4 Best Free Directory WordPress Themes 2021

The Listing Hive theme.

Creating an online directory can be quite a task. Whether you want to list local restaurants, properties for rent, or job adverts, you need a responsive theme that will give you the functionality you need. However, finding free directory WordPress themes can take some digging.

Unless your project requires premium features, you can likely get the job done with one of the free themes below. They are all lightweight and customizable, letting you build your listing website with no coding experience.

In this article, we’ll show you four of the best free directory WordPress themes that will suit any industry. Let’s dive right in!

1. Directory Starter

The Directory Starter theme.

Some projects require quick solutions. For example, you may need to include a basic directory on your website or build your own child themes in the future. If this is the case, Directory Starter is a great place to begin.

This theme is highly customizable thanks to the inclusion of over 40 widgets, blocks, and shortcodes. With the drag-and-drop tab builder, reorganizing your listings is a breeze. If you prefer to work with your favorite page builder, the theme is compatible with Elementor, Divi, and many more. You could also start with a template, which you can customize directly from within your child theme.

Although it’s free, Directory Starter boasts some advanced features to help you build a professional listing page. It’s designed to work with the GeoDirectory plugin (review), which gives you coverage of more than one city. Users can search by proximity, add ratings, and write reviews. You can also add business hours to any listing, and build unlimited contact forms thanks to the integrated Ninja Forms.

Overall, if you need a solid directory theme that will fulfill its purpose, you can’t go wrong with Directory Starter. It’s responsive, customizable, and expandable, which covers the basics you need when starting out.

2. Robolist Lite

The Robolist Lite theme.

A directory theme may have a simple purpose, but this doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Robolist Lite is precisely that — a modern, slick theme to help you create a pleasant browsing experience.

If ‘highly responsive’ is one of your top requirements for a theme, Robolist Lite is an excellent pick. It’s ultra-fast thanks to being built on top of the Bootstrap CSS framework, which provides snappy site loading times regardless of device. It’s also integrated with the powerful and free WP Job Manager plugin, a perfect tool for recruitment agencies. Last but not least, it’s powered by the bundled Elementor page builder plugin, so you can easily customize this theme to match your needs.

For more advanced functions, you can upgrade to Robolist Pro, which lets you customize posts and choose from several page templates. You can easily expand your site’s functionality with many widgets and add-ons. Also, integrating the premium WP Job Manager Simple Paid Listing plugin will help you monetize your directory.

All in all, if you want a fast, pixel-perfect theme that will grab your visitors’ attention, look no further. Robolist Lite is an excellent choice for real estate agents, job agencies, and many other business sites.

3. ListingHive

The ListingHive theme.

If you’re a real estate agency or a hotel, you’ll want your property listings to be clean and inviting. Enter Listing Hive — a simple yet powerful theme that will make your images truly stand out.

Listing Hive lets you build almost any type of directory, as there are no predefined listing attributes. This means it’s fully adaptable to your needs. There are also many free extensions available to add extra functionality, such as the marketplace, search alerts, favorites, and more.

The theme is incredibly easy to use, enabling you to install it with just a few clicks. You can also style it with custom CSS. Moreover, it lets you set up advanced filters for any listing attributes you can imagine. Your registered users will be able to submit new listings on the frontend, too.

Simple, powerful, extensible — if these are the qualities you’re looking for, Listing Hive may be your perfect choice. This multipurpose theme is particularly suited to real estate, though other businesses will find it equally useful.

4. Robojob Lite

The Robojob Lite theme.

Practically all job seekers appreciate a smooth browsing experience, including options to search by keyword, location, or category. RoboJob Lite delivers on all fronts and gives your job board a clean, modern look.

This theme integrates with the free WP Job Manager plugin. It gives your job portal robust functionality, letting users create a new job listing for any niche. You can also use many free extensions to expand the functions of this theme, such as adding advanced search forms in the banner area.

Of course, you will likely want to fully customize the look of your listing website too. In this case, upgrading to Robojob Pro may be worth considering. It lets you switch between Google Fonts, colors, shortcodes, and more. You can also better manage your candidates, CVs, and employers, thanks to the bundled and premium WP Job Manager Resume Manager plugin.

Overall, if you need a robust theme for a modern and functional job board, Robojob Lite comes highly recommended. This responsive design will give your candidates an optimal experience in their native language.

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