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About Themify

Themify has been in business since 2010, producing a number of impressive, high quality WordPress themes and plugins in that time. With a growing library of over 30 themes, they have plenty of professional designs to choose from, which are available either individually or as part of their great value theme membership club.

If you are looking for a versatile library of themes that can be used on an unlimited number of websites, then the varied offerings from Themify are well worth a closer look.

Why Themify?

With an active theme release schedule, there are plenty of modern and up to date designs to choose from, as well as a back catalogue of more traditional tried and tested options. With many years’ experience in this field, Themify are able to use their accumulated knowledge to deliver high quality products on a consistent basis.

However, despite their relatively long time in the business, they have kept their design skills up to date and have recently redesigned the framework their themes are built on in order to take advantage of the latest developments in user experience and the underlying technology in use. This means that both the front and back ends of their latest themes are built on the most current design trends and user interface best practice.

Modern Premium WordPress Themes

The most recent releases from Themify are perhaps some of their most eye-catching works to date. With items such as the Music theme, which is ideal for showcasing a range of creative work; the Fullpane theme which takes the whole parallax movement to a whole other level; and the popular Flat theme taking centre stage.

However, there are plenty of other great themes to choose from that cover a wide range of uses, including event promotion, magazine sites, eCommerce stores, business websites, galleries and portfolios, and of course a varied selection of WordPress blogging themes.

Not Just Themes

While WordPress themes are the main focus of their business, Themify are also well known for their Builder plugin. This is a drag and drop page builder tool for WordPress that allows you to create your own layouts, all through a live front end preview. Not only can you create these custom layouts, but the builder makes it easy to populate them with a range of page elements for creative page designs that are not often possible in WordPress without some serious coding skills.

The Themify Builder is available on its own as a standalone plugin, which you can also use this coupon code against. However, the builder is included in all of their themes as standard, giving you access to an advanced code-free page layout editor whenever you choose a theme from Themify, for no extra cost.

Another plugin from Themify is their Announcement Bar tool which makes it easy to publish and manage multiple announcements on your site, helping to draw your visitors’ attention to your latest content, special offers, or other points of interest.

Conditional Menus is the third and final plugin – for the time being at least – plugin from Themify and it’s a free download for anyone who wants to display different menus on specific posts to create a more interactive and relevant navigational system on their site.

Excellent Value Theme Club

The Themify WordPress themes are available individually for either $49 or $69 for the developer version, which includes the Photoshop files used in the theme for easy editing.

However, a much better value option is to join the theme club and get access to all 30+ themes, plus any new releases, for just $79. There is also a developer club option which again includes the Photoshop files, which is available for $99.

For those who want it all, the master club package is priced at $139 and includes all themes, Photoshop files, and Themify plugins, as well as all new releases for the year long duration of the membership.

With a great selection of modern WordPress themes on offer that cover a range of uses, and the inclusion of the impressive Themify Builder tool in each one of them, joining the Themify Club not only makes good financial sense, but will also more than meet your design expectations.