14 Best Multi-Vendor WordPress Themes 2022

If you want to create your own eCommerce marketplace, these multi-vendor WordPress themes can help you get started.

Designed for creating stores where multiple vendors can sign up and start listing their products for sale on your WordPress website, these themes work with all of the best eCommerce plugins available today.

Thanks to the templates that come with these themes, you can use them in single vendor mode, as well as for creating a multi-vendor platform. This gives you the option of launching your store with just your own products, with the ability to switch to multi-vendor marketplace mode once you’ve attracted some additional sellers.

By installing the recommended third-party plugins, such as WooCommerce and Dokan, these themes allow you to build a marketplace where you can earn commission on the products sold by your vendors or monetize your site by charging the sellers on your site a fee to sign up.

As the best multi-vendor WordPress themes are highly flexible, there’s no limit to the type of eCommerce marketplace you can create with them or the types of products that can be sold.

1. Dealsdot

Dealsdot is a multi-vendor WordPress theme with a focus on creating coupon and deal sites.

With two fully-formed multi-vendor marketplace eCommerce store demos, you can quickly get started on your website as soon as you’ve installed this theme. While Dealsdot can be used like a regular multi-vendor marketplace theme where users can sign up and submit their products for sale, it also works well for building sites that list deals and coupons.

To give your store or website a professional look, the Dealsdot demos include lots of the common features you’d expect to find on an eCommerce platform. This includes well-designed slideshows for showcasing your best products, deals, or coupons; high-quality product page templates complete with image galleries, tabbed areas, and a related products section; and a powerful search tool that can help your visitors find exactly what they’re looking for.

Dealsdot has been built to work with the WooCommerce plugin, making it easy to add almost any eCommerce functionality to your store via the huge library of extensions available for WooCommerce, including the many multi-vendor add-ons.

If you like the look of the Dealsdot templates, this theme has all the features you should need for your multi-vendor store.

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2. Urna

Urna is a WooCommerce theme that’s been designed specifically for creating multi-vendor marketplaces.

To help you set your multi-vendor platform up in the right way, Urna works with all of the leading eCommerce solutions for this type of project. This includes Dokan and all of the other multi-vendor add-ons available for WooCommerce, such as WCFM and WC Vendors. With 25+ eCommerce store demos, including multi-vendor marketplace options, you should be able to find a suitable option from Urna.

As part of the setup process, all of the plugins included in the Urna theme package will be installed with the demo content, ready for you to use. Some examples of the plugins that come with Urna include Slider Revolution, WooCommerce Products Filter, and WPBakery Page Builder. You can also use the Elementor and WPBakery Page Builder plugins to customize the templates of the Urna theme.

Urna works with any type of product, so no matter what will be listed on your marketplace, this theme should be suitable.

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3. Machic

Machic is an electronics multi-vendor WooCommerce store theme.

This theme is ideal for creating a marketplace where your vendors will be mainly selling electronic goods, technology items, and gadgets. The homepage layouts cover a few different varieties. However, each one has the ability to display lots of products in a well-organized format on the front page of your eCommerce store. Thanks to Elementor support, you get a lot of creative control over the design of your site.

When it comes to eCommerce features, you can use product image hover effects, an Ajax-powered mini cart, and advanced product filtering to enhance your store. Other features, such as infinite product scroll, quick views, video support, and well-designed product page templates, all combine to make Machic a theme that’s sure to be able to help you build a professional-looking multi-vendor store with WordPress and WooCommerce.

The Machic theme setup wizard will get you up and running in no time.

4. Aora

Aora is a multi-vendor eCommerce theme that should work with any type of product. It was built to work with all of the best plugins that add the necessary functionality to your site including the Dokan, WC Marketplace, and WC Vendors plugins.

The three main website demos that come with Aora are very neutral in terms of their designs. The homepage layouts are similar to those you’d find at large well-known online stores such as Amazon or Wayfair. The default layouts feature large product sliders, product category links, and sections for sharing the details of your promotions.

You’ll also find numerous category and product page templates in the Aora package. The product pages use a range of different design features such as tabs, sliders, carousels, and more. These options are all flexible, ensuring that you can create product pages that range from very minimal through to feature-packed designs to help you get the style of your shop just right.

If you’re looking for a multi-vendor marketplace theme that should be compatible with any type of product, look no further than Aora.

5. Rigid

Rigid has lots to offer if you’re creating multi-vendor stores with WordPress.

Among the demos of Rigid is an Etsy-style option which could be a great choice if you want to sell craft and handmade products at your marketplace. The rest of the demos have more of a neutral style which means they should work with any type of product.

The homepage templates have been designed to a very high standard. Some of the elements included on the homepage are large panels with a video background, interactive product grids with hover-activated icons, and signup forms that enable your customers to join your email list. If you want to add a blog to your multi-vendor store, Rigid has all of the templates needed for that as well as the pre-built content for all the other pages you’ll usually find at an online shop.

As Rigid works with all of the best eCommerce addons for WordPress, you don’t need to worry about a lack of features when building your multi-vendor marketplace. Like many of the best themes of this type, you might need to purchase a few extra addons to get your site working exactly how you want but all of the core functionality for creating an online shop is included in the Rigid package.

Rigid is a powerful eCommerce theme that has all the well-designed templates your store should require.

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6. Digic

Digic is another electronics theme with great multi-vendor support.

As Digic works well with the WC Marketplace, WC Vendors, and Dokan plugins, you should be able to set your multi-vendor store up in the way that you want. Digic also works with the Elementor website builder plugin, enabling you to customize the design of your store as much as you need to.

As well as having templates that will give your electronics store a trustworthy and professional appearance, Digic also has lots of the eCommerce features usually found at well-known online stores. Some examples include a fast instant search tool, a powerful product filter, and 360-degree product views. There’s also a widget that displays products that are frequently bought together to help you generate more sales from your customers.

Digic has multiple demos to choose from for your WooCommerce marketplace.

7. Marketo

Marketo is a multipurpose marketplace theme with nine eCommerce store demos.

Whether you find a demo in the Marketo package that’s an exact match for your vision or you decide to edit one of the demos and adjust it to meet your requirements, this is a theme with lots of potential.

The feature list of Marketo isn’t lacking either. To help you get your store looking just right, there are multiple header layouts to choose from. You can quickly change the overall personality of your store, too, simply by switching the color palette. Rather than having to adjust all of the individual colors that are in use on your website, you can just press a button to implement a new color scheme. Alternatively, you can also take a more granular approach to customizing your store and handpick the colors and fonts that are used throughout your website.

As Marketo comes with multiple product templates, you can select the best option based on the type of product you’ll be selling and your personal preferences. Marketo has multiple header layouts, too, including a few mega menu options that let you display additional content such as product images in your drop-down menu areas.

With good Elementor support and lots of other customization options, Marketo is a flexible multi-vendor theme.

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8. eMarket

eMarket aims to be a very versatile eCommerce theme for all types of online stores.

With over 22 homepage demos in this theme package, you get access to a wide range of layouts to help you build almost any type of store with WordPress including multi-vendor eCommerce marketplaces. From gaming and gadgets to fashion and furniture, there are plenty of product types and categories that are covered by these demos. Furthermore, as they’re all highly configurable, you can quickly adjust them to better suit your needs.

To help you to get the templates looking exactly how you want, this theme comes with the premium WPBakery Page Builder plugin, included at no extra cost. eMarket is also fully compatible with the popular Elementor page builder plugin. Other customization features, such as the unlimited color options and multiple layouts, give you lots of scope for personalizing your multi-vendor marketplace.

When it comes to eCommerce features, eMarket has a lot of built-in functionality. For example, the AJAX live search tool has an auto-complete feature that displays images in its live results to help your customers find what they’re looking for, while the support for adding variations to your products, such as colors and sizes, works really well too. The AJAX-powered add-to-cart functionality will give your store a premium look, and the wish list and product comparison tools are sure to come in handy as well.

eMarket has some really useful eCommerce features to help enhance your multi-vendor platform.

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9. Martfury

As Martfury has been specifically built for maximum compatibility with the most popular multi-vendor WordPress plugins, including Dokan, WC Vendors, WC Marketplace, and WCFM Marketplace, there’s a good chance that you’ll have no problem adding the multi-vendor functionality to your website in the way that you want.

There’s a good selection of multi-vendor marketplace demos in the Martfury package. You should find that templates for all of the pages that you and your vendors need to create to manage their product listings and accounts are available. The templates can all be edited with either the included WPBakery Page Builder or the popular Elementor plugin.

When it comes to eCommerce features, Martfury isn’t lacking either. There’s a product deal feature that helps you add time-sensitive promotions to your marketplace to encourage sales and a trending search widget that shares the popular terms visitors to your store are looking for. The recently-viewed products panel reminds your shoppers of what they were last looking at, with a link that takes them back to that item if they’d like to add it to their cart.

Martfury combines an appealing look with great functionality for any multi-vendor marketplace site.

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10. iBid

iBid is a multi-vendor WordPress theme with support for running auctions on your website. The demos can all be used in single or multi-vendor mode, with auctions enabled or disabled depending on your preferences. Thanks to this, there are lots of ways to configure this theme when building your eCommerce platform.

Whether or not you decide to enable the auction functionality of iBid, you can also use many of the other eCommerce features of this theme to create a custom multi-vendor website with WordPress. Some examples of these features include the sortable table tool for creating product comparison displays, the countdown timers that can be used for deals as well as time-sensitive auctions, and the social login feature that makes it easier for new customers to sign up and log in at your store by using their existing social media accounts.

The templates are all highly versatile too. There are multiple grid layouts for displaying all of the products in a particular category as well as a good selection of single product templates. As this theme comes with the powerful WPBakery Page Builder plugin, you can open up all of those templates for editing through a drag-and-drop user interface.

In addition to right-to-left text support, iBid also works with the WPML plugin to help you create a multilingual eCommerce store. Thanks to compatibility with the Dokan WPML add-on, you can unlock extra functionality for translating your multi-vendor store and its products into more than one language.

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11. Kunstwerk

Kunstwerk is a multi-vendor theme for stores selling craft goods and artisan products.

Kunstwerk has three different homepage designs. The demos do have a focus on jewelry, craft, and furniture products, but they should work well with any type of artisan items.

One especially useful template in the Kunstwerk package is the multi-vendor page. This landing page has been created to encourage your visitors to sign up and become vendors at your eCommerce marketplace. The content of the template not only explains the benefits of signing up but also covers how the program works. The pricing table can be used to clearly outline the fees and commissions rates, while the testimonials section is ideal for sharing feedback from your existing vendors. There’s a collapsible FAQ section, too, providing a convenient format for answering the most common questions you’re asked.

To help you add the necessary eCommerce functionality to your WordPress website, Kunstwerk has been built to work with WooCommerce and the Dokan multi-vendor add-on.

Kunstwerk is a good example of a multi-vendor theme with a niche design and specialized set of templates.

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12. Besa

Besa is billed as an Elementor marketplace WooCommerce theme for creating multi-vendor stores. It comes with three different homepage designs, plus lots of other templates, making it ready to go, right out of the box.

As this is a general-purpose theme, you can sell any type of product on a multi-vendor store created with this theme, including a wide range of products from multiple categories. The neutral set of templates makes it easy for the products to stand out.

Some of the eCommerce support and functionality of Besa that you might find useful includes the optional quantity mode that displays how much of each product is available to your customers, a product smart filter that simplifies the process of searching for items at your store, and the ability to run daily flash sales to create a sense of urgency while offering your shoppers great value.

You also have the ability to switch your store to catalog mode where visitors can only browse your products rather than buy them. This could be useful if you need to pause accepting new orders or you want to showcase products that aren’t available for purchase yet.

Besa works with all of the best multi-vendor add-ons for WordPress to help you create the right type of marketplace.

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13. Tijarah

Tijarah is a digital marketplace theme that’s been designed for selling downloadable products.

The templates of the Tijarah demos cover a range of styles, making this theme well suited to selling visual products such as stock images and photographs, as well as audio items, including music and sound effects. There are also templates that would work really well for selling software, such as plugins and apps.

This theme has a well-designed user interface. For example, to help your customers access the files and products they want to buy, Tijarah has a handy AJAX product filtering system that customers can use to control which items are on display, without any extra page loads. If you and your marketplace will have a large inventory of digital downloads, this should be very useful.

Thanks to the fact that WooCommerce can handle digital products just as easily as physical ones, you can also use this tried and tested plugin with Tijarah. Due to this, you can access all of the multi vendor add-ons for WooCommerce, giving you the ability to create and manage a professional digital product marketplace with WordPress.

Tijarah has a very appealing design that’s perfect for creating a marketplace for selling digital downloads online.

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14. ShopMe

ShopMe is a marketplace theme that’s compatible with all of the best multi-vendor WordPress plugins.

ShopMe has lots of templates to speed up the store design process. You’ll find focused demos as well as more general-purpose options for creating a wide range of stores for selling all types of products. To customize the demos, simply use the theme options panel in your WordPress dashboard. Through these controls, it’s possible to change the colors, fonts, and other visual settings of your multi-vendor marketplace.

One notable feature of this theme is the Chat X plugin that’s included with ShopMe at no extra cost. This plugin gives you the ability to chat with your site visitors through a pop-up widget. Thanks to this, your prospective customers now have a way to quickly ask a question, and for you or your team to respond in real-time.

ShopMe comes with another premium plugin that lets you set the prices on your site according to the role of the person viewing the products. This could come in handy if you want to allow registered users to get a discount on your products, compared to non-signed-up visitors. If you’re offering trade prices to your members, this plugin can help facilitate that.

ShopMe is a powerful eCommerce marketplace theme.

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