6 Best WordPress Landing Page Plugins Compared 2021

Looking for the best WordPress landing plugin?

In the old days, you had to pay a developer every time you wanted to launch a new landing page. Now, you can rapidly build, deploy, and test landing pages using simple drag-and-drop editing – no technical knowledge required.

But before you can start cranking out awesome landing pages, you need to right the right tool. That’s what I’m going to help you with in this post.

I’m going to dig into 6 popular WordPress landing page plugins. For each plugin, I’ll:

  • Share its main features
  • Illuminate how it’s different (or similar) to the other tools

Then, at the end of the post, I’ll share some specific plugin recommendations for various situations to help you make your final choice.

What Should A Good Landing Page Plugin Have?

There are some features that a WordPress landing page plugin just plain has to have. I’m talking about:

  • Responsive design – your landing pages need to look great on all devices.
  • Easy drag-and-drop editing – otherwise, you’d just get a developer to code it from scratch, right?
  • Theme-less design – WordPress themes are great – but you usually don’t want your theme’s header/footer showing up on a true landing page.
  • A/B testing – without split testing, it’s hard to improve your landing pages’ conversion rates.

All the landing page plugins on this list offer those features, or at least an easy way to get those features.

Then, things start to get different. To help you make your decision between the 6 landing page plugins on this list, you should consider:

  • Which elements you want to build your landing pages with. For example, is it essential that you have a way to include countdown timers?
  • Whether you want to work in your WordPress dashboard or a cloud tool. Some of these are in-dashboard plugins, while others are cloud tools with dedicated integration plugins.
  • If you’re willing to pay a monthly fee, or you want something with a one-time payment. The monthly fees for SaaS landing page tools can quickly add up if your budget is tight.

At the end of the post, I’ll try to help you pick the best WordPress landing page plugin for your needs based on these criteria (and a few others).

Now, let’s meet the plugins…

1. Thrive Architect – Conversion-Focused Page Builder With Landing Page Templates

Thrive Architect is a popular WordPress page builder plugin. It lets you build your landing pages using simple drag-and-drop.

You can use it to build any type of content on your WordPress site, but here are two reasons why it’s especially good for landing pages:

  • It has all the elements that you’ll need to build high-converting landing pages. I’m talking about things like CTA buttons, opt-in forms, testimonials, countdown timers, etc.
  • It includes 267+ pre-built landing page templates. You can import these templates and then simply customize them to your needs to save a ton of time. Check out all the available templates.
thrive architect templates

Another helpful thing about these templates is that they’re themed. For example, you can find:

  • One landing page template to promote a free download
  • Another template for the actual download/confirmation page

This can save you a ton of time when you’re looking to quickly test different offers.

Beyond that, Thrive Architect also:

  • Gives you a blank template so that you can build true landing pages (i.e. no theme header or footer).
  • Creates responsive designs by default. And you can also go even deeper and choose to hide some elements on different devices for more control.

If you purchase Thrive Suite you also get access to A/B testing for your landing pages through the Thrive Optimize plugin (read our Thrive Optimize review for a look).

All in all, if your main focus is building landing pages, this one of the best WordPress page builders to use. For more information, read our full Thrive Architect review.

Price: You can get Thrive Architect as part of Thrive Suite ($19 per month, billed annually), together with Thrive Themes’ all other products.

More Info / Download

2. Leadpages – Affordable SaaS Tool With Easy WordPress Integration

The Leadpages tool itself isn’t technically a WordPress plugin – it’s a SaaS landing page builder tool. But it does have a dedicated plugin to help you integrate and manage your landing pages in WordPress.

There are a few advantages to this SaaS approach over a WordPress plugin:

  • It’s easier to manage landing pages for multiple sites, which can boost your productivity. Instead of switching between different WordPress dashboards, you can see everything for all your sites from the Leadpages interface.
  • Leadpages handles hosting all your assets, including downloadables. This makes it a lot easier to host lead magnets than most plugins.

To actually build your landing pages, the main Leadpages landing page builder is a drag-and-drop builder with a live preview. If you’re familiar with WordPress page builders, you should feel right at home – the only difference is that you’ll be working in the Leadpages cloud interface instead of your WordPress dashboard:

leadpages interface

Once you finish building your landing page, you can use the simple Leadpages plugin to integrate it into your WordPress site. And depending on your plan, you can also run A/B tests from the Leadpages interface.

You’ll also be able to view detailed statistics for your landing page inside your Leadpages dashboard, which is another benefit of the SaaS approach:

leadpages analytics

Price: Starts at $25 per month (billed annually), but the cheapest plan with A/B testing is $48 per month (billed annually).

More Info / Download Demo

3. Elementor – Freemium Page Builder That Can Do It All

Elementor is another WordPress page builder plugin that you can easily use for landing pages.

It uses the same drag-and-drop visual editing interface to help you build your designs. And it has a few things going for it that make it ideal for landing pages:

  • Elementor Canvas template. This blank template helps you create true landing pages (i.e. no theme header/footer), even if your WordPress theme doesn’t have a blank template.
  • Tons of templates. Elementor includes two types of templates – page and block. Pages are pre-designed landing pages, while blocks are sections (like a CTA section).
elementor interface

One big advantage of Elementor is that it has a generous free version. Even if you just stick with the free version, you’ll still be able to build some great-looking landing pages.

With that being said, Elementor Pro does include some design elements that can help with your landing pages, notably things like:

  • Opt-in forms
  • Pricing lists/tables

There’s no A/B testing functionality built into the core Elementor plugin, but there are some workarounds for this if you do need A/B testing. For example, you can clone an Elementor page and then use the Simple Page Tester plugin or Google Optimize to run A/B tests.

Read our Elementor Pro review for more information about this plugin.

Price: Free version, or starts at $49 for Pro.

More Info / Download Demo

4. Instapage – Pricier SaaS Tool That’s Great For Teams Or Agencies

Like Leadpages, Instapage is a SaaS landing page tool that you can easily integrate with your WordPress site. It’s the most expensive tool on this list by far, but it includes some great team collaboration features which might make the price worth it for the productivity boost if you’re part of a team or agency.

Like the other tools, Instapage lets you build your landing pages using drag-and-drop. But there’s something quite unique about this editor:

Whereas as all the other landing page builders use a grid system, Instapage’s drag-and-drop editor is 100% freeform. That is, you can drag elements anywhere, not just to a specific spot in the grid:

instapage interface

And it also lets you use the same drag-and-drop interface to specifically edit the mobile version of your landing page. All the other tools are responsive and let you hide certain elements on mobile, but none of them give you this much control over the mobile version of your page.

Beyond that, Instapage offers:

  • A variety of pre-built landing page templates
  • A/B testing (not on the cheapest plan, though)
  • AMP landing pages
  • In-dashboard analytics

And here’s why I say that Instapage makes a great option for teams:

  • Team members can leave comments on specific parts of a draft landing page design using an InVision-like interface.
  • You can securely share a draft landing page, which is helpful if you need client approval.
  • Instapage includes issue tracking. And as you make changes, you can resolve issues so that you know exactly what still needs to be done.
instapage team tools

Price: Instapage starts at $69 per month (billed annually). The cheapest plan with A/B testing is $99 per month (billed annually).

More Info / Download

5. OptimizePress – Build Your Entire Marketing Site, Including Landing Pages

OptimizePress is a WordPress landing page plugin (or theme – you can pick)…plus a whole lot more. If you want that “more”, it’s a great all-in-one tool. But if all you want is landing pages, it’s a bit overkill.

Let’s start with the landing pages, though…

OptimizePress helps you build your landing pages using its visual LiveEditor. The LiveEditor is a bit more basic than the other tools on this list in that there’s no inline editing. But you do have plenty of flexibility for building your pages:

optimizepress live editor

OptimizePress also includes a variety of built-in templates, as well as a marketplace of 350+ additional templates that you can access (though many of these require an additional payment).

So what’s the “more”, then?

OptimizePress can also help you:

  • Create secure membership portals to protect content, complete with drip content
  • Deliver training/courses, complete with progress bars
  • Create cohesive product launch funnels with its LaunchSuite tool

And on higher tiers, you can also get access to A/B testing.

Price: Starts at $97 one-time. Cheapest plan with A/B testing is $197 one-time.

More Info / Download

6. Beaver Builder – Another Multifunctional Page Builder That’s Great For Landing Pages

Like Elementor, Beaver Builder is an all-purpose page builder that comes in both a free and paid version. Beaver Builder’s free version is more limited than Elementor, though – you will definitely need the Pro version if you want to build landing pages.

With the Pro version, you can:

  • Build your landing pages using visual drag-and-drop editing
  • Incorporate helpful elements like CTAs, pricing tables, countdown timers, etc.
  • Import one of the ~30 pre-built landing page templates
Beaver Builder interface

There’s no built-in page template to let you build from a blank slate like Elementor or Thrive Architect (that is, you can’t get rid of your theme’s header/footer by default). But that’s easy enough to fix with a free plugin like Blank Slate – so don’t let that stop you.

Like Elementor, there’s also no built-in A/B testing, but you can get around that by using the same workarounds – just clone your Beaver Builder design, make the necessary edits, and use something like Simple Page Tester or Google Optimize to run A/B tests.

For more information, check out our detailed Beaver Builder review.

Price: Limited free version. Pro costs $99 for use on unlimited sites.

More Info / Download Demo

Which WordPress Landing Page Plugin Should You Choose?

If you’re on a budget (i.e. you want something free), Elementor is the best free WordPress landing page plugin that you’ll find. While the pro version gives you more flexibility, you can still build some awesome landing pages using just the free version of Elementor.

If a SaaS tool is within your budget, pick Leadpages if you’re a solo blogger, Instapage if you’re part of a team, or Thrive Architect if you want a whole set of plugins for conversion rate optimization and page building.

OptimizePress is also a great option if you want all those other features it offers. Otherwise, you should just get something focused on landing pages.

And Beaver Builder is also a stellar WordPress page builder. I’m not sure it can beat Elementor or Thrive Architect in landing page building. But it’s a great overall tool – so if you like the Beaver Builder interface, you certainly won’t go wrong using it for landing pages.

Now over to you – which is your favorite WordPress landing page plugin? And why?

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