15 Best Free Restaurant WordPress Themes 2021

If you walk down the street in your hometown you’re bound to find new restaurants opening and old restaurants closing. It’s a tough, yet exciting business, but luckily the internet has made it much easier to connect with your customers to ensure that your restaurant doesn’t see an early demise. In fact, you don’t even need to be a professional website developer to launch your own fully functional website. All it takes is one of our favorite free restaurant themes and you’re well on your way.

The cool part is that many of the free themes listed below offer upgrades to receive better features. Therefore, you have the opportunity to unlock premium restaurant themes for around $50 per theme. It all depends on the type of website you’re trying to run. Some folks are more comfortable setting up a free restaurant website and seeing how it goes. Others want to get right down to business and establish their brand website as a hub for customers to come to and book reservations, read blog posts, share on social media, and chat with other customers.

However, right now we want to focus on the free restaurant themes, so keep reading to learn more about the top solutions. Feel free to bookmark this page if you’re planning on opening a restaurant in the future or if you’re a developer who works with a wide variety of restaurants.

1. Astra

Astra is a high-powered WordPress theme that can be used for any type of site you can imagine, but of course comes with specific demos that you can use immediately for the restaurant industry. It was made with performance in mind and loads very quickly. It also allows you to adjust the layout in a variety of ways thanks to customizable sections like headers, footers, pages, and posts. It makes use of transparent headers and mobile headers, has a mega menu and dedicated sidebar, and allows you to adjust the header and footer to meet the needs of your business — including setting up a sticky header.

Some other features include page headers, the ability to select from a variety of colors and typography options, and full WooCommerce compatibility. You can also select from a variety of homepage and page layout options like boxed, padded, and full-width. It also has full spacing control so each element and section always look nice together — no matter how you choose to configure them. Basically, Astra is the type of WordPress theme that can be molded into anything you want it to be, for any industry or niche. But for restaurants in particular, it offers the feature set you will likely come to depend on, i.e. sticky headers, mega menus, sliders and full-width layouts. This theme is a workhorse and no matter what you ask of it, it’ll deliver.

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2. Restaurant and Cafe

With the Restaurant and Cafe WordPress theme, you’ll notice a stunning fullscreen header area with overlaying text and a button to lead users elsewhere on your site. Visitors can scroll down to see more content such as menus, food items, drinks, and the people behind the scenes in the restaurant. The title of the theme pretty much states who it’s for, as it would only make sense for a restaurant or cafe to download this and use it for a website. This also includes businesses like bakeries, but we like it best for a high-class, luxurious restaurant.

The theme comes with a banner section and a feature section. Therefore, you can create a bunch of posts or pages and feature them on the homepage. The About section is great for talking about how the restaurant came to be. We also enjoy this section for telling a little about the cooks and managers. The Services section is certainly useful for a restaurant or cafe that caters for parties, and the Testimonials section gets people through your doors.

It would be tough to run a restaurant website without a reservation module. That’s why the Restaurant and Cafe theme has this feature built-in. This way, your customers can come to the website, choose what time and how many people are coming, and forget about calling in to make a reservation. The restaurant Menu section is rather powerful for such a basic, free theme. Feel free to upload all the images you want and share details about your food, drinks, and dessert.

The blog is separate from the homepage, but you can link to it from the menu. As for eCommerce, the Restaurant and Cafe theme integrates with WooCommerce for quickly uploading your products and selling them through the site. Not all restaurants are going to do this, but it might be good for delivery or when selling restaurant merchandise. Along with being translation ready and mobile-friendly, the Restaurant and Cafe theme is worth looking into.

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3. Auberge

The Auberge theme is yet another free restaurant solution that looks like it could be sold for a good $50. The large header image takes up the majority of the screen for a more modern look, while the social media buttons at the top eliminate the need to go out and buy or download a social media plugin, potentially saving yourself from slowing down your pages. The theme is completely responsive for viewing on mobile devices, so if someone wants to book a reservation while coming home from work on the train, they can take out their phone and do so. A blog is provided, and it has a few post formats for adding variety to the layout. This blog is sure to keep your customers in the loop, while also boosting your SEO.

The Beaver Builder page builder plugin is supported by the Auberge theme, making it much easier for beginners and advanced users to develop pages and construct content with drag and drop elements. You can also create nested food menus by utilizing the Jetpack plugin. This is completely free and it’s considered one of the more reliable plugins on the market. Recipes are possible with another plugin, and you can get some markup on Google when you post recipes. It’s pretty clear that the majority of the functionality on the Auberge theme comes from plugins you have to add later, but these are generally free and they turn your site into a wonderful restaurant platform.

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4. Food Restro

The Food Restro theme is lovely to look at — to say the least. It offers a full-width slider on the homepage that you can customize with a call-to-action and any images of your choosing. The navigation up top is also easy on the eyes and straightforward to use. It comes with a blog template as well as custom sidebar and footer options. Additionally, you can modify the homepage to showcase different services or features to further entice customers.

Other features of this WordPress theme include a hamburger menu, custom categories, and more.

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5. Restaurantz


The Restaurantz WordPress theme offers an elegant design, with a large header area at the upper left-hand corner and a customizable menu for directing people to the right places on your site. The header is a rather large one for displaying imagery of your food or the interior of your restaurant. You do have the opportunity to place text and buttons on the header, so if you’d like to insert a call to action towards your menu, that is a possibility. Keep in mind that you also have the ability to set up an online order system or a reservation system. Both of these would generally come in the form of a third-party plugin, but the theme is ready for that functionality.

The custom backgrounds, logos, and colors all come together to give you the ultimate branding experience, and the clean and professional design looks wonderful on mobile devices. We like the theme for even more than restaurants, as many people have been known to use it for cafes and food businesses.

As the SiteOrigin page builder powers the entire backend, if you need elements to place throughout the site without touching a line of code, this might be a quality theme for your business. The Restaurantz WordPress theme supports the Food Menu setting from Jetpack, so showcasing the items from your entire day’s menu is not a problem at all. Although we enjoy this theme for beginners, it’s worth noting that the API is open for all developers just in case you’d like to get a little creative and customize it to your desires.

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6. Rosa Lite

The Rosa Lite theme is sure to capture the attention of your website visitors thanks to large header images and a stunning parallax effect. The theme has plenty of white space to make your menu items pop and it includes a well-organized homepage layout that makes it easy to direct visitors to your menu and booking page.

The theme comes with several page templates so you can easily create every page you need to show potential visitors what they can expect when they visit your restaurant. The theme can easily be customized with your colors and fonts and you can also upload your own logo and change other style settings. The theme is fully responsive which means it will look good on any screen size. It’s also translation-ready so you can easily use it in any other language and not just English.

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7. Pub Store

Pub Store is another WordPress theme option you should check out. It offers a responsive design that looks great on any device and is fully customizable to suit any type of eatery — from cafes to food trucks. It could even be extended for use in other industries like catering, resorts, or businesses. However, it was designed with wineries in mind, specifically for wine-related e-commerce, making it a standout pick on our list in the originality department.

Just a few of the features included in this theme are unlimited color options, integration with Google Fonts, custom widgets for the sidebar and footer areas, an image slider, a full-width page template, as well the option between full-width and boxed layout options. This theme is also mobile-ready, translation-ready, and retina-ready.

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8. GloriaFood Restaurant

Food may be the heart of the restaurant industry, but it’s still a business that relies on sales. Getting people in the door is especially vital if you’re just starting out. GloriaFood is a strong contender to meet this priority.

The theme makes launching your site both easy and quick by offering demo content to match your restaurant’s vision. You can personalize the already optimized layout further. The clever use of space engages your customers with elements such as customizable promo cards.

The layout also keeps the two most important sale-driving links — reservations and ordering — fixed at the top of the page. Though its design customization features aren’t the most robust, the default options for this theme are attractive.

A big benefit of GloriaFood in terms of functionality is the associated GloriaFood plugin. This gives your site the ability to seamlessly receive online orders at no cost. However, some features (such as accepting online payments) are only available with a subscription, so we encourage you to consider what functionality your site will need. Even so, the features of the free version still make this combo a quick and impressive way to set up your booking system.

The restaurant business moves fast, but you can still set up an efficient website without cutting any corners. GloriaFood’s out-of-the-box functionality and focus on booking make it a recommendation if you’re looking to hit the ground running.

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9. FoodHunt


With the FoodHunt WordPress theme, you receive a quality solution with some interesting designs scattered about. The social media buttons are certain to improve your online presence, while the logo resides right in the middle of the page, with a unique design for grabbing attention. As you can see, the stock imagery is made for pizza restaurants, but you don’t have to stick with that if you don’t want to.

The menu is right below the header, and you receive a spot for a Search tab if you’re running a blog or if you want people to be able to search for items on your menu. Other than that the FoodHunt theme provides a stunning header for high-resolution imagery. The text on top of it helps you explain the restaurant, while the button can get people to move elsewhere on the site.

The modern style and overall flexibility of the backend are enough to give this theme a try. It comes with a custom menu and featured images for your blog. Sidebars are possible, but you can remove them if you don’t want them. Translation ready files are there for communicating with all customers, while the threaded comments keep the conversation going after a blog post.

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10. Restaurant Recipe

Restaurant Recipe is another attractive WordPress theme you can use for your restaurant website. It offers a simple layout that exudes sophistication. It can be used for any kind of restaurants or dining facilities such as bars, bakeries, and resort eateries as well as for hotels and bread and breakfast locations. This theme comes with a range of food-specific features such as the option to add menus, recipes, and services to your site.

Other features include a variety of font options, custom graphics, custom widgets, and even animations that further increase engagement. You can expect this theme to work seamlessly with the SiteOrigin page builder plugin. It also provides you with sliders, custom logo options, custom sidebars, multiple colors, categories, social media integration, breadcrumbs, and more. Restaurant Recipe is responsive and translation-ready too.

More Info / Download Demo

11. Catch Foodmania

Catch Foodmania is another fantastic WordPress theme option that offers a full feature set and plenty of stylistic choices to propel your business to new heights. This theme appeals directly to those in the food service industry, from restaurants and cafes to pubs and bars. The theme itself is highly customizable and allows you to add high-resolution images to sliders and content areas to further intrigue visitors.

Just a sampling of the features included here are featured content, featured sliders, food menus, service and testimonial sections, hero content, header media, and more. Catch Foodmania is responsive and translation-ready and ideal for a wide range of food-related websites.

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12. VW Restaurant Lite

The VW Restaurant Lite theme is another great choice for your restaurant website. It can also work for food blogs, food trucks, cafes, bakeries, and fashion blogs. The theme is responsive and looks good on any device. It offers ample room to feature high-quality images of your best dishes and can be adapted for both casual eateries and fine dining experiences.

Some features include tons of customization options via shortcodes, a testimonials section, call-to-action buttons, SEO optimization, social media integration, translation-readiness, fast load times, animation effects, and more. It’s also compatible with e-commerce plugins and is built on Bootstrap. Finally, VW Restaurant Lite comes with full-width sliders for showcasing photos and plenty of custom sections and settings to create the perfect look for your site.

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13. Yummy

Yummy is the name, so it must be great for restaurants! But what’s actually great is that the Yummy restaurant WordPress theme has an elegant design with several features that make it much easier for restaurant managers to get more customers online. To start, the theme focuses quite a bit on large images. The header takes up most of the page, and that leads into somewhat of an overlaying featured image that you can use to complement a paragraph of text about your website and restaurant.

The theme is easily customizable, so you don’t have to be a professional developer to make it look pretty. In addition, it’s completely free so it won’t hurt your budget. The Yummy theme looks great on mobile devices, just like it does on regular computer screens. It provides all sorts of features such as the WooCommerce integrations for selling items online. With WooCommerce you can run your own little online shop and collect payments from customers over the internet. Yummy also provides multiple widgets, some of which are great for explaining things about the menu, while others are more for social media and contact information.

The Yummy theme offers translation tools for changing the language on your site and connecting with more people in the world. This works nicely if your business is in a more affluent area, where you don’t want to lose out on customers just because they speak a different language.

The theme comes with a custom background, along with a custom header. The custom logo can be swapped out within an instant, and the featured header image supports high-resolution photos. The theme runs as a two-column display, but you can also decide to have one column instead. Yummy provides a threaded comments area for the blog. This is where your customers will comment on your articles. You can even chime in to thank people or answer questions. Along with footer widgets and a grid layout, the feature set from Yummy is pretty impressive.

More Info / Download Demo

14. Eaterstop Lite


Restaurant websites have to have a certain appeal. Their main focus has to be on the visual appeal of their meals! If you’re looking for a theme that combines striking visual appeal with functionality, then EaterShop Lite is the theme for you.

A full-screen slider on the homepage gives you ample space to showcase stunning pictures of the mouthwatering dishes your restaurant serves. Aside from the slider, the homepage also gives you a slot to display your special menu for today, perfect for restaurants whose client acquisition takes place primarily online.

This theme also features the option to display all menu items, complete with pictures, pricing, and a short description for visitors. Like most restaurant themes, EaterShop has social buttons and a full-width menu. However, one thing that sets this theme apart from the competition is the fact that it has client testimonials, a gallery, a section to feature the chefs, and running totals of milestones achieved by the restaurant.

For a free theme, Eatershop is unbelievable! It has everything you could ever think of – and more. This theme is definitely worth checking out if you want to create a spiffy restaurant website on WordPress!

More Info / Download Demo

15. Di Restaurant

The Di Restaurant theme is yet another fantastic option for building a restaurant website. It offers a clean and professional look and suits the food service industry well. It comes equipped with support for WooCommerce, allowing you to sell products directly from your website. It also includes five templates that you can import with a single click, so you don’t have to edit your site’s look from scratch. It can be repurposed for use in other industries as well or, at the very least, across every aspect of food from resorts to coffee shops.

Some other features include full typography options, social media icons, footer and sidebar widgets, and a multitude of layout options for full-width. It’s also compatible with the Elementor page builder and Contact Form 7 plugins. Lastly, this theme is translation-ready, has a sticky menu, quick view, wishlist compatibility, and more.

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