20 Best Metro-Style WordPress Themes 2019



If you are a fan of Windows 8, Pinterest or Tumblr, you’re going to love Stack.

Stack focuses on displaying your content in a fun and engaging way. The theme offers infinite scroll, which allows posts to autoload as the viewer scrolls down, Pinterest-style. It also supports WordPress Post Formats, giving you the option of creating microblogs similar to Tumblr.

So that you can manage all of these features easily, Stack comes equipped with Themify’s Drag & Drop Editor, plus shortcodes and widgets alongside a built in Tiles add-on.

E-commerce sites are also catered for, as Stack has been designed to work seamlessly alongside WooCommerce. The shop styling even matches Stack’s theme design resulting in a consistent user experience.

Whether you want to showcase images, copy or products, Stack is a playful theme that comes packed with the necessary features and more. If you’re looking for something fun, you can’t go wrong with Stack.

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Metro by Themify is a professionally done Metro-inspired theme with some nifty touches. If I had to describe the theme in one word it would be ‘slick'. Take a look at the portfolio in the demo. For starters, the portfolio items are stacked in a Masonry layout, which in my opinion is the best kind of layout for grids of images. For seconds, when you hover over each image it does a flip, 3D style. There are two portfolio layouts, two and three column. To top it all off, the portfolio pages scroll infinitely. Love it.

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Metro by MyThemeShop is clean, minimal, and structured.

A great choice for bloggers and prolific publications (magazines, news websites) alike, Metro comes with several custom widgets that will help decrease your bounce rate and increase your pageviews per visitor: latest posts and popular posts lists, with display variations for each.

The search engine optimized theme comes with an easily configured theme options panel with a unique feature that monetizing bloggers will especially like: built-in predefined spaces for advertisements. Lightboxes, multiple shortcodes, and a choice of several fonts are also included.

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Second Touch


Second Touch is a beautiful Metro theme with great functionality and an impressive design.

The first number that's sure to catch your attention on the ThemeForest page is 1300. 1300 vector icons are included in the theme! The theme also comes with custom built WooCommerce and bbPress skins to help you take your e-commerce website or forum, powered by Second Touch, to the next level.

You also get a revolutionary visual page builder, Russian & German translation files, support for SEO, parallax scrolling, and animations for the way elements come into the screen as you scroll down. 6 predefined layouts and multiple blog & portfolio display layouts are included, and over 300 fonts are available to choose from. Layer Slider and Revolution Slider ($15 each) are packaged with the theme, along with the Crumina News Slider.

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STYLISH is a neat WordPress theme with a stunning design.

STYLISH comes in two layouts: the first spreads and fits the entire screen, while the other is essentially the same design boxed in a bit with a constant background texture in view. The navigation menu has a revolutionary design, with colored icons and text as each menu button. When you scroll down the page, the menu resizes and becomes slightly smaller. Each section of the “services” part of the page comes with a neat rollover animation effect. STYLISH also comes with 2 header styles and 2 header types.

You get demo content, a visual shortcode generator, hundreds of Font Awesome icons, and 37 layered PSD files. If you're set on having a stunning, one-of-a-kind design for your website, go for STYLISH.

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QuickMetro is a very unique WordPress theme with a metro-style design.

QuickMetro's front page is quite different from that of most themes — all there is a set of icons that click through to different pages in the theme. Apart from that, there's no text whatsoever on the home page. Although this makes for a very grand and unusual design, in practical application the result may not be so desirable. I'd expect customers that use this theme on their websites to have a very high bounce rate.

Four layouts are included in the theme (all of them are viewable in the demo). Once you click on an icon, the page the tile is linked to slides in instantly from a certain part of the screen (the area it slides in from is dependent on the layout you've chosen). This theme is a perfect fit for portfolio websites — the built-in portfolio/gallery is both filterable and expandable. Built on the Bootstrap 3 framework, QuickMetro boasts a stylized Ajax contact form, Font Awesome 4, over 600 Google fonts, and demo content.

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One Touch


One Touch is a premium theme styled after the Windows interface known as Metro. The look is clean, modern and light. As you may know, the most distinctive design element of any Metro-inspired theme is the tile. One Touch includes a tile generator, which allows you to create tiles with ease. The tile generator includes a number of customisation options so that you can select the text position, tile colour, whether you want a single or double tile, choose a background image for your tile, and more.

The theme integrates with WooCommerce, the popular free eCommerce WordPress plugin.

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MetroStore is a beautiful metro-style theme from Color Labs Project.

A good fit for both e-commerce websites and magazine-style online publications, MetroStore ‘s design was inspired by the advent of the new look of Windows 8. The inspiration clearly shows — the tile-like layout of posts and pages is reminiscent of the Windows 8 home page. MetroStore has a unique feature in its sidebar menu. Not only do you get navigation in the regular location, at the top of the theme, but visitors can also click a menu icon in the top-left of the website to reveal a widgetized sidebar; this allows for more widget space. A custom widget for featured categories is included in the theme.

The theme also comes with one of the latest fads: horizontal scrolling across the home page. Besides that, you also get a product thumbnails flipper — by hovering his or her mouse over the product icon, a user can watch the icon flip to reveal pricing and purchase details of that product. The theme is also heavily optimized for search engines and comes with built-in panels to manage your site's SEO. It's a bit pricey at $79, though.

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Matrix is another very unique metro-style WordPress theme with both solid functionality and a beautiful design.

Matrix comes with a unique home page style covered with tiles. When you hover your mouse over a particular tile, the rest of the tiles go dark to highlight the one your mouse is on. When you click on it, the tile expands to reveal more info about the product. You can close the expander by clicking out on the background.

The theme comes with 6 post types: standard, gallery, audio, video, quote, and link. You also can adjust the size of the titles in the front page, choosing from large, medium, or small. The visual shortcode generator includes over 25 custom functions, and a contact form with jQuery validation is also built-in. Lastly, you also get Flex Slider 2, 10 color skins, 10 social icons, and a custom Twitter widget.

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Black Pearl


Black Pearl is a fresh new theme with a quite lovely design.

When you open up the demo, you get to choose from 7 color skins: cyan, purple, blue, green, red, orange, and yellow. Once you get past that and into the actual demo, I guarantee that your breath will be taken away. The designer has really outdone himself — this design is 100% fabulous. There is, however, one complaint with the design. The background is set to a very dark default black in all color skins. While that looks great, the truth is that readability of a website is greatly hindered when the text is white on a black background. It's far better to stick to the norm of black text on white. The mistake, however, is easily corrected in the design configurations of the theme panel.

When you hover your mouse over a featured post from the blog feed, the image slowly zooms in. Once you move the mouse back out, the image zooms back out at the same speed. It's quite an interesting feature. 8 PSD files are included in the theme package, along with 11 custom widgets, and a contact form with PHP mailer and configuration scripts. 16 animated social icons help connect your website to your social media.

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MetroStyle is a popular metro WordPress theme having racked up over 4,300 purchases on ThemeForest already.

The theme has quite an interesting design. The menu buttons are square tiles (colored in). The featured image of each slide in the home page's slider comes with the same zoom-in effect that Black Pearl, the above theme, has. There's also another home page layout for magazine style websites.

Two portfolio layouts (3-column and masonry) and 2 blog layoutsx are included. You have the option to create an unlimited number of sidebars and add them to individual pages or posts in specific positions. Extensive shortcodes and comprehensive styling options make MetroStyle an even better choice.

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MetroMAG is a metro-inspired magazine theme with a clean design.

The design is both unusual and familiar at the same time, incorporating both new, creative elements and old favorites as well. The navigational menu is tiled, which each menu item taking up its own little square space. The home page slider is also quite attractive, with an “old-school” scroller bar. The theme comes packaged with over 380 custom icons and flag icons.

It boasts a sky-high 4.83 rating on ThemeForest, indicative of its high quality and customer satisfaction. The theme options panel is intuitive and simple to navigate. A whopping 21 custom widgets and 500 Google Fonts are available for usage in MetroMag, along with a responsive slider and custom color picker.

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Metrofy is a beautiful, multi-layout WordPress theme, designed to work as both a single and multi page site.

The theme is especially a good fit for corporate websites (design agencies, consultancy companies, etc) and portfolios. Metrofy is power-packed with a filterable portfolio, many different shortcodes, and a translation ready back end.

Two color skins, light and dark, are included in the design. Several different predefined home page layouts are built into the theme, such as slider with two medium tiles, slider with four medium tiles, four long tiles, and more. You can create your own layout in Metrofy's all-powerful layout builder.

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Rocket Board


Rocket Board is a beautiful metro-inspired WordPress portfolio theme.

Following the new popular trend of tiled layouts, Rocket Board comes with a huge number of possible layouts — I count 19 portfolio layouts alone. 3 blog styles, as well as 6 post types — gallery, portfolio, price, testimonial, personnel, and standard — are supported. What's more, you also get three thumbnail options — static image, slider, and video — for each blog post.

450+ fonts are available to choose from. A translator and shortcode generator are built into the theme, along with a drag and drop page builder and drag and drop slider manager (Flex, Nivo, and Anything Slider are all included in the purchase). The theme generates its own social sharing icons, and comes with 9 predefined background colors and 8 overlay patterns.

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Nemo's unique design is minimal, dark, and clearly inspired by Metro.

The unusualness of the design can be attributed to its use of a left sidebar (instead of the customary right sidebar) as well as its heavy reliance on Ajax effects throughout the theme. If you ask me, this is the perfect theme for a web designer to showcase his or her work with real flair.

Nemo's design is pure eye candy — there's just no other way to put it. I'm finding it hard to tear my eyes off the demo; this portfolio theme is one that will make your website stand out. When you buy the theme you get 5 page templates, 8 shortcodes (which really is much too few when you're talking a $40 theme), 3 custom post types, support for Facebook comments, and a built in contact form.

However, there is one problem in its lack of versatility. Nemo doesn't play very well with other plugins and the like, as it clearly isn't stylized for them. What's more, if you plan on running a blog on Nemo, you can think again. Its blog feed layout simply doesn't inspire click-throughs and won't induce a high numbers of page views.

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Zinc is a powerful WordPress theme with plenty of features and plenty of potential.

To start with, there's no end to the types of websites Zinc looks good on. Magazines, restaurants, e-Commerce, photography, travel, and even standalone landing pages — this theme is perfect for them all. Its powerful layout builder allows you to personalize the theme to look good on any website in any niche.

Two of Zinc's unique features are the Instant Search bar and the form builder. You can also create mega menus supported by images and icons. The theme's responsiveness can be toggled on or off. 45 shortcodes, 13 widgets, and 3 sticky mobile menu styles are included. 7 custom page layouts — blog, about, gallery, portfolio, coming soon, contact, and search — are built-in, along with the ShadowBox previewer and a choice of 630+ fonts. All things considered, Zinc is a robust theme with great looks and a very fair price tag.

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Modern Metro


Modern Metro is another very unique WordPress theme with an unusual metro-inspired design.

To start with, Modern Metro's home page is quite unlike anything you're ever bound to come across. The default background is black and patterned creatively. The menu is located on the left side of the website, and is only displayed when the user hits the menu icon. All things considered, the theme borrows a lot of design elements from the Windows 8 interface.

Inside the theme panel you can play around with 1368 icons (that come in 3 sizes and two color sets) and a tile manager to customize the display of pages and posts. A 10-minute configuration tutorial video and advanced documentation are included.

To be completely honest, Modern Metro's design simply isn't for the modern website. It just doesn't play along nicely with the look of the rest of the Internet (and I don't mean that in a good way). For you to buy this theme your website would have to be a far cry from “normal”.

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Everest is a clean, minimal WordPress theme.

Everest has a creative and colorful design. At times, it is even a bit too colorful — the bright orange, green, and purple tiles on the front page clash sharply with the dark grey background.  The typography, however, is very fitting and complements every other aspect of the design perfectly. The advanced theme options panel is quite powerful and simple to use. 6 post types — audio, gallery, link, quote, video portfolio, and gallery — are built in.

Everest is a very lightweight theme — if you're looking for hundreds of fonts and shortcodes, you'd best look for them inside a plugin. But even so, Everest is a great choice if you're looking for a distinctive style to brand your website with.

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Aeolus is an elegant, minimal metro-inspired WordPress theme.

A great choice for corporate websites, Aeolus makes its case with flat colors and high levels of contrast. There's plenty of white space in the design for viewers to rest their eyes. The sans serif typography supplements the graphics quite well.

Several shortcodes, custom page templates, and a filterable and expandable portfolio are available in Aeolus. 7 custom widgets and an Ajax contact form with validation are also built in. PSD files and XML demo content are included in the purchase package.

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Squid Mag


Squid Mag is an exquisite metro theme with tons of great functionality.

This multipurpose responsive theme has 17 custom widgets, 5 portfolio layouts, and 3 blog layouts built into it. Hover colors are dynamically generated for buttons and links based on their original color. What's more, when you buy Squid Mag you also gain access to four premium plugins — Revolution Slider, Meet the Team, Isotope Gallery, and iGallery — which together are worth $58, more than the purchase price of the theme itself!

The design is a tad too busy, with three very wide columns that make it hard to focus on what's important: the actual content. The small typography isn't a help in that aspect either. However, all things considered, Squid Mag is a great buy for the price.

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  1. Great selection, i was searching for a metro style theme for a project about windows-phone and lumia phone.

    Metro & Rocket Board are great, unfortunatly Rocket Board is not responsive, and i don’t have so many time for make him responsive :'(, i think that i go buy the two theme and work on Rocket Board for make him responsive !

    See ya from France !

  2. Came in off the Bing search and wanted to take a moment out to say “Hey man, nice work!”. I kid you not, this is a terrific collection of themes and just what I was looking for on my next project.

  3. Wow…
    Seriously you have done well my friend. Metro is really amazing and this blows my mind. I have added your site to my favorites.

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