Thank you for your interest in the Rocked WordPress theme. Rocked works either as a business theme or as a blogging theme.

  1. Quick start guide
  2. Importing the settings file
  3. Settings up your front page
  4. Creating services/employees etc.
  5. Adding block to your front page
  6. Row styling
  7. Selecting fonts
  8. Using Polylang
  9. Rocked Pro

Quick start guide

This is what you need to do in order to use Rocked at its full capacity:

– install Types and the Page Builder plugins (they show up as recommended when you activate the theme);

– import the settings file for Types (this will create custom post types for services, employees, testimonials, clients and projects). Types > Import/Export. See the first video below.

– if you need a quick start, you can import the demo content from our demo site. Go to your admin area then Tools > Import > WordPress and select the file you just downloaded. If you import the demo content you don't need to create front and blog pages – they are created for you. The next step for you is to go to Appearance > Customize > Static Front Page. Change ‘Front page displays' to ‘A static page' and select My front page for Front age and My blog page for Posts page. Hit ‘Save and Publish'. Now your home page should be looking pretty similar to our demo!

Importing the settings file

This video shows how to import the settings file for any of our themes that use Types.

Setting up your front page

Creating services/employees etc.

Adding blocks to your front page

Row styling

Selecting fonts

Using Polylang

See this page about using Polylang with Rocked.

Rocked Pro

Rocked Pro is available for purchase here.

As stated on the theme's feature page, Rocked Pro provides header integration for the Crelly Slider plugin. We have a quick setup guide and some useful code snippets for it here.

If you plan to use the new timeline widget or the single post/page options, you need to get the settings file specific to Rocked Pro and just import it like you did the first one. Get it here.