September 25, 2020

Version 1.69

  • AddedAdded support for LifterLMS.
  • AddedNew filter: sydney_single_post_meta_enable
  • AddedNew filter: sydney_custom_css
  • AddedNew filter: sydney_single_post_nav_enable
  • AddedNew filter: sydney_content_area_class
September 15, 2020

Version 1.68

  • AddedAdded support for new slider Elementor block (requires latest Sydney Toolbox).
  • FixedFixed issue with theme upload page.
August 28, 2020

Version 1.67

  • AddedAdded missing image alt tags. Updating Sydney Toolbox is also required for full effect.
August 11, 2020

Version 1.66

  • FixedFixed menu layout when there are too many menu items.
August 7, 2020

Version 1.65

  • ChangedRestyled most WooCommerce elements to provide a more modern design.
  • AddedAdded a few new WooCommerce options.
  • ChangedCart and checkout pages now function stricly without a sidebar.
  • AddedAdded a WooCommerce shop demo. Requires the latest Sydney Toolbox.
  • AddedMain shop and product categories archives now allow you to show specific featured images in the header area.
  • AddedAdded design integration for YITH plugins: quickview, wishlist and compare.
  • AddedNew menu option: contained or full width (Customize > Header Area > Menu layout)
  • AddedNew menu option: header custom item. It allows you to use a button or custom HTML as the last menu item (Customize > Header Area > Menu layout)
June 26, 2020

Version 1.64

  • AddedCompliance with new theme check rules.
  • AddedAdded wp_body_open() action right after starting body tag.
  • AddedAdded shim for wp_body_open() function for WP versions < 5.2
  • RemovedRemoved theme custom favicon output.
  • RemovedRemoved backwards compatibility for document title.
June 10, 2020

Version 1.63

  • AddedAbility to show/hide features images globally on single pages. Features images are hidden by default.
May 14, 2020

Version 1.62

  • AddedAdded full WPML compatibility.
May 5, 2020

Version 1.61

  • FixedFixed possible Owl version conflicts with plugins.
March 13, 2020

Version 1.60

  • FixedFixed broken mobile menu icon color option.
  • FixedFirefox bug creating a gap in the header slider.
  • FixedCustomizer CSS bug caused by incompatibility with The Events Calendar plugin.