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How to Reset Your WordPress Website

If you are a website owner, designer, or developer, then being able to reset your WordPress website is a useful function that you may want to utilize. Luckily, there are many WordPress plugins that will allow you to reset the WordPress database of your website, returning your site to its original default settings. But, why and how might you need to do this?

In this article, we will show you how to reset your WordPress website using the free WordPress plugin WP Database Reset. We will share step-by-step instructions, walking you through how to install and use WP Database Reset. We will then finish by discussing a few other WordPress plugins that can be used to reset your WordPress website, including Advanced WordPress Reset and WP Reset. Ready to get started?

Why Might You Want to Reset Your WordPress Website?

Using a WordPress Reset plugin will reset your WordPress website to its default settings, wiping your WordPress database, and leaving you a fresh blank canvas to work on. There are many reasons why you might want to reset your WordPress website. Let’s take a look…

  • Fed up with your blog or website – If you want a whole new website or blog, then you can quickly wipe your site and start again from fresh. This might be ideal if your site is old and needs a total overhaul. However, don’t forget that if you reset your whole site you will lose all your content, so be sure you don’t want to keep any posts, pages, images, or other media.
  • Designing a new website – Designing a new website can take time and often a lot of playing around with different themes and layouts is required before you decide on a certain design that works for your brand. By installing a reset plugin, you can quicken up this process, as you will be able to immediately delete any designs you aren’t keen on and start again from scratch.
  • Using a staging environment – You may use a staging environment to test new themes or plugins. Or, you may be a developer who designs clients’ websites in a staging environment before pushing them to a live site. Either way, once you have finished tinkering around, you can quickly return your testing site to its default settings.
  • Cleaning up your website – Over time, with the installation of numerous themes and plugins, your WordPress database may become very bloated. Some WordPress Reset Plugins (WP Database Reset being one of them) will give you control over the reset settings, allowing you to just delete specific database tables so that you can clean up your website and enable it to run at its optimal performance level.

Although you can delete your website’s database manually, using a WordPress plugin is a much quicker and easier method. So, let’s now get acquainted with WP Database Reset, our recommended WordPress reset plugin…

WP Database Reset: An Introduction

Reset your WordPress Website WP Database Reset

WP Database Reset is a free WordPress plugin that comes with a user-friendly interface and allows you to reset your WordPress website without any programming knowledge.

WP Database Reset doesn’t delete your WordPress installation, it simply deletes the data from your database. Importantly, this plugin also gives you control over the reset settings, allowing you to delete specific database tables. This can be helpful if your site has become bloated and you want to simply clean it up.

Equally, if you prefer, WP Database Reset can return your whole WordPress database to its original default settings in one go. Top features of WP Database Reset include…

  • Free.
  • One-click reset.
  • Control over reset settings – Select to reset the entire WordPress database or individual database tables.
  • Safe and Secure – WP Database Reset uses security codes, so it isn’t possible to delete your WordPress database by mistake!
  • Works with the command line – Use WP Database Reset in conjunction with WordPress CLI to reset your site’s database in one command.

It is important to note that once you have reset your website using WP Database Reset, your database content is lost and can’t be retrieved. Therefore, we advise that you always create a backup of your website before you activate a reset. For more information, check out our article about how to back up a WordPress site.

So, now we know the benefits of using WP Database Reset to reset your WordPress website, let’s next look at how to install, set up and use this plugin…

How to Install WP Database Reset

WP Database Reset is a free plugin that can be found within the WordPress repository. To install this plugin, open your WordPress dashboard and select Plugins > Add New.

Add New Plugin

In the search bar, type in WP Database Reset. When the plugin has been retrieved, click on Install > Activate.

Install WP Database Reset

WP Database Reset will now have been installed on your site and can be found within your WordPress menu under Tools > Database Reset.

Tools Database Reset

For more information on WordPress plugin installations, check out our step-by-step beginners’ guide about how to install a WordPress plugin.

How to Reset Your WordPress Website Using WP Database Reset

To reset your WordPress website, select Tools > Database Reset from your WordPress menu. The plugin’s settings page will now open, and it is here that you can reset your database.

Reset your WordPress Website

Let’s first look at how to reset individual database tables…

How to Reset Specific Database Tables

To get started, click on Select Tables to choose the individual database tables you would like to reset. Below, you can see we have selected Users. By resetting the Users database table, all current users will be deleted, apart from the original default admin user who will be restored.

Database Reset Users

Before you select Reset, you will need to copy the security code into the text box below. This is to ensure no database content is deleted by mistake.

Reset Database Tables

Once you have entered the security code and you have double-checked you have selected the correct database tables, click on the Reset Tables button to clear these tables of content.

How to Reset Your Whole WordPress Database

If you simply want to reset your whole WordPress database, click on Select all Tables.

Select All Tables

A list of all your WordPress database tables will now be displayed. If there are any specific ones that you don’t want to reset then you can remove them from the list.

Remove Database Tables

You can also decide if you want to delete or retain your site’s current theme and plugins. Then, when you are ready, enter the security code and click on Reset to clear all your website’s database tables.

If you have a problem with WP Database Reset or a question about this plugin, head over to the plugin’s Support Forum page you can find in the WordPress repository.

Other WordPress Reset Plugins

WP Database Reset is easy to use and offers impressive functionality that gives you control over the reset settings. However, if you aren’t convinced by this plugin, there are plenty of others to choose from. Let’s take a look at a couple of others that are worth a mention…

Advanced WordPress Reset

Advanced WordPress Reset

Advanced WordPress Reset will enable you to reset your WordPress database back to its original installation status. However, all files are kept as they are, so WordPress core, as well as all your themes and plugins, are not deleted or modified.

Here are the top features that Advanced WordPress Reset provides…

  • Free.
  • Quick and easy reset process.
  • Deletes all database content (including posts, pages, options, and more).
  • Deletes all customizations made by themes and plugins.
  • Keeps the blog name and original admin user after reset.

If you are looking to simply clean up your WordPress database, there is also a sister plugin, Advanced Database Cleaner, that may be more appropriate.

WP Reset

WP Reset

WP Reset has been created by WebFactory Ltd, the same developers that designed WP Database Reset. This free plugin offers advanced functionality and is a great option for plugin and theme developers. Let’s take a look at what this plugin offers…

  • Resetting – Delete pages, posts, comments, media entries, users, all default WP database tables, all custom database tables, and much more.
  • Partial settings – Choose whether to keep or delete plugins, themes, uploads, media files, site title, site address, and search engine visibility settings, to name a few options.
  • Multiple fail-safe mechanisms – Prevent data loss.
  • WP CLI support.
  • Multisite support.

For more information on this plugin, check out the website.

Final Thoughts on How to Reset Your WordPress Website

If you want to reset your WordPress website then you should look to install WP Database Reset. It works out of the box and provides you with a user-friendly admin interface. Besides resetting your entire site, it also lets you do a partial cleanup by selecting only the database tables you want to revert to their default settings. Alternatively, you can consider the Advanced WordPress Reset and WP Reset plugins as well that offer slightly different reset functionality.

Do you have any questions on resetting your WordPress database with a plugin? If so, feel free to ask away in the comments below… 

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  1. I use WP Reset – it is definitely the best one from the list, and I suggest it to everyone. It helps me reset things after testing new themes for new sites I build for clients. I just go and click button to reset themes and I am ready to move on working on other things 🙂

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