AgentPress Pro Review: The Best Real Estate WordPress Theme?

AgentPress Pro is a WordPress theme for creating a real estate website. The theme has been designed by the StudioPress team and is a child theme of the popular Genesis Framework.

While the original AgentPress theme was widely regarded as one of the best WordPress real estate themes for some time, the newly released AgentPress Pro hopes to build on the success of its predecessor by updating its looks and adding some new features into the mix.

AgentPress Pro Review

To find out if this Genesis child theme is still one of the strongest real estate themes out there, read on for our full AgentPress Pro review where you will find out what features the theme has, how easy it is to setup, and whether it’s a good choice for your project.

AgentPress Pro Theme Features

As mentioned this is a child theme of the Genesis Framework. This means you will need to upload and install that framework on your site before activating AgentPress Pro.  By using a combination of the Genesis Framework and a StudioPress child theme you get all the advantages of this framework, such as clean code, fast loading times, and an SEO-friendly site structure, coupled with a great looking design.

AgentPress Pro Review Genesis Framework

While AgentPress Pro includes a selection of real estate focused features, which we will get to shortly, it also contains a great set of general theme features. This includes:

  • 4 Colour styles to choose from (red, blue, gold, green)
  • Custom header area
  • 6 Layout options
  • Mobile responsive layout
  • Landing page template
  • Custom menus
  • HTML5 markup
  • Custom background
  • Featured images
  • Theme options and customizer

Real Estate Features

AgentPress Pro is more than just a real estate themed design for your WordPress site. It includes a number of features which makes it very easy to not only add property listings to your site, but also organize and categorize them.  This includes:

  • An easy way to store and display your listings in an attractive way
  • A search feature for allowing visitors to find the exact properties they are looking for

This not only makes your site’s content easy to manage from the backend, but it also means that it’s much easier for your visitors to find the properties that meet their criteria when browsing your listings, which is after all the main purpose of a real estate website.

In technical terms, this is achieved by using custom post types and custom taxonomies, but even if that means nothing to you, thanks to the user friendly documentation that comes with this theme, you can make use of them to build a fully functional real estate website with very little effort.

How AgentPress Pro Stores the Listings

Apart from the impressive visual design of this theme, the core feature that makes it perfect for creating a website for a real estate agency is the Listings custom post type.

This post type works in a similar way to the default WordPress post type, which is used for regular blog posts, expect that it has been designed to hold additional data specific to realtors and their listings.

The Listings custom post type allows you to include specific information about the property including:

  • Price
  • Address
  • Square Feet
  • Bedrooms/Bathrooms
  • Basement
  • Map embed code
  • Video embed code

This data about the property is held in custom fields, which are then used to allow visitors to search through your inventory more effectively. They are then used to present the data on the individual property listing pages in a nicely formatted way.

AgentPress Pro Review Listing View 01

The Listings custom post type is added to the site via the free AgentPress Listings plugin instead of hard coding the custom post type into the theme. This is in accordance with theme design best practice as it allows you to retain your properties data should you switch themes in the future.

How AgentPress Pro Organizes the Listings

As well as using the Listings custom post type to store additional data about the properties you are promoting, this custom post type can also have its own custom taxonomies.

These taxonomies are similar to the standard WordPress taxonomies – calories and tags – except they allow you to add property specific values such as property type, status, location, or another field you may want to use to organize and classify your properties.

This again makes it easier to filter and search your listings, with the end result being that visitors to the site can find exactly what they are looking for.

AgentPress Pro Review Custom Taxonomies 01

The Features custom taxonomy is included by default, but adding additional taxonomies is very easy, thanks to the Register Taxonomies tool. As the demo version of the theme uses the following taxonomies, they are a good place to start when setting up this aspect of your site:

  • Status
  • Types
  • Price
  • Locations
  • Bedrooms

Adding them is easy enough with the AgentPress Pro theme and the supporting AgentPress Listings plugin, and is just a case of entering their singular and plural names.

AgentPress Pro Review Register Taxonomies

Then once you have created the custom taxonomies for the types of properties you plan to list on your site, you can view them in much the same way you would the regular WordPress tags and categories.

AgentPress Pro Review Custom Taxonomies 02

Then once you’ve created the taxonomies, you can create new terms for each of them. Alternatively you can create the terms as you are adding a new listing to the site, rather than creating them before hand.

For example, for the bedrooms custom taxonomy, you could add the terms: 2 Bedroom, 3 Bedrooms, etc. Then visitors to the site could filter all the listings to display only those with the term they are interested in, such as those with 3 Bedrooms.

Custom taxonomies are a powerful feature of WordPress and the AgentPress Pro theme makes it very easy to use them on your site.

AgentPress Pro Review Custom Terms

Additional Recommended Plugins

As mentioned, the main plugin which this theme relies on is the AgentPress Listings plugin. This plugin adds the Listings post type and the taxonomy builder to your site. The other plugins which are recommended to be used alongside this theme are:

However, the developers make it clear that if you have your own preferences for adding similar features to your site then you are free to use those instead.

Adding the Property Listings

Once you’ve created some custom categories for your properties, you can begin adding the listings to your site using the new post type.

Clicking on the ‘Add New’ menu item under the Listings heading opens up the editor where you can enter the details for a property.

AgentPress Pro Review Add New Listing 01

Creating a listing is fairly similar to creating a WordPress post, apart from the fact that you can add some additional data about the listing to make your content more useful to the visitors of your site.

AgentPress Pro Review Add New Listing 02

You can also add map and video embed codes to be displayed on the listings page.

Once you’ve completed the custom fields for the property, you can also set the custom taxonomies on the same screen, before publishing your listing.

AgentPress Pro Review Add New Listing 03

You can also set a featured image for your listing which is used on the archive view and the featured listings widget.

Setting Up the Home Page Layout

The home page of the demo version of the AgentPress Pro theme is probably one of the main features that attracted you to this theme.

Thankfully recreating the home page isn’t a problem with this theme, and nor is creating your own layout and arrangement of the available page elements if you so wish.

This is all done through the widgetized home page areas, which can be accessed from the Appearance > Widgets area of the admin dashboard.

AgentPress Pro Review Widget Areas

From here, the standard WordPress widgets, and those included with the theme and the plugin, can simply be dragged and dropped into place in order to create the home page layout you want. This includes the AgentPress Listing Search widget which adds a search box to your site.

AgentPress Pro Review Search Box

When adding the Listing Search widget to the home page, you can choose which taxonomies are searchable from the search bar including the custom ones you created earlier.

The documentation includes detailed step by step instructions for setting up the home page so if you can drag and drop, you shouldn’t have a problem getting your real estate website up and running.

Modifying the Site’s Appearance

Through the theme customizer tool, you get plenty of options for modifying the general appearance of your site. There are four colour schemes to choose from, and setting the background and header images is all very easy.

AgentPress Pro Review Theme Customizer

If you do want to start changing fonts, and colours of individual page elements then you will need to either edit the CSS stylesheet, or pick up the Genesis Design Palette Pro plugin which adds a visual editor to this theme and others that run on this framework. This plugin makes it very easy to change the individual fonts used on the site, the colour of individual sections of your site, and other appearance related settings.


As AgentPress Pro is a child theme of the Genesis Framework it is necessary to upload both the theme and the framework to your site. To purchase this theme there are three pricing options to choose from:

If you are interested in the pro plus all-theme package, you can view all the themes which are included on this page and see how you can save over $900.

Support and Documentation

Making your website look like the demo version can be tricky with some themes, however with AgentPress Pro and the other themes from StudioPress this isn’t the case as the clear and detailed documentation is very easy to follow.

As well as the theme-specific documentation, there are also tutorials, downloads, and code snippets for the Genesis Framework. These give you guidance on customizing this theme further than the in-built customizer tool allows.

There is also the community support forums which are well manned by Genesis enthusiasts and experts, not to mention the countless independent websites dedicated to modifying Genesis child themes.

If you choose this or any other Genesis child theme, you will never be short of places to turn to when it comes to getting help and advice.

AgentPress Pro Review Conclusion

If the attractive and modern design of the newly updated AgentPress Pro appeals to you, then you will be pleased to know its looks are backed up with a great set of features that make it very easy to create and manage a property listings website.

If you’ve been hired by a client to build a website of this type, or you want to create one for your own agency, then AgentPress Pro won’t disappoint and whatever your level of experience with WordPress, you shouldn’t have a problem getting your website setup in the way you want.

After reviewing AgentPress Pro, it’s safe to say that this is one of the best WordPress real estate themes available. Also, thanks to the great user community that has built up around the Genesis Framework and its child themes, you can invest in this theme without having to worry about being left to your own devices should you need to make any changes or customizations in the future.

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