-rich WordPress theme for creating conference and events websites.

As this is a highly flexible theme, it’s equally well suited to promoting single events or for creating a website covering multiple events. Therefore, if you’re running an events management company, then EvenTalk could be a good option for your website. To help you get your website looking right for your project, this theme has 10 homepage designs for you to choose from. The designs can be divided into two main categories, those with one-page designs and those multi-page layouts. Also, as this is a newly released WordPress theme, the EvenTalk homepage designs all have a fully modern look and feel.

In addition to the stylish designs, the pre-built demo content includes lots of features that will ensure your event or conference website is effective. Among these elements you’ll find countdown timers to build anticipation for the start of your event, speaker profiles to promote the star attractions of your conference, and nicely formatted schedule sections to make it easy for your guests to see what’s on when and where. Other useful widgets in the EvenTalk theme package include a pricing table builder tool so that your visitors can easily compare the different ticket options, a sponsor logo publishing option, and call to action buttons to prompt your visitors to take the next step and book a ticket.

As EvenTalk has been built to seamlessly integrate with the WooCommerce plugin, you can manage ticket sales yourself, or connect your site to any of the best third-party ticket vendors. You might also be interested to know that this theme has been created around the powerful Elementor page builder plugin. Thanks to this, you can open up any of the demo content for editing in a visual editor that everyone should be able to use.

EvenTalk provides you with lots of tools to help you produce the right type of website for your events or conference website.

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12. Event


Event makes use of the popular and functional one page layout design, which it combines with an eye catching, attention grabbing full width layout. If you want the website for your event to stand out from the crowd and generate interest in those who visit the site, then Event could be just the theme you are looking for. With the bundled drag and drop layout builder you also get access to unlimited configuration possibilities.

The theme has been designed by Themify, who have some great templates for WordPress already available. However, for those seeking a theme of this type, Event won’t disappoint. Thanks to its bold and colourful design, this theme is probably best suited for music, or other entertainment related events, although its customisation options make adapting it for more sober occasions a simple prospect.

As this theme makes use of custom post types, presenting images and videos to promote your event is very easy with Event. By using the Themify Builder that is included with the theme, you won’t be constrained by the included layouts as you are free to build your own with this easy to use tool.

For anyone seeking a modern and stylish theme for promoting entertainment-type events, Event and its layout builder tool is the perfect choice.

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13. Infinite

Infinite is a feature-packed multi-purpose WordPress theme with a pre-built events website demo.

If you want to get a good overview of everything that this theme has to offer then checking out the Infinite main demo is a great place to start. However, if you’re looking for a ready-made solution for creating a professional events website with WordPress, then the purpose-built conference and events demo should also be on your shortlist.

Designed to help you promote a single event, as well as support your attendees in the run-up to the big day and during the event, this Infinite website demo compares well to single-focus event WordPress themes. Depending on how you choose to set up your events website, your homepage could feature a full-screen video that displays promotional material about your conference or another type of event. However, thanks to the flexible nature of this theme, you can just as easily display a photograph or some other static content to your visitors as they arrive at your site.

The rest of the default Infinite event homepage layout features a countdown timer to the start of your conference, information about the location of the event, and speaker profiles. You can also publish the schedules of your event to help promote it and ensure your attendees can quickly see which sessions are running at any given time. Selling tickets through your event website is also possible with the Infinite WordPress theme.

When it comes to the core features of Infinite, regardless of which of the pre-built demos you decide to import you can choose from a varied selection of website headers. You can also use the WordPress Customizer to personalize many aspects of your website in real time. There’s also a powerful drag-and-drop page builder in the package to help you customize the individual pieces of content on your website, including the homepage design.

Infinite provides you with all the best features and functionality of a popular multi-purpose theme, combined with a purpose-built events website demo.

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14. Event Theme Bundle (9 themes)


Event Themes Bundle is a package from Showthemes that includes nine different events themes for WordPress.

These nine events themes cover a wide range of projects within the events promotion space. There are themes here that have been created to promote a single event, while others have been designed to cover multiple events on a single site. Websites for conferences, meetings, gatherings, trade shows, expos, and more can all be created with these themes.

The themes in this bundle aren’t just focused on promoting your event. They all have features that your attendees will find useful during and after the event. The mobile-friendly agenda module is a good example of a feature that will help enhance your event as it takes place. The social media modules can help your attendees network with each other after the event has taken place.

Other reasons to choose this bundle include the high-quality designs shared by all the themes, the flexible nature of the templates, and their wealth of useful features. Therefore, if you’re a web designer creating sites to promote events, or you’re running multiple events yourself, this bundle is a great opportunity to top up your toolkit.

The event themes bundle from Showthemes is available in two packages. Both options represent excellent value for money. However, the slightly higher priced package includes one year of access to the premium support portal. Therefore if you feel like you might need some help with your choice of theme, it’s probably worth paying the extra $30 for access.

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15. Projektor

Projektor should have everything you need to create a high-quality website for your event.

A combination of relevant page templates and useful features help to make Projektor a theme that should provide all the components required to create a successful events website with WordPress. The pre-built homepage layout of Projektor that you can import into your WordPress dashboard in just a few clicks includes lots of elements to help you promote your event online, all wrapped up in a professional-looking design. Thanks to this, if you want to launch a site for a conference or other type of corporate event, Projektor should work well.

If you take a look at the Projektor demo, you’ll see that the front page of your event website can display the title, date, and location of your event in a very prominent position. As visitors scroll down the default homepage layout, they can see photos promoting your event, profiles of the main speakers, videos from previous events, and feedback from past attendees. There are also sections that make it easy to display content from social media, such as photos from your Instagram account, in order to quickly add some more visual content to your website.

For events with sponsors, displaying the logos and other details of those patrons is taken care of by the relevant homepage section. As you might expect from a popular events WordPress theme, you can add call-to-action buttons to your site to encourage your visitors to buy a ticket. The other templates in the Projektor package make it easy to publish all the content that a good events website needs, such as information about accommodation, the venue, code of conduct, and more.

Whatever the size of your event, Projektor should be able to help you launch a successful website to promote it.

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16. Khore


Khore is another single-event theme that is ideal for promoting your conference, exhibition, meetup, or other type of event.

Created by events theme experts ShowThemes, the design and layout of the Khore theme is different to your typical theme in this category. Therefore, if you want your website to standout in a sea of competitors, Khore could be just what you are looking for. Thanks to the fixed sidebar menu and the way each new section of the site loads, you should be able to keep the attention of your visitors until they’ve found all the information they need.

Through the event composer tool you get full control over what content is displayed on your site, where. With Khore you can easily publish information about your event, including the schedule, speakers, sponsors, location, ticketing options, and much more.

Thanks to the support for full width videos, you can use a range of media formats to really promote your event effectively. The design and layout of the Khore theme is fully responsive, therefore, your mobile audience can easily check out the details before and during the event, on their smartphone and tablet devices.

Whether you want to manage and sell the event tickets yourself, or go through a third party, Khore includes integration support for all the best ticketing options. Setting up your site is also a breeze, thanks to the one-click sample data that can be easily imported into WordPress.

Khore has an attractive design that is backed up with all the features and functionality you need to build the right kind of website to promote your event in style.

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17. Eventerra


Eventerra aims to meet all of your event and conference website needs, in one easy to use package.

This newly released theme gives you two main modes to make use of when setting up your conference website. One option features an online registration form that makes it easy for your guests to reserve a place, while the other option makes use of the Tickera WordPress event ticketing system plugin. This second option is ideal if you want to sell tickets to your event or conference online, from your website.

Whichever option you choose, you can easily import all of the demo content into your site, in just a few clicks, leaving you to add your own content to WordPress. Of the content that you can add to your site, you’ll find specific post types for publishing information about your conference schedule, speakers, news, and more.

These aren’t the only options you get access to with Eventerra, though. If you choose this theme, you’ll have six color presets to decide between, and countless other settings that are available through the WordPress Customizer.

If you want to get even more creative when it comes to personalizing your website, the Eventerra theme includes the popular Visual Composer drag and drop page builder plugin. With the endless creative possibilities of Visual Composer, you’ll have no trouble making the website you need to promote your event. The premium Slider Revolution and LayerSlider plugins are also included in the Eventerra WordPress theme package.

With its fresh and modern design and wealth of impressive features, Eventerra is a very competitive events WordPress theme.

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18. Meetup


Meetup gives you a nice selection of prebuilt homepage layouts and page templates to choose from when setting up your site.

Depending on how you choose to build your site, you have the option of displaying a large full image of video background on your homepage, a countdown timer to your next event, or a few other content and layout options.

Once your visitors move into your site, they can then find out more about the event, view the event schedule, explore the pricing and ticketing options, or browse your blog. To help connect with your audience and promote your event more widely, Meetup includes great social media integration. This allows you to promote your content on sites like Twitter and Facebook, as well as display content from your accounts on your WordPress website.

With Meetup, you also get access to the Visual Composer page builder plugin. This tool comes with over 30 content modules that cover a wide range of purposes, all of which can be added to your page layouts with relative ease.

Meetup includes plenty of prebuilt templates and predefined settings, which allow you to quickly setup your events website and give it the right look for your project.

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19. Event

event wp theme

Event aims to help you build the perfect website to promote your event, whether it’s a conference, meet up, exhibition, or congress.

The theme includes features that allow you to promote your speakers in style, publish the daily schedules in an easy to read format, and sell tickets online, all through your website. As the design is fully responsive, your mobile visitors and attendees can check the details of the event on a range of portable devices without any trouble at all.

Other modern web design features the Event themes enables you to use to promote your conference include powerful full screen video background images, animation effects, third party integrations, custom widgets, and a whole lot more.

The developers of this theme offer a free installation and configuration service that will get your website up and running, ready for you to add your event content, saving you a lot of time and effort.

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20. Vertoh


Vertoh is a creation from ShowThemes, the team that specialize in developing themes for event professionals. This means you not only get the great looking design of this theme, but also all the essential features you need to successfully promote your event online.

While this is a flexible theme that will suit a wide range of event types, it’s especially a great choice for anyone building a website to promote a conference or exhibition. Due to its ability to highlight the details of exhibitors, potential attendees can quickly see who will be participating, making it easier for them to decide whether to purchase a ticket or not.

When it comes to marketing and selling tickets for your event, Vertoh simplifies the process of publishing multiple ticket options. You can also display sold out or special deal tickets, helping your visitors to get the best deal by booking their place as early as possible.

As this events theme integrates with the most popular ticketing services out there, you can outsource the registration process to a professional organization with ease.

Vertoh has a professional design and a wealth of useful features that should appeal to conference organizers of all sizes.

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21. Eventr


Eventr is a WordPress events theme that has adopted the popular one page layout to great effect.

By using this theme to build your WordPress-powered events website, your visitors will be able to view your most important content all on your one page layout homepage. This removes the need for them to have to click around your site to find what they are looking for. This then allows you to lead your audience through a sequence of information and details that should help inform and excite them about your event.

As the homepage layout is flexible, it can include any content you feel your audience will appreciate. This could include a large content slideshow, a timer counting down to the event start date, speaker profiles, the event time table, venue information, sponsor details, and finally, ticketing options.

Eventr includes the commercial Visual Composer plugin. This means you can easily tweak any of the existing designs and layouts included in the theme package, or create your own templates yourself. Thanks to the drag and drop user interface of Visual Composer, there’s no need to write any code in order to create your custom page designs.

Getting your website up and running couldn’t be easier with Eventr. Simply upload the theme package, install the sample content, and start adding your own event details.

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22. Event Champ

Event Champ can be used to create websites to promote multiple events as well as build a single conference site.

Whether you want to promote a single upcoming event or launch a website that can cover multiple events, the Event Champ WordPress theme is a good flexible option. The type of events you can promote with this theme are varied too, thanks to the impressive selection of website demos. In fact, with 14 demos currently available to choose from, you should be able to find a suitable design for your WordPress events website when using this theme.

Each of the Event Champ website demos can be imported into WordPress in just a few clicks. Thanks to this, you can choose from the pre-built business conference, tech event, concert, or sports event demos to quickly start work on your new site. To help make this a theme for almost any type of event or conference website, there are also demos for education, gaming, travel, and fashion events, as well as a wedding option. You can also use the more generic designs and adjust them to suit your website if the focus of your event isn’t covered by one of the theme demos.

In addition to its modern design, Event Champ provides you with all the tools needed to customize your conference or events website. The theme control panel is packed with options and settings that cover all the visual elements of your website. Therefore, whatever changes you want to make to the design of your website, it should only take a few clicks to implement them. Other useful features of this stylish events WordPress theme include a varied selection of layouts for displaying multiple events, a number of different search tools to help your visitors find the type of events they are looking for, and facilities for selling tickets online yourself or integrating with third-party services.

Whatever type of events of conference website you want to create with WordPress, Event Champ should be more than up to the challenge.

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23. PlanUp


PlanUp is a newly released theme that aims to make it as easy as possible to build a professional events website with WordPress.

When setting up your website, you get four stylish homepage layouts to choose from for your project. Whether you choose the homepage slideshow option, the parallax-scrolling version, the video background layout, or the coming soon page, your website will feature a pleasing visual appearance that should help persuade your visitors to explore the rest of your website and find out more about your event.

As your visitors scroll down the long form homepage layout or dive into the inner pages of your site, they can view all the essential information about your event. This includes the speaker information, which comes complete with detailed speaker profiles and photos. Your visitors will also find it easy to explore the schedule, including the description, location, and time of each session.

Thanks to the working integration with PayPal, you visitors will have no trouble paying for tickets to your next event with PlanUp.

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24. ConferPress

ConferPress is a multi-purpose events and ticketing WordPress theme with lots of useful features.

Like some other events WordPress themes, ConferPress comes with multiple website demos to help you launch a wide range of conference and events sites. Due to this, whatever type of project you’re working on, there’s sure to be at least one demo that can help you with your website in the ConferPress package. Also, as ConferPress is also focussed on creating any type of website that involves ticket sales, there are a few demos that aren’t strictly conference of event options but will help you sell tickets for upcoming sessions, such as fitness seminars or music concerts.

Another good reason to consider ConferPress is that it works well for both promoting a single event, such as a big conference, or lots of events such as local meetups or the schedule of a traveling speaker. It doesn’t really matter how you want to use this theme, its selection of pre-built content and wealth of useful features will allow you to configure your website in exactly the way that you want. Integration with the Event Calendar Pro plugin is incorporated into the theme, as well as the option of using WooCommerce to sell the tickets yourself ensures ConferPress has everything you need to get started and beyond.

Customization options aren’t limited with the ConferPress theme. While the selection of events and conference website demos look great, you can easily make changes to their appearance to ensure they’re right for your content and target audience. This package also includes a mobile showcase plugin at no extra cost, which could help you promote your events to a wider audience.

If you’re looking for inspiration for your events website, there are links to real live sites built with this theme on the ConferPress page.

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25. Tyler


Tyler from ShowThemes is not only a great looking events theme for WordPress, but it also has all the features you will need to successfully promote and manage your event online.

The design and appearance of this WordPress events theme includes many of the latest and greatest design trends and modern website features, which all helps to make Tyler such a good choice for anyone who wants to promote a cutting edge, innovative, or technology-focused event.

The theme comes with 15 color combinations making it easy to switch styles to suit the current event that is being promoted and managed with this theme. The main focus of the homepage is a large fullscreen background image which can easily be interchanged with a suitable image that represents your event. The homepage also makes use of a prominent call to action to help persuade visitors to sign up and book a place on your forthcoming event or conference.

The developers have also made it as easy as possible to display the key information about the event as soon as visitors arrive at the site, such as the dates and times, as well as the location details. You also get the option to display a tasteful countdown timer to the event start time. This can be used to create a sense of anticipation amongst confirmed attendees and to also build a sense of urgency amongst those yet to register their place.

Thanks to the highly responsive layout of this theme, attendees can easily check the schedule on their smartphones and tablets in between sessions. This makes it very easy and convenient for them to plan their itinerary for the event as it unfolds.

If you want the website for your event to make an impact, while also being highly usable and useful to your attendees and speakers, then Tyler is the perfect choice.

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26. Grand Conference

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27. Eventim


Eventim and its unique split screen design ensure that your conference website will make a big impact on your visitors.

If you want to be sure that your online event promotions are a success, as well as keeping your confirmed attendees excited about the upcoming event, then the Eventim theme could be just what you are looking for.

To help you build the right website for your project, Eventim includes a number of prebuilt layouts and modes. These predefined modes cover options such as building a website more suited to large corporate projects that are hosting multiple events, through to smaller single-track meetups.

Whichever option you choose, your website should make a big impact on your visitors. Thanks to the way this theme uses a fluid layout, the entire browser window is always filled, no matter what size screen your visitors are accessing your website on – from small smartphone screens to the latest high-resolution retina displays.

Eventim is peppered with subtle animation effects that will help catch the eye of your visitors as they scroll through your content, drawing their attention to the most important elements of your site. This could include the speaker photos, sponsorship information, or the ticketing details.

Almost every aspects of your website can be controlled with the Eventim theme. These customization options all take place through a set of visual controls, which allow you to personalize your website without ever touching a line of code.

Whether you want to sell tickets directly from your website or simply promote your event online, Eventim, and its wealth of features and integrations is well worth a closer look.

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28. The Keynote


The Keynote has been built to cover as many types of corporate style event as possible. This includes conferences, meetings, exhibitions, and more.

The homepage of your event’s website can make use of a full width content slider that can easily accommodate not only high resolution images, but also background videos. This makes The Keynote a great choice for anyone who wants to grab the attention of their visitors as soon as they land on the website.

The rest of your website can be populated with a range of useful widgets. This includes an easy to read programme and timetable of your event, speaker profiles, a countdown to the event, and a Google Map highlighting the location of the event.

You can even publish information covering accommodation options for those travelling to the event from afar. Thanks to the integrated page builder tool, you can create any type of custom page layout you need to adequately promote your event.

The Keynote includes lots of the most useful features needed by a theme of this type to really help you market your next event in style.

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29. Booth

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30. Shindig


Shindig is a great choice if you or your target audience appreciates simplicity.

With this single event WordPress theme, your whole website will be focused on presenting the content that is needed to promote your event. This is in addition to providing the information that will help support your attendees in the run up to, and during, the event. The demo version of the Shindig theme has been built around promoting a music event, so if your event falls into that category, this could be a good choice.

As the Shindig theme includes support for multiday events, it’s very easy to add lineups that span more than one date to your site. Thanks to the design and layout being fully responsive, your attendees can easily access the website and view the schedule on their mobile devices, between sessions.

The other features and pages that your website can have if you choose the Shindig theme include a location page with detailed directions and information. There’s also a handy pricing table builder available to help your audience compare the different ticketing options available to them. Collecting payments for tickets is also taken care of, thanks to the e-commerce support included with the theme. This means adding merchandise and other products to your site is also very straightforward

Shindig is perfectly suited to creating websites for promoting music events and selling tickets online. However, thanks to its flexibility, it can easily be adjusted to suit other types of creative events.

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31. Eventica


Eventica has more of a focus towards creating a website to list the details of multiple events or sell tickets with WooCommerce, rather than just building a traditional events website.

Through the event-calendaring tool that has been integrated into the heart of the Eventica WordPress theme, your visitors can easily view all of the forthcoming events, via a familiar calendar interface. Your audience can then click on any of the calendar entries to view the full details of the event.

On the individual event pages, your visitors can view the event description, see the details, find out where it’s being held, and if they wish, complete the registration form to confirm their attendance. Each event listing can also have its own gallery, which can be used to highlight what your visitors can expect.

There are also two other prebuilt demo versions of the Eventica theme. One covers integration with the premium Events Calendar Pro plugin. As this commercial tool includes more features, you can quickly upgrade your website by installing this plugin alongside this theme.

The third option is focused on those who want to create a website that sells tickets for multiple events. This option integrates with the WooCommerce plugin, the most popular e-commerce toolkit for WordPress. Through this integration, you can easily list all of the events you are working with, before giving your visitors an easy way to purchase the tickets online.

Eventica has a great design and its three prebuilt modes make it a flexible tool that offers plenty of options for how you want your site to handle events.

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32. Event Management


Event Management aims to cover all the bases when it comes to creating events websites with WordPress.

With two distinct demo versions to choose from, there is a good chance you’ll be able to quickly get your events website online, all without investing too much time or effort. However, if you have more bespoke needs, then the included Visual Composer page builder plugin makes it very easy to customize any of the existing pages and templates, or create your own from scratch.

Whether you want to promote a single event, highlight a series of events, or create an online events hub, which lists the best events from your industry, the Event Management theme is a flexible tool for all types of project.

With this theme, your visitors will have a number of different options for viewing the events on your website. This includes the event list view, the event grid display, and through the event filter tool. There’s also a clickable Google Map, which can be used to display custom markers, pin pointing the different events listed on your website.

Although the Event Management theme is great for promoting single vents, it really comes into its own when it comes to building a multi-events website with WordPress. Thanks to the front-end submission forms, you can easily give your visitors the option of adding their own events to your website.

More Info / Download Demo

33. Januas


Januas is an events theme for WordPress that hopes to stand out from the competition by offering advanced multiple event management features. The theme allows you to categorize the different types of events you are promoting online, and through your portal, visitors can then browse the different events taking place.

Each event you create on your site using the Januas theme can take advantage of the advanced schedule and performer management features. This makes it really easy for users of the site to plan the sessions they want to attend, especially at multi-track events that also feature multiple speakers. The schedules, along with the rest of the site, are all responsive so attendees can easily check what’s on when by using their smartphones and tablets during an event.

The theme includes space for sponsor branding on the homepage, allowing you to generate extra interest for those who are supporting your events. Januas also includes some great social sharing options which make it very easy for your site visitors to share details of events with their followers on the most popular social networks.

Despite the ability to create pages for an unlimited number of events, covering a wide range of categories, you can still ensure that each event page stands out from the others. This is thanks to the large amount of content options which can all be mixed and matched to create the right look for each event.

Januas is a great option for anyone who wants to promote multiple events of different types, all on one site.

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34. im Event


im Event comes in two distinct colour schemes to help you quickly set the tone for your event without having to customise all the separate elements of your website.

Whichever mode you choose, this theme works best for events that have more of a light-hearted tone, rather than serious all-out corporate affairs. Thanks to the animations, choice of colours, and other styling details, im Event should appeal to more contemporary types of gatherings or topics of discussion.

im Event comes with lots of page templates and features for publishing different types of information, such as the schedule, speaker list, payment details, and more. However, as this theme includes the premium Visual Composer page builder plugin, you can quickly and easily customize almost all aspects of the website and create your own feature packed pages without editing any code.

Whether your event is free to register or requires a payment, the optional PayPal integration gives you the ability handle online bookings with ease when using im Event.

More Info / Download Demo

35. GamePlan


GamePlan has been created to promote events with a leaning towards sports and fitness. If you are arranging a competition, tournament, or event at a gym, GamePlan has been built just for you. However, it is highly customisable so if you like the design, you should be able to tailor it for other purposes.

The theme integrates with the free and pro versions of the Event Calendar plugin from Modern Tribe, allowing you to add a whole host of other features to your site. However, GamePlan isn’t lacking in features of its own, including 40+ shortcodes, a page builder powered by Visual Composer, a responsive layout, and Slider Revolution, as well as being retina ready for high-end displays. The theme also integrates with WooCommerce allowing you to add an online store to your site, selling tickets and other items.

GamePlan is a very attractive theme with all the features you need, as well as the ability to integrate with a number of related plugins, which all combines to allow you to build a professional website for your events.

More Info / Download Demo

36. Event Manager Theme


Event Manager Theme is easily customizable making it a great choice for anyone who wants to get a website online as quickly as possible to promote their event. Although the theme is easy to setup, it manages to achieve this without sacrificing any features or functionality that you would expect from a professional WordPress theme.

The homepage can be customized but the default arrangement includes plenty of opportunities to grab the attention of any visitors and persuade them to sign up. As well as the well-designed homepage, the speaker page offers a great way to showcase all those who will be presenting, with a brief bio which can be expanded on further on the individual speaker pages.

The Google Maps integration makes adding the location of the event to your site very straightforward too. The schedule page also does a good job of letting attendees get a quick overview of the sessions on offer, with the option of finding out more through the links to the individual sessions.

If you are creating a website to promote and single event, and want a way to highlight the most important features on the homepage of your site, then the Event Manager Theme can help you out.

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