Updating the Revolution Slider plugin

If you're updating Moesia Pro and you get a notice in the Theme Details that a new version of Revolution Slider is available, here's what you need to do after you update the theme:

1. Go to the Revolution Slider tab in your admin area and click on Export Slider and you'll automatically download a .zip file;


 2. Deactivate and uninstall Revolution Slider from the Plugins tab:


After you deactivate it you need to delete it:rev3

3. After you've uninstalled the Revolution Slider plugin you'll get a notice at the top at your admin area. You only need to click on Begin installing plugin and after that you'll have to reactivate the plugin (the exact same process you did when you first installed the Revolution Slider):


4. After you've reinstalled and reactivated the plugin you simply need to go to the Revolution Slider tab and import the .zip file you've downloaded in the first step.


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