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Email marketing has proven to be the most effective way of retaining customers, increasing conversions, generating higher sales, and improving brand loyalty.

The whole process starts with the signup form.

Whether someone is reading your blog or buying something from your online store, unless they sign up to your email list, you could lose them forever.


One of the most powerful lead generation tools available to WordPress users is OptinMonster. The service offers many marketing tools to help you convert visitors into subscribers and customers.

OptinMonster is undoubtedly one of the most expensive email marketing solutions on the market, however for many businesses and online shops, it will prove to be a great value.

Whilst there is an OptinMonster WordPress plugin available that helps you integrate forms into your website, OptinMonster should be considered a hosted marketing solution because all subscription forms are stored on OptinMonster’s servers.

In this article, I would like to show you what OptinMonster can do and how it could help you and your projects.

What Does OptinMonster Offer?

If you are new to email marketing, you may be a little confused as to what OptinMonster can and cannot do.

You may also be curious as to why anyone would even need to use OptinMonster — as all email marketing products and services provide signup forms to help you grow your email lists.

The key thing to understand is that OptinMonster is not designed to replace your existing email marketing solution. It is designed to complement it.

OptinMonster does not store email addresses and it does not allow you to send emails to subscribers. Instead, OptinMonster plugs into your existing email marketing solution and provides you tools to increase conversions.

OptinMonster Feature List

Forms are at the heart of OptinMonster.

It features a user-friendly drag and drop form builder that creates colorful mobile-friendly forms. Form designs can be created from scratch, however there is a large selection of high-quality form templates available for selection.

Opt-in forms can be displayed through inline forms, floating bars, slide-in boxes, countdown timers, and more.

OptinMonster Page Builder & Campaign Types

What really separates OptinMonster from the competition is the controls it offers for defining when forms are displayed and who forms are targeted to.

Triggers can be configured to display forms to those who abandoned an online shop, those who have been on your website a certain amount of time, and those who have been inactive.

Campaigns can also be targeted to users based on their location, how they found your website, whether they are a returning customer, and more.

Email Marketing Integration & Advanced Reporting

OptinMonster integrates with all popular email marketing applications and services. You simply need to connect to your preferred email marketing service, whether it be AWeber, MailChimp, or another platform.

Detailed analytics are available too, and you can perform split tests between forms to see how they compare. This will help you get a better picture of what type of marketing campaign is working.

Getting Started with Your First OptinMonster Campaign

When you first sign up to OptinMonster, you will be asked a few questions about your website setup and what you are trying to achieve.

This helps OptinMonster cater certain features towards your particular goals and preferences.

Getting Started with OptinMonster

The next page asks for your phone number.

You can click to continue without entering this information.

Getting Started with OptinMonster

On the last page, you need to enter your website name and URL.

Be sure to enter the URL of the website you are going to use OptinMonster on, or forms will not be displayed.

Getting Started with OptinMonster

OptinMonster will take you to the “Create a New Campaign” page after you have completed your profile.

There are two steps to complete.

You first need to select a campaign type. This refers to the type of form you want to create. The five options are popup, fullscreen, slide-in, floating bar, and inline.

The next step is to select your campaign template. The left-hand side of the page displays options to sort and filter templates by device, goals, and categories.

Creating a New Campaign

A total of 54 form templates are available. All templates are beautifully designed.

If you hover over any template, you will see an option to use the template or preview the template.

Be sure to preview any template you plan on using, as the thumbnails only really give you an idea of the structure and colors that are used in the form.

Form Template Preview

Once you have selected a template, you will be asked to name your campaign and state which websites you want to use the form on.

Name Your Campaign

Campaign details can be edited later if you wish and there is a notes option to help you remind yourself of any changes you make.

Configuring OptinMonster Forms

Once you have named your campaign, you will be taken to the OptinMonster drag and drop form builder.

Forms are created and designed in the main design tab, however there are also options for display rules, integrations, analytics, and publish.

OptinMonster Drag and Drop Page Builder

In addition to the main opt-in form, you can also design a Yes and No question form and a success message that is displayed to those who subscribe.

Forms are created using blocks. When you hover over any form block, you will see options to move the block, access block settings, duplicate the block, and delete the block. It works in the same way as WordPress page builders.

The undo and redo buttons above your form help you fix any mistakes you make, and there are options to import layouts and start your form from scratch.

Clicking on a block allows you to make modifications to adjust spacing, colors, borders, and more.

As you would expect, unique settings are available for each block. For example, a text editor appears when you are editing text and the image block lets you change your image.

Changing Form Text

Seven column structures and 12 element blocks are available to help you populate your forms.

The 12 element blocks are: Button, ChatBot, Countdown, Divider, HTML, Icons, Image, Optin Fields, Spacer, Text, Video, and Yes/No.

Whilst many blocks can be used for styling the layout of your form, blocks such as images, videos, and countdown timers will bring your forms to life.

The ChatBot block is particularly interesting, as it allows you to integrate Facebook Messenger into your forms using the ManyChat service.

This allows you to deliver content, leads, and customer support via Facebook Messenger.

OptinMonster Element Blocks

OptinMonster’s design and layout options are impressive, but what really makes the service stand out is the level of control you have over when your forms are displayed.

In the display settings configuration area, you can decide what happens if a form has already been closed by a particular user before.

For example, if they have already subscribed, you can choose to show the form again one year later. If they did not, you can choose to show it 30 days later.

Form Display Settings

The real power of OptinMonster becomes clear in the display rules section.

On this page, you can define what happens if one condition or many conditions are met.

There are dozens of conditions available, including the time a user has been on a page, the user’s geographic location, the time, the date, whether the user has opted into another campaign, and much more.

Different forms can be displayed to users, depending on what conditions they do or do not meet.

OptinMonster Display Rules

As I noted earlier, OptinMonster is designed to complement your existing email provider.

This is why integrations are such a vital component of the service.

When you connect to a new service, you typically need to enter the API key that is provided by the company.

New Integration

Custom HTML forms and 31 popular email services, including AWeber, MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, and GetResponse, are supported by OptinMonster.

There is also support for 15 website platforms and eCommerce solutions, such as WordPress, Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, Joomla, PrestaShop, and more.

OptinMonster provides detailed analytics for each form you create and publish on your website.

You can also connect to Google Analytics to track metrics.

OptinMonster Analytics

Altogether, OptinMonster has done a fantastic job with the form creation process.

Forms are simple to create and customize, and there are dozens of display rules settings that help you restrict who actually sees the forms.

Integrating OptinMonster Forms Into Your WordPress Website

The last step of the OptinMonster process is to publish your newly created form on your website.

The status of your form is displayed at the top of the page. This is initially set to paused, so you will need to make it go live.

Underneath, you can assign your form to websites. If it has already been published on your website, a preview will be displayed.

Assign Your Website

Forms can be assigned to categories. This is an option that will prove to be more useful when you add more forms to your account.

At the bottom of the publish page, OptinMonster gives you four ways to display your forms.

The website and campaign embed options provide you with Javascript code snippets that can be inserted into any website you own.

If you prefer, you can also send users to your form using a simple URL link.

Choose Your Platform

The OptinMonster WordPress plugin can be downloaded from WordPress.org or installed from your WordPress admin area.

The Free Version of OptinMonster

The OptinMonster WordPress plugin mainly acts as a bridge to your OptinMonster account, however there are a few configuration options to help you define where forms are displayed on your site.

Connect OptinMonster

To use the OptinMonster WordPress plugin, you first need to authorize your account.

The simplest way to do this is to click to authorize OptinMonster. However, if you prefer, you can also copy and paste the OptinMonster API key that is displayed in your account.

Authorise OptinMonster

Once authorized, OptinMonster will display a list of all campaigns that are associated with your website.

There are options to edit the form design, edit output settings, and disable the form.

The form design link will take you to OptinMonster to allow you to adjust the form.

If a specific form has not been assigned to the website you are logged into, the form will not be displayed on this page.

OptinMonster Campaign List

When you select output settings, you will see an option to enable and disable the form.

You can also define whether your campaign is shown to everyone, only logged-in users, or only visitors.

Campaign Settings

A number of advanced settings are available that give you more control over where forms are displayed.

You can define exactly which posts and pages campaigns are shown and not shown. You can also restrict them to specific categories, post tags, post types, and archives.

Advanced Settings

Inline forms can also be integrated by using the OptinMonster WordPress widget.

The widget will not work with any other type of form, so if you do not have an inline form active for your website, the widget will be blank.

OptinMonster WordPress Widget

Active inline forms will be displayed in a dropdown menu.

OptinMonster WordPress Widget

From a configuration point of view, the OptinMonster WordPress plugin is disappointing in some respects.

There is no support for the WordPress post editor, and there is no way to make any design changes to your forms on your website. Everything still has to be managed on the main OptinMonster website.

What the WordPress plugin does do is simplify the task of integrating forms into your website and allow you to define where forms are displayed.

Once you have authorized the OptinMonster connection, any popup and slide-in forms associated with the website will be automatically displayed.

OptinMonster Form Preview

Whether you add a Javascript code snippet or use the OptinMonster WordPress plugin, I have no doubt that you will find the process of integrating forms into your website straightforward.

OptinMonster Pricing

The price you pay for OptinMonster depends on how many page views you generate, how many websites you want to use OptinMonster on, and what features are important to you.

The four available plans are Basic, Plus, Pro, and Growth. All plans come with a 14-day money-back guarantee.

If you wish, you can choose to pay for OptinMonster on a monthly basis.

The available plans retail at $19 per month, $39 per month, $59 per month, and $99 per month, respectively.

OptinMonster Monthly Pricing

OptinMonster clearly wants customers to pay annually, as you save more than 50% by doing so.

For marketing purposes, the company still displays an effective monthly cost for annual plans.

At the time of writing, the effective monthly cost of using OptinMonster is $9 per month, $19 per month, $29 per month, and $49 per month, respectively.

This means that the Basic plan costs $108 per year, the Plus plan costs $228 per year, the Pro plan costs $348 per year, and the Growth plan costs $588 per year.

In comparison, if you choose to pay on a month-to-month basis, the yearly cost is $228 per year, $468 per year, $708 per year, and $1,188 per year.

OptinMonster Pricing

As the name suggests, the Basic plan of OptinMonster includes the basic functionality of the plugin, such as page-level targeting and list segmentation. The Plus plan introduces additional features such as content locking, device targeting, and integration with a couple of third-party services.

The Plus plan adds campaign scheduling, countdown timers, mobile-specific campaigns, and integration with additional third-party services.

The most expensive option is the OptinMonster Growth plan. It adds many advanced features such as follow-up campaigns, adblock detection, custom branding, advanced reporting, and more.

OptinMonster plans are not just separated by features. Each plan also has a limitation on how many websites you can use the plugin on and how many page views your forms generate.

If you go over your pageview limit, OptinMonster will automatically upgrade you to the next tier.

The $108 per year Basic plan limits usage to one website and only 3,500 monthly page views, with the more expensive $228 per year Plus plan increasing this to two websites and 15,000 monthly page views.

Neither of these plans allow you to remove the “Powered by OptinMonster” link that is displayed on all forms, which is both surprising and disappointing to see in a premium product.

The $348 per year Plus plan allows you to remove branding and increases usage to three websites and 50,000 monthly page views. Upgrading to the $588 per year Growth plans upgrades usage to five websites and 250,000 monthly page views.

OptinMonster’s integration support for third-party email services is also split between pricing plans. For example, AWeber is only available from the Plus tier and above, and if you use InfusionSoft, you will need to opt for the more expensive Pro plan.

Plans can be upgraded at any point, so if you are not 100% sure which plan to select, it is prudent to choose the cheaper option and upgrade later.

Final Thoughts

OptinMonster is undoubtedly one of the best lead generation tools available online. It helps you create stylish subscription forms and gives you full control over who sees your form and when.

All of these great features do come at a price, however. There really is no hiding the fact that OptinMonster is an expensive email marketing solution.

Due to this, it is difficult to recommend OptinMonster to blogs and businesses that just want to encourage visitors to sign up to a newsletter.

Whilst OptinMonster might be overkill for simple newsletter setups, it can be a revelation for eCommerce websites because it helps you target forms to customers who are abandoning their shopping cart, customers who have yet to sign to your email list, and customers who regularly buy from you.

These improved email signup rates can greatly increase your monthly income, which is why OptinMonster is popular with so many online shops.

I encourage you to check OptinMonster out to find out more about what it can do.

If you are a WordPress user that is looking for a cheaper alternative to OptinMonster, check out our articles on the best OptinMonster alternatives and best WordPress popup plugins too.

Thanks for reading.

OptinMonster Review – A Powerful Lead Generation Service


User-friendly drag and drop page builder

Gorgeous collection of pre-made form templates

Dozens of display rules help you control where and how forms are displayed


An expensive email marketing solution

WordPress plugin has no support for the WordPress post editor and most form settings still have to be defined on the OptinMonster website

Editor’s Rating


OptinMonster is one of the most powerful email marketing services on the market. It gives website owners complete control over how forms are designed, when forms are displayed, and who they are displayed to. All of this does, however, come at a price.

OptinMonster is one of the most powerful email marketing services on the market. It gives website owners complete control over how forms are designed, when forms are displayed, and who they are displayed to. All of this does, however, come at a price.


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