Thank you for your interest in aReview.

Setting up your new website using this theme is an easy thing to do and should be done fast, even for inexperienced users.


  1. Plugins
  2. General
  3. Review mode
  4. Carousel
  5. Colors
  6. Social Icons

1. Plugins

When you install and activate the theme, you'll notice that a message will appear asking you to install two plugins: Custom Field Suite and Yet Another Stars Rating. You only need to install these plugins if you want to run your website in review mode. If you just want to use aReview as a simple blog theme, you don't need them.

  • Custom Field Suite – you can choose between product review mode, movie review mode, and game review mode. Click on the one you're interested in and copy the import code, than go to Field Groups > Tools and import it. After you've done this, you'll notice when you edit a post that you'll have a set of options. They're pretty self explanatory so configure them to your liking.
  • Yet Another Stars Rating – first of all, go to the YASR settings and make sure this option Show “Overall Rating” in Archive Page? is set to Yes. After that, edit your posts and assign them a rating and insert the shortcode [yasr_overall_rating] where you want it to appear.

You should also install and run the Regenerate Thumbnails plugin.

2. General

If you go the Customizer and take a look at the General tab, you`ll notice a couple of interesting options. These options include logo upload, favicon upload, Apple touch icon upload, the ability to turn off the custom scroller, the ability to turn off the home icon.

3. Review Mode

If you decided that you want to use aReview to build a review website, you need to go to Customizer > Review Mode and choose the review mode you're interested in. You can choose between Product review, Movie review, Game review, or just disable the review mode altogether. This works in conjuction with the import files I mentioned in the Plugins chapter.

The carousel can be configured from the Customizer > Carousel tab. It will display the latest posts from your chosen category. Please note: the carousel will only show posts that have a featured image set. It will also display the star rating for the posts that you've chosen to display the rating on the home page.

5. Colors

If you visit the Customizer > Colors tab, you can choose to modify the colors for nearly all of the element of the theme. Play with the options found there and make aReview your own!

6. Social icons

Setting up your social icons is another easy thing to do. Go to Appearance > Menus and create a new menu. Call it whatever you like and fill it with your social links. Assign that menu to the Social position and it will be displayed like you can see in theme demo. If you don`t want to display it there, you can just define the menu and select it from the aReview: Social widget. This way, you can easily display social icons in your sidebar.

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    1. Hi Larz,

      Could you please post support related questions in the forum? We will be happy to help you with your issue there (please remember to include a link to your site so we can see what’s going on, if you don’t mind). Cheers.

  1. This is a brilliant theme! With several options for customization of the theme elements. Love it!
    If you have a basic knowledge of coding, you can fine tune it to whatever you like, as it has the option to edit the style sheets and php coding.

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