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6 Best Metro-Style WordPress Themes 2021

1. Stack

If you are a fan of Windows 8, Pinterest or Tumblr, you’re going to love Stack.

Stack focuses on displaying your content in a fun and engaging way. The theme offers infinite scroll, which allows posts to autoload as the viewer scrolls down, Pinterest-style. It also supports WordPress Post Formats, giving you the option of creating microblogs similar to Tumblr.

So that you can manage all of these features easily, Stack comes equipped with Themify’s Drag & Drop Editor, plus shortcodes and widgets alongside a built in Tiles add-on.

E-commerce sites are also catered for, as Stack has been designed to work seamlessly alongside WooCommerce. The shop styling even matches Stack’s theme design resulting in a consistent user experience.

Whether you want to showcase images, copy or products, Stack is a playful theme that comes packed with the necessary features and more. If you’re looking for something fun, you can’t go wrong with Stack.

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2. Metro

Metro by Themify is a professionally done Metro-inspired theme with some nifty touches. If I had to describe the theme in one word it would be ‘slick’. Take a look at the portfolio in the demo. For starters, the portfolio items are stacked in a Masonry layout, which in my opinion is the best kind of layout for grids of images. For seconds, when you hover over each image it does a flip, 3D style. There are two portfolio layouts, two and three column. To top it all off, the portfolio pages scroll infinitely. Love it.

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3. MetroMag

MetroMAG is a metro-inspired magazine theme with a clean design.

The design is both unusual and familiar at the same time, incorporating both new, creative elements and old favorites as well. The navigational menu is tiled, which each menu item taking up its own little square space. The home page slider is also quite attractive, with an “old-school” scroller bar. The theme comes packaged with over 380 custom icons and flag icons.

It boasts a sky-high 4.83 rating on ThemeForest, indicative of its high quality and customer satisfaction. The theme options panel is intuitive and simple to navigate. A whopping 21 custom widgets and 500 Google Fonts are available for usage in MetroMag, along with a responsive slider and custom color picker.

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4. Orkan

Sometimes, the simplest designs have the most power. Metro design is all about simple lines, geometric shapes, and great use of typography. If that sounds like a winning combination, you’re going to like what Orkan has to offer.

Orkan is a metro theme that includes 15 unique home page layouts, such as designs for portfolios, personal websites, blogs, and more. Metro design fits beautifully with each of those examples, and Orkan mixes rectangles and squares with a default color scheme of black, blue, and white to achieve a modern high-tech style.

The theme also integrates with the free WooCommerce plugin, which makes it a great option for setting up an online store. Among the designs, Orkan includes are layouts for shop pages, which makes e-commerce a snap.

If your blog, store, or portfolio needs to look cutting edge, checking out a high-tech metro theme such as Orkan could be the perfect option. Delaying could see you become yesterday’s news!

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5. Rocket Board

Rocket Board is a beautiful metro-inspired WordPress portfolio theme.

Following the new popular trend of tiled layouts, Rocket Board comes with a huge number of possible layouts — I count 19 portfolio layouts alone. 3 blog styles, as well as 6 post types — gallery, portfolio, price, testimonial, personnel, and standard — are supported. What’s more, you also get three thumbnail options — static image, slider, and video — for each blog post.

450+ fonts are available to choose from. A translator and shortcode generator are built into the theme, along with a drag and drop page builder and drag and drop slider manager (Flex, Nivo, and Anything Slider are all included in the purchase). The theme generates its own social sharing icons, and comes with 9 predefined background colors and 8 overlay patterns.

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6. Puzzles

Many websites don’t take advantage of the screen real estate at their disposal. If you’re a fan of websites packed to the brim with content, that offers visitors something new every time they scroll, the Puzzles theme might be the missing piece you’re looking for.

As Puzzles follows the metro design principles, all of your content gets showcased using a tile-based format. It allows you to style each tile using your chosen colors, and tweak the size to give more weight to the most important content.

To make your life easier, Puzzles bundles in over 100 custom shortcodes and widgets you can use to customize your website. It also includes multiple home page designs and color schemes, as well as a fully-working review and ratings system.

If you’re a fan of metro design and you want your website to look different from all the cookie-cutter blogs and news sites you can find online, Puzzles could be the right theme for the job.

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