Sydney Pro

May 4, 2017

Version 1.56

  • ChangedLet Woocommerce handle the product gallery slider;
  • AddedAdded multiple premade demos;
  • ChangedUpdated Woocommerce file;
  • ChangedSmall CSS changes;
  • RemovedRemoved decimals output from Facts widget;
April 12, 2017

Version 1.55

  • FixedMissing widgets issue with the latest Page Builder update (currently rolled back).
April 5, 2017

Version 1.54

  • ChangedFew changes for WooCommerce 3.0.0 compatibility;
March 29, 2017

Version 1.53

  • ChangedReverted back to the old preloader method;
  • AddedOption to switch between full screen and responsive for the mobile slider (default: responsive)
  • FixedButton issue when text slider was set to stopped.
March 27, 2017

Version 1.52

  • ChangedHeader slider is no longer fullscreen on mobiles;
  • ChangedModified Fitvids init. method;
  • AddedAdded pricing tables widget;
  • RemovedRemoved unused Flexslider code;
  • ChangedFacts widget now supports decimals and automatically adds commas for thousands;
  • ChangedCombined Google Fonts into a single request;
  • AddedAdded lightbox mode for the video widget;
  • ChangedSubmenu now opens to the left on smaller resolutions to avoid overflow;
  • ChangedChanged preloader to pure CSS;
  • AddedAdded color option for the mobile menu toggle;
  • AddedAdded color option for top menu items hover;
  • ChangedMinor CSS improvements;
February 22, 2017

Version 1.51

  • AddedVarious Woocommerce options available through the Customizer.
  • ChangedSome Woocommerce improvements.
January 31, 2017

Version 1.50

  • AddedAdded RTL stylesheet;
  • FixedInitial slider position when logged in on Firefox;
  • FixedRemoved stray section tag from testimonials widget.
January 6, 2017

Version 1.49

  • FixedQuick fix: Line height for timeline icons.
December 19, 2016

Version 1.48

  • ChangedMinor CSS changes;
  • FixedFixed static menu issue. Cache clearing might be needed.
December 16, 2016

Version 1.47

  • AddedSupport for the One Click Demo Import plugin. More info on the documentation page;
  • ChangedSmooth scroll code now targets only menu items and buttons in order to avoid the code running where it shouldn't.
    Tip: for custom implementations, you can now add the .smoothscroll class to your links;
  • ChangedFeatured images in services are now clickable if a custom link is present;
  • ChangedBody line height is now unitless instead of fixed;
  • FixedLayout issue on employees archive;
  • AddedSupport for video header option introduced in WP 4.7;
  • AddedAction hooks added throughout the theme;
  • ChangedMenu can now be sticky on pages without header;