TheShop is a Woocommerce compatible theme. Its primary use is as an ecommerce theme but it works great even if you only want to use it for blogging. Demo content You can download the demo content from our demo site by clicking here. To import it, from your dashboard go to Tools > Import > […]


Thank you for your interest in the Rocked WordPress theme. Rocked works either as a business theme or as a blogging theme. Quick start guide Importing the settings file Settings up your front page Creating services/employees etc. Adding block to your front page Row styling Selecting fonts Using Polylang Rocked Pro Quick start guide This is […]


Thank you for your interest in the Perth WordPress theme. Perth works either as a business theme or as a blogging theme. This documentation mostly helps with building a business site similar to our demo page. Quick start guide Importing the settings file Settings up your front page Creating services/employees etc. Creating projects Adding block to […]


Bistro is a child theme of Sydney. To see the documentation for Sydney (which also applies for Bistro), please follow this link. The only specific aspect to Bistro is its integration with the Restaurant plugin. You must install this plugin to be able to achieve something like our demo site. After you get familiar with Sydney, […]


Setting up NewsAnchor is easy. All you need to do is create a static front page, assign the Front Page template to it and add the pre-built widgets to the Home Page widget area. The videos below can help. Setting up your static front page Adding widgets to your front page The carousel Using Google […]

Updating the Revolution Slider plugin

If you’re updating Moesia Pro and you get a notice in the Theme Details that a new version of Revolution Slider is available, here’s what you need to do after you update the theme: 1. Go to the Revolution Slider tab in your admin area and click on Export Slider and you’ll automatically download a .zip […]


Things you need 1. Page Builder by Site Origin plugin 2. Types plugin 3. Settings file for the Types plugin. Simply right click and save as .xml the file from HERE. Front page configuration I – Setting your static front page Front page configuration part II – Building your front page Icon list used in […]


Thank you for your interest in Katori! Katori is a free WordPress theme that is meant for photographers who want to show some of their work on their own website. It also works great just as a simple blog theme, in case your portfolio isn’t yet ready to be shown to the world. Let’s see […]


Thank you for downloading Quill! This theme is meant to serve as a platform on which law firm can build their online presence. Although law firms are the primary target of this theme, Quill can be very suited for other types of businesses too. Contents Quick start guide Recommended plugins General settings Welcome area Blog […]

Alizee pro

Thank you for purchasing Alizee Pro. The ease of setup was one of the main focues of this theme, so you shouldn’t have any problems getting your site up and running in no time. Let’s see how you should setup some of the custom features of Alizee Pro. Contents Recommended plugins General settings Layout Slider […]


Thank you for your interest in aReview. Setting up your new website using this theme is an easy thing to do and should be done fast, even for inexperienced users. Contents Plugins General Review mode Carousel Colors Social Icons 1. Plugins When you install and activate the theme, you’ll notice that a message will appear […]


Moesia/Moesia Pro Thank you for your interest in Moesia! This article aims to help you set up your awesome website using this theme. Although it works perfectly fine as a stand-alone blog, Moesia is meant to be a business theme, so you’ll get the most out of it if you use it in this manner. […]