35 Best Genesis Child Themes 2019

The Genesis framework is a popular theme framework for WordPress that has been built using clean and efficient code for a fast loading website. When using the Genesis framework, the appearance of your WordPress website can be enhanced and transformed by installing a Genesis child theme alongside the framework.

While Genesis provides the core functionality, its child themes build upon this with custom designs, unique features, and additional customization options. If you’d like to know more about the Genesis framework, then our recent in-depth review is a great resource.

By choosing one of the child themes on this list, you can apply a whole new design to your website, while still making use of the best of what the Genesis framework has to offer.

Essence Pro

Essence Pro is a stylish Genesis child theme for websites in the health, wellness, and lifestyles niches.

Thanks to the visually attractive and clutter-free design of this theme, your website should be able to appeal to your target audience without any problems. The default homepage design features a large full-width background display that can be replaced with your choice of photograph or another type of image. The banner text that overlays the image can be used to welcome your visitors to your site, with the option of asking them to join your email list via the optional optin form.

The rest of the homepage layout is set up to display the latest posts from your blog, using the featured image from the article, the title, and a short excerpt. You can also easily display links on the homepage to the key content on your site, again, with each link using the featured image from that page. Publishing inspirational quotes or testimonials from your clients or readers is possible too.

When setting up your site, you’re not limited to just using the default layouts, although, doing so will probably save you time and effort compared to trying to build your own. However, even if you do use the default layout, there are a good range of customization settings and options that allow you to personalize your site so that it matches your branding and stands out from the competition. Through the customizer, you can adjust the colors, change the fonts, and tweak the other display properties of your website. Adding your logo or just using some text in the header area instead of an image is an option too. For more control over the design of your site, Essence Pro includes six widgets areas that can be used to display the core WordPress widgets or any widgets are provided by the active plugins on your site.

Essence Pro looks great in its default mode while also giving you lots of opportunities to personalize your WordPress website.

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Fearless is a high-quality WordPress photography theme that’s powered by the Genesis Framework.

To help captivate your visitors as soon as they arrive at your site, Fearless gives you the opportunity to display your best work on your homepage. By using the full-screen slideshow tool on your homepage, you can automatically display a selection of your most stunning photographs with very little else to distract your visitors.

When your visitors do use the discrete menu to explore the rest of your website, they can then view your photography galleries, read your blog, and visit the other pages that make up your site.

Thanks to the multiple gallery modes available with the Fearless photography theme, you have plenty of options for deciding how your work should be displayed. Whether you choose the masonry grid, filmstrip, mosaic, slideshow, lightbox, or blog-style gallery mode, your photos will look great and your visitors will find it easy to browse your content.

If you want to sell your photos online, Fearless includes an attractive e-commerce mode. By enabling this feature, your visitors can scroll through your work, add items to their cart, and then checkout and make a payment via PayPal.

Fearless also includes a good selection of blog post layouts. These templates should appeal to anyone who wants to blog about their photographs and the other aspects of their work while also attempting to get more traffic to their website through content marketing.

As your visitors browse your online photography galleries, you have the option of displaying a range of widgets at the end of each collection.  These widgets can then contain links to your other photo collections, the important pages on your site, and even mini photographic galleries that display more of your work.

The Fearless Genesis child theme from Imagely gives your photographs plenty of room to breathe while also offering multiple options for how your galleries are presented.

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Start makes use of the popular vertical scrolling homepage layout and combines it with a full width image slider to help make a big impact on your visitors.

The bold and clean design of the different elements you can use to populate your pages makes Start a great choice for promoting products and services online. The icon system and gallery or portfolio section help you to highlight your best features and then demonstrate your capabilities in style.

Profiling your team members is also easy thanks to the included page templates, while publishing a price comparison table can be done without the need for any third party plugins. To help convince your visitors to take a chance on your services, the scrolling testimonials slider does a great job of sharing what your previous clients and customers think of what you have to offer.

Start is a great choice for anyone with services or products to promote, who want to make use of full screen images and a selection of professional icons.

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Magazine and its homepage layout does a great job of making it as easy as possible for your visitors to find your best content and see what your site has to offer them.

The selection of colour styles and layout options allow you to customize the appearance of your website when using this Genesis child theme and by using the recommended plugins you can add essential items to your website with ease. These features include social media icons, email newsletter signup forms, and a lot more, all matching the design of the theme for seamless integration.

If you will be publishing great content on a regular basis, the Magazine theme gives you the design you need to help your readers find your best content with ease.

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Foodie is another culinary-focused WordPress theme for the Genesis framework that would work equally well on any website with a strong need for a clean and subtle design.

Whether you are publishing your favourite recipes online, or building your creative portfolio, Foodie has the features and layout options to be flexible enough to present your content in the way you want. The system for filtering your content makes it very easy for your visitors to find exactly what they are looking for, whether that’s your latest kitchen creations or other creative endeavours.

If you are building a food-related website then Foodie is certainly worth taking for a test drive.

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Mai Lifestyle Pro

Mai Lifestyle Pro is a good match for creating wellness blogs, food and recipe sites, and fitness and lifestyles websites.

Although you can use this theme to create pretty much any type of website with WordPress, if you are working in the health, wellness, and fitness industries, then Mai Lifestyle Pro is definitely worth a closer look. Like some of the other Genesis child themes in this collection, Mail Lifestyle Pro features a bright and lean design that should appeal to a certain demographic.

Despite the clutter-free style of this theme, the default homepage layout definitely isn’t lacking in useful features and element. If you want to set your website up to match the promotional theme demo, you’ll be able to welcome visitors to your site with a large full-width banner image that’s overlaid with text. You can then display the latest posts from your blog in a slider format, complete with their featured images, titles, and a short excerpt. If you want to grow your mailing list, there’s a homepage section that includes space for displaying an inspiring image alongside an email optin form.

The rest of your homepage can include a testimonials slider that shares feedback you’ve received from your audience, some links to your best content, and products from your ecommerce store. As the Mai Lifestyle Pro Genesis child theme is fully ecommerce-ready, if you do want to list physical and digital products for sale on your website, as well as services that your visitors can pay for, this theme is more than up to the task. Importantly, the ecommerce templates look great to ensure that your products and services are nicely presented to potential clients and customers.

With lots of built-in features as well as compatibility with many of the leading WordPress plugins, you can create the website you want with Mai Lifestyle Pro.

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Business Pro

Business Pro is a WordPress theme that’s ideal for creating websites for service providers.

Whether you’re a solopreneur or you need a website for your company, Business Pro will provide you with a template for promoting your services effectively. The default layout of the Business Pro theme homepage features a large banner section above the fold that’s accompanied by a video background display. Thanks to the way this section has been designed, you can overlay the video background with a welcome message for your audience along with a call-to-action button that, when clicked, takes the visitors to a page of your choice.

If the visitor chooses to scroll down your business website, then the next section they’ll see is the set of icons that can be used to describe you the key features of your business or its unique selling points. Each icon is displayed along with a small piece of text to provide further information to your audience. With this professional Genesis child theme, you can choose from a wide range of responsive icons to ensure your website has the right look and feel.

Another useful aspect of this theme that could help you promote your services and grow your business is the set of portfolio templates. With this selection of pre-built layouts at your disposal, you’ll be able to create projects, upload your work, and display your portfolio content in other ways. There’s also a set of gallery templates in the Business Pro theme package, giving you another way to get your content online. Publishing an online FAQ, creating pricing tables, and listing products for sale on your website are some of the other features that make up this child theme for the Genesis framework.

With a good set of theme options and customization controls, you should be able to create the right website with Business Pro.

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Parallax combines two of the most popular recent trends in web design and brings them together in one attractive package.

The long vertical scrolling homepage layout and the 3D-effect parallax background images give you the ability to tell the story of your brand, while creating a powerful first impression your visitors won’t forget.

When your visitors do click through to the inner pages of your website, the distraction-free page layouts give your content the space it needs to make a connection with your readers.

The whole ethos of the Parallax child theme is focused on building a relationship with your audience and then directing them to the point of contact. This makes it a great choice for those in search of an effective lead generation platform.

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Academy Pro

Academy Pro is another stylish Genesis child theme with a strong focus on creating a reputable website that your visitors will trust.

Whether you need a website to promote your business and its services or you’re in the process of creating an authority blog, this child theme for the Genesis framework should be on your shortlist. Those launching membership programs and online courses should also find the design and features of this theme useful, especially when it comes to displaying your credentials and the reasons why your audience should consider your content.

To help you win over new visitors, the default homepage layout of Academy Pro features space for a large welcome message and an introductory piece of text, accompanied by a video that can help you share important information with your visitors. Below the main homepage header section is space for displaying the logos of your clients or organizations you’ve worked with, followed by a section for highlighting your key services or the benefits your visitors can enjoy from working with you.

The rest of the Academy Pro homepage layout gives you the ability to publish testimonials and feedback from people you’ve helped, a snippet from your about page, and an email optin form as well as a few other useful elements. Although that describes the default layout of the Academy Pro homepage, if you choose this theme you’ll be free to create your own custom design for the front page of your site and its inner content. Thanks to good support for the WordPress Customizer and a powerful set of theme options, you can modify most aspects of this website without the need to edit any code. The ecommerce support should also come in handy for anyone who wants to sell products and services directly from their WordPress website using this theme.

If you’re looking for a professional Genesis child theme with strong conversion related features, Academy Pro is a good candidate.

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Vanish makes great use of a full width and height background image that fills all the browser window space on offer. This design layout is perfect for those who want their website to make a strong visual impact on their visitors.

Whether you are a visual artist looking for a way to showcase your best work, or you just want to make a bold first impression on new arrivals, the home page layout of Vanish could be just what you are looking for.

The rest of the home page layout of this Genesis child theme makes use of the popular long form, one page layout. With this layout, your visitors can scroll down through your home page content as you tell the story of your brand and demonstrate the different ways in which you can help your target audience.

The Vanish child theme has impressive typography settings to really make your text pop. There is also full support for the WooCommerce plugin, for those that want to sell items or services online, while the collection of shortcodes on offer make it easy to add interesting elements to your post and page content. The demo version of the theme lets you investigate these features and more in great depth.

The minimalistic stylings of Vanish make it prefect for creative projects, such as freelancer home pages or an agency showcase. By combining Vanish and the Genesis framework, you can take your WordPress website to the next level.

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Corporate Pro

Corporate Pro can be used for creating corporate business websites as well as sites for individuals who are offering their services online.

With a feature rich homepage layout, Corporate Pro certainly gives you lots of options for how the front page of your website will look. As widgets are used to construct the homepage layout, you can easily pick and choose which sections are active on your website when using the Corporate Pro Genesis child theme. You can also drag and drop those widgets into place to change the order that they're displayed in.

Thanks to the way this theme has been created, you can choose which widgets included in the Corporate Pro package to display on your homepage, such as the full-width homepage slider, the client and company icons section, the icons and text column configuration, a pricing table for comparing your products or services, and a testimonial slider for displaying feedback from your clients and customers.

You’ll also have the ability to display a video player on your homepage, giving you a good opportunity to share a welcome message with your audience. As this theme has a full set of blog templates, you can not only publish your news on your website but also display excerpts from your blog on the homepage of your website. If a strong homepage is a key requirement for your website, Corporate Pro has one of the most well-equipped homepage layouts out of all of the options in this collection of the best Genesis child themes.

As well as the modular approach to the homepage layout that lets you easily customize how this vital part of your website looks, you can also easily personalize the header area by uploading your own logo or instead, simply display a text-based logo.

Thanks to a mobile-responsive design, you don’t have to worry about how your WordPress website will look on smartphones and tablets when using the Corporate Pro child theme.

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Patron has been created for anyone who plans on building an ecommerce store with WordPress and still wants to make use of the Genesis Framework and all of the benefits that entails. This theme from Themedy has filled a gap in the market by producing a theme that comes complete with full support for the leading online store builder plugin WooCommerce, right out of the box.

Patron is packed with lots of features for setting up your website and online store. The theme is fully mobile-responsive so your visitors on the go can just as easily view your products and check out their shopping cart items as users on larger devices can.

You will also find retina support for those high end devices, which will help your product images really pop on the screen. Other features include a highly customizable homepage, complete with content slider, multiple theme styles to choose from, and a whole lot more.

This theme also includes support for the Thesis framework, but if you are a Genesis fan planning to start an online shop, Patron is a great choice.

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Author Pro

Author Pro is another child theme from StudioPress, the team behind the Genesis framework.

As the name suggests, this premium theme has been built to help authors create a website that showcases their best literary work. Author Pro has all the features you need to display your book covers online, complete with profiles for each piece of work, as well as links for visitors to use in order to make a purchase.

The Author Pro theme also includes a landing page template which can be used to promote the latest work by the author, without any of the traditional distractions found on a WordPress powered website, such as the sidebar, header, and footer areas. Other features of this theme include a fully responsive design, a nice selection of color styles to choose from, and the fast loading times StudioPress Genesis child themes are known for.

This theme comes with all the documentation you need in order to set it up to resemble the demo version and get the most out of your purchase.

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Wellness Pro

Wellness Pro is undoubtedly aimed at lifestyle bloggers but it should work just as well for other projects.

After checking out the demo website, it’s clear that Wellness Pro, in its default mode at least, should appeal to food, fitness, and lifestyle bloggers. But after checking out the feature list of this theme, it becomes clear that it would also work well for anyone who wants to launch a website with an eye-catching design that does a great job of communicating the values of their brand.

Upon arrival at your site, visitors will see a large full-width image that’s overlaid with a welcome message, complete with a button that can take the visitor to a destination of your choice, such as an about page. Once you’ve set the tone with the content that’s above the fold, as the visitor scrolls down the page, they can see a panel of links to content curated from elsewhere on your site, such as important pages, popular blog posts, or items from your portfolio. As well as the welcome banner that’s displayed at the top of your homepage, Wellness Pro makes it easy to insert additional full-width image displays that are overlaid with text and a call-to-action button. Therefore, if you have an offer you’d like to promote your audience or a piece of content you really want them to check out, this theme has some features you’ll find useful, including a sticky header bar that can be configured to display custom text and links.

Social media users, particularly those active on Instagram, should appreciate the included widget that makes it easy to display the latest photos from your account on your website. You can also use the pre-built contact page to let your visitors send you messages, directly through your website, while the landing page template will be useful for those with products or services to promote.

Wellness Pro has a stylish and modern design that’s combined with a good set of marketing and promotional features.

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Café Pro

Café Pro is an ideal choice for anyone creating a website for a restaurant or other food related business. This theme has plenty of space to showcase photos of both the dishes being served up and the place of business being promoted.

The pricing table feature that comes with this theme can be put to great use by highlighting any set meal deals or just the best bits from your menu to your visitors. The long form home page layout also makes it easy to provide all the essential information for your visitors, without them having to click through to any other pages.

However, if your visitors do want extra info, they can visit the inner pages of your site. These pages can be styled by using the handful of high quality page templates that come with Café Pro. Other features on offer include a selection of color schemes which can be applied in just a few clicks, a landing page template, and of course, a mobile friendly design for visitors on the go.

If you want to promote your eatery in style, then the modern and stylish Café Pro theme certainly has the looks needed to impress any potential dinners.

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Refined Pro

Refined Pro has a classic design and style that is ideal for bloggers, service providers, and online vendors.

With good ecommerce support, Refined Pro is suitable for anyone who wants to sell items online and present their products in a clutter-free store. Thanks to the full set of ecommerce templates, you can use this theme to create an online shop or simply add a few products to your blog or another type of site. However, even if you aren’t selling anything, Refined Pro could still be a great choice for your website.

Due to the elegant appearance of this theme, any site created with Refined Pro will appeal to a certain type of visitor. So if you think your target audience will respond favorably to pastel tones and swirling serif fonts, Refined Pro could be the theme for you. However, you don't have to use this Genesis child theme in its default configuration. Carrying out tasks like changing the fonts and adjusting the colors are easily achieved, thanks to the intuitive interface of the WordPress Customizer. So regardless of your level of WordPress experience, you should be able to make cosmetic changes to your website without much effort at all.

Another nice aspect of this theme is that it comes with an email newsletter signup form that integrates perfectly with the rest of your website. You also get a good amount of control over the navigation menus on your website, thanks to the control panel that lets you easily define what links the menus contain and how they are presented. The library of layouts included in the Refined Pro package should come in handy too, with stylish designs for your blog posts, about page, and a landing page template for promoting offers and opportunities to your audience.

Behind the deceptively simple look of Refined Pro, you’ll find a wealth of useful features and functionalities.

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Altitude Pro provides an attractive template for anyone looking to create a website with a full width background image and welcome message that takes center stage.

The theme also features eye catching parallax scrolling that gives off a faux 3D effect as your visitors work their way down the long form home page layout. Each section that makes up the home page can have its own formatting and background image, helping to break up the content into more manageable chunks of information.

Altitude Pro includes plenty of opportunities to add call to action buttons to your website. This means that if there’s a certain page you want your visitors to reach, or action you’d like them to perform, you can increase your chances of success with some well-placed buttons.

With clean code and a minimal design, using Altitude Pro is a surefire way to ensure that your Genesis powered WordPress website is not only fast loading, but easy to use.

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Drone is a clean and functional theme that is great for anyone building a portfolio website that contains a lot of graphical content.

This theme comes with four portfolio page templates, each using different columns structures. This gives you a good range of options for how your work is presented. There is also a landing page template included too, which could be used to sell your products or promote your services.

Drone is a professional theme that will be a good match for anyone building an online outlet for their creative work, or a place to promote their services and products online.

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Awaken makes use of the vertically scrolling homepage format to great effect, giving you plenty of opportunity to share your story and what you have to offer your visitors, all on one page.

Whether you are promoting your own products and services, or just blogging for fun, the selection of useful features will make it easy for you to publish nicely presented content on your WordPress website. Having access to responsive icon sets, lightbox popups, a meet the team template, and pricing tables, means you won’t have to install a range of additional plugins to build the website you need.

Despite the impressive homepage design, if you’d prefer to use a more traditional blog layout for your website, the post archive templates don’t disappoint either.

Awaken is a versatile and multi-functional theme with a professional appearance that is ideal for bloggers, freelancers, and agencies.

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Infinity Pro

Infinity Pro is a stylish and modern Genesis child theme for creating business websites with WordPress.

Infinity Pro features an elegant design that aims to help you elevate your brand above the competition.  The default homepage layout includes space for a large full-screen image above the fold, complete with a text area and a call to action button.

As your visitors scroll down the homepage of this business WordPress theme, you can display the mission statement of your brand. If your audience wants to find out more at this point, they can click the button to visit a page of your choice. Other homepage sections you can make use of include another opportunity to display a full-width image with a text slogan, a feature table that can be used to highlight your key services or best attributes, followed by a section to display team member profiles and pictures, before finishing off with the widget-ready footer area.

However, as the Infinity Pro Genesis child theme is a flexible option you can easily customize the default homepage layout to better meet your needs. Other pre-built layouts included in the Infinity Pro theme package include an author page template for your blog, blog posts and category page templates, and a contact page design. If you’re planning to generate leads from your WordPress website, the landing page and lead generation page templates are sure to come in handy.

Infinity Pro is also fully ecommerce ready with all the page templates your WooCommerce-powered online store will need.

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Modern Studio

Modern Studio can help you create a website to promote your studio and the work you’ve produced.

The clean and minimal design gives your content plenty of room to breathe. Whether you’re sharing your thoughts on the blog or publishing new pieces in your portfolio, Modern Studio offers little in the way of distractions.

Like other Genesis child themes from StudioPress, Modern Studio doesn’t overwhelm you with features and options. Instead, you can quickly launch your website by importing the optional sample content and then personalizing your site through the WordPress Customizer. Again, options are kept to a minimum when it comes to customizing your website. You can choose from a few color and typography settings to ensure your site has the right look without straying too far from the default configuration of this theme.

Each time you publish a new piece of content on your site, you can choose from three different layout options, including a full-width template. You’ll also find a landing page template that is ideal for promoting a product or service, an author page for displaying your profile, and a contact page template. Modern Studio includes a sticky header area that can be used to discretely display an important message to your visitors at all times.

Thanks to the custom widgets, you can easily display a newsletter subscription form in your site’s sidebar area, as well as your user profile, links to your social media profiles, photos from your Instagram feed, and a list of your most recent blog posts.

Modern Studio has the refined style that will help give your website a professional look and feel.

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Authority Pro

authority pro genesis theme

Authority Pro has been designed to help you demonstrate your expertise and ability in your chosen field.

If you’re looking for a WordPress theme that will help you land more clients, generate new customers, and grow your profile, Authority Pro could be the best option. The homepage design has a layout that gives you plenty of opportunities to introduce yourself and the ways you can help you audience. With a large image area and a text section above the fold, your visitors can quickly get to know you as soon as they arrive at your site.

Further down the default homepage layout, you’ll find placeholders for listing your partners and previous clients, an area for sharing your most valuable content, and a slider for presenting testimonials and reviews from happy people you’ve worked with. The other homepage sections that you can choose to add to your website include a feed containing your latest blog posts, call to action areas, and newsletter sign up forms. As the Authority Pro Genesis child theme features a widgetized homepage, you can easily rearrange the elements and widgets on your website, as well as choose which ones are displayed or hidden.

Authority Pro has a number of different blog post layouts to ensure your content is published using the most appropriate template. You’ll also find a good selection of templates for the most important pages your website is likely to need, including the about page, the pricing table page, and a landing page layout. Authority Pro has full ecommerce support too, making a it a good option for anyone who wants to carry out online transactions from their website.

Authority Pro is a good business focused Genesis child theme that will help you promote your services and strengthen your personal brand.

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Daily Dish

Daily Dish has been created primarily for anyone who wants a clean and fresh design for their food-related website. However, if the design appeals to you then there is no reason why you can’t use this Genesis child theme from StudioPress for your non-food blog.

With many widget areas incorporated into the theme templates, including one right before the website header area, you get plenty of opportunities to insert dynamic elements in and around your content, including email sign up forms. There are also a number of different page templates to make use of, including author and landing page templates, helping you to give your website that professional look.

Daily Dish gives you plenty of white space and room to really let your content stand out on the page.

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Metro gives you the ability to easily add an eye-catching, full screen background image to your blog, without overpowering your content. By combining this effect with the use of blocks of colour, it’s easy to create a striking design for your website.

When using Metro, the homepage of your website can be arranged in a number of different configurations. This is thanks to the use of widget areas that allow you to drag and drop different widgets into place. Whether you want to display your latest posts, content from specific categories, or other widget elements that are active on your site, it’s not a problem with this theme.

If you want to publish your content in widescreen mode, then Metro and its spacious layout could be just the theme you are looking for.

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Lifestyle is another fresh and light WordPress theme from the StudioPress team. As the name might suggest, this theme would lend itself well to a health or lifestyle blog. However, thanks to the muted and understated design, it’s a flexible design that can be used for many types of website.

The six subtle colour schemes and theme options control panel make it very easy to switch the look of your website without the need to look at any code.

As is the case with the best child themes for the Genesis framework, Lifestyle is fully responsive to cater to your mobile readers on the go.

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Junction is another child theme for the Genesis Framework from the Themedy team. This outfit has created some great themes for Genesis users, helping you to combine the core features of this framework with some eye catching designs.

Junction has been created to help any business build a website that will stand out from the competition and allow them to secure even more leads from their online presence. This theme comes complete with a distinctive design and a selection of templates to suit the different types of content you are publishing. Whether you are publishing your portfolio online, or need to create a landing page to promote your core product or service, Junction has it covered.

The homepage of your website when using this theme will be very versatile and can be easily customized by using the widget areas, allowing you to display a range of content types. If you are using content marketing to draw in more visitors to your website, then the blog post templates and layouts will appeal to you, as they do an excellent job of letting your content take centre stage without any unnecessary distractions.

Junction really offers something different in terms of looks and design, while still allowing you to make the most of the great features of the Genesis Framework.

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Executive has been built to showcase the services and skills you have to offer potential clients and customers.

With a strong homepage layout that makes it easy to put your best work front and centre, Executive also contains lots of useful features that should help encourage your visitors to take the next step and get in touch via the stylish contact page.

For those seeking a corporate and professional identity for their website, Executive ticks all the right boxes.

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Gallery is a great choice for anyone looking for a Genesis child theme to help them build a professional photography portfolio website.

The homepage of your website built with this theme can include a full screen photographic slideshow. This is perfect for giving your visitors the opportunity to view a selection of your best work as soon as they arrive at your website.

To avoid taking the attention away from your photographs, the main navigational menu is hidden from your visitors until needed. Once visible, the inner pages of the website can then be accessed. This includes the different gallery sets and layouts, the contact page, and the blog archives.

Thanks to its fully responsive mobile-friendly design, whatever device your visitors are viewing your portfolio on, they should have an enjoyable experience with the Gallery theme.

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Dharma is a multipurpose WordPress theme that runs on the Genesis Framework. Like the Start theme above, it has been created by the Zig Zag Press team and lends itself well to a range of different types of website.

The homepage has been built to accommodate a full screen background image, which is perfect for showcasing your work, or simply using a powerful image to catch the attention of your visitors.

This theme is available for purchase on its own, or as part of the Zig Zag Press theme club, giving you access to 21 themes in total, for one low price.

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Readyfolio 2


Readyfolio 2 is the perfect choice for those with a portfolio of work they want to publish online.

Whether it’s an individual collection of work, or the portfolio of an agency, business, or collective, Readyfolio 2 from the Themedy team, makes it easy to get your website up and running in style, while using WordPress and the Genesis framework as the backbone for your project.

The full width homepage layout makes it easy to highlight your best work, the services you offer, brands you’ve worked with, and some information about your team. The design is fully responsive so no matter what device your visitors are viewing your site on, they will come away with a great impression of your offerings. There is also support for the latest desktop and mobile retina displayed to help your images really stand out on the page.

With a feature for organizing and publishing testimonials, you can easily provide feedback from your clients and customers, while the blog templates give you a nicely presented way to share with your readers your thoughts, the latest developments from your industry, or just what your cat had for lunch.

Readyfolio 2 offers a clean and clear design, coupled with a useful set of features to allow you to get your portfolio online with ease and style.

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News adds two main navigation menus to the top half of your website, making it easier than ever for your visitors to find more of your latest and greatest content.

The homepage slider also goes a great job of letting your readers quickly access some of your most recent posts, giving you another way to increase the chances of your visitors taking the time to get to know you and your website better.

With five colour styles to choose from and six layout options on offer, you get plenty of opportunity to build the website you need with the News child theme.

If you want to publish your content in serious and professional surroundings, then the News theme was built just for you.

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Jessica is an ecommerce Genesis child theme for building an online store with WordPress.

This theme is actually compatible with three of the top online store builder plugins for WordPress: WooCommerce, iThemes Exchange, and WP e-Commerce, giving you three options for adding ecommerce functionality to your website.

Jessica includes the pre-styled store templates for each of those plugins, allowing you to get the design right for your store. Other useful page templates include subscriber signup forms, sizing tables, and contact form pages.

While the homepage layout looks great right out of the box, thanks to the use of widget areas it can easily be modified and configured to meet your needs. The package also includes the Photoshop PSD files allowing you to edit the design to further personalize it.

If you are new to WordPress then you will appreciate the integrated instructional videos from WP101. These videos will walk you through all the features of this online publishing platform to help you get your website up and running in no time at all.

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Smooth Post 2


Smooth Post 2 is an attractive magazine style theme that is ideal for busy bloggers or online publications who post a lot of content on a regular basis. Thanks to the intuitive design and layout, Smooth Post 2 does a great job of ensuring your latest content doesn’t get lost on your website and is easy to find.

Smooth Post 2 from Themedy includes a library of shortcodes which can be used to insert useful page elements into your posts and pages, giving you more options for how your content is presented. You also get access to the Photoshop PSD files used in this theme, allowing you to totally customize the design and appearance of your website.

Other notable features of this Genesis Child theme include five colour schemes to choose from, a fixed horizontal navigation bar that is always on display, portfolio and landing page templates, and a fully responsive, retina ready layout.

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Derek has been created for anyone building a learning management system, membership website, or store for selling digital downloads.

Thanks to the included selection of call to action buttons, getting your visitors to take the next step on your website – whether that’s signing up to your mailing list, making a purchase, or taking your course – should now be a lot easier.

To help you offer your content in the way you want, this mobile responsive Genesis child theme includes support for a selection of high quality plugins such as LearnDash LMS and iThemes Exchange.

If you are building an online store, an elearning website, or just creating a website to promote your professional services, Derek has lots of features you should find useful.

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Richmond is a Genesis child theme with a minimal design that will make a strong impression on your visitors – mainly for what it leaves out, rather than for what it includes.

If the idea of giving your content lots of room to breathe and also keeping your website as uncluttered and minimalistic as possible appeals to you, then the Richmond WordPress theme from Themedy could be just the theme you are looking for.

With a highly customizable homepage that features space for a welcome message, an about section, a feature list, and an email optin form, you can build exactly the type of homepage you need for your website, without very much effort at all.

As well as the flexible and clean and clear design of this theme, you also get access to a range of colour and font possibilities, a responsive design to make mobile and tablet users feel at home, and support for high resolution retina displays. There is also a landing page template and series of shortcodes thrown in for good measure.

Other features of Richmond include testimonial templates, a stylish contact form, social media icons, a portfolio section, and an attractive blog layout. The online documentation available makes setting up your new theme a simple task.

If you want a strikingly minimalistic design for your blog or online portfolio, Richmond is well worth taking for a test drive.

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