23 Best Fashion Shopify Themes 2021

Fashion websites need to portray class and style, while also showing off visuals of all those clothes. The fashion world isn’t very forgiving, and it moves so quickly sometimes. That’s why it’s so important for fashion website owners to choose from the best fashion Shopify themes on the market.

These are the best of the best, offering excellent features for sharing galleries of your products and giving your customers multiple views of the styles. Modern minimalism is definitely a format to look into, and you should always consider how quickly customers can move through the checkout process. Although every fashion Shopify theme is going to offer different features, there are some elements that you must have. For instance, every fashion website needs a grid-based gallery. It’s also essential to make sure that you store is responsive to smaller devices. This goes along with the trend that lots of people are starting to buy clothing through phones and tablets.

We also like Shopify themes with social media support, since fashion brands are often building large Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook followings, while also selling those products through the social networks. If you’re looking for the best fashion Shopify themes without having to sift through the junk, keep reading to learn about the top options.

1. Avone

The Avone theme is an excellent choice if you’re looking to build a fashion website on Shopify. This theme is highly customizable and offers a lot of control to users in determining how the end result looks and functions. However, just because it provides a lot of features, doesn’t mean you have to spend a long time on building your site. In fact, it’s extraordinarily easy to use this theme.

This Shopify theme was designed with site speed in mind, so potential customers will have an easy go of browsing your content and purchasing from your online store. It’s also easy to update and provides a lot of information block sections that you can edit to include custom information like text, graphics, photos, buttons, and widgets on the fly. Another useful inclusion here is testimonials. With this feature, you can easily showcase testimonials from your best customers, providing that coveted social proof visitors need to make a purchasing decision. Other features include social media integration and full support of MailChimp so your email marketing game will remain strong.

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2. Wokiee

The Wookie theme is a gorgeous, responsive theme for Shopify stores. It features a multipurpose design which makes this theme a perfect choice no matter what type of store you run. The theme comes with all the required tools and modules needed to create a powerful online store. It also has tons of customization options so you can make this theme your own and incorporate your brand’s colors and fonts.

You can easily change navigation, page layouts, product display, and there are even options to include powerful filters on shop pages without the need to download and install a third-party app. The Wookie theme comes with an impressive megamenu, the ability to display your Instagram feed, custom wishlist, sale notifications, and more. On top of that, the theme is GDPR-compliant and makes it easy to import your products from Oberlo and other platforms.

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3. Shella

The Shella theme touts itself as the fastest loading Shopify theme so if you want an online store that loads fast, be sure to check the Shella theme out. This theme features an attractive and modern design with an infinite scroll on your collection pages. Another standout feature is that you can hide options on product listings to make them appear less cluttered.

The Shella theme comes with 68 predesigned pages and a plethora of customization options so you will have no problems customizing your store and getting it to look just the way you want. The theme is also responsive and includes standard e-commerce features such as megamenus, product filters, product swatches, quick views, and more. The theme is GDPR-ready. In addition to all that, the Shella theme comes with a shipping progress bar which makes it easy for your customers to keep track of their purchase.

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4. Modular

The Modular Shopify theme features three styles: Mayfair, Hoxton, and Chelsea. Mayfair provides a modern, sleek design with large images. Hoxton takes the more minimalist approach, with plenty of white space, a beautiful header image, and an excellent responsive interface. Chelsea has a feminine, fun appearance, using a grid-based presentation on the homepage for large images throughout. As for the general theme features, Modular presents a Quick Buy button, where the customers can instantly go drop items into their shopping carts without moving away from the current page. You’ll also enjoy a signature product grid on all styles, allowing you to present your collections in a clear layout and fit as many products into that grid as possible.

The wide layout comes in handy when you’re trying to fit more content onto your homepage and stick with that modern look. What’s more is that the entire Modular theme is optimized to support large images. This means you don’t have to sacrifice image quality by forcing your customers to squint or wonder about the details in a product. A full-width Instagram feed is also included, helping you accumulate more Instagram followers and add a dash of creativity to your website. As you might have realized already. Much of the Modular theme is set up in a full-width format. That includes the homepage video module, which introduces your company through a more engaging experience. Along with all of that, you receive customizable content modules, social media support, a great drop-down menu, and some free stock photos to get the ball rolling. Overall, the Modular theme is a top-notch theme to start your fashion business.

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5. Yanka

The Yanka theme is a multipurpose Shopify theme built with fashion stores in mind. The theme has a simple and minimalistic interface which allows your customers and visitors to focus on your products. It comes with 18 premade stores so you can easily choose the one that suits your personal style the best. A standout feature of the Yanka theme is 9 different listing displays which allows you to showcase your fashion outfits in style. In addition to that, the Yanka theme comes with various page templates so you can easily create additional pages such as FAQs, store policies, blog, and more.

In terms of customization options, the Yanka theme comes with several premade header styles and you can easily customize fonts, colors, and more. You will also find flexible banner sections, sticky add to cart buttons, design that’s optimized to load fast, and more.

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6. Mantis

Mantis is another fashion-oriented Shopify theme that makes it easy to sell your latest fashions and styles online to a wide customer base. This theme comes with 15 prebuilt homepage options to choose from, which means it’s easy to select a design and launch quickly. It also includes a one page parallax design with scrolling animations to further engagement. It also allows you to pick from eight different header options and toggle on or off a sticky header feature depending on your specific needs. The inclusion of age verification makes this a versatile theme that could be applied to a number of industries as well.

Some other noteworthy features include mega menus, multiple banners and custom block sections, and ten different product list layouts and a collection page to choose from. These are highly useful for creating a site that’s both functional and unique looking — all without having to expend a ton of effort on the design itself. Showcase product details with product custom tabs, create brand carousels to promote specific companies and styles and integrate an Instagram feed to highlight your social outreach efforts and to encourage site visitors to follow you there as well.

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7. Flow

The Flow Shopify theme offers a minimalist design for setting your products up to be instantly recognizable and appealing. The header module includes overlaying text and a button to lead to your promotions and new products. Three styles are included with the theme, all of which stick to the minimalist design, but some of them might be more suitable for certain industries. The theme is completely responsive for viewing on a multitude of devices, and the unique product grid makes the images highlighted when someone hovers over them. It’s also a masonry style grid, which is sure to make you stand out from the competition. The promotional banner comes into play when you’re trying to promote a new product or show off a discount for your customers. This is shown at the top of the page for instant recognition. You’ll also find something called a collection page sidebar. The point of this is to connect directly to all of your product collections and showcase them in a professional and clean manner in the sidebar.

The Flow theme offers a beautiful homepage video, which links to both YouTube and Vimeo URLs. Pair that with the slide-out cart and you have a way to show people what your products are about then funnel them into the gallery and shopping cart without any problems. As with many of the fashion Shopify themes, Flow includes an Instagram feed for collecting more followers and giving your customers some visuals to look at. Flow is a stunning theme that we like best for smaller to mid-sized fashion stores. Its elegant, modern layout makes customers feel at home, and the free stock photos from Shopify Burst ensure that you have content when getting started with your website. You also receive bonuses like social media icons, drop-down navigation, and built-in color palettes.

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8. Split

I recommend the Split theme for hip brands with an engaging story to tell. The whole point of the theme is to use images to walk customers through the journey your company has gone through. After that, it’s all about making your customers feel at home by showing them how you’re going to assist with their own journey. The Cuber style looks like something you might use for an outdoors outfitting brand. There are also two other styles which provide bright colors and wonderful modules for zooming in on those products in a fun way. What’s cool is that the Split theme is optimized for extra large images. This way, when you create those awesome banners and want to place them on your homepage, you won’t be stuck with a slow loading site. It’s also impressive that the theme includes a testimonials section. It allows you to share customer thoughts on your brand and potentially improve sales because of the glowing reviews.

The social feed grid is a great part of the theme because of its linking ability with social networks like Twitter and Instagram. In fact, you can have both of those feeds showing side by side, without looking too cluttered. The vertical slideshow is made for a wide variety of reasons. The slideshow presents your images, products, or blog posts in a vertical presentation, sticking with the sleek, stylish theme and making sure your customers see the products involved. Sometimes you get stuck with one type of menu in Shopify. That’s not the case with Split. In fact, you can choose from two menu options, one of which has a multi-level design, while the other has a large horizontal menu. Other than that, I like the related products module. It’s a superb option for promoting more products when users are rolling through the checkout or looking at certain product pages. Throw in the mobile-friendly design and the top-notch search engine optimization and you have an excellent Shopify theme.

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9. Belle

The Belle theme features a modern and elegant design with 15 different homepage demos. This makes the Belle theme a great choice for any type of store. The homepage has plenty of space to showcase new arrivals, most popular products, and popular categories. You can also offer product pre-orders and easily import products from Oberlo. Another nifty feature is the age verification popup and product countdown timers which help add a sense of urgency to your store.

The theme is fully responsive so it will look great even if you’re buyers are using their phone to browse your store. The Belle theme also offers plenty of customization options so you can truly make this theme your own. Customize fonts, colors, add megamenus, and more. You can also take advantage of the drag and drop page sections to build a custom layout for your shop pages. On top of that, the theme has a lightbox gallery feature, advanced swatches, unlimited product filters, and AJAX-powered search.

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10. Lezada

Lezada is another fashion Shopify theme you should consider. It’s truly multipurpose and can be used for any type of e-commerce site and comes with tons of demos you can install to get up and running in record time. Truly, it comes with 220 different home page versions so you’ll never want for options here. It also comes with 11 different Revolution Slider layouts, 40 different drag and drop sections, 10 different header variations, and six different footer variations. Mix and match; experiment and have fun. The great thing here is designing your site will be super simple and you can just point and click the layouts and options you want to select. No coding or complicated fiddling required.

The underlying structure here is solid as well. The theme itself is built on Bootstrap 4, CSS3, and HTML 5. It’s responsive and SEO-friendly. Plus, it includes a Discuss Comment section, wishlist capability, social media integration, and more. Lezada comes with several fashion inspired demos you can installed, but honestly, you can use this theme for any Shopify site you want to create. And if you wind up creating multiple sites across different industries, this one could serve you well multiple times over.

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11. Kodo

The Kodo theme is another Shopify theme you can find on the ThemeForest marketplace. This is an affordable theme, with a minimalist design and plenty of white space. The theme is highly rated and known for its fast loading speeds. It also has 16 demos packaged into the theme, meaning you could use it for several other websites if you’re working with multiple clients or running an agency. Most of the themes are minimalist, but some of them adapt for large images, galleries, or sliders. What’s great is that every single one of the prebuilt layouts can be installed with the click of one button. Not only that, but the theme is completely ready to run on mobile devices. The unique header styles make it easier for setting up your site headers and presenting much-needed information like social media buttons and contact information for your helpline.

I would recommend this one for medium to large stores, since it has support for large product collections, and you can implement the powerful AJAX filtering. This is an excellent way to let your customers filter through your collections and find the right products the first time. The unlimited product page layouts make your design process more flexible. For example, you might want to have social media buttons below the Buy button or an area to share information about related products. Regardless of what you go with, you know that you have all the flexibility in the world. Furthermore, the shopping experience with Kodo is unmatched. You can change around the look of your shopping cart and provide a tailored quick view so that customers can see certain product information without going directly to the product page. Throw in the off-canvas shopping cart, a built-in live search, and the Instagram shop, and you start to realize just how many features are included with the Kodo Shopify theme.

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12. Envy

Envy provides four styles to select from, giving you an extra style compared to the majority of the other Shopify themes sold through the Shopify theme store. Every one of the styles is clean and modern, making all of them useful for companies selling anything from wedding fashion to outdoors gear. The multi-level menu offers an excellent option for helping your customers navigate throughout your site. You can also tend to fit more items onto a menu like this, making it better for larger stores. The promotional banner from the Envy theme allows you to promote your next sale and easily swap out these promotions every week or month. I also like the product image zoom that comes standard on each of the product pages. This brings the customer closer to each product without making your site run slower.

The Envy Shopify theme has a wonderful slideshow that supports large images. it lets you upload multiple images from your gallery and slide through to show customers multiple views. Furthermore, the theme has a marketing popup, which might come in handy if you’d like to display some marketing material or announce a sale. If you go with the Envy theme you’ll also gain access to a promotional banner and Instagram feed. The promotional banner works well for when you have some sort of promotion, while the Instagram feed does the trick for leading people to your Instagram page and getting more visuals on the website.

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13. Retina

The Retina Shopify theme has exactly what you need if you’re interested in a trendy, professional website. The theme has four styles, called Austin, Melbourne, Montreal, and Amsterdam. Each of them looks completely different, making it ideal if you’re trying to make multiple websites for clients in other markets. Regardless of the style you go with, each one has an Instagram feed and a full-width homepage video. The video can start playing as someone lands on the homepage, so you have a chance to tell your story and explain to the customer what your company is all about. The sidebar menu adds some interesting functionality. For instance, you might want to display multiple menus on your site or simply include some custom content.

We really like the fact that you can create both home and product page videos. Therefore, the videos aren’t only reserved for the homepage. You can make videos for all of your products, which has been shown to boost your sales rates. What’s more is that the theme provides a Quick Buy button for when you’d like to let customers drop an item in their shopping cart without leaving the page they’re currently on. One final module to talk about is the Disqus blog comments. This brings you and your commentors into the Disqus community. Therefore, all of the people in that community are more likely to discover your content and share it.

More Info / Download Demo

14. Mr Parker

Mr Parker has the unique advantage of featuring collections without looking too cluttered. Four styles are provided with the theme. some of which have a neutral design, while others are definitely more feminine. As you can see from the screenshot, the theme has a strong focus on images. it supports those large images that usually slow down your site, and you can implement a product zoom for all of your product page photographs. The marketing popup is sure to bring in more attention for your products, since it has an option for sending out certain messages to people, like if you were to have a special promotion.

You might start realizing that Instagram feeds are almost always included with these fashion Shopify themes. That’s not always the case, but it makes sense for a fashion company. Another thing to keep your eye on from this theme is the product filtering. It runs nicely for companies of all sizes, since customers can cut down the selection based on things like size and color. Finally, the Mr Parker Shopify theme includes the collection page sidebar, a dedicated space in the sidebar for showcasing your product collections and rearranging them.

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15. Veera

Customization is the name of the game with the Veera Shopify theme. With it, you can built a custom-looking e-commerce site that serves a wide range of customers. It comes with 15 different homepage options, so you’ll always be able to select a design that works for your brand. It also includes age verification, so if you want to limit sales to those above a certain age, you can enable that as well. You have a lot of options here with regard to the headers this theme comes with. Eight different header options are included as well as the options to make your header “sticky.” This is key if you want to keep navigation close at hand for your customers at all times.

You can tweak and modify, fonts and colors to your heart’s content but you can also customize the mega menu, banners, custom blocks, and product lists. On that last note, this theme comes with eight different product list layouts, including a collection page. It has a minimal blog layout, inner page layouts, quick view, custom product tabs, and more that we couldn’t possibly talk about it all here. Showcase your Instagram feed to display your latest fashions on models, use the brands carousel to highlight top sellers to popular companies, or you can even enable a sticky product sidebar menu that makes it easier for customers to click on relevant products.

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16. Pipeline

The Pipeline theme does an excellent job of combining a minimalist design with strong visual effects. The theme has a parallax scrolling feature, which is known to keep your site fast and minimalist, but it still gives your customers some eye candy. The theme styles include bright, dark, and light. It’s important to point out that this theme is particularly made for online stores with large inventory counts. Therefore, I wouldn’t recommend it if you only have one product or even if you’re trying to make a shop with ten products. That said, Mr Parker provides a multi-column menu, featuring a simple navigation area. You can also insert the full-width Instagram feed, a must-have for those who want to put quite a bit of focus on their Instagram photos.

One of the standout features involves a modular style homepage. This means you can showcase anything from your store in the modular format. So, if you have a nice collection of products, or maybe blog posts, all of them can go in the homepage area. Not only is the Mr Parker theme optimized for large inventories, but it has the support for large images. This lets you show high-resolution images all over your website, whether it be on your blog or on the homepage. As mentioned, the Mr Parker theme does have a parallax effect. This is a type of animation that moves around whenever a user scrolls down the page. It can be inserted on the homepage as well as on other pages if you’d like.

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17. District

The District theme does the trick for when you have a solid collection of products. The theme is built with modernism in mind, and many of the styles have solutions for industries outside of the fashion runway. You’ll find a promotional banner with the theme, allowing you to post some information about an upcoming sale or new product. The slideshow has a beautiful layout for inserting brand images or product promotions. I would say that the best part of the District theme is the collection gallery, which easily pulls some of your products into the gallery for viewing. In addition, the theme provides a marketing popup, which is similar to the promotional banner but more useful for when you’re trying to incorporate fullscreen promo messages.

Going along with the fullscreen trend, the District theme includes a fullscreen Instagram feed, bringing attention to all of your posts and potentially turning it into your primary gallery. In short, the District theme has most of the elements you would expect from the best Shopify themes out there. The fullscreen aspect of it certainly makes it desirable for some stores. I like a few of the styles for outfitters and more casual clothing companies. The customizable homepage sections are sure to make the design process a bit easier for beginners, and the social media icons turn your website into a hub for getting more social followers.

More Info / Download Demo

18. Gecko

Gecko sells on ThemeForest, with a reasonable price and a clean design for a wide variety of online stores. It fits perfectly in the fashion world, since it has a minimalist layout and white space to bring the attention to your galleries. The layouts vary, so sometimes you can place your logo in the center or shift it to the side to make room for social media buttons and contact information. The theme has a fullwidth “add to cart” button, along with a one-click checkout. These types of buttons are bound to improve your conversions and make it easier for your customers to see where they can check out.

Gecko also has product pages optimized for better sales. For instance, you can add an upsell countdown to hurry customers up, or even incorporate trust seals below the product information. The theme comes with over 15 gorgeous demos, featuring an installer that only takes a few simple clicks to upload a demo. You also get a mega menu, globe store locator, and an Instagram shop. Therefore, if you’d like to start selling some of your products by featuring them in artsy Instagram pictures, that’s a possibility.

More Info / Download Demo

19. Basel

The Basel Shopify theme incorporates some excellent responsive elements, and it’s the perfect theme for a fashion online store. The theme has too many homepages to count, with highly specific industries being targeted. For example, you might go with the Shoes demo, or you may consider the Dark homepage so that you don’t have to select from a demo that’s more suitable for a niche. The Basel theme has been tested for speed, and it gets some high marks. Along with the responsiveness, this is an extremely important part of running an online store. No one is going to stick around for your pages to load, and Google will take notice.

The theme has a tool called the Nitro product bundle. This is for packaging together collections of products and offering them for sale at a certain price. There’s also a 360-degree view for all product images. What’s more about the product page is that it has a feature for shopping quickly. This means that all of the attributes, colors, and sizes can be instantly changed right from the page, and the images are switched to reflect the change. It’s tough to cover all of the tools packed into the Basel theme, but some of the others include over 600 Google Fonts, unlimited color schemes, a wish list app, RTL support, and Google Rich Snippets. The Basel theme has pretty much everything you could need for a store, so I highly suggest checking it out.

More Info / Download Demo

20. Seiko

Seiko offers over nine premade layouts. Many, if not all of them, are perfect for selling clothing and other fashion items. These are some of the most modern layouts you’ll find on the market, and they work well for different niches like fitness, outdoor adventure, and weddings. The homepages are quite unique compared to one another. And the six headers allow you to shift around certain elements like logos, brands you sell, social buttons, and the shopping cart icon. You’ll find that the Seiko theme provides three footers. This isn’t usually provided with Shopify themes, since most companies figure the footer isn’t that important. However, the footer contains lots of important information, so you should put some real thought into how you’ll format it. The theme also comes with an Instagram widget. It’s nothing fancy, but you receive a grid-based layout, quite similar to some of the blog layouts you’ll find in the theme.

One extreme advantage with the Seiko theme is the mobile version. The responsiveness makes it really easy to move about the website, regardless of what type of device is being used. The theme provides multiple language options, meaning you’ll be able to expand your reach throughout the world. The product pages are either classic or creative. So, you have the option to configure a product page like most eCommerce product pages look like, or you have the option to show off huge images and fullwidth product descriptions. The settings inside Seiko are seemingly endless, with grid configurations for both large and small stores, product listings set up in multiple column formats, and large navigational menus to fit all of your categories and products into the store.

More Info / Download Demo

21. Ella

We enjoy the Ella theme for a variety of reasons, but the Shopify sections are hard to pass up as one of our favorite features. You may know a bit about Shopify sections, but basically, it involves a drag and drop interface for moving sections up and down on the homepage. Not all of the Shopify themes sold through Shopify are optimized for this, so it’s nice to see one in the ThemeForest library. Furthermore, the Ella theme has some other powerful theme settings like the mega menu for huge stores and the AJAX layered navigation for quickly bringing your customers to the right products. Quite a few demos are included with the Ella theme, many of which cater to the fashion industry. You can also utilize the RTL language support for getting your site translated and ready for global commerce.

The theme has a mobile design for when customers are on their smaller devices, and you receive some integrated Google Fonts for improving your typography across your site. What’s great about the mega menu is that it looks acceptable on mobile devices as well. This is often not the case with eCommerce themes, since the small screen doesn’t do well with large menus. Needless to say, the Ella theme mega menu doesn’t have this problem. The theme also includes a Flexslider image slideshow, which is perfect for showing offers and deals, along with overlaying text and buttons. The dropdown shopping cart is a must-have in the fashion world, since people are far more likely to check out and keep shopping when they know what’s in the shopping cart at all times. Combine that with the MailChimp support, newsletter popup, and AJAX “add to cart” button, and you’ve found yourself an advanced theme for the fashion world.

More Info / Download Demo

22. Goodwin

The Goodwin theme is a beautiful Shopify theme that comes with 14+ homepage layouts and more than 50 inner pages. Encourage customers to browse your most popular products or show them your recent additions to the store. You can also build trust by prominently displaying your store’s policies and guarantees. A standout feature is the advanced add to cart button which makes it easy to add the correct product variation to your cart.

The Goodwin theme comes with more than 70 unique widgets that will help you add the desired sections to your store’s pages. You can also fully customize the theme and use your own fonts, colors, and more. The Goodwin theme is also optimized for SEO as it comes with full support for Rich Snippets and loads fast. In addition to that, you can choose from 12 different header designs and add a powerful megamenu so your visitors can easily access all the important pages on your store.

More Info / Download Demo

23. Icon

The Icon Shopify theme puts all of the focus on your images, so it’s best for those brands with visually stunning photography. Seeing as how this is a fashion article, I would assume that the majority of fashion websites are going to capture visually stunning imagery. Some of the features include a sticky navigation and the slideshow. The sticky navigation makes sure the menu stays fixed in one position as people scroll down your website. It’s an excellent option for keeping users on-track and making sure no one gets lost. The slideshow supports larger images, and it gives you a place to scroll through multiple promotions or new product releases. The multi-column menu is becoming quite popular in the eCommerce world. The Icon theme has this feature, which adds product or category images to the drop down menu items. It’s really a great way to grab attention and ensure people click on the buttons.

This is only the second theme on this list that has a parallax effect. So, if you’re trying to include a scrolling, movement effect on your fashion images, you need to consider this theme. What’s great about the parallax effect is that it doesn’t take much time to load so it won’t slow down your website. The Icon Shopify theme also includes a product quick view, which is perfect for people to see things like shirts and pants and take a quick look at it before going all of the way to the product page. Along with that, the Icon theme has an Instagram feed. It’s a fullwidth feed for optimal viewing, and it links directly to your Instagram account so that you don’t have to update to locations. Overall, this is a theme that begs to be used. It features some other great tools like the content sections from Shopify, social media icons, and a built-in color palette. And, of course, you gain access to the free stock photos from Shopify Burst.

More Info / Download Demo

If you have any questions about the best fashion Shopify themes, please let us know in the comments below. Hopefully, this guide helped you cut down on your search and locate the top options on the market. What’s great is that most of these are pretty affordable. Therefore, you shouldn’t have to worry about breaking the bank for a theme. That said, the Shopify theme is what’s going to be the face of your brand. So, you should have no problem spending a little extra money for one.


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