15 Best Political WordPress Themes 2021

No matter what type of political website you’re building, there’s likely to be a WordPress theme that’s suitable for your project. In this collection of the best political WordPress themes, you’ll find templates that have been created to promote individual candidates, help manage campaigns, build stylish political blogs, and more.

Many of these political themes include multiple pre-built demos that will help you launch your website with very little effort. The best options here also include many customization settings and options that will help you personalize your website.

Some other features to look out for include the ability to collect donations online, an event-publishing tool to share important dates, and a mobile-friendly responsive design.

1. Nominee


Nominee has been created to help you build a website for a politician, whether they’re a local representative or a potential party leader.

Nominee has all the features you’d expect from one of the best political WordPress themes. Among these features, you’ll find four homepage layouts that are ideal for a range of different political websites. There’s the main demo, which has been designed for creating a website for a political candidate. While another of the demos is more focused on supporting an election campaign. This second demo includes a countdown timer for the election, information about the candidate, and an online donation form to help raise funds.

The Nominee demos look great and have all the pages most political websites will need. However, you can easily customize this theme to make it meet your requirements more closely. The premium Visual Composer plugin is included in the theme package too. You also get access to a number of settings and options that will give you a good amount of control over the appearance and design of your site.

Nominee also has full multilingual plugin support, helping to make it a great choice for political websites that are offered in more than one language.

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2. Candidate


Candidate is a flexible WordPress theme that’s been built to help you raise awareness for your project.

Although this theme can easily be used to promote a non-profit organization or a church, it’s very well suited to creating any kind of political website. Thanks to the four political demos included among the 12 website demos, you’ll be able to set your website up very quickly.

Depending on which political demo you choose, your website could include a large homepage slideshow, a quick donate widget, a feed of upcoming events, social media content, and the latest news from your blog. As the Candidate theme includes full BuddyPress support, you can easily enable a number of popular social media features, including user profiles, private messaging, groups, and much more.

Candidate also includes the premium Visual Composer, Slider Revolution, and Social Share Locker Pro plugins.

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3. Frontrunner


Frontrunner is a multi-purpose option in the political WordPress themes category.

Thanks to the multiple demos that make up Frontrunner, no matter what type of political website you want to create this theme should have a solution that’s ready to go. Among the homepage demos, you’ll find options that have been built for congressional candidates to help them with their regional campaigns, a demo for city councilors, and one for mayoral campaign candidates. There’s even a demo for those running in school or college elections.

Each of the different demos has their own purpose-built features and attributes. However, as this is a flexible political theme, you can mix and match any of these elements to create your own custom layout. You’ll also find a landing page template that’s ideal for generating more leads for your campaign and raising funds through the quick donation feature.

The Frontrunner theme includes some extras that will help you run a successful campaign, including custom logos, postcard designs, business cards, and Facebook cover templates.

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4. Campaign

Campaign is ready to help you launch your political website in style.

As soon as your visitors arrive at your new website, they’ll be invited to enter their email address and subscribe to your political newsletter. As visitors scroll down your website’s homepage, they’ll be able to instantly see the key components of your political campaign. They can also view the latest events from the campaign schedule.

Thanks to the Campaign theme’s full support for the WooCommerce plugin, you’ll have the option of selling merchandise and other products from your website in order to raise funds for the campaign. This theme also has the ability to collect one-off and recurring online financial contributions from willing donors.

To help you get the right look and feel for your political website, the Campaign theme features a set of customization controls that cover the colors and typography settings for your site.

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5. Harnold

Harnold is a political WordPress theme for parties, candidates, campaigns, and more.

The four homepage layouts of Harnold are packed with features to help make your political website a success. Whether you’re creating an online presence for a political party, candidate, or cause, Harnold should be an appealing theme.

Although the demos and homepage layouts are all different, some common features include the large full-screen slider that makes it easy to share photos related to your campaign, an icon-and-text-based grid for highlighting some key points or areas of focus, and contact forms for connecting with your audience. If you want to encourage people to sign up as a volunteer or make a donation, the online forms that are integrated into the Harnold templates can really help with this.

As Harnold has good event management and publishing capabilities, you can use this functionality to share the details of upcoming rallies and other events on your website. Other homepage elements include the panels for publishing feedback from people involved in your political endeavors, excerpts from your blog to keep everyone up to date, and video players for adding this type of content to your site.

The inner page templates of Harnold complement the homepage designs well. They also make it convenient to publish information about the candidate, campaign, or party the website is being created for. As Harnold was built to integrate with the GiveWP plugin, you can accept donations on your site with very little effort, with a range of formats supported, including one-time payments and recurring donations. Harnold also works with the Elementor page builder plugin to give you an intuitive way to make changes to the demo templates or build your own page designs from scratch.

Harnold has the right kind of design to ensure that your political website has the professional look that’s required for this type of project.

6. Vox Populi

Vox Populi has four complete demos for creating a range of political websites with WordPress.

Thanks to the selection of demos that make up the Vox Populi package, you can get a good idea of how your political website might look if you choose this theme. The demos are configured to promote a female candidate, a male one, and also build a site for a political party. The fourth demo has been created to help you set up a site for a political grassroots movement. Thanks to this, whatever type of political website you want to launch, Vox Populi should be a suitable option.

If you take a look at the Vox Populi demos, you’ll see that they all have feature-packed homepage layouts that include many useful elements. With features like email opt-in forms and event feeds, you can use this theme to grow your mailing list and promote upcoming rallies and other important dates from your calendar. Displaying a donation button on your homepage is enabled by default with this theme, giving you a way to start raising funds for your political campaign. Of course, you can easily pick and choose which of the default elements are in use on your website through the integrated page builder tool.

Another useful feature of Vox Populi is the ability to control which elements are visible on your site based on the current date and time. By using this functionality, you can upload content to your site but set it to be displayed on certain dates and times online. So if you want to make a big announcement on a certain day, you can upload the content now, but not make it publicly available until launch day.

With a fully modern design, Vox Populi makes it possible to launch a professional-looking political website with WordPress.

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7. Politic

Politic is another flexible theme that should work for any type of political website.

This theme comes in five different variations to give you a good range of options for your WordPress political website. Like some of the other impressive themes in this collection, Politic has pre-built website demos for creating sites for political parties and candidates as well as campaign sites and more general-purpose political options.

While the homepages of the Politic demos look great, this theme comes with lots of useful and essential templates for the inner pages of your site. These templates cover the about, contact, and events pages as well as providing you with content for fundraising and accepting volunteer enquiries. If you want your website to be a fully functioning political tool that not only helps you promote your candidate or party but can also be used to collect donations and promote events, then Politic should be on your shortlist.

If you need to add any more pages to your political website, you can either use the basic page templates that come with Politic or get a bit more creative and use the recommended Elementor page builder tool to give this content a custom design. By using this powerful page builder, you can customize the demos and design stylish layouts for the other areas of your site. Whether you’re new to WordPress or not, a tool like Elementor can give you lots of creative freedom. Another useful tool that’s part of the Politic theme is the donation plugin that provides you with the functionality to collect money online through your website.

Politic is highly flexible, so whatever your political website requirements are, this theme should be a suitable choice.

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8. Actavista

Actavista is a theme for creating websites for politicians and political organizations with WordPress.

With six different website demos in the Actavista theme package, you could find the right set of templates for your political website with this theme. The demo templates have all been designed to a high standard to give your website a serious yet inviting look. If you want to let your website visitors know that you’re a credible political candidate or movement, this theme could be appealing.

When deciding which of the six Actavista demos to use, it’s worth remembering that you can mix and match the different templates that make up the individual demos to build the right type of website for your project. You can even mix and match the different elements and sections from the individual pages in the Actavista demos.

Thankfully, making any changes to the Actavista templates isn’t difficult. To help you carry out any customization work, no matter how big or small, this theme comes with a powerful page builder plugin in the form of the premium WPBakery Page Builder add-on for WordPress. You can also make other changes to your website, such as editing the fonts and colors through the user-friendly WordPress Customizer interface. Therefore, no matter what type of branding and political identity your website must include, you should have no trouble implementing it with the Actavista theme.

When setting up your new website, you can use lots of the Actavista features to ensure that your site will be a success. This includes using the testimonial areas to share feedback from your fans, the service grid for explaining how you will help your voters, and the event management functionality to promote upcoming rallies or meetings.

Actavista combines stylish templates with useful features to become a highly recommended political WordPress theme.

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9. Politono

Politono is a versatile political WordPress theme that’s suitable for many types of websites.

Thanks to a good selection of pre-built content, Politono can be used for creating websites for politicians, political campaigns, and organizations. It should also work well for promoting political fundraisers and events. The three political website demos in the Politono theme package aren’t focused on one type of website, so you should be able to use any of them as the foundation of your new site.

While the Politono demos are different from each other, one thing that they do have in common is their well-designed and feature-packed homepage layouts. Depending on which one of the homepage designs you choose, this vital part of your website could include a large slideshow for introducing your candidate, a prominent donation button that makes it very easy for visitors to contribute to your campaign, and an email opt-in form that people can use to join your newsletter.

Those are just a few of the elements that have been added to the Politono homepage layouts, and other examples include the testimonials carousel for sharing the thoughts of people who have commented on your political cause, panels that display the latest details from your fundraising campaigns, and sections for displaying video content on your site.

Another nice feature of Politono is the tickers that are displayed in the header area of your website. Once you’ve added some content to this part of your site, your visitors can scroll through the messages to see any important updates. You can also insert links to your social media profiles into the header area as well as display a donate button.

Politono is highly customizable, too, so you can either use the demos as they are or personalize them as much as you want.

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10. Right Way


Right Way is a modern-styled theme for politics and politicians. The theme is optimized for mobile devices, includes multi-skin technology, an events calendar, multiple headers, and a visual composer.

It comes with popular plugins such as Slider Revolution, Royal Slider, PO Composer, and Visual Composer. Right Way also includes the ability to choose different menu styles (icon, description, image, columns, or post), a bookmarks panel, interactive Ajax search, parallax and video backgrounds, multiple post formats, and a rating/review system.

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11. Election


Election will help political bloggers and campaign candidates create a stylish website for their project.

To help your website make an impact on your visitors, the default demo features an animated slideshow on its homepage. Of course, you’re free to choose a different focus for your homepage. You can also use the included Slider Revolution plugin to create additional slideshows for the rest of your site.

The Event Calendar WordPress plugin is also included with the Election theme. This tool makes it easy to create events and then share them on your website – something that will come in handy when publicizing your stops on the campaign trail.

Election includes full WooCommerce support to help you sell products from your site or collect donations from your supporters. There’s also a detailed theme options control panel that makes it easy to customize many aspects of your political blog or website.

Election has a flexible design with lots of customization options to help you build almost any type of political website with WordPress.

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12. PoliticalWP

PoliticalWP is a multi-purpose WordPress theme for creating political websites in a range of styles.

The four homepage layouts and selection of inner page content help to make this one of the most impressive political WordPress themes available today. Whether you want to create a website for a candidate, a party, a campaign, or some other type of political project, PoliticalWP has lots of different designs to choose from.

The long-form homepage designs are particularly impressive, due to the amount of content and sections they include. Of course, you’re free to add and remove the homepage sections to build the right layout for your website. However, with options like full-screen sliders, countdown timers, video players, sponsor logos, and social media feeds included in the homepage designs, you’ll be spoilt for choice with PoliticalWP.

Another useful feature of this political WordPress theme is the ability to collect donations from your visitors and boost your campaign budget. You can also use the drag-and-drop page builder tool to make small and large alterations to the design of your website, as well as use the premium slider plugin to add advanced slideshows to your content. The theme options control panel should come in handy for anyone who wants to add their own branding to their website, including changing the fonts, colors, layouts, and more. Everything is well documented so if you’re new to WordPress or working with themes, you should still be able to get the results you want from PoliticalWP.

Despite being a relatively new WordPress theme, PoliticalWP has already been updated to include even more great features.

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13. Jack Well

Jack Well has three different homepage variations for you to choose from for your political site.

This theme has been designed for promoting politicians and political candidates online. The demo templates have been set up to display you or the person you’re creating a website for as the main focus of the website. As part of this functionality, the homepage layouts have a large section for displaying a photo or a slider that contains photos right at the top of your website. The layout makes it easy to accompany the photo or slider with text for delivering a welcome message or some other information to visitors to your site.

The rest of the default homepage layouts have sections for publishing more information about the candidate, key details about the political party or campaign, and a tabbed area for sharing the political vision of the campaign. If you’d like to upload audio or video files, perhaps of speeches and rallies, then this theme has the space for that, too, on its homepage layouts. There are many other elements on the premade homepage layouts, so be sure to check them out to see exactly what the Jack Well theme comes pre-populated with.

You’re not at all limited to only using the Jack Well templates in their default states. As this theme comes with the premium WPBakery Page Builder included, you can easily edit the demo content. Thanks to this, you can open up any of the templates and change the order of their sections, remove any you don’t need, or even design new ones for your pages. You can also use the Events Calendar plugin to publish events on your website, thanks to the templates in the theme package that were built for this exact purpose. The Give donations plugin is also supported, giving you a way to raise funds and collect contributions through your WordPress website.

If you need to customize the Jack Well demos, this theme comes with lots of tools to help you out.

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14. Astute

Astute has some new demos to give you even more options for your political website.

Thanks to a recent update, you now get even more pre-built content to work with when setting up your political WordPress website. Both the original and newer demos look really good, so you definitely get plenty of choice when it comes to deciding how your website will look when using Astute.

As is the case with many of the political themes for WordPress, the homepage layouts of Astute have all the elements you’re likely to need for this type of website. Whether you want to use your website to promote a single candidate, a political party, or a movement, there’s a pre-built set of templates that are ready to go. You can create many other types of political websites with Astute, such as fundraising sites, online portals for promoting political causes, and political blogs and news sites.

When setting up your new website, you can easily include a wide range of stylish and useful elements. This list of options is long, but some examples include countdown timers, tabbed areas for presenting lots of information in a confined space, and image panels that display the latest images from your WordPress gallery or social media accounts. Embedding videos on your pages, including the homepage, is really easy with Astute. The panels for displaying the video playback buttons integrate seamlessly with the rest of the elements of your site.

As you build your site with Astute, you can use the demos in their default configuration or customize them as you go. Some of the options you can work with include the selection of different header layouts that let you decide exactly how this key area of your site should look and the pre-built footer layouts. You can also make many other changes to the appearance of your political website with Astute. The theme options and settings cover nearly every aspect of your site and can all be accessed through an intuitive user interface that makes creating a unique website accessible to everyone.

Thanks to other features, including ready-made online forms and email newsletter support, Astute is a highly functional political WordPress theme.

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15. inForward

inForward has an intuitive installation process to help you launch your new political website as quickly as possible.

As this theme has demos for creating websites for individual political candidates as well as political parties, it should appeal to a wide audience. In addition to the feature-packed homepage layouts, you also get access to templates for creating about pages for your candidates or people involved in your campaign, landing pages for encouraging visitors to get involved with your activities, and a donation page for soliciting contributions from your supporters. inForward comes with a full set of blog templates to assist you with sharing the latest news from your organization or campaign on your website.

The donation widget that comes with inForward can be displayed throughout your website. Its advanced features should help encourage your visitors to make a donation. Thanks to the donation amount selection buttons, they can quickly decide how much they’d like to contribute, before hitting the donate button.

The support for the popular Events Calendar plugin is sure to come in handy. Whether you just want to display some important dates on your website, such as the deadline for registering to vote, or you’d like to promote upcoming events, such as rallies and campaign meetings, the inForward theme has all the templates you’re likely to need.

If you want to publish visual content on your website, such as photos and videos, inForward has all the templates you should require for that, too. Due to this, you can easily share content that can be used in the media whenever your campaign is mentioned. The gallery templates can handle images and videos, including content sourced from sites such as Instagram and YouTube.

With WPBakery Page Builder included in the inForward package, this theme is easy to customize.

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