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20 Best Flat Design WordPress Themes 2021

It’s great to see that the flat design trend is still going strong, and as these themes demonstrate, this style can be interpreted in many different ways. In fact, with options covering digital agency sites, blogs, online portfolios, and ecommerce stores, you can create almost any type of website with the flat design WordPress themes from this collection.

As these themes come in all shapes and sizes, there really isn’t much these themes have in common apart from their flat design style. However, they do all share impressive feature lists that not only make the process of starting a new WordPress website straightforward but also give you lots of control over how your site will look.

As many of these flat design WordPress themes have multiple pre-built website demos in their packages, it’s a good idea to check out all of their online templates and layouts to see exactly type of sites you can create with them. Many of these themes also include page builder tools that help you customize the pre-built content and create your own unique designs from scratch.

Whatever type of website you’re working on, there’s a good chance you can find a suitable option in this collection.

1. Flat


Flat fully embraces this popular design trend and gives you all the tools needed to build a highly modern looking WordPress website.

Whether you are building a website to promote your own work in an online portfolio, or creating a website for an agency or other type of service provider, this theme makes a great choice. Despite the flat design, this theme still has lots of flair and thanks to a range of animation effects, Flat has the power to catch the attention of your visitors and make a memorable first impression.

As this theme has been created by Themify, it comes with their Themify Builder plugin which allows you to create your own custom page layouts, all through an intuitive drag and drop user interface. Furthermore, you can pick up Flat and all of the other Themify themes for a one off fee of $79.

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2. Story


Story is marketed as a theme that is ideal for developing websites with a creative focus, and thanks to the inclusion of a full screen homepage slider, it’s easy to make a lasting impression on new visitors.

Story actually comes in two pre-built configurations. This gives you the option of making use of the homepage full screen slideshow, or sticking with a more traditional, but still full width blog style layout.

Either option gives you a great opportunity to express your creativity and promote your work or services to anyone who arrives at your website.

Thanks to the advanced photo gallery layout and the support for WooCommerce, if you want to sell any of your creative work online, Story could be the theme to help make that happen. Other integrations include Google Fonts, a page builder tool, and social sharing buttons.

If you have a high quality portfolio of work you’d like to publish online in style, Story is one WordPress theme that has been created just for that purpose.

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3. Flatshop


Flatshop is an ecommerce WordPress theme that has been built in accordance with the philosophy of flat user interface design.

However, this theme doesn’t stop there and includes many useful features and elements to help you build the online store that will help you sell more products. Flatshop has been built to integrate with, and enhance, the WooCommerce ecommerce plugin. This means that instead of just the basic product listing page templates that ship with that plugin, Flatshop includes a selection of customizable product layout pages. This includes full width product pages, and a selection of different product grid layouts.

As Flatshop includes the impressive Themify Builder drag and drop page builder tool, that plugin can be used to create your own custom product page layouts. These product pages can then contain any of the elements from the Themify Builder tool, including tabs, sliders, galleries, videos, calls to action buttons, and a whole lot more.

If you want to build your own custom online store designs then Flatshop certainly gives you all the tools you need in order to do so.

Flatshop is another impressive Themify creation, which can be yours along with all their other themes for one low price.

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4. Angle


Angle has been built on the Bootstrap framework for maximum compatibility with small screen devices.

The flat style of design and user interface has been used to great effect with this theme. Despite the perceived limitations of this approach to design, the developers have still managed to portray a good deal of personality, while still keeping things two-tone and minimalistic. While shadow effects are used sparingly, they make a big impact and help the highlighted elements really stand out on the page.

Aside from the design, Angle has lots of useful features that help to elevate this theme above much of the competition in the field of multipurpose themes. This includes the integration of the WPBakery drag-and-drop page builder plugin, 10 pre-built example homepage layouts, one click setup, unique portfolio templates, and an array of theme customisation options.

Angle is highly flexible and takes the flat design trend to its natural conclusion.

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5. Doctype


Doctype combines a flat user interface with a minimal approach to design in order to deliver a WordPress theme that will appeal to those that like to keep things simple, without sacrificing features or functionality.

Although designed with creating online portfolios in mind, Doctype includes some very attractive blog post templates that would make this theme a great choice for anyone looking for a template to give their blog a really unique look that doesn’t immediately stand out as typical WordPress website.

The homepage is fully widgetized so you can simply drag and drop the available elements into place and then customize them to meet your needs. Many of the other aspects of your website can also be personalized with this theme, including fonts, colours, and other styles.

Doctype is a very light and breezy WordPress theme that will appeal to fans of minimal designs.

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6. Agile

Agile is a flat WordPress theme for creating a range of different app showcase websites.

Recently updated, Agile now has a modern selection of website templates to help you promote your app or business online. Whether you’re promoting a mobile app, an online service that’s delivered via a web app, or any other type of app-related service or product, Agile should give you some good options for your website.

If you are building a site for a mobile app, then you might appreciate the mobile slider templates. These sliders let you preview how your app looks on a range of smartphone devices. All you have to do is upload the screenshots of your app, and the tool will display them in the viewport of your choice of smartphone device. You can see these sliders in use on the Agile theme demo site.

Agile has a good set of portfolio templates too, giving you the ability to showcase work you’ve done, such as app design, on your website. Therefore, if you want to use your site to promote your services as well as the apps you’ve produced, this flat design WordPress theme can help.

If you want to use this theme to create a blog, or you plan to add a blog to your site, Agile has a full set of templates for this type of task. There are also templates for displaying the profiles of your team members, publishing testimonials from customers, and adding a gallery to your site.

As Agile has been built around the Page Builder by SiteOrigin plugin, you can edit all the templates that make up this theme through a convenient drag-and-drop interface. You can also use this page builder to add other elements to your pages, giving you a quick way to make your content more interesting than just the traditional text- and image-based format.

Agile has a good set of options to help you set your website up in the way that you want.

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7. Mountain


Mountain gives you the option of displaying a full screen image, a full screen slider, or a full screen YouTube video background on the homepage of your website.

These options allow you to create the right kind of environment for your target audience, helping you to greet your new visitors in the most effective way. As your visitors scroll down your one page website, the widgets on offer will allow them to view the services you offer, find out more about you, meet your team members, and learn some fun facts about your agency, as well as view a sample from your portfolio.

Mountain uses both a parallax and smooth scrolling effect for a pleasant user experience.

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8. Cardinal


Cardinal describes itself as an uber theme, and thanks to its 30 different demo configurations and drag and drop page builder tool, it’s an apt description.

Those 30 individual configurations can each be deployed to your website at the touch of a button, simply by using the built-in one click demo installer tool. The pre-built configurations cover a range of styles including business websites, agencies, shops, magazines, photography, and a whole lot more. If you do choose this theme then it can quickly be deployed in a number of ways for a number of websites.

As you also get access to the integrated page builder tool, you can then go on to customize those demo website templates to make them your own and create the bespoke website you need.

Cardinal also ships with an unbranded theme options panel making this a perfect choice for anyone building websites for clients and who wants a multipurpose theme that can offer as their own.

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9. Flatsome


Flatsome is an ecommerce WordPress theme built using the flat style of design. This means your online shop will have a modern and clean user interface that will help your products really stand out on the page.

As this ecommerce theme has been built specifically for use with the WooCommerce online store builder plugin, it includes all the page templates you need to ensure a consistent look throughout your store, including product pages and the shopping cart and checkout sections.

As this theme is easily customizable through the theme options control panel, not to mention the integrated page builder tool, you should have no trouble personalizing this theme to match the products you are selling, and the style of your target audience.

With a selection of high quality pre-defined styles to choose from, as well as the ability to create your own designs with ease, Flatsome is a versatile WordPress theme for building an online store powered by WooCommerce.

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10. Cobian

Cobian has been recently updated to include a full set of modern features and templates.

If you’re looking for a WordPress theme that’s been around since the beginning of the flat design trend but has been regularly updated to ensure its features, appearance, and code follow all the latest standards and developments, then Cobian is hard to beat.

With a versatile design and varied set of features, this theme can be used to create a wide range of websites, including business sites, online portfolios, creative service provider homepages, and sales and landing pages to name just a few. Cobian also has full ecommerce support, so if you want to create an online store with a flat design, this theme and the WooCommerce plugin can provide you with everything you should need.

Your choice from the four homepage layouts in the Cobian package can be quickly imported into your WordPress website in just a few clicks. After that, you can simply add your own text and images to get your site ready, or open up the pre-built content in the included WPBakery Page Builder. Thanks to the highly user-friendly interface of this premium page builder plugin, there won’t be much, if anything, about this theme that you can’t adjust or modify to match your creative vision.

As well as the WPBakery Page Builder plugin, the Cobian theme package also includes the premium Slider Revolution plugin. Thanks to this, you can now add interactive and impressive slideshows and other types of presentational content to your website. As this plugin comes packed with slideshow templates, you should be able to add this content to your site without much effort at all.

Cobian has a true flat design and should appeal to anyone looking for this type of theme for their WordPress website.

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11. Rocco

Rocco makes it easy to set your website up in the same way as the demo version and includes a walkthrough video to help you do so.

If you want to modify that demo version, or create your own custom designs, you can make use of the integrated drag and drop page builder tool that ships with Rocco. To help you make your website stand out, Rocco also comes complete with the premium Slider Revolution plugin so that you can add eye catching full screen content sliders to your pages as needed.

Rocco includes a professional flat design that is ideal for showcasing your services or business.

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12. Arnold

Arnold is a minimal portfolio WordPress theme that successfully incorporates the flat design style into its templates.

Designed to appeal to creative types, especially illustrators and photographers who are looking for a website that reflects their skills and talents, Arnold includes a good selection of different site demos and homepage layouts. Although the pre-built content options are all varied enough, they do share a similar approach to design that combines the flat UI style with the minimal approach to website creation. If you want your WordPress website to be understated, giving your own content plenty of room to breathe on the screen, this theme could be a good choice.

One way that this theme can be used is to create an online portfolio website. To help with this type of project, the Arnold theme not only includes a good selection of portfolio templates but you also get access to a custom-built drag-and-drop portfolio builder tool that makes it possible to quickly create your own layouts. Thanks to this, regardless of how you want to present your work, you should be able to craft a unique layout that’s been built especially for your website and its content.

When it comes to customizing the rest of your website, the Arnold theme also includes a page builder you can use to modify your post and pages, including the homepage of your site. As the page builder comes with a selection of elements that can be inserted into your layouts, you can enhance the overall design and functionality of your site with relative ease. This flat design WordPress theme gives you a selection of different header layouts to choose from for your website, too. These layouts increase the chances that you’ll be able to find a suitable design for the important navigation area of your site.

As well as all of the features of this theme mentioned above, Arnold is also fully ecommerce-ready should you want to sell items online.

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13. NO8


NO8 has been produced for creative professionals who want to promote their services, or those offered by their agency.

This theme’s stylish take on the flat design trend will give your website a contemporary look, while the integrated features deliver all the functionality you need.

With a one click demo installer and the best-selling WPBakery Page Builder tool included in the package, you can quickly set up your website and then customize it to fully meet your needs. The theme options panel also gives you another set of controls for customizing the appearance of your website, while the custom sidebar manager gives you greater control over what widgets and content is displayed alongside your posts and pages.

NO8 has an attractive design with lots of visual elements to help your website deliver a memorable user experience.

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14. Konte

Konte is a modern and minimal WooCommerce WordPress theme with a flat design.

If you want to launch an online store that has a flat design, then the Konte theme should provide you with a range of options. By combining the popular flat design style with a minimal approach to page layouts, your products will have lots of room to stand out on the screen. Thanks to this, if you’re selling products with eye-catching branding or packaging as well as fashionable items of clothing or accessories, Konte will ensure that your inventory is the main focal point of your website.

While Konte comes with all the layouts your ecommerce store is likely to need, you can create new content designs relatively easily. This is due to the inclusion of a premium page builder tool that’s integrated into this theme. Whether or not you’re new to web design you should be able to open up the visual editor and start crafting your own layouts for your products and other website content. However, as mentioned, Konte does have lots of pre-built content, so if you’d rather not spend time customizing your site, there’s really no need with this theme.

If you do explore the Konte online demos, you’ll get a good idea of how your store could look if you build it with this theme. The 10 homepage demos cover a range of styles, while the 7 product layouts give you multiple options for displaying items on your site. There are a few different types of hover styles that you can apply to your products to make your store more interactive as well as a quick view feature that allows your visitors to take a closer look at a product.

With templates for many types of ecommerce stores, Konte is a very versatile flat design WordPress theme.

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15. Nuovo

Nuovo is a theme for creating social media and digital marketing agency websites with WordPress.

If you want your agency to have a website that not only makes use of the flat design style but is also packed with useful features to help you generate more business, Nuovo is well worth considering. The six homepage designs would all work well for a range of agency websites, as well as creating sites for individuals who want to promote their marketing services online.

All of the homepage demos in the Nuovo package include lots of different elements to help you promote your services, connect with your audience, and generate more leads from your website. Some examples of these elements include the full-width sliders that can be used to display your branding message, the icon grid layouts for highlighting your key services, and a sign-up form that makes it easy for your visitors to get in touch and start a conversation about how you can help them. There are also sections for displaying client testimonials, details of your pricing packages, logos of clients you’ve worked with, and excerpts from your portfolio of work. However, as this theme is highly flexible, you can easily adjust which elements are displayed where in order to create a website that’s optimized for your business.

With Nuovo, you also get full control over how the different elements that make up your website look. Not only can you easily edit their content through the intuitive interface but you can modify their appearances, such as changing their colors, fonts, and other display properties.

As Nuovo has full ecommerce support, it could be used to create an online shop with a flat user interface. However, another good use for this functionality would be to sell your services online and collect payments from your clients, directly from your WordPress website. However, you could just as easily sell digital downloads that your clients might find valuable, such as eBooks, videos, and other useful content.

If you’re looking for a theme that’s been specially created for building online agency websites, Nuovo should be of interest.

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16. Boldial


Boldial certainly has a bold design that will help your website stand out from the competition.

The highlight of the many features of this theme is perhaps the 3D animation effect that is used to present the portfolio content of your website. If you are building a website to showcase your work then the portfolio template of Boldial definitely offers something different.

The developers of this theme have managed to cram a number of trending design element into one theme. This includes a Slider Revolution powered content slider, parallax scrolling, and a one page layout, all built using the flat design style. While this might sound like a lot for one theme, the developers of Boldial have also managed to incorporate all of the above, without making the theme look overcooked or too busy.

With built-in support for WooCommerce and WPML, not to mention WPBakery Page Builder, Slider Revolution, and Layer Slider included as standard, Boldial is a WordPress theme that seems to be able to offer it all in one package.

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17. Gretna

Gretna is a theme that’s been built for promoting services and products online with WordPress.

Both of the homepage layouts in the Gretna theme package have been designed to help you promote whatever it is you are offering. Whether you want to create a website to promote your latest app, a software service, or your agency, Gretna could work well for your project. The pre-built templates include lots of elements that are useful for this type of website, including sliders, testimonials, pricing tables, and call-to-action buttons. Like many of the flat design WordPress themes in this collection, you can modify these layouts using a drag-and-drop page builder tool and customize how the different elements look.

As well as the premium WPBakery page builder plugin, Gretna also gives you access to the premium Slider Revolution plugin at no extra cost. Thanks to this, you can produce your own eye-catching slideshow presentations to promote your services or products from inside your WordPress dashboard. To help you personalize your site further, Gretna includes the editable Photoshop PSD files for all the images used in this theme. Making other adjustments to your website, such as changing the typography settings, creating new color schemes, and customizing your site in other ways is very straightforward, too.

Some other reasons to consider the Gretna theme include the support for the leading multilingual plugins that will allow you to publish your content in more than one language and appeal to a wider audience, the one-click installation process that simplifies setting up your new WordPress website, and the detailed documentation that will help you to use all aspects of this theme.

Gretna has a bright and colorful interpretation of the flat design trend that you might find appealing.

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18. Cluster

Cluster is competing for the attention of anyone in the market for a new theme to help present their online portfolio in a more professional environment.

So whether you are building an online showcase of your graphic design, web development, photography, or video production skills, Cluster could be the right choice for your project.

The bold homepage placeholder for your mission statement and auto scrolling background image slideshow give you a platform for delivering your message to visitors as soon as they arrive at your website.

Depending on how you configure the homepage of your website, you can display the featured work from your portfolio, highlight your skills using the retina ready icon library, share the latest content from your blog, or list client logos from previous projects. As the homepage is all widgetized, customising the arrangement is just a case of dragging and dropping the different elements into place.

If you don’t need all the customization options and animated sliders of some of the other themes featured here, but still want to make a bold impression on your visitors then Cluster certainly checks all of those boxes.

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19. Nimmo

Nimmo is a one-page creative agency WordPress theme with a flat user interface.

If the idea of displaying all of your website content on just one page is appealing, then the Nimmo theme could be to your liking. If you check out any of the six homepage layouts of the Nimmo theme, you’ll see that each option includes a good range of sections to help you display all the content that you need to. On one of the homepage designs, for example, you’ll see a slider module for displaying a selection of text and images in an auto-scrolling presentation format, a section for displaying your key services, a pricing table element, and lots of others.

However, you don’t have to use Nimmo in the one-page format if you don’t want to. It is possible to use one of the feature-rich homepage layouts but then add extra pages to your website, such as a services page, an online portfolio, and a blog. Nimmo has a good selection of templates for these types of content, making it easy to expand your website beyond the one-page format. Nimmo also includes the powerful WPBakery Page Builder plugin, enabling you to open any of these templates up for customization through a modern drag-and-drop interface.

Another aspect of Nimmo that you might find interesting, is the feedback from the people who have purchased this theme. Although it hasn’t had many sales, which is not too surprising since it was only recently released, those who have purchased this theme and left a review have been complimentary. In fact, Nimmo has an impressive 4.75 stars out of 5 stars rating, giving a good indication that this is a theme that lives up to its marketing materials.

Nimmo works equally well in either the one-page format or the more traditional multi-page mode, giving you lots of options for your website.

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20. Typology

Typology is a text-based, minimal WordPress theme designed for bloggers and other types of content publishers.

As the name suggests, this theme has a strong emphasis on typography and making your text-based content look as appealing and interesting as possible. Therefore, if you’re a blogger or you’re publishing a lot of text-based articles online, this theme and its minimal interpretation of the flat UI trend should be on your shortlist.

If you do choose this theme for your website, you’ll be able to set your homepage up in a number of different ways. The selection of layouts for the front page of your website varies from very minimal to more feature-rich options that include images and other content. However, the text-based layouts are definitely eye catching, thanks to their minimal approach to design.

When you publish content on your website with the Typology theme, you also get a few different templates to choose from. These layouts can be applied to the WordPress posts and pages that make up your site, helping you to get your blog posts and other content looking just right before you hit the publish button. As well as the pre-built templates, you also get a good range of customization options to work with. Thanks to this, you can adjust the fonts, colors of the text, and other display settings of your website. This theme also has good support for multiple authors, including adding co-authors to individual blog posts, making it a good option for collaborative projects.

Although Typology isn’t primarily an ecommerce theme, you can add this functionality to your site through the support for the WooCommerce plugin. Thanks to the library of add-ons for WooCommerce, you can easily use it to charge your visors a fee for accessing your content, or sell products from your blog.

Bloggers looking for a minimal yet distinctive design for their website will find the Typology theme interesting.

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