25 Best Tumblr-Style WordPress Themes 2019



As the name clearly suggests, Minblr is a minimal Tumblr inspired theme built for WordPress. The layout design is liquid and responsive which basically means that the layout of your site will adjust in a user-friendly way no matter the display resolution.

Some of my favorite Minblr features – besides being cross-browser compatible – are the 10 different color schemes, and support for child themes. HUGE plus on that!

The page builder that comes in the theme makes it super simple to change the overall layout of the of your pages. In fact, Themify's Page Builder is my favorite page builder on the market as it lets you visually build your pages in real time. This, for me, makes it better than WPBakery Page Builder and even Divi.

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Troy is a Tumblr-like theme for WordPress by CSSIgniter. The theme comes with 5 color schemes and built-in shortcodes to help your design pop a little bit. However, there is much more packed into the theme than just that.

CSSIgniter is one of my absolute favorite theme shops because of the quality of customer service that they've delivered to me in times past. If you're ever going to buy a theme, then it's important to get a sense of the level of customer service you might receive, just in case you need help with something.

I had a particular issue with one of the themes from CSSIgniter not working so I got in touch with them and they fixed the issue in matter of minutes.

I really appreciated that and I'm sure that there are others who've had similar issues that feel the same way. So if you're looking for a Tumblr-style theme, be sure to check this one out!

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Wumblr is Themify's first ever Tumblr-like WordPress theme–and boy did they deliver.

Don't let this initial photo fool you. The theme has more to offer than just this Masonry style layout.

The Wumblr theme comes with over 8 style layouts options (including the one pictured above), 7 different theme skins to help change up the color of your theme and 9 post format options, including: general, video, notes, image, gallery, quote, link and status.

But that's not all that it has. As mentioned with the previous theme by Themify, this theme–and all themes by Themify–comes with a front-end page builder for faster and easier page building.

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Clearly designed with blogging as the main focus, Memoir is a responsive WordPress theme that puts emphasis on your writing.

The theme boasts bold typography and has 2 color schemes: light (as pictured above) and dark, along with 3 footer widgets that allow you to place social media links there, or even featured posts.

Speaking of posts, the theme allows for 9 post formats: general, video, audio, aside, quote, image, gallery, status and link.

Memoir is a nice and clean theme that would be perfect for something like a travel blog or a kind of daily journal. If that's what you're looking for, then this is perfect. Just keep in mind that styling options are minimal and there is no sidebar to speak of for this theme.

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The Hartee theme is probably my favorite Tumblr inspired theme thus far. Something about the banner and color combos of this one really speaks to me. (Just sayin' *wink*.)

Personally, I like the sidebar option on the left and the menu across the top. This means you can insert something like a search bar to allow for a better user experience.

As with just about all Tumblr inspired themes, the aim is for a ‘blogging first' attitude, but I like the slight flexibility that this theme offers.

Hartee has 5 color schemes (Cyan being my favorite), and an additional option to place the logo on the top and menu in the sidebar. Worth taking a peek at, no?

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Nick Roach's goal with DailyNotes was to make the simplest and most elegant medium possible, and I'm pretty sure that he succeeded.

The DailyNotes theme is very minimal in its design, and has been trimmed down to the bare essentials, but don't take that to mean that it is without power.

All the themes by ElegantThemes are coded with WordPress best practices–a fact that shouldn't be overlooked, even in a simple personal blog.

The theme has 4 sleek looking color schemes, it is cross-browser compatible and it has all the good stuff that comes naturally in all the themes from ElegantThemes (ePanel, Shortcodes and Page Templates).

For anyone looking to create a fun and inviting personal blog, DailyNotes will serve you well!

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Notebook is another Tumblr-like theme from ElegantThemes, but with more of a Pinterest type feel. The main menu is in the left sidebar and you also get 3 footer widgets as well.

As the name would suggest, Notebook looks like, well, a notebook! However, it makes it easy to share a variety of content, including: audio, video, photographs and standard blog posts.

My favorite feature that this theme comes with is the unlimited colors, and large selection of texture overlays to complement your site and make it stand out. It's meant to be a simple sort of theme and layout, but being able to have some control over things like color and font is a nice touch.

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tinyBlog is probably the cleanest looking theme that I've come across on this list. It utilizes the WooTumblog plugin to make your WordPress site behave like Tumblr and has some impressive features.

Not only can you create a full-width page, but the archives layout option is surprisingly clean. Your front page can have a sidebar where you can feature your social media links, and the footer widgets add a nice touch as well.

I also shouldn't forget to mention that this theme in particular has a portfolio option in the backend that allows you to create a page for your portfolio. The 3 layout options given are single, double and triple columns.

You don't have options as far as changing the color of things, but this is still a good looking theme  overall.

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Though not the typical Tumblr inspired theme, Fable is still a beautiful theme built just for blogging.

Personally, I love the way that the blog posts are laid out. Each post type is boldly displayed, and fills the screen without distracting from your content. It's a nice change of pace from the average looking blog and it's very flexible.

You have unlimited color options and page templates like a portfolio layout or various image gallery layouts. This makes it a great theme for both personal and professional purposes, but the focal point of the theme will always be blogging.

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As the name would suggest, Memo is a Tumblog style WordPress theme that is reminiscent of a memo pad. The design is clean and minimal, but it's still rather pleasant looking.

Your menu is placed at the top of the page while a minimal sidebar is placed to the left.

You also have the option to choose your own accent color on the backend for your site, and there are shortcodes (for tabs, alerts, columns, buttons, and toggles) that you can use in your pages and posts.

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LightBright is a theme by Elegant Themes that gives you the real feel of a Tumblr style theme, but all the options and versatility of WordPress.

The design of LightBright is simple, but the drop-shadow edges and gradient background help to create some depth to the theme that lend to a pleasant viewing experience.

As with all the themes by Elegant Themes, the coding and options in LightBright are sure to be top-notch. The theme comes with a large selection of page template choices, including both a full-width template and a sitemap template.

One of my favorite overall features of buying from Elegant Themes is that you really get your money's worth. When you buy this one theme, you actually gain access to all their themes – all 87 to be exact.

I've had nothing but great customer service from Elegant Themes, so they have my vote.

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Mindstream is a child theme built on the Genesis Framework and focused on capturing and sharing life's beautiful moments. Thus, Mindstream is packed with all the power of Genesis. Hallelujah!

I'm not shy when proclaiming my love for the Genesis Framework and this is one of the themes that I've personally used and really like.

This theme is fast loading and great for SEO purposes while the aesthetics lend to a clean visual environment. By default you will notice the sidebar is on the right, however, you can change the sidebar to be on the left as well.

If you're looking for a blogging theme that will rank well in search engines, then seriously consider this theme.

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Shift is a Tumblog style WordPress theme that comes with a very edgy, yet visually appealing style. I was surprised by the amount of power that came packed into this Tumblr inspired theme by Codestag.

The flat design style of this theme is stunning, and being responsive and retina ready means that it will remain stunning no matter what device that it is viewed on.

A couple of features that I really liked about Shift was that you have the ability to change the background and text color on a post by post or page basis. This means that every post or page can look just as unique as the story you're telling in it.

Also, I shouldn't forget to mention that the theme supports 10 post formats (standard, aside, gallery, image, link, quote, video, audio, status and chat) along with full localization support as well.

This theme has a lot to offer, and is definitely worth taking a look at.

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Notably is a responsive microblogging WordPress theme that has a very classic feel to it. However, it's not without its features.

The Notably theme is perfect for those that are new to WordPress and who don't want to be overwhelmed by customization options.

You can simply use the WordPress Theme Customizer on the frontend of your site to set the majority of your style options. No CSS or backend navigating required – nice and simple.

It supports 5 post formats: audio, gallery, image, quote and video. It also comes with a portfolio page layout, threaded comments and two footer widgets.

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There is an art in combining simplicity with appeal. ThemeBeans, the author(s) of Acute have seem to have mastered that art.

Their design for Acute is clean and minimal, however, they didn't skip over any of the good stuff. The theme is fully responsive, has lightweight code and comes with a child theme to help stave off customization resets when you perform updates to your theme.

Customizations, such as to the colors and fonts, are easily carried out through the frontend WordPress Theme Customizer. And though their demo doesn't show it, the theme author(s) say that there are sidebar/right and sidebar/left templates that you can use for your posts.

Though the visual of the theme is simple, the options and features for Acute are honestly too many to count. If you want a full description of everything that they have, head over to their demo to get a better idea of what comes packed inside this Tumblog style theme.

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This is another theme by ThemeBeans and it is sure to impress. Blooog is a Tumblr-like theme that sets your blog posts as the star of the star.

The design of Blooog is flat, the layout is clean, and the typography is bold which will leave your readers wanting more. And since it is responsive, you mobile readers are sure to thank you for the easy mobile reading.

The Blooog theme has a customizable logo area to allow you to brand your blog and it comes with a persistent sidebar with unlimited widget areas to help with your user experience. Add your menu, a search bar, a sign up form or just about anything else.

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It's always nice to come across a theme that has been created by people with an awesome track record. Bulletin is a simple and elegant WordPress theme by the ever amazing WPExplorer.

The Bulletin theme has been designed around blogging and photography which makes it perfect for travel bloggers and photographers alike.

Besides being responsive, Bulletin has the added touch of a collapsible notification bar that is built right into the top section of the theme to allow you to create a message for your viewers, or to help drive traffic to a specific page. (Nice!)

Some additional features are the home page slider option, threaded comments, 3 footer widgets and a nice variety of shortcodes that you can use. As always, WPExplorer has delivered another powerful theme.

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Molly is another WordPress blogging theme by CSSIgniter. Though the layout is simple, the responsive design of the theme makes it one that your viewers can take in no matter what device they view it on.

The Molly theme supports the most common post formats: standard, image, gallery, audio, videos, and quotes. Molly also comes with the powerful features that come standard in all CSSIgniter themes: cross-browser compatibility, localization support, and shortcodes.

If you're looking for something powerful but visually simple, then Molly is a great starting point.

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Fast Blog


Fast Blog is a WordPress theme that is perfect for a blogger on the go. The theme supports the WooTumblog plugin to add some extra blogging features, like adding a blog post via a phone or mobile device.

Though Fast Blog works without WooTumblog, it's nice to have the option to add it. The theme has 12 color schemes (6 dark and 6 light) and supports 6 post types: standard, image, link, audio, video, and quote.

It also makes changing font or adding a custom favicon as easy as clicking your mouse. The demo has screenshots of the backend of the theme to give you an idea of the various customization option, so be sure to take a look around.

If you're looking for a dark theme, or a Tumblog style theme that can be updated while you're away from your computer, then take a look at Fast Blog.

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NYC is the last theme by CSSIgniter in this WordPress theme lineup. The theme changes things up a bit by placing your logo and sidebar to the right (though you do have the option to place it to the left if you prefer).

The mixture of the fabric and paper texture of NYC does lend to a warmer visual than some of the others in this list. The NYC theme has 5 different color schemes and supports 7 post types: gallery, image, audio, links, quotes, thoughts, and videos.

The only downside that I found with this theme is that it isn't responsive, but I still liked the overall look.

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Grido is the third and final Themify theme to be mentioned in this WordPress theme round up. As the name would suggest, Grido displays your posts with the sort of grid-like layout that you see above.

Using the Themify Page Builder, you can change the layout of your front page (or any page really) to look however you like. The demo gives you a nice idea of the various layouts that you can build using the page builder.

Another nice feature about this theme is that you can set a color for the background on a per post basis to add a bit of variation to your site. Plus, if you buy this one theme, you also get another theme for free. Money saver, yeah!

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Waves is a Tumblog theme by Obox that is sure to impress. The theme has a rather unique look and layout that has just a touch of retro inspiration that makes you love it.

Each post is displayed with the date that it was published on, and the position of that date alternates from left to right to add visual variety for your viewer.

The theme comes with endless color options, but the power of the theme doesn't stop there.

The Waves theme also comes with a variety of page templates including fullwidth, portfolio (single column, double column, triple column), and archives. It also supports 6 post formats: audio, link, aside, quote, video, and image.

Something about this theme really drew me in. Maybe it will have the same effect on you.

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The Scopic theme by Hero Themes is probably the most unique Tumblr inspired WordPress theme that I've come across.

The design is bold, but still finds a way to stay visually simple and the layout is clearly set to look like a timeline, which I rather like.

Some of the best features that the theme comes with are the responsive design and the ability to customize your theme (including colors) using the WordPress Theme Customizer. Therefore, you don't need any prior coding knowledge to create something that has your personality pumped into it.

It has the visual components that you would expect out of a Tumblog, but all the power of a WordPress theme. Maybe that's why I like it so much.

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PixelPower is a clean and modern theme that looks great on all devices. The slight pop of color and textured background it just enough to make it stand out from other Tumblr-like themes on the market.

Whether you are looking to display your work, or just want a blog that you can show your family, PixelPower really delivers on both levels.

The theme has a variety of portfolio templates (1 column, 2 columns, and 4 columns) but it also supports 6 different post formats: aside, gallery, image, quote, link, status, video, audio, and chat.

On a side note, you also have the option for either an image or text logo in the header, which is a nice little added touch.

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You did it! You've made it to the last Tumblr style WordPress theme on the list. As a reward for being so awesome, I wanted to wrap things up with a bang.

The last theme on the list is, OldCar, a creative and bold WordPress theme was just too captivating to not mention. I'm not going to lie; this one is my favorite!

The theme has a sidebar on the right and allows for an unlimited choice in regards to color. It also supports Google Fonts so that you can make your blog really stand out.

It is 100% responsive and comes with two layouts which include the fluid grid that you see pictured above, and a normal layout – just in case you'd like to dial it down a bit.

The theme also includes shortcodes and a nice masonry styled portfolio that really stands out.

All and all, this theme was my favorite, but my hope is that you found a Tumblr inspired theme that suits your needs.

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