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Multi-purpose WordPress themes are all the rage at the moment, consistently sitting at the top of ThemeForest’s best-seller lists.

Today I want to introduce you to a new breed of multi-purpose theme: Scalia.

As a multi-purpose theme, Scalia is suitable for almost any type of website: corporate, blogs, eCommerce, niche, portfolio, news. You name it, Scalia can do it.

Now, let’s get this out of the way: Scalia is a truly stunning theme. Don’t believe me? Take a look at the demo pages.

Scalia Screenshot

Scalia is a beautiful combination of style, flexibility, and functionality. It supports eye-catching typography, striking layouts, and lots of beautiful, interactive elements – including stunning parallax effects, dynamic image sliders, and animated diagrams.

Sound good? Today, I’ll be taking a closer look at the Scalia theme, to give you my honest review.

Scalia: Redefining Multi-purpose

Multi-purpose themes are nothing new – there are hundreds of them listed on ThemeForest.

Many themes achieve this ‘multi-purpose’ tag by being ultra-versatile in terms of color schemes and pre-built layouts. This ensures they can be used in a variety of ways.

Well, Scalia does have these same deep customization capabilities, but the developers have taken the multi-purpose concept one step further.

The Scalia theme supports five design concepts – effectively making it five-themes-in-one. You can switch between these concepts by installing one of the five child themes included in the price.

Each design concept has a very specific purpose in mind. Let’s take a look at them:

  • Scalia Multi-purpose | demo | This is the general, all-rounder concept. It uses a beautiful, clean, and stylish design. As the all-rounder, it can be used for blogging, eCommerce, portfolios, and corporate websites.
  • Online Shop | demo | As the name heavily implies, this concept is targeted at eCommerce stores. With an ultra-elegant design that oozes sophistication, and a tight integration with WooCommerce, this concept allows you to sell your products in style.
  • Creative One-pager | demo | This concept uses a visually stunning, slightly quirky-looking design. It’s very modern, very stylish, and would suit any one-page website.
  • Parallax Landing | demo | Who doesn’t love a good parallax effect? This concept was created for landing pages, with lots of bold fonts, eye-catching visuals, and dynamic effects.
  • Stylish Blog | demo | This final concept focuses on blogging. It uses a clean, simple design that really lets your content take center stage. The design is still visually impressive, though, for that killer first impression.

With five unique concepts, many of you will already be making the connection with another multi-purpose theme – X Theme, with its unique ‘stacks.’

In my opinion, though, X Theme stacks are more-or-less variations of the same theme. With Scalia, you really are getting five completely different concepts with a unique look, feel, and purpose.

As well as the five design concepts, Scalia includes a staggering 150 ready-to-use templates, and an endless list of customization options.

You’ll get several premium plugins included with the purchase, too – including bestselling page-builder plugin, Visual Composer, and image slider, LayerSlider. This means there’s loads of powerful functionality bundled in, with Scalia supporting huge numbers of shortcodes and widgets.


The theme is installed the same was as any other WordPress theme – from the WordPress dashboard go to Appearance > Themes > Add New > Upload Theme > Browse. Find the Scalia_theme zip file on your hard drive, then click Install Now.

Job done.

With the Scalia theme installed, you’re given the option to quick-install the required plugins. This is done by going to Appearance > Install Plugins.

Install required plugins

There are nine plugins to install in total:

  • Black Studio TinyMCE Widget
  • LayerSlider ($17 value)
  • Scalia Theme Elements
  • Visual Composer ($33 value)
  • WordPress Page Widgets
  • Contact Form 7
  • JW Player 6
  • MailChimp for WordPress
  • Scalia Import

I strongly recommend you install them all, as these plugins will give your website the functionality needed to get the most from Scalia — plus you get $50 worth of premium plugins for free.

To install the plugins, click all the checkboxes, then click Bulk Actions > Install > Apply. This will take around 30 seconds as all the plugins are downloaded and installed.

Child Themes and Demo Content

Now, as much as we WordPress-geeks think that it’s the features, extras, and high-quality coding that sells themes, for the most part it’s not. Most casual users buy themes because they like the demo.

They think building a website is as easy as:

  1. Downloading the theme.
  2. Installing it.
  3. Voilà! You’ve got a website that looks exactly like the demo you loved so much.

Unfortunately, this is rarely the case — it can be a real struggle for inexperienced WordPress users to build a website remotely resembling the demo.

The Scalia theme addresses this fundamental problem by bundling five child themes with the download, and including demo content for each — one for each design concept. If you’ve picked up the Scalia theme on the basis of one of these demos, you’ll really appreciate this feature.

Child themes are installed the same way as a regular theme, and are located inside the Scalia > Child_Themes folder on your hard drive. The child themes will give you the same configurations as your chosen demo, but your website will still look different without the demo content.

Scalia Child Themes

Installing the demo content is a slightly trickier proposition. For the main multi-purpose template it’s easy enough, thanks to convenient, one-click installation. For the other concepts, it will require you to download and install the WordPress Importer plugin (Tools > Import > WordPress). You’ll then have to upload the relevant demo content from the Demo_Content folder.

Scalia Importer

Scalia have included extensive documentation to walk you through this process (and everything else the theme can do). As good as the documentation is, inexperienced WordPress users might find this difficult.


With the child theme and demo content installed, your website should look exactly like your chosen demo. Now it’s time to make your website your own.

Scalia includes a huge depth of customization options. You can find these by going to Appearance > Theme Options.

On the Theme Options screen, you’ll see ten tabs, with the first four tabs used to customize your website’s appearance – General, Fonts, Colors, and Backgrounds.

Scalia Settings

From these four screens, you can customize practically every element on your website. There are too many customization options to list, but here are some of the main customizations:

  • Full-width/boxed layout
  • Upload Google Fonts
  • Choose fonts for every element – body, widget, h1, h2, h3, button, menu, testimonial, prices
  • Unlimited colors for every element
  • 14 pre-built background textures
  • Upload custom background images

Scalia gives you a huge number of ways to customize your website, allowing you to completely overhaul the demo content and build the website you want.

Customization extends to each page of content, too. You can customize the title with a choice of two styles and 18 gorgeous background textures — you can also upload your own images.

Page title metabox

Here’s a few screenshots I took:



As well as this, you can also configure a custom sidebar for each post. Below the WordPress editor you’ll find a sidebar meta box. You can use this to drag-and-drop your chosen widgets into place (more on widgets later).

Page Builders

In the fifth tab on the Theme Options screen, Home Constructor, you can build your homepage from the ground up using content blocks.

You can easily add and re-order content blocks, with the theme supporting a user friendly drag-and-drop interface.

Scalia Home Constructor

This isn’t the only ‘Constructor’ feature, though: Scalia ships with the best-selling page builder plugin, Visual Composer. This plugin lets you create stunning custom layouts, with loads of different elements to pick from – including CTA buttons, masonry media grids, and Google maps.

Page Builder elements

With these two features combined, you have the opportunity to build something truly unique with Scalia.


As well as all these unique layouts and customization capabilities, Scalia supports huge amounts of functionality.

There’s an impressive 50+ shortcodes, allowing you to add the functionality your website needs with ease. As a multi-purpose theme, there really is functionality for just about everything, including:

  • Notification boxes
  • Social sharing buttons
  • Image gallery/carousel
  • Sliders
  • Progress bars
  • Pie charts
  • Diagrams
  • Buttons
  • Pricing tables

With such an extensive list of shortcodes, it can be difficult to remember what you have available. Fortunately, Scalia adds a convenient shortcodes meta box next to the WordPress editor, presenting you with all your options.

Shortcode options

Scalia also supports a good range of custom post types, allowing you to create dedicated content for different purposes. This includes Clients, Galleries, Portfolios, Team Members, Testimonials and News Stories to your website.

Finally, Scalia includes lots of widget space, and even more widgets to fill it with. There’s unlimited sidebars, too, so you can create dedicated sidebars for your content.


You can add widgets to your website by going to Appearance > Widgets, then using the drag-and-drop interface to place your widgets. There’s loads of cool widget functionality included, with some of my favorites being:

  • LayerSlider
  • Tweets
  • Testimonials
  • MailChimp sign-up form
  • Popular posts
  • Diagrams

With so many custom widgets, Scalia really allows you to create a stunning, dynamic, and interactive website. All widgets are easy to configure and look gorgeous on the live websites.


The developers have thrown in comprehensive documentation with every Scalia purchase – the documentation runs to 25,000 words in total.

This is among the most detailed documentation I’ve encountered with a premium theme. It covers everything you need to know, with lots of easy-to-follow tutorials and screenshots.

If you do experience problems, the developers offer quick support for any questions asked via the ThemeForest comments section. This will help you extract the full potential from the Scalia theme.


You can pick up the Scalia theme from ThemeForest for $58. With the different design concepts, customization options, and extensive functionality, this represents excellent value.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Scalia is a really great theme. It’s visually stunning, impressively versatile, and supports a huge depth of functionality – what more could you want from a theme?

Because of all these features, Scalia is a relatively complex theme that could easily overwhelm new users. The developers have addressed this problem with child themes and demo content. With the demo content providing a solid starting point, Scalia users will find it far easier to shape the theme into the website they want – there’s also extensive documentation to help you throughout.

Scalia also pushes the limits of what a multi-purpose theme can do; with so many design concepts, layouts, customization, and functionality, Scalia really can be used for any and every purpose. A really excellent theme, Scalia gets a big thumbs-up from me!

What do you think to Scalia? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

Scalia Multi-Concept Theme Review


Stunning aesthetics

Five unique design concepts and hundreds of layouts

Child themes and demo content

Powerful functionality

Extensive documentation

Excellent value


Demo content can be tricky to install
Overwhelming number of options

Editor’s Rating
Price 59


Scalia is a stunning, multi-purpose WordPress theme. It comes packed with functionality, loads of page templates, and powerful customizations. Scalia includes child themes and demo content, letting you configure your website to look like the demo in minutes — if you fall in love with the Scalia demo, you’ll love this feature.

Scalia is a stunning, multi-purpose WordPress theme. It comes packed with functionality, loads of page templates, and powerful customizations. Scalia includes child themes and demo content, letting you configure your website to look like the demo in minutes — if you fall in love with the Scalia demo, you’ll love this feature.

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