ThemeFuse Full-Pack Giveaway

Exclusive Giveaway from ThemeFuse: Win a full fledged website (WordPress Theme + 1 Year Hosting Plan + 1 Optional Free Domain)


Building a website was never so easy. Did you know that ThemeFuse can set up a world-class website for you in just a few minutes? All you have to do is to purchase a WordPress theme with a one year hosting plan (they will give you the domain name for free). Soon after you make the payment, they will send you a mail with your login credentials and that's all there is to it.

Watch the step by step tutorial below to see just how easy the purchase process is.

We are also giving away two full packs as a special treat. The all-inclusive packs will contain a WordPress theme of your choice, a hosting plan and a domain name, for free for one year. To be in with a chance of winning, all you have to do is enter using the Rafflecopter widget below. And remember, the more entries the more likely you are to win!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

We are going to announce the winners exactly one week from now. So complete the steps and wait with bated breath. Who knows, you could be a winner!

Charlie Livingston

Charlie is the founder of aThemes.


  1. If I were to win, I’d use the package for a project I’ve been thinking about lately. Main focus would be video-game reviews, aswell as updates, competitions, and more. Basically, the foundation of a whole new community in free online video games. 🙂

    1. In my case, I would try to create a second hand book e-commerce with some ideas to encourage people in my neighbourhood to read more than they do, mainly among children.

      Good luck to everyone!

  2. I am launching a social enterprise (Online article directory for students and youths) on the 1st of December, 2014. I’m yet to buy the hosting plan but when I saw this, I think it would save me the start-up cost. I hope I am selected.

  3. I’d use it to make a lovely portfolio website to promote my translation and interpreting freelancing! I’d definitely extend the 1-year hosting 😀

  4. Hello Charlie,

    Thank you for the giveaway, it’s great – like a whole new project – everything you need to start your own website, thus the name ‘full’ is really true!

    Thank you and ThemeFuse for this wonderful giveaway!

  5. Tell us why we should give you a pack what you’d use it for if you won ?
    Well I am a student and an app developer, I need a site to present my portfolio. showcase my applications , a web host to host my site and a domain name to go along with it. If I win I would definitely make an on-line presence and even present my services to people.

  6. It feels good to know customers loyalty is appreciated by themefuse. i dont know what the theme or which industry it will fit in… but all the same i will use the opportunity crazily and also give themefuse an advert link on the site also to show my CSR to this offer.

    I wish i am selected.

    GeorgeBrandNG from Nigeria.

  7. Always accompany the site of you and I am in love with incredible new templates. Step one part of my day taking care of my blogs and searching for new tools and tips to enhance them further. I believe that winning this amazing prize, I would have more success and could help more people as they do here too. Thank you in advance.

  8. If I won, I would use the theme, domain and hosting to launch my law firm website. Winning would allow me to assist clients with a reliable website.

  9. I am working on a proyect for webdesigners and I am looking forward to start my own business. I am from Venezuela and since this country is facing hard times politically, it has been terribly hard for me to get USD currency for starting my own company. I am being honest to the fact that I am a fighter and I am struggling at the momment to just start. I work as an English teacher and I invest the money I get into my proyects, but since my country will not supply dollars I could really use this giveaway because I need a break on the obstacles. Thanks for those who took the time to read this

  10. I want to launch a Travel, Lifestyle Blog. It would be good to win this amazing offer & I love a lot of themes from Themefuse as well.

  11. Wow 😀 What a great contest/raffle! 😀

    I hope whoever wins will get the BEST value out of it, and use it for something exciting, wonderful or amazing ^_^

    Ooo, if I am the lucky winner!!! Then, I’ll use it to create a membership website where aaall of the most uplifting and inspiring products about joy, bliss, HAPPINESS and emotional mastery will be shared <3

  12. i just visited your site through 1 click and decided to enter in a contest lets see if this is working or not ? i will make a webdesign website if i win

  13. I’am a geek and i want to launch a science and technology breaking news website.
    Throwaway waiting and I can not find the length of the supporting material for my little project that I dreamed it for some time and now the time has come it is a golden opportunity for me, three-in-one

  14. I’m trying to put together an author website, prior to publishing my first novel. I’ve got zero budget at the moment, and have looked at so many WordPress themes that they have all run together in my mind. I’m about ready to resign myself to staying on (free) Blogger until my book earns enough that I can afford some design help and set up a snazzy site. But a good-looking well-organized web site will help sell the book …. AAAAGH! Winning a theme + hosting + domain = huge load off my mind, so I can go back to telling great stories.

  15. Yeah!..I am very very happy with this win, thank you gays, finally achieved my dream, which is not as long as you dreamed it, and I will strive to achieve.
    And as the saying goes, the luck does not come only once in a lifetime.
    Spur luck to those who did not unlucky.

  16. Yeah!..I am very very happy with this win, thank you guys, finally achieved my dream, which is not as long as you dreamed it, and I will strive to achieve.
    And as the saying goes, the luck does not come only once in a lifetime.
    Spur luck to those who did not unlucky.

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