The Best WordPress Hosting Options

Choosing a web host can be difficult. With so many companies, each with multiple packages, competing for your attention, not to mention almost every single blogger pushing a different host in your direction, it can be hard to make a decision.

Not only that, but because there is no one size fits all service, what can be the perfect choice for one site, might not be a be a good match for yours. For this reason, it's important to determine what type of site you are seeking a host for, how many visitors it gets, what features are important to you, and how much you are willing to spend. That is why our guide to the best WordPress hosting options has been broken down into a few categories in order to help you find the best match for your particular needs.

While it might seem like your decision will be final, which can make the selection process even more difficult, changing hosts is not as complicated as it might seem, and many hosts will take care of the migration to their service for you.

Best WordPress Hosting Option for Bloggers and New Sites

If you are just starting out on your blogging journey then you can’t beat the value for money offered by some of the shared hosting packages on offer. Until your website has grown to a respectable size and is receiving thousands of visitors a day, an entry level shared hosting account from a reputable web host will be more than adequate.

For this reason we recommend SiteGround for bloggers and those with fledgling sites looking for a WordPress-focused web host.

Hosting SiteGround

While the premium managed hosting services for WordPress, such as WP Engine, are attractive, their costs can make them hard to justify for sites not yet generating a significant income, or enjoying a large readership. SiteGround however offer a package tailored to WordPress users which includes many of the features available from a managed hosting service, at a fraction of the price.

SiteGround WordPress hosting package features:

  • Free WordPress Installation – get your site up and running in no time at all
  • Free WordPress migration – transfer your existing site
  • WordPress Autoupdates – keeping your site and plugins secure and on the latest version
  • WordPress staging service – develop and test your site offline
  • WordPress SuperCacher – make your site run faster
  • Email accounts
  • 24/7 Support Phone/Chat/Ticket

With prices starting from less than $5 a month for the starter package, SiteGround offer remarkable value for anyone looking for a web host that is tailored for WordPress users.

Full details of SiteGround WordPress Hosting

Best Web Host for WordPress-Powered Business Websites

If you are using your WordPress site to promote your business or service in order to generate new leads, clients and customers, then you will know how important it is to have a reliable web host. Ensuring your website is well managed and always available is important for not only keeping new business rolling in, but also for projecting the right kind of image: nothing indicates unprofessionalism like an unavailable website.

For those reasons we recommend spending a little extra on hosting and opting for a specialised managed WordPress hosting service. The best options in this category are run by WordPress professionals who know the system inside out and are able to configure a server for maximum performance. By choosing such a web host, you will have a team of experienced WordPress experts managing your site.

The benefits of WordPress managed hosting include:

  • Hosting servers optimised for WordPress
  • Greater website speed
  • Improved site security
  • Higher uptime and availability
  • Management of updates and upgrades
  • Provisions for regular site backups
  • Support staff on hand with relevant in-depth knowledge and experience

When it comes to selecting a managed WordPress web host, there are a growing number to choose from. However, our recommendation goes to WP Engine thanks to their superb reputation and on-going dedication to delivering the fastest possible WordPress sites.

Hosting WP Engine

Reasons for recommending WP Engine:

  • Excellent reputation
  • 100% of focus on WordPress
  • Highly experienced team of WordPress experts
  • International data centres
  • Daily backups of your site
  • Affordable plans
  • No long-term contracts

With pricing plans starting from just $29 a month and the ability to try the service risk free for 60 days, WP Engine gets our WordPress managed hosting recommendation for those with a business critical website.

Full details of WP Engine Managed WordPress Hosting

Best Web Host for High Traffic Pro Bloggers

If your blog is now established and getting an increasing number of visitors each month, then high performance site speed and reliable uptime will be most important to you. For pro bloggers and those running a highly trafficked website, the promises of unlimited bandwidth and storage from cheap shared hosting providers will have already been proven to be false.

To ensure your site and its reputation continues to grow in the right direction we once again recommend the WP Engine managed hosting service. With their premium plan that can handle millions of visitors per month, this service has the capacity to ensure your site is still fast enough no matter how large it grows, with adequate security measures in place to prevent you from becoming the victim of malicious attacks as your visibility increases.

Full details of WP Engine Managed WordPress Hosting

What about HostGator and Bluehost?

While carrying out your web host research, you will probably have come across many endorsements for HostGator and Bluehost. These two services are very popular and both offer a wide range of hosting packages, starting with very affordable options.

However, both of these hosting companies, along with many others, are part of the Endurance International Group, which experienced unexpected network outages in 2013. These issues caused many websites hosted by HostGator and Bluehost to be unavailable, in some cases for over 10 hours. This outage also affected the telephone support lines and the ability to field queries from customers.

While these hosts do offer attractive packages, due to the recent issues, it is not possible for us to recommend them.


As you can see, there is no single recommendation that can be made when it comes to choosing hosting for a WordPress site.  For those starting out, and with a limited budget, but still want WordPress-focused hosting, SiteGround are hard to beat in terms of value for money and features.

If your site is growing or you are keen to start out on the right footing, WP Engine is our recommended managed WordPress host. With affordable pricing plans and a dedication to site speed and performance, they are the ideal choice for established sites or those who are confident their project will be a success.

We hope you’ve found this guide to choosing a WordPress hosting service helpful and are now ready to make a decision.

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  1. I find that a lot of these lists of WordPress hosting often have the same four or five of the biggest hosting providers. I have found that the bigger companies don’t normally have the same focus on support and customer service as more specialized hosts. My workplace has been using Nexcess for WordPress hosting and have been thrilled.

  2. I can trust a review that does not automatically endorse Bluehost. My experience with them has been horrible in recent years. I started with them back in the beginning years ago and they were very good then. With my many sites down so many times in the past year or two, the form-email responses from their customer service and the blame-game they engage in when a fault is theirs, it make it hard to endorse them. I had sent many clients to them earlier on, but now I am sorry.
    They could care less about that fact and still give me poor service, along with trying to sell premium services in their customer service replies. I just want my sites to work.

  3. Good call on EIG! I agree with John about the smaller companies. I’ve been using HostAwesome for a little while now, and even though they’re a relatively newer WP Host, the service and support could not be more fantastic. In the end, I believe that quality of support really trumps most of the other things.

  4. Why are some WordPress Hosting so expensive?
    Is there really such a difference between something like Websynthesis.com ($47) Pagely.com (24$) or WpEngine (29$) and something like MyWoHo.com (1$) or Bluehost.com (3.5$)?

    Or is the reason why most blogs list only companies like websynthesis, pagely or wpengine the fact that this companies earn 30-40 times what others earn and that they can spend this money in advertising?

    1. Hi Michael,

      You know that old saying that you get what you pay for? Well, it applies to web hosting just as much as to anything else. There really is a big difference between what a premium managed host like Pagely can offer and a bottom of the barrel host like BlueHost. Of course, if you’re only running a small site you won’t really notice the difference, but if you’re running something in the medium to large large range you absolutely will. What I urge you to do is try out some of the hosts you’ve mentioned for yourself.

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