Sydney Pro 2.1.3 Release: New Toolset Integration, Page Controls + More

Sydney Pro 2.1.3 Release, featured image

Hey, WordPress fans. In this post, we’re checking in with the latest features that we added to our Sydney Pro theme in version 2.1.3, which we released on May 24, 2021.

We’re always looking for ways to make our themes even better, and we’ve been consistently pushing out new updates for Sydney Pro with at least one update per month (check out all the changelogs here).

With version 2.1.3, you’ll get new global and post/page-level controls so that you’ll have even more control over details such as featured images, sidebars, post titles, and more. 

We’ve also added a new Toolset integration — so if you’re using the popular Toolset plugin to create custom content sites, you can enjoy new options in Sydney Pro to control your Toolset templates.

Keep reading and we’ll give you a look at the new features!

New Toolset Integration

One of the biggest features in Sydney Pro 2.1.3 is a brand new Toolset integration.

If you’re not familiar with Toolset, it’s a full suite of tools to help you create custom content sites with WordPress. You can use Toolset to create custom post types and custom fields. More importantly, Toolset also helps you take all of that custom information and display it on the frontend of your site.

A common use case is to create directory sites, such as real estate listings, service providers, local businesses, and more. But because Toolset is so flexible, you can use it for plenty of other things too.

To help you display your custom content, Toolset comes with its own Toolset Blocks module that lets you use the native WordPress block editor (AKA Gutenberg) to design the templates for your custom content, including inserting custom field information in the template.

Thanks to the new Toolset integration in Sydney Pro, you’ll now be able to access theme options from Sydney Pro when creating a template with Toolset. You’ll be able to show/hide various elements, including:

  • Featured image (if applicable)
  • Sidebar
  • Title
  • Post metadata
  • Next/previous post navigation
  • Breadcrumbs
Sydney Pro Toolset integration

This gives you more control over your Toolset designs and helps you build amazing custom websites with Sydney Pro and Toolset.

To learn more, you can head to the Toolset website or read Toolset’s blog post announcing the new feature.

You can also check out a demo site that the Toolset team created that uses Sydney Pro and Toolset to create a service provider directory for dog walkers.

New Post/Page-Level Controls and Customizer Settings

The new version of Sydney Pro also ships with new page- and post-level controls that give you more options to configure the layout and design of individual posts or pages. These new controls connect to the Toolset integration, as some of the new controls are available when creating a Toolset template.

For both posts and pages, you’ll be able to enable or disable the following elements:

  • Featured image
  • Title
  • Sidebar
Sydney Pro page controls

You’ll also be able to access global options in the Customizer to:

  • Disable the sidebar on all pages
  • Enable featured images on all pages
  • Hide previous/next post navigation on all single posts
  • Disable posts navigation

You can override these settings where applicable using the individual page-level controls.

Automatic Yoast SEO Breadcrumbs Integration

If you’re using the breadcrumbs feature in Yoast SEO, your breadcrumbs will now automatically show up in Sydney Pro when you enable the feature in Yoast SEO’s settings.

Previously, you needed to manually add a snippet to display the breadcrumbs (which is how it works in most other themes).

Upgrade to Sydney Pro 2.1.3 Today

Sydney Pro 2.1.3 is officially out — so if you’re an existing Sydney Pro user, you can apply the update directly from your WordPress dashboard (as long as you still have an active license key).

Or, if you haven’t upgraded to Sydney Pro yet but want to access the new features, you can purchase a Sydney Pro license today to get the latest version.

Have any questions about the changes? Ask us in the comments section!

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