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Newspaper WordPress Theme Review – More Than Just a Magazine Theme

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Newspaper WordPress Theme Review – More Than Just a Magazine Theme


Newspaper is a WordPress theme with lots of content-friendly website demos covering blogs, news sites, and online magazines. The new demos make this theme even more versatile while the customization options ensure it’s possible to produce a unique website with an off-the-shelf theme.

Newspaper is a WordPress theme with lots of content-friendly website demos covering blogs, news sites, and online magazines. The new demos make this theme even more versatile while the customization options ensure it’s possible to produce a unique website with an off-the-shelf theme.


Lots of high-quality website demos

All aspects of Newspaper are highly customizable

Good selection of third-party plugins included


Possibly too many features and options for basic bloggers

There are more lightweight themes that might appeal better to minimalists

Newspaper is a well-established WordPress theme that’s been designed for creating blogs, news sites, and online magazines. However, recently, additional website demos have been added to Newspaper that cover a wider range of other projects.

So if you’re looking for a new theme for your existing site, or you’re in the process of launching a new website, this Newspaper WordPress theme review will help you decide if this is the best option for your project.

This theme definitely does have a strong focus on giving you lots of options each time you publish a new article on your site, as well as making it as easy as possible for your visitors to find the most relevant content. However, as we’ll cover in this review, Newspaper also has a varied selection of features that make it a good option for a whole range of different types of websites.

So let’s start this Newspaper review with a quick overview of the theme, before checking out its main features in more detail.

Newspaper WordPress Theme Overview

As covered in the intro to this Newspaper WordPress theme review, this is an ideal choice for anyone creating a content-rich website. From blogs and news sites to online magazines and review websites, Newspaper is packed full of pre-built demos, templates, and useful features to provide you with everything need to get started and beyond.

However, after recent updates, Newspaper now has a number of new demos that can be used for a wider range of websites. This includes demos for restaurant, app, health, and services websites to name just a few, making Newspaper a truly multi-purpose WordPress theme. There’s also good ecommerce support too, for those who want to monetize their site by selling physical or digital products online.

But before we dive into the most important features of this theme, here’s a quick overview of the main reasons to consider Newspaper for your website:

  • An impressive selection of modern website demos and content templates.
  • Fully customizable through an intuitive front-end interface.
  • Selection of premium WordPress plugins included at no extra cost.
  • A large user base of happy website owners using Newspaper.

As mentioned, Newspaper isn’t a new WordPress theme. However, that’s definitely not to say that this isn’t a modern and fully up to date WordPress theme.  Although this theme was released in 2013, it’s been regularly updated over the years, with the last update coming just a few days ago (at the time of writing this review).

So if you have any reservations about choosing a theme that’s been around for a while, those concerns shouldn’t apply to Newspaper.

As you’ll see later on in this Newspaper theme review, the pre-built designs have all been built to the latest standards, while the feature list compares favorably with the newest themes available elsewhere. In fact, choosing such a well-established theme like Newspaper has many advantages. For one, this theme has a proven track record of being regularly updated that’s highly likely to continue. Secondly, the large volume of sales should ensure that the developers can afford to support Newspaper well into the future. Thirdly, and perhaps most importantly, any bugs or issues that slip past the testing team will be quickly detected by the large user base and rapidly fixed.

So with that out of the way, let’s explore the best features of the Newspaper theme from the tagDiv team.

Newspaper WordPress Theme Main Features

Services Website Demo

The highlight of Newspaper is its selection of pre-built website demos and large library of templates for the individual pieces of content on your site. So with that in mind, let’s explore some of the best demos to help you see how your website could look if you choose this theme. Although due to the customization options, even if you do choose one of these demos, you should have no problem personalizing it to create a unique WordPress website with Newspaper.

Multi-Purpose Website Demos

Multi-Purpose Demos

As mentioned, thanks to recent updates and the new demos, Newspaper can now be considered a multi-purpose WordPress theme. Previously the demos in the Newspaper theme package were built for creating blogs, magazines, and other content-focused websites. Now though, there are demos for a range of other projects, including creating wine websites, dental studio sites, and online portfolios, to name just a few.

Wide Range of Blog Demos

Newspaper Blog Demos

In addition to the new multi-purpose website demos, Newspaper still has lots to offer bloggers and magazine site owners. For example, the selection of blog demos cover a varied range of styles. Among the options, you’ll find designs for craft, food, fitness, and travel blogs, as well as many more.

Varied Selection of Magazine Demos

If your website is more of a magazine than a blog, Newspaper has lots of suitable demos for your project too. As well as the general-purpose default Newspaper website demo, there are designs for more specific types of content. Some of these demos include designs for gadget, business, music, and medical websites, plus other options.

Magazine Demos

As all of the Newspaper demos can be easily customized, even if there isn’t a pre-built design that exactly matches your project, you have the option of customizing them to better meet your requirements.

tagDiv Composer Custom Page Builder

Another great feature of the Newspaper theme is the custom-built tagDiv Composer page builder tool. Created by the same team who produced this theme, tagDiv Composer is a unique content editing tool for WordPress websites.

tagDiv Composer

As tagDiv Composer was created with designing unique content layouts for blogs, magazine websites, and new sites, in mind, it’s a great choice for ensuring your articles have strong visual appeal. This should not only help them catch the attention of your visitors but can also help you present your ideas in new and interesting ways.

Modern and Flexible Category Templates

Regardless of which Newspaper theme demo you choose for your website, you’ll get access to the library of category templates. These templates give you countless options for how your content is displayed on your website. Simply choose the template you want to apply to a category, and then the posts from that category will be displayed using that template.

Category Page Template

You can easily use multiple different category templates on the same website, helping to give your site an engaging design. As you might expect from a bestselling magazine WordPress theme, these category templates can be easily customized.

Multiple Unique Post Templates

Newspaper now has 35 post templates. Thanks to this, each time you publish a new piece of content on your website, you can choose from the library of fully modern templates. As there’s no one size fits all template for presenting an article, it’s good to see that Newspaper has so many designs to choose from.

Furthermore, these templates can be quickly customized through the front-end editor to ensure your content looks perfect before you hit the publish button.

Smart List Builder

Publishing lists and collections on your website can be a great way to draw in new readers and provide easily digestible content for your regular visitors. Thankfully, Newspaper has the ability to generate lists using its built-in functionality. Furthermore, you can use the tagDiv Cloud Library to browse the library of pre-built templates to find the perfect layouts for your list articles.

List Template

Whether you use the smart list generator feature or choose one of the pre-built list templates, you’ll have lots of options for publishing this type of content on your website. From multi-page lists that require the user to click through to the next item in the list to long single-page layouts, you should be able to find the right template for your article with this theme.

List Article Template

Library of Header Styles

To ensure you’re able to get the navigation areas of your website just right, Newspaper comes with multiple header styles. The different layouts give you plenty of options for how your logo, menu, and other header elements are arranged.

Headers Layouts

The different header and footer layouts can all be accessed through the front-end user interface of the tagDiv Composer tool as well as the Cloud Library Due to this, you can preview them on your site without having to switch screens. Then once you’ve found the right one, it can be applied to your site in just one click, again, without having to switch views or change windows.

tagDiv Cloud Library

When it comes to accessing all the pre-built content that makes up the Newspaper theme from tagDiv, the Cloud Library is the place to go. From the Cloud Library section of your WordPress dashboard, it’s possible to view the huge selection of templates that are available.

Cloud Library of Templates

With over 400 templates to choose from, spanning categories like homepages, author pages, and category pages, to name just a few, you’re sure to be able to find the right design in the Cloud Library. Furthermore, all of these templates can be edited with the intuitive tagDiv Composer tool that’s included in the Newspaper theme package. Thanks to this, getting the layouts looking exactly how you want them is never a problem with this theme.

Additional Mobile First Templates

Another exciting feature of the Newspaper theme is the focus on catering to mobile users. Newspaper comes with a built-in structure for small screen users. If you choose to enable this feature, a highly mobile-optimized version of your website will be generated. With full support for Google Accelerated Mobile Pages, the tagDiv AMP plugin that’s included in the theme package will ensure your site not only keeps the search engines happy but also ensures your visitors can easily access your site and all of its content, no matter what device they are using.

As part of this, mobile users will no longer be simply viewing a resized version of your website. Instead, they’ll have a highly tailored user experience that is optimized for smaller screen devices. Part of this functionality includes an intuitive mobile menu that makes it very easy to interact with your content, regardless of the display size in use. Your website content will look great too, something your readers are sure to appreciate.

Smart Sidebars

With the Newspaper theme, you also have the option of creating multiple sidebars for your website. You can then use the smart sidebar functionality to control when and where those sidebars are displayed. This gives you the option of creating a sidebar with widgets related to a particular category of content on your site. Then when a reader is viewing an article from that category, the relevant sidebar and its widgets are displayed.

Thanks to this feature, you could create a sidebar with lots of travel-related content in its widgets, including travel-related adverts. Then when someone is reading a travel article, they’ll see relevant offers, links, and other content in the sidebar. This should hopefully increase the chances of your audience engaging with the sidebars of your site, helping to increase conversions.

When setting up your sidebars, you also have the option of using the sticky sidebars feature. This gives you the ability to keep one or more widgets on display, even when a visitor scrolls down the page. If you have important widgets, such as an advert display or optin form, this feature can help promote those offers.

Other Newspaper WordPress Theme Features

Theme Panel

The full feature list is too long to cover in a review like this. However, to give you a quick overview of what else you can do with this theme, here are some more of the highlights:

  • Ability to add social counter widgets to your site.
  • Ability to display a weather widget in your sidebar.
  • Ability to display photos from Instagram using the custom widget.
  • Ability to display the latest exchange rates from your choice of currencies in the sidebar area.
  • Ability to create custom image galleries using the purpose-built tool.
  • Ability to display a news ticker in the header of your site.
  • Library of helpful video tutorials covering the theme.

Those are just some of the features from the Newspaper WordPress theme. You can view the full list by visiting the theme website.

Newspaper Pricing Information

Newspaper is available for purchase from the ThemeForest marketplace. The price, $59 at the time of writing, includes lifetime access to theme updates – which are regularly released – as well as six months of support access. You can extend the support period to 12 months by paying an extra $17.63, something you might want to consider if you’d like someone to turn to should any problems arise with your website beyond the initial six month period of access.

Considering the creative possibilities offered by this theme, as well as the impressive features list, even at full price, Newspaper represents great value for money.

Newspaper WordPress Theme Review Final Thoughts

If you’re creating a new blog, news, or magazine website, then Newspaper has everything you should need. However, now thanks to the selection of recently added website demos, Newspaper can be used for a wider range of projects. Therefore, no matter what type of website you’re working on, Newspaper is worth considering.

It’s not just the pre-built website demos that help Newspaper stand out from the competition. The customization options are easy to use, ensuring almost anyone will be able to tailor this theme. The mobile-focused features are also worth highlighting too, especially when considering the ongoing growth in smartphone users accessing the internet.

It’s true that there are many great WordPress magazine and multi-purpose themes out there already. However, when selecting a theme, it’s important to choose one with a good reputation that is likely to be supported for the foreseeable future. Although there are no guarantees, the tagDiv team has a strong track record of supporting this theme and releasing regular updates. Definitely something to take into account when choosing a WordPress theme.

After testing Newspaper, it’s safe to say that this theme lives up to the marketing claims. So check out the demos, explore the feature list, and if they match your requirements, Newspaper is a theme you can choose with confidence.

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