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The Core is a multipurpose WordPress theme from ThemeFuse, a team of web designers who specialize in creating themes for WordPress.

The highlight of The Core is its multiple skins or demo sites, which can be applied to your WordPress website in just a few clicks. This makes The Core a highly flexible tool that can be used for a range of different projects.

This WordPress theme also includes a page builder, slider tools, and wealth of settings and options. This all combines to help make The Core a true multipurpose WordPress theme.

In this review, we’ll be exploring the main features of The Core in more depth, as well as seeing how easy it is to build a website with.

The Core Theme Review: Features

As mentioned, The Core is marketed as a multipurpose WordPress theme. This means it should be suitable for creating a range of different websites, with all of the features necessary to make it as flexible as possible.

So, let’s take a look at some of these features and see if it lives up to these claims.

10 Themes in 1

The Core Theme Review Demo Content Install

The Core includes 10 individual theme demos, each of which can be applied to your website in just a few clicks. These prebuilt demo versions cover many different types of website and they include all the sample content needed to lay down a framework that is ready for your own text and images.

So, whether you want to create an agency website, a site for a wellness center, an event promotional site, or a food blog, The Core has you covered. As this is a highly flexible theme, you are free to customize any of the demos as much as you need in order to build the right kind of website for your project.

To give you a better idea of what The Core has to offer, here are some highlights from the selection of prebuilt demos:

The Core Review Main Demo

The main demo is ideal for creating a website for a corporate or creative business. All the main features and highlights of The Core are in use here, giving you plenty of options for how your site will look and function.

The Core Review Cribs Demo

The Cribs demo has been created for architectural studios and interior designers who want a website to promote their business online. The default layout includes a slideshow for displaying completed projects as well as space for publishing client reviews and customer testimonials. There are also attractive blog templates to keep potential clients and customers up to date with the latest developments.

The Core Review Quantum Demo

If you are creating a website for an agency, then the Quantum theme demo will lay a solid foundation for your project. Quantum allows you to display a full-screen video background on your homepage, giving you a good way to engage your visitors as soon as they arrive.

As they scroll down the page, visitors can view your core skills or services, find out more about your team, and view client feedback and testimonials.

The Core Review Food Theme

The Gourmet demo is a great choice for creating a food blog or a website for a restaurant. As well as displaying your latest blog content in style, there’s also the option of publishing nicely formatted menus, and even career opportunities at your place of business.

Visual Page Builder Tool

As mentioned, whether you install one of the demo themes or not, you get plenty of customization options with The Core. This includes access to the ThemeFuse Advanced Visual Builder tool. This page builder tool has been built on the Unyson framework and it allows you to add custom layouts to your pages.

The Core Review Visual Builder Layout

As you build your custom page design, you can start by adding columns to the layout. Each of the elements you add to your layout can be personalized to help you get them looking just right.

The Core Review Visual Builder Column

Then, once you’ve added a few columns to the layout, you can begin inserting any of the content elements into them.

The Core Review Visual Builder Content Elements

The collection of content elements is impressive and includes some very useful items. This includes buttons, icons, icon boxes, testimonials, and much more. You can also add a widget area to your layout and then use it to display any of the widgets that are active on your site.

The Core Review Visual Builder Edit Element

Once you’ve dragged and dropped a content element into your custom layout, you then have the option of personalizing it. This is really handy if you want to ensure your layout matches your branding or is optimized to help you reach your goals, such as higher conversion rates or increased page views.

As well as creating your own custom page layouts from scratch, the visual builder of The Core lets you edit any of the prebuilt pages that are included as part of your chosen demo theme.

The Core Review Customizer

You can also configure a few aspects of your website through the WordPress Customizer tool. This includes setting the site identity, managing widgets, and configuring the navigation menus. When using the Customizer, everything takes place through a live, front-end interface, giving you an immediate preview of your changes as you make them.

Multiple Page Templates and Blog Post Layouts

The Core Review Blog Post Layouts

As well as the prebuilt demo content, you will also find a number of prebuilt individual pages and layouts that you can use in your site or apply to your content. Some of the readymade templates cover such popular pages as the about us page, pricing, gallery, coming soon, and maintenance pages.

The Core Review About Us

There are also three portfolio styles you can make use of, giving you plenty of options for how you display your work. As well as the different styles, there are also different layouts for your portfolio, helping you to get the right look for the type of work you are sharing.

The Core Review Portfolio Style

Bloggers will appreciate the multiple blog post layouts on offer. These include full-width layouts, different sidebar configurations, and multiple grid post layouts.

Event Management

The Core Review Event Map

As well as including a prebuilt theme that is ideal for creating an Events website, The Core includes an events management tool. This allows you to create events in your WordPress dashboard and then share them with your audience.

The Core Review Events Location

Each event can include a title and description, much like a regular WordPress post. However, you can also specify a location for the event, set the time and date, and add a ticket price. Events can be organized with their own categories to make it easier for your visitors to find more of what interests them.

Theme Settings Control Panel

The Core Review Theme Settings

Through the theme settings control panel, you can further customize many aspects of The Core and your website. This includes setting the width of your website, uploading background images, choosing fonts, and selecting colors.

The Core Review Header

With The Core, you also get a good amount of control over how the headers on your site look and function. There are four prebuilt header styles to choose from, each with their own layout and arrangement of the logo and menus. Changing the header colors is easy, as is adding your own custom text.

Slideshow Builder Tools

The Core Review Slider

The Core theme package includes three different slideshow builder tools to help you add animated sliders to your posts and pages. This includes Slider Revolution and LayerSlider WP, the two most popular commercial slider plugins for WordPress.

The sliders can be used to display a range of content, including images, text, videos, and products from your store, in any combination. Both of the two commercial slider tools include prebuilt templates and demo slideshows. This should help you to get started and begin adding some life to your posts and pages.

The Core theme also includes full support for the free WooCommerce plugin. This allows you to build an online store with WordPress or add products and services to your website. This, along with the shop demo version, makes The Core a great WordPress e-commerce theme.

The Core Review: User Experience

The Core certainly has a lot of useful features and settings, so let’s take a look at how easy it is to build your WordPress website with.

Getting Setup

The Core Review Auto Setup

After you’ve activated The Core, you get a few options as to how to get started. As part of the auto setup, you can either choose to install and activate all of the required and recommended plugins and import the demo content or just add the plugins. There’s also a manual option for those who want more control over the setup process.

Importing the Demo Content

Importing the demo content can take some time. However, once the task is completed, you should have a site that closely resembles the demo version you've choosen. Then it’s up to you to either simply add your own content or open up the page builder tool and start editing the prebuilt page layouts.

Using the Page Builder

The page builder uses a familiar interface that allows you to add multi-column layouts to your pages. All the work takes place on the back-end of your site, in the WordPress admin dashboard. This is instead of taking a front-end approach to the user experience, as is becoming increasingly popular with this kind of tool.

The Core Review Builder UI

However, the user interface isn’t too tricky to grasp and once you get the hang of dragging and dropping the column layout elements into place, and then populating them with the available content elements, you can quickly build up some varied page layouts.

With The Core page builder tool, you do get a lot of control over how your layouts look, all without the need to edit any code directly. However, at times, it did feel a little rough around the edges, especially when trying to work with multiple elements and get them all into the right place at the same time.

Theme Settings

Once you’ve experimented with the page builder tool, you can move onto the theme settings control panel. This gives you a more traditional user interface for configuring the overall look and feel of your site.

The Core Review Fonts

Through the control panel, you can customize many aspects of your website, which is great. However, many modern WordPress themes now let you control these settings through the WordPress Customizer. The benefit of this is that you get a live preview of your changes as you make them, rather than having to save your settings, switch browser tabs, and refresh windows.

After you’ve finished setting up your site and customizing it, you can get started with adding your own content. This all takes place through the familiar WordPress user interface, and it’s just a case of choosing the right format – posts, events, portfolio, pages, or products – and adding your content.

The Core Pricing Details

The Core is competitively priced at $45. This is great value for money when you take into consideration all the different theme demos included in the package and the number of different websites you can quickly build. There’s also the two commercial slider plugins included in the package too.

You also have the option of joining the ThemeFuse club. This gives you access to all of their themes for one year at a cost of $195.

The Core WordPress Theme Review Conclusion

The Core is a great looking theme. With a good selection of prebuilt demo websites to choose from, there should be something suitable for most projects.

On paper, the feature list is impressive. With a drag and drop page builder tool and countless theme settings to work with, there should be no limit to what you can create.

At times, the custom page builder tool did feel a bit clunky and unresponsive. However, overall it could be relied on to get the job done. Another area that was slightly disappointing was the lack of support for the WordPress Customizer tool.

Nowadays, many modern WordPress themes let you configure their settings through the Customizer and its front-end interface, displaying the results of your changes in real time. This level of support is starting to feel like a standard feature, so it’s a shame not to see it used more here.

However, if you are happy with the different demo versions you get access to, you might not even need to make any changes to your site. So, therefore, this could all be moot.

In short, if you like the look of The Core and its feature list, then there is every chance it will enable you to build the website you have in mind.

The Core Review: A Multipurpose WordPress Theme


Great selection of prebuilt demos

Premium slider plugins included

Drag and drop page builder tool

Detailed theme options control panel

Competitively priced


Lack of support for the Customizer

No front-end page builder interface

Editor’s Rating
Price 59


The Core is a multipurpose WordPress theme with a great selection of prebuilt demo versions that can be installed in just a few clicks.

The Core is a multipurpose WordPress theme with a great selection of prebuilt demo versions that can be installed in just a few clicks.

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  1. I build websites for clients in my spare time and I bought this theme a few days ago. It’s really nice, the demos provided are very different and easy to work with, making it useful when you have a tight deadline for providing a client with a draft website. Regarding the Visual Builder, i found it powerful and awesome – no need for Customizer support. IMO this approach is way better than what other themes offer via the Customizer interface.

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