5 Best Premium WordPress Themes April 2014

Welcome to the first post in an ongoing series: Premium WordPress Themes of the Month.

April's selection certainly doesn't disappoint! All of the below themes are responsive and ready to serve a high-quality website. Furthermore, they all embrace the future of the web, with bold and media-centric designs.

From the bold boxes of Scroller to the dazzling imagery of Event to the simple complexity of MagXP, you should be able to find something you like at a reasonable price. Enjoy!



Boxes, boxes, boxes. Squares form the building blocks of Scroller, a flat theme evoking the feel of Windows 8 or iOS 7. True to its name, the front page of the theme features content upon content as you scroll down to the bottom, where huge social media boxes await.

It boasts a somewhat unique layout: clicking a link in the header doesn't bring you to an entirely new page. Instead, it scrolls you down to the appropriate section on the front page. It's a nifty way to stand out and makes it a strong contender for inclusion in our best one page WordPress themes feature.

Scroller's colors are bold. The theme eschews drab dreariness or white minimalism in favor of a colorful palette including red, blue, and green on top of the white and gray.

As is necessary in our mobile age, the theme is fully responsive, and the developers have done a fantastic job with it. The theme resizes perfectly to fit your browser window. Its box-based structure enables it to easily fit a screen of any shape or size.

Scroller comes with lifetime support, and purchasing it also gives you access to 39 other Theme Junkie themes.

Price: $39
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Event is, as you might expect, rather eventful – there's a lot going on.

Its loud design is intended for event, entertainment, and music sites. You can easily display dates, times, and locations to quickly convey information about your event.

Images and videos dominate the theme. You can easily set an image as the page background, and parallax scrolling contributes to a feeling of depth and excitement. Event also allows you to create custom sliders containing images and video. These sliders can be simple slide-by image compilations, or they can include more advanced animations.

One thing holds true, regardless: the sliders are big, taking up the full page width and giving your content maximum exposure.

Event comes packaged with the Themify Builder so that you can design a complex layout that suits your needs. The theme itself includes post types and shortcodes that facilitate image galleries, video, and blog posts.

Price: $49
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The Ken


Evoking an extraordinary feel similar to Event, The Ken also features images and video prominently. Image backgrounds are treated with parallax scrolling, and the theme readily integrates video as an unobtrusive element in both the background and the foreground – there's no need to press play. It's forward-thinking.

The color palette is at once creamy and bold, but takes second seat to the imagery. Contact forms are easily integrated alongside the stunning visuals, and image sliders and large icons make The Ken an ideal portfolio site.

But that's hardly all it's good for. The Ken gives you a range of options including page templates, shortcodes, blog/portfolio styles and page sections to bring your ideas to life. It aims to be an all-purpose theme, with page templates for classic, corporate and creative websites (as well as landing pages).

Price: $55
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This theme can display a large amount of content on the front page without feeling cluttered. This makes it ideal for sites that put out a large amount of content – news sites, magazines, online stores, tech blogs, and the like.

In fact, MagXP has sample designs for each of these website types, showing the theme's flexibility. MagXP offers four different homepage layouts and a myriad of additional design options. For instance, you can color code categories.

To pack more content in – and still without overwhelming visitors – the theme includes sidebars and options to easily include social sharing buttons and ads.

MagXP comes with Google Fonts and WooCommerce integration. Icons are themselves included as a font for faster loading.

Price: $35
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If your site centers on video content, Video is a perfect theme for you. Using the Foundation framework, it was constructed with video in mind, and that's what it does well.

The theme easily showcases content from YouTube or Vimeo, but you can also choose to upload your videos directly to your own site.

If you're not much of a coder, you'll love the drag ‘n' drop system that you can utilize on the homepage. You also have a sidebar on every page for whatever widgets you want to include there: email subscription, ads, social media, categories, etc.

Video allows you to create as many categories and sub-categories as you need, which can help you organize your content and appeal to visitors. Each parent and child category lets you set a custom description. In addition, your visitors can view links to each category's videos as a grid or as a list, and they can filter content by recency, popularity, and engagement.

Price: $29
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