12 Best Classified Ads WordPress Themes 2021

If you want to create a website where you or your visitors can publish listings and adverts, then this collection of the best classified ads WordPress themes will give you lots of options.

With so many varied templates to choose from, regardless of what type of classified adverts and listings you want to accommodate on your website, you’re sure to find a theme with suitable design here. As well as the stylish designs of these themes, they all come with lots of useful features to help make your WordPress classifieds ads website a success.

Even though the pre-built content looks highly professional, you’re not limited to using these themes as they come. Many of them include page builder tools to help you customize the demo content, while the other ones support the leading content editor plugins for WordPress. Therefore, if you don’t find a theme with a demo that’s a perfect fit for your project, you shouldn’t find it hard to make the necessary changes.

Thanks to the WordPress classified ads themes found in this collection, creating this type of website has never been easier.

1. Classiads

Classiads features a modern and stylish design that makes it a great choice for selling or advertising almost any type of item.

The homepage of any website using this theme will be very attractive, featuring a very easy to navigate menu system and category links that make it straightforward for your visitors to find exactly what they are looking for.

With Classiads, thanks to the Google Maps integration, you can even sort your listings by location, with markers on a map being used to convey to visitors where each listed item is located. If you choose to enable the geo location feature, your visitors will automatically be shown the items that are physically closest to them for an even more user friendly experience.

Not only does this theme support traditional text and image based adverts, but it also includes support for video ads. Simply enter the video embed code and you will be able to start showing attention grabbing video adverts on your website.

When it comes to monetising your classifieds website, Classiads makes it easy to create multiple pricing plans, each with their own set of features. Payments are collected via PayPal, giving you a hands-off way of managing your website and generating an income from it.

In the update that was recently released for the Classiads theme, the ability to moderate content that is submitted was added to the site, as well as being able to first moderate any changes that are made to existing content on your site before they go live.

If you are building an online classified ads platform then the Classiads WordPress theme includes all the features you might ever need, all brought together in one very attractive package.

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2. Classima

Classima has five homepage layouts to give you lots of options for your classified WordPress website.

Thanks to the five demos that you get access to with Classima, you can use this theme for a range of classified websites. All of the demos have been designed to a high standard to ensure that your website has a trustworthy and reputable look. Due to this, Classima should be able to help you launch an online directory that visually compares to well-known services such as Airbnb and similar sites.

As well as the more standard classified site demos, you can also use this theme to add a membership component to your website. Thanks to this, you get another way to define how your visitors can interact with your content, with the option of charging them a fee to access your classifieds. Other monetization options include displaying adverts around your website and charging users a one-time fee to publish a classified listing.

If you’re wondering how the classifieds functionality of Classima is delivered, this theme includes the premium Classifieds Listing Pro plugin and the Store Memberships Pro plugin at no extra cost. With these tools to hand, you should have everything you need to launch your new classifieds site.

When it comes to customizing the templates that make up this theme, you can use the updated version of the WordPress editor to work on the layouts of your listings or open up the pre-built content for editing through the visual interface of the supported Elementor page builder plugin. As well as using the editors to customize your site, you can also adjust many aspects of your classifieds directory through the powerful theme options control panel. Furthermore, each time you publish a new entry or listing in your directory, you can choose from multiple templates to ensure that it has the right look and layout.

If you’re looking for a WordPress classified theme with a highly modern design, Classima is hard to beat.

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3. Brikk

Brikk is a directory and listings theme for creating classifieds ads websites.

This theme has a versatile look and style that makes it suitable for a range of listings and classified ads websites. Whether you want to display ads for accommodation, places to visit, or almost any other business or service you can think of, Brikk should work well.

To help you organize your ads and display them in the right way, Brikk has a good system for handling custom fields and taxonomies. The editable front-end forms make it easy to accept listings in the format that you want.

Other features, like the stylish user account dashboard templates, the notifications system, and the chat messaging tool all combine to help your classified ads website deliver a professional user experience.

Brikk is a highly versatile classified ads theme that can be deployed in many different ways.

4. Classiera

Classiera has been created to help you build a classifieds or listings website with WordPress.

Whether you want to create an online space where your visitors can sign up and list their services and items for sale, or a directory where local businesses and attractions can be listed online, this theme has got you covered.

To help the listings on your website really stand out from the competition, Classiera allows you to create video listings. Adding the videos to a listing is very straightforward and now your members have a more effective way of promoting their business, product, or service on your website, while your audience has an easier way to digest the content on your site.

When it comes to adding listings to your website, Classiera makes use of front-end submission forms. These forms simplify the listing submission process, making it easier for your users to add their classified adverts to the site. If you plan to monetize your website by charging your users a fee for adding a listing, then this theme gives you plenty of options. Through the settings, you can create free plans with premium upgrades, or make all of your plans paid options.

On the design side of things, Classiera includes multiple homepage layouts that can be applied to your site in a few clicks. This gives you plenty of options for setting up your website and getting the look and feel just right. There are also a few different blog templates to choose from, which will be useful if you plan to publish news and other information on your site.

Thanks to the Google Maps integration, it’s easy to add interactive maps to your listings. If you are building a classifieds website, the maps could be used to provide basic information about where the item can be picked up from, whereas for a listings directory, your users can give visitors an easy way to find their business.

Classiera has a very modern and stylish design that will help give your classifieds website and its listings a professional appearance.

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5. AdForest

AdForest has over 16 pre-defined homepage layouts for you to choose from for your WordPress classifieds website.

Now on version 3.0, the latest AdForest release gives you a whole new set of website options to work with. Once you’ve browsed the different site demos, you can import your favorite design in just a few clicks. With so many different options available, regardless of what type of listings and classifieds website you’re creating, you should be able to find a suitable design here.

After you’ve imported the demo content, the next step is to configure how your classifieds website will work. Thanks to the AdForest settings and options, you should be able to define exactly how your site and its adverts and listings are organized. Whether you want to let your visitors bid on your advertising slots, support multiple currencies, or use the messaging system, it’s completely up to you with AdForest.

Through the WooCommerce integration, you can also set up your site to collect payments directly from users. Other useful features you can make use of with this theme include the radius search tool which helps your visitors to find the listings closest to them and an optional Android app for promoting your website more effectively to mobile users. You also have the option of enabling social logins to make it easier for your visitors to sign up using their Facebook and Google accounts.

If you’re looking for a feature-rich classifieds WordPress theme with lots of different designs to choose from, be sure to check out AdForest.

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6. ClassiPress

ClassiPress has been designed by AppThemes, an outfit that specialize in this type of feature-packed single purpose WordPress theme.

ClassiPress is currently on version 3, in which the developers have included lots of great new features, and improved the core functionality of the theme to create a very popular and flexible product.

The theme features a fully customizable homepage, with two included layouts to choose from, and five different colour schemes. There is also a great selection of child themes for ClassiPress, which allow you to make use of its excellent functionality, but totally change the look and feel of your site.

When it comes to making money from your classifieds website, there is no shortage of options with this theme. You can create multiple pricing modules based on the three core monetization options: fixed rate, percentage, or category based.

Within those three options you can set your own rates, and decide which features users get depending on the level they choose. With ClassiPress there is also the option to create membership packs which give you even more flexibility, such as offering 30 day unlimited plans or whatever best suits your site.

ClassiPress from AppThemes also includes user dashboard for letting your members manage their listings and their profiles through a set of front end forms.

This theme is a feature packed option with lots of opportunities for customization, or just using as it is out of the box to create a classifieds website with WordPress.

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7. Adifier

Adifier is a feature-packed WordPress theme that can be used to create almost any type of classifieds website.

Whatever type of listings you want to publish or audience you want to service, Adifier could be the theme you’re looking for. Not only does this theme have a good selection of varied templates, but it’s also highly configurable and can be set up for almost any type of project.

Another good reason to consider Adifier is the wealth of payment or monetization options. With this theme, your website can be configured to collect payments from your users in a range of different ways. For example, you can charge your audience a fee for submitting a listing. Or alternatively, you can let them make listing submissions for free but offer them paid upgrades, such as making their submission a featured listing or adding extra elements to their listing, like an interactive map or an image gallery.

As well as offering one-time payment options, you can also offer subscription options that collect payments on a recurring basis for ongoing access to your service. As everything about Adifier is highly customizable, you can set up the payment aspects of your website in almost any way that you want. Methods for collecting payments aren’t in short supply either, with support for all the main payment gateways and processors.

Other useful features of Adifier that you might be interested in include the ability to import listings in XML or CSV format, giving you a quick way to populate your site with classified ads as well as a messaging system that lets your users contact each other through your site with ease.

If you like the sound of Adifier or you’d like to know more, there’s an online demo available that lets you log into the admin area of a website using this theme. Thanks to this, you can check out the all-important controls and really get a good sense of how this theme works and if Adifier is right for your website.

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8. Reveal

Reveal is a business-focused classifieds ads WordPress theme that offers seven different demos and various templates, making it easy to set up your site.

Designed for displaying classified ads related to local and online businesses, Reveal is ideal for sharing the details of restaurants, tourist attractions, and real estate opportunities to name just a few. Depending on which of the Reveal demos you choose, your directory can be built around an interactive map that displays the location of physical businesses, or a listings-based design that’s better suited to promoting ads from online entities.

Reveal also has multiple templates for your listings pages, ensuring that you’ll be able to display each classified ad in the best way possible. As this theme is highly configurable, you can mix and match the features of the various demos and templates to build a bespoke classifieds ads website that’s perfect for your project.

Reveal works with the Elementor plugin to give you full creative control over your websites.

9. Lisfinity

Lisfinity has some very modern and stylish looking demos for your classified website.

The main Lisfinity demo looks great and should work well for publishing any type of listing or advert online. This theme doesn’t just have a nice design, though, it also has the features to back up those good looks. For example, the powerful search tool is on hand for visitors who know what they’re looking for, while the category grids and other listing display panels are aimed at those who are more interested in browsing your ads to see what’s available.

Another really useful element of the Lisfinity demo is the how-it-works panel. This section gives you an opportunity to display the key steps involved in using your classifieds ads board, including registering and submitting an ad. However, as this element of Lisfinity and the rest of this theme is highly configurable, you can easily edit the placeholder text to make it more relevant to your website.

Other elements on the main demo homepage layout include a reviews panel for displaying feedback from your users, a partners section that can be used to display the details of brands or companies that are listed on your site, and promo ads that users have paid for to receive extra exposure on the front of your site. As there are multiple demos in the Lisfinity package, you get a good selection of homepage and other content layouts to choose from.

As Lisfinity is highly configurable, you can control exactly what content is displayed in your listings, how the page templates will look, and how the powerful search tool functions. All this gives you lots of control over how your portal will look and work, making Lisfinity ideal for those with more bespoke and unique requirements. As there’s a good walkthrough video on the Lisfinity website, you can see for yourself how this theme works, what it can do, and how it can be used to create a classified ads portal with WordPress.

Lisfinity has lots of monetization options, too, giving you a range of ways to make money from your site.

More Info / Download Demo

10. Classifieds


Classifieds is a purpose built WordPress package from Templatic that allows you to build a fully functioning website for listing adverts.

Classifieds runs on top of the Directory framework, also from Templatic, giving you access to all the features and functionality of that product, combined with the additional features needed to run and manage a classifieds website.

Through the features of this theme you can create a local listings website, or go global and take advantage of the 200 preloaded countries and 4,000 states. This theme integrates closely with Google Maps making it very easy to quickly display to your visitors where each listing is located.

As running a classifieds website can be a great way to make money online, the Classifieds theme includes a number of monetization options to help your website generate revenue. This includes allowing you to charge for publishing individual listings, as well as creating pricing packages covering multiple listings. You can also offer paid upgrades, such as featured listings or enabling the ability to post a single listing in multiple categories for increased exposure. PayPal integration comes as standard so you can process payments using this popular service, or choose from the available payment processor add-ons.

As well as the add-ons for increasing the payment methods you can accept, there is also a wide range of other plugins for this theme that really allow you to expand the scope of your website. While Classifieds works perfectly well out of the box, if your needs grow in the future, it will come as a relief to know that there are a number of prebuilt options ready to be installed to make your website even more useful.

Classifieds combines a simple but effective design with a great set of features which can be expanded by the available optional upgrades.

More Info / Download Demo

11. Motors

Motors is a multipurpose WordPress theme for selling and advertising cars online.

If you want to create a classified ads website that specializes in selling cars and other vehicles, then Motors should be on your shortlist. Thanks to the 15 website demos in the Motors package, you should be able to find a suitable option that you can quickly import into your WordPress dashboard to launch your site.

Among the Motors demos are multiple options for classifieds ads websites as well as designs for creating car dealership sites with WordPress. Depending on which of the classifieds demos you choose, the homepage of your website could feature an interactive map that displays the listings according to their location or a design that has a large search box and set of filters that encourage your visitors to start looking for the type of item they’re most interested in as soon as they arrive at your site.

If you do add a search box to your classifieds website, you can set up multiple filters that will help your visitors find what they’re looking for. You can also enable the listings comparison feature that enables your users to quickly compare multiple vehicles or whatever type of items you’re listing on your site.

When it comes to adding listings to your site, you can add them one by one through your WordPress dashboard, or use the CSV and XML import feature to quickly populate your classifieds site with lots of content in one go. Another option is giving your visitors the ability to add their own listings to your website, and if you do enable this feature, you can decide whether or not to charge them a fee for creating a listing. As this theme supports PayPal payments, you can collect payments easily through it. Alternatively, you can put in place your own system for collecting payments by installing a third-party plugin that matches your specific requirements.

When it comes to creating classified ads websites that list cars and other vehicles, Motors is an impressive option.

More Info / Download Demo

12. Knowhere Pro

Knowhere Pro is billed as being the most complex classifieds ads WordPress theme.

When it comes to this complexity, it’s more about the different ways that this theme can be used and configured than how difficult it is to use. As Knowhere Pro is highly configurable, you should be able to set it up in exactly the way that you want. Thanks to this, it should be suitable for promoting physical locations and business premises, employment opportunities, and items that are for sale.

The demos that come with Knowhere Pro reflect the different ways it can be used, with ready-made options for creating travel guide directories, city portals, local directories, sites listing properties for sale, and job boards. You can use this theme for other types of classified ads sites, but if one of the demos is a good match for your project, the pre-built content will give you a really good head start. Although it’s relatively easy to install the demo content thanks to the one-click importer feature, each purchase of this theme does include a free demo installation from the developers. Simply send them a message and provide access to your WordPress admin area and they will do the rest.

Knowhere Pro has more than its selection of demos and content templates going for it, though. Thanks to the included and supported plugins, you can easily collect payments through your website. Not only that, but you can also set up a membership system that charges users a recurring fee for ongoing access to your entire classifieds ads website or certain parts of it.

As Knowhere Pro is compatible with the WooCommerce Bookings add-on, you can install this tool to enable bookings to be placed through your website. This could be especially useful if you’re listing bookable services or accommodation.

Knowhere Pro has everything that’ll be required for most WordPress-powered classifieds ads websites.

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