19 Free Feminine WordPress Themes 2020

A feminine WordPress theme seems like a vague description. Does it include flowers and pink colors? What about swirling fonts and images with dresses? Well, some of the best feminine WordPress themes do indeed include these elements, but we realize that the word “feminine” has various meanings.

What about that fashion blog that requires a hint of simplicity and style? What about the female-run businesses that require more professional themes? That's why we put together a variety of feminine-style WordPress themes to cover all of the bases. Keep reading to learn more about the WordPress themes with a feminine touch.

For even more options, be sure to check out our collection of 30+ of the best premium feminine themes.



Often, with femininity, comes fashion, and that's what this theme is all about. It's an aThemes favorite, allowing for a simple and clean way to show off your fashion company or blog in a stylish way. The responsive layout works well on all devices, and the powerful theme options are perfect for uploading your logo, changing your fonts and modifying styles on your site. The custom widgets work nicely for beginners who don't want to code these modules, and the Google Fonts empower your branding strategy even more.

Upload stunning featured images and use the threaded comments section to engage your followers and see what they are interested in reading. Social media icons come along with your purchase, meaning that you don't have to download a separate plugin. The favicon upload is a bonus, but the true standout is the black design on the white background, placing all the focus on your fashion images. Did we mention this theme is free?

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adelle feminine theme

The Adelle WordPress theme takes a feminine stance with pink circles, or bubbles, at the top of the page. The rest of the theme is fairly average, but you'll notice that most feminine-style themes use the white background with black designs on top. This theme is simple, with a long blogroll to highlight your most recent articles, along with a column to show off your widgets.

That's the whole point of this theme–to not force too many features upon you from the start, since the developer knows that you can add your own widgets and plugins later. For example, the demo screenshot reveals nice-looking block quotes, a recent tweets widget and more.

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Mary Kate


The Mary Kate theme, from Angie Makes, is one of the more exuberant feminine themes on the list, and it looks as close to a premium theme as you can find. That probably has something to do with the fact that you can upgrade to a premium version if you really like it. That said, the theme provides a minimalist white background with shades of blue and pink. The sidebar column is a light gray, helping it standout from the rest of the page.

This free, and responsive, option offers a fashionable and feminine design for any female blogger or business woman. Choose from a full width layout or “with sidebar” layout to find your branding sweet-spot. The theme integrates well with some of the most popular plugins on the market, such as JetPack and Pinterest RSS.

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The Kalon WordPress theme has a taste of a wedding theme, but you definitely don't have to use it for that. Overall, we like the simplicity and elegance, since it provides some white and pink colors to keep around the feminine nature of it. One thing you'll notice is that social media buttons are packaged into the theme. So if you'd like people to follow you on places like Facebook and Twitter, it only takes a moment to get that setup. In addition, the header image is customizable, so uploading a large image for your blog only takes a few moments. Not to mention it works as a slider as well for a solid presentation. Another reason we like the Kalon WordPress theme is because it has a responsive layout. Viewing on smaller devices is much easier with this type of setup, and you'll watch as the various elements snap into place for the perfect viewing experience.

The theme is recommended for photography, nature, art, design, lifestyle, food, fashion, babies, kids or weddings, but we also like it for bloggers who are simply writing about their day to day experiences. The Kalon WordPress theme has a wide variety of widgets and widget areas, essentially turning the backend of your website into a beautiful drag and drop interface. It's also worth mentioning that the threaded comments are there for chatting with users and customers after they comment on your blog posts. Along with custom backgrounds and some interesting color combinations, the Kalon WordPress theme comes out as a solid choice for a more feminine theme.

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Elegant Pink


Try out the Elegant Pink WordPress theme if you're interested in constructing an online platform that works well for photography, weddings, birthdays or other areas that may require a feminine touch. Overall, the Elegant Pink WordPress theme delivers enough features for you to pretty much make any type of blog out of it. The responsive nature of the theme is useful for boosting your overall SEO and showing customers that you are willing to help them out when they are on mobile devices. The header area includes a large image for explaining what your site is about or for listing a promotion. You also have the ability to implement overlaying text and buttons on the header, working as a call to action.

Social media buttons are presented towards the top of the page, and they work as widgets so that you can edit them whenever you want. The cool part about the social media buttons is that they remove the need to go out and get other third party plugins. This way you can get people to follow you on social media without spending extra money or slowing down your site with an additional plugin. The logo goes right in the middle of the header for the ideal branding. The navigational menu is situated right below the logo, and a search bar is there as well for when people want to punch in their own keywords to find out where to go next.

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If you’re looking for elegant typography choices with a sweet look and clean post presentation, Anissa is an excellent choice. The theme is fully responsive and displays beautifully on devices of all sizes and types, producing a better mobile user experience for your visitors. Anissa fully integrates with WooCommerce, making it simpler to build and run your own online shop as part of your WordPress-powered blog. You can also configure and display a custom “about me” widget, complete with personal photo area and social media links, to boost your personal brand.

Each post has baked-in lightweight social share buttons to help encourage and increase social sharing of all of your published content. Making social sharing as easy and straightforward as possible is key to improving those off-page social signals that help boost your site’s search engine optimization and search rankings for relevant keywords. The Anissa theme comes pre-packaged with a smooth, fast-loading carousel for your featured posts. You can configure this carousel feature for your homepage by picking a specific category and specifying the number of posts to display in the carousel.

Anissa comes with a lovely light-toned header image, but you can also upload your own 1600 × 420 px header image. You can even upload several and Anissa will rotate among them at random. You can also configure how the theme displays your header text and upload your logo file. Moreover, Anissa enables you to select your header text color and background color, although the native scheme definitely helps add to the streamlined look and feel of Anissa.

Anissa supports two navigational menus, one for primary navigation and one for social links.

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If you enjoy bright pink colors and beautiful grid-formatted imagery, the Pashmina WordPress theme is exactly what you need. This gem could be used for any type of blogging page, since it doesn't really have a focus on just one industry. The cool part is that the logo is situated in the middle of the header, but right below that it skips a header and goes right into all of the thumbnail imagery. We enjoy this setup because you receive a Pinterest-style layout, allowing people to quickly see the types of blog posts and portfolio items you have listed on the homepage. What's more is that the blog titles are listed underneath the images.

If you're prone to using widgets, the Pashmina WordPress theme should seem helpful to you as well. The majority of the homepage is managed with widgets, so if you'd like to setup a small slider for all of your feature posts, it only takes a quick drag and drop. Some beautiful social media buttons are included with the Pashmina WordPress theme theme. They are more colorful than the average buttons you'll find on free themes, and they go well with the feminine colors like you will find right below the logo. Custom colors are offered throughout the theme, so if you don't like the default ones you have the opportunity to change them around. In addition to threaded comments, awesome translation files and multiple columns, the Pashmina WordPress theme has just about everything you need for a nice blog.

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Silk Lite


The Silk Lite WordPress theme has an extraordinary number of features for a free solution. It's made primarily for running a beautiful blog or magazine, so you could setup a fashion blog or style magazine within minutes. What's cool is that all of the blog posts are setup similar to Pinterest, so people can click on them and view the thumbnail images before doing so. What's more is that all of these modules are formatted so nicely. The colors combine well with the white background, while the typography is more elegant than some of the other themes we've seen on the list. The responsive layout is something that will help you with your users, as the header area provides a spot for a logo and tagline.

The whole point of the theme is to share a scrapbook of your photos. It goes well with the feminine article since many of the colors are of lighter shades. That doesn't mean that you can't change the colors around, but default stylings are definitely focused on women. Multiple column options are available, so you could consider having three columns for people to browse through, or you may think about just having two. The threaded comments come in handy for when you'd like to chat with users, and the simple navigational menu provides a way for people to get around.

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Olsen Light


The Olsen Light WordPress theme is a solution from the folks at CSSIgniter. It looks more like a premium theme, as you'll receive items like social media buttons, other post widgets and beautiful black and white branding for a modern look and feel. The logo is placed in the upper middle part of the header, and then the menu is situated right below that. All of your blog posts are fed through the middle of the page, but you can also include a sidebar with an onslaught of widgets to play around with. As you can see from the demo, many of the widgets are perfect for blogging. One of them is primarily for talking about yourself and personalizing the blog so that people trust you a little more.

You can also have lists of your recent posts, with little thumbnail images that are perfect for getting people to read more on your site. We enjoy the formatting of all the blog posts, since they all offer beautiful featured imagery, along with large typography and simple colors. The theme is completely responsive for those of your users who are looking at your blog on the go. Not to mention you gain access to some translation files which are bound to bring in more followers.

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SKT Girlie Lite


The SKT Girlie Lite WordPress theme says a lot in the title. This is a theme that's built just for women, since it provides lots of imagery and some lighter colors that would be great for fashion blogs or lifestyle magazines. The logo and navigational buttons are located towards the top of the page, so you know that your branding is going to remain intact. Right below that you can see that a large slider area is there for making announcements and writing information that explains what your site is all about. One thing to keep in mind is that the slider has overlaying text and buttons. Therefore, you can send people to other parts of the website and ensure that the call to action is as effective as possible.

Right below the header area is a series of thumbnail photographs. These are great for portfolio images, but we also like it for displaying a wonderful gallery of your products or services. What's interesting about the theme is that it integrates with some of the most popular plugins out there. For example, you have the ability to integrate with options like WooCommerce, NextGen Gallery and Contact Form 7. The WooCommerce plugin is ideal for selling items, whether physical or digital. The Gallery plugin works nicely for placing a series of photos on the website. Finally, the Contact Form plugin is sure to keep you in contact with your customers. Overall, the SKT Girlie Lite theme has an incredible feature set for a free solution.

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True to its name, Juliet lends a feminine yet streamlined look to your WordPress blog or site. Ideal for lifestyle, fashion, food, and personal coaching sites, the theme incorporates a vintage color scheme. Impressively, it also offers an additional built-in skin that will change all that up for you with a minimalist, modern style. Juliet is coded to be lightweight, free of unnecessary distractions and fast-loading. Since it helps improve site speed, Juliet will also help enhance your user’s experience on your page, keep them on your site longer, and improve your search engine optimization efforts as well.

This theme integrates easily with WooCommerce. So if you plan to add an online shop to your blog, you’ll find it a relatively straightforward process using the free WooCommerce plugin.  Juliet offers some impressive display and configuration options via the WordPress Customizer. You can elect to take advantage of a unique layout for your homepage that includes a banner display area and highlights your featured posts.  You can also change your header and background colors. Out of the box, Juliet displays your site title and tagline over a stock image. You can swap out that stock image if you like for one of your own that you can upload in the Customizer’s “header image” menu. Alternatively, you can eschew that approach altogether and go with a pure text header.

Whether you select the full-width or the sidebar layout, you’ll find your blog displays cleanly and without annoying visual clutter that dilutes the impact of your primary content. Although you’ll find a number of areas in which you can incorporate and display custom widgets, the way Juliet handles these widgets keeps the overall look streamlined with sufficient whitespace to maintain the focus on you and your posts. Juliet also comes in a more richly-featured premium version. The premium version adds access to a number of features bloggers may find valuable, including more display options for your header, “sticky” display of both header and navigational sections, front page post slider and easy integration of both YouTube and Vimeo video slides. It also includes access to Google Fonts integration tools, color customization options, and WooCommerce support.

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Sugar and Spice


Sugar and Spice, a popular free WordPress theme, provides a chic and stylish feminine theme for those interested in posting information about a wedding. You may own a wedding planning business or simply want to share your own wedding information with friends and family. The theme customization settings work to your advantage, with favicon and logo upload features and color modifications galore.

Change around the beautiful background, and select from the three layout options so you know that your website is completely unique. The responsive theme adjusts to all tablets and phones, making it less of a hassle for those trying to look at your wedding pictures while on the go. The theme's design provides primarily white space, but you also get trimmed edges and some light blue and pink shades. Utilize the two column structure to showcase your blog, or implement a homepage layout for your business.

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fictive theme

Fictive has a raw design, built that way for you to initiate your own customizations and style, without being hindered by the presets of a developer. The idea is to highlight your own uniqueness and story, with a custom header image, Gravatar and links to your favorite social networks, like Facebook and Twitter. Use the handy post formats to make your content look pretty, and add a custom menu to guide people to your most intriguing content.

We enjoy the custom widgets for dragging and dropping interesting modules in the sidebar. The default colors are a brownish orange and light gray, and the module placement is one of the most unique on this list, with a a cool About widget to explain what your website is all about, and a column to the left to mix things up a bit.

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cleuf personal blog theme

The Cleuf WordPress theme is a free, and beautiful, option if you're in the market for a feminine look. The faded pink and purple colors are accented by flower designs and swooping fonts. Use the image slider to show off your coolest images, and even place calls to action on these images, helping you push people to products or content. The theme supports WooCommerce, letting you sell items through your free website.

Use the custom sidebars to make it look unique, and implement some shortcodes so you never have to dip your hands in the messy source code. The social share bar is just as beautiful as any you would find in a premium theme, and the Google Maps shortcode ensures that your customers find your stores if needed. You can even prevent spam without using an annoying Captcha.

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sorbet theme

Sorbet offers a playful look for feminine bloggers and even just people who want to stray away from the monotony of professional WordPress themes. The blue and red colors add some spark to the layout, and the two column placement is always easy to customize and change around if needed. The goal is to make your content pop with the use of colors.

The secondary information is tucked away nicely in the header, so your users can go to the header if they want to look at the navigational area, search bar or social links.

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If you enjoy Pinterest, you'll like Clippy. The free theme has a masonry style layout which is known to grab attention while still cramming quite a bit of content into a single page. Comments and pinning are all included, and the feminine touch comes from the colors scattered throughout the page.

Implement plenty of custom widgets for social media interactions, sharing categories and displaying recent posts. Each pin leads to large, regular blog posts, but you can also just make all of them short and quick if you are trying to get across a bit of information without having your readers click through. Keep in mind that the free WordPress theme is completely responsive, and the little modules look wonderful when you bring them up on phones or tablets.

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Bandana is a free and clean fashion theme, but it uses some darker shades to help your blog or website standout from the millions of other fashion sites out there. Using pink links and white fonts, you know that your website will make an impression since it combines those colors with black. Try the custom menu to direct people to your best stuff, and implement the threaded comments to engage with your readers.

The widgetized sidebar is a favorite, since you can simply download cool widget plugins and place them on your site. The custom background works wonders for fashion sites, and the featured images look stunning when you upload high resolution photos. The feminine theme is translation ready for reaching out to people who don't speak your language. Not to mention, the suave typography grabs attention and pulls in your readers, intriguing them to read more.

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fiore theme

The Fiore feminine WordPress theme uses vintage colors, allowing you to stray away from modern shades that are present on just about every site on the internet. The theme is rather lightweight, meaning that your pages load quickly and you shouldn't have any problems with conflicting plugins. Choose your own post formats to ensure that your readers see a new layout for every page they land on. The fixed toggle sidebar is a bonus as well.

This theme is completely responsive for viewing on smaller screens, and the header includes a cool flower image that adds to the femininity and creativity. Upload your own logo and post images, and adjust the stylings with ease.

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The Felice theme is all about keeping your customers informed while your real site is built in the background. If you plan on launching a feminine looking website, this is a wonderful free way to tell people about your progress and to send them information about when they can expect to see the new build. A progress bar comes along with the theme for sharing how much longer it's going to be, and a social button bar sends everyone to your best social pages.

Upload a few images to give people a taste of what's to come, and explain the situation in a paragraph or two. The best part of this simple theme is that you can use the email subscription form to gather email addresses and send out updates to peoples' inboxes. The colors, as one can expect, are focused on women, with light blue, pink and white.

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