Obox Themes Launch Instant: A Hosted WordPress Service with Theme Setup

Obox Instant

Obox Instant is a new service from Obox Themes, the creators of premium themes and plugins, which allows businesses to get online instantly with WordPress and an Obox theme of their choice. The service removes the need for customers to arrange their own web hosting, install WordPress, and setup and configure a theme themselves. Obox Instant

An All-in-One WordPress Service

When selling their business WordPress themes, the Obox team would often hear back from customers who were unaware that they needed to also setup a web hosting account, install WordPress, and then configure the theme; perhaps mistakenly assuming that they were purchasing a website rather than simply a template for WordPress. Realising there was a gap in the market, the Obox team started work on Instant, a service which aims to remove all of the major hurdles that stand in the way between getting a website online, as well as offering support and documentation for new WordPress users. There are just four steps to getting started with Obox Instant, and once completed, a business will have their new online presence setup and ready for them to start adding content.

How Obox Instant Works

To give you a better idea of what is included in the service here is a breakdown of what is required from the user in order to get a site online with Obox Instant:

Then it’s just a case of sitting back and waiting for the Obox team to setup the WordPress site using the chosen theme, so that it looks just like the demo version. After that, the customer can login and start working on their new website.

A WordPress Theme, Web Hosting, and Support from Obox

Obox Instant is available as a monthly subscription service and is offered as an alternative pricing option when purchasing a premium theme from their store. As well as the site setup service, the package includes the following features:

  • An Obox WordPress theme
  • Ability to install your choice of plugins
  • WordPress Cloud Hosting with minimum of 2GB bandwidth
  • Daily backups of the site
  • Online documentation, guides, and tutorials
  • Unlimited access to support staff
  • Discounts on WordPress-related products

You can view the full details and pricing of the package on the Obox Themes Instant page. Offering an all-in-one package like this is an exciting new development in the WordPress theme space, and one so simple that makes you wonder why it hasn't always been on offer. The service is initially being marketed at business users, however any of the Obox themes can be used with Instant, making it a great way for any type of user to get started with WordPress. To those familiar with WordPress, choosing a hosting package, installing the software, and then setting up a theme, are just accepted as being part and parcel of getting a WordPress site online. However, for those new to online publishing or WordPress specifically, it’s a lot to take in and it’s reasonable to assume it gets in the way of a many people being able to get a website online, or causes them to seek out alternatives to WordPress. It will be interesting to see how this service works out for Obox Themes and who will be the next in the premium theme space to start offering a similar service.

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  1. Nice, but these packages exist in Europe already and is sold by many different providers like one.com – they are cheap, easy to use and they are set up in a frew minutes.
    Great post, want more of this!

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