35 Best Spa, Beauty & Hair Salon WordPress Themes 2021

Whether you’ve been hired to build a spa or salon website or you’ll be completing the project yourself, by choosing one of the spa, beauty, and salon WordPress themes in this collection, most of the hard work will be taken care of for you.

Among the features of these themes, you’ll find at least one pre-built spa website demo to choose from. These demos lay the foundation for your website, leaving you to add content that’s specific to your project.

The best salon and spa themes also include a detailed set of controls that make it easy to customize almost every aspect of your WordPress website. Some of these themes include the premium Visual Composer drag and drop page builder plugin, giving you even greater creative freedom.

Whether you simply want to make a website to promote your business and the services you offer online, or you need to create a website with a fully operational online booking system, this collection of themes will provide you with everything you need.

1. Salon


Salon aims to provide you with all the features you need to build a website to promote your wellness center, spa, or beauty salon with WordPress. If you want more clients from your site, this could be the theme for you.

To help you get your website looking just the way that you want, Salon features a full drag and drop homepage builder. This means you can simply move the available homepage elements into the position you want, in order for the design to match your vision.

A sample of the modules or elements you can display on your homepage include a full screen slider, service menus, staff profiles, and video and image content. This then makes it easy to welcome your visitors to your and provide them with all the information they need to make a booking, right from your homepage.

When publishing content for the inner pages of your site, Salon gives you plenty of presentation options to work with. This includes a range of different layouts and column structures, as well as optional filters to give you more control over which content is displayed.

Other highlights of the Salon theme include a selection of color schemes, full WooCommerce support to allow you to sell products and services directly from your website, and an easy to use interface for adding your own branding to your site.

Salon has been created by CSSIgniter, a team that has many years of experience of developing and selling themes for WordPress. As well as purchasing this theme individually, you can also pick it up in a package with all the other CSSIgniter themes for one reduced price.

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2. Aqua


Aqua includes a great selection of prebuilt homepage layouts and templates that give you plenty of flexibility when it comes to building your website.

These homepage designs are ideal for a range of different types of website, from health spas and salons, through to wellness centers and even yoga and palliates studios. Whether you are promoting your business or the services you offer online, the Aqua theme can be easily tweaked to meet your needs.

As well as the range of homepage layouts, the Aqua spa theme includes ready made templates and layouts for the inner pages of your site. This includes the blog archives and individual posts, contact and service pages, as well as templates for the online store area of your website.

Thanks to the support for the leading e-commerce toolkit WooCommerce, listing products and services for sale on your website is very straightforward. Whether you want to sell sessions at your spa or health and wellness related products online, Aqua makes it easy. You’ll also be able to collect payments through the popular PayPal payment processor.

This salon theme also includes a bookings and management system. This feature can be used either as an in-house tool that allows your staff to record and manage their schedules, or as a self-service booking facility for your clients to use on your website.

The Aqua WordPress theme is highly customizable, with a drag and drop page builder tool included in the package. However, most users will appreciate being able to swiftly import the demo content, in just a few clicks, and have their spa or salon website up and running in no time at all.

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3. Rela

Rela is a WordPress theme aimed at spas providing massage services.

Whatever services you offer from your spa or salon, there’s a good chance that one of the Rela homepage demos will help you to effectively promote your business online. Although this theme definitely does have a focus on spas that specialize in providing massage services, other services aren’t overlooked on the Rela prebuilt templates. Also, as the demo content can be easily edited and adjusted, if you like the overall design of the Rela templates but want to use them in a different way, it’s not a problem with this theme.

As all of the Rela homepage layouts are populated with lots of useful elements, they are quite long. However, you can easily hide any of the elements or sections that aren’t right for your website, helping to reduce the length of the homepage templates to deliver a more concise user experience to your visitors.

While disabling any unnecessary sections and elements is very straightforward with this theme, you could find it hard to decide which ones to use. There are so many useful elements that have been incorporated into the Rela templates that you might be tempted to use them all to take advantage of all of the great features of this theme.

Some examples of the elements that are used throughout the Rela templates include the large video embed panel for sharing video footage of your spa or services, the testimonials slider that’s perfect for displaying feedback from your clients, and the image gallery area for adding photos of your spa to the homepage of your website. Another very useful element is the service area where you can list what’s available at your spa in a nicely presented format.

Rela is easy to use and highly customizable for creating unique spa and massage websites with WordPress.

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4. Oaza

Oaza gives you a good range of options for how your spa or salon website could look.

Among the demos that make up the Oaza theme, there are pre-built websites for spas, resorts, beauty salons, and wellness centers. There’s also a demo for creating a portfolio website that would work well for anyone offering their spa and beauty related services independently, as a freelancer. As well as the more purpose-built demos, the Oaza main demo can be described as more of a general-purpose option that’s well suited to creating a range of different spa, beauty, and hair salon websites with WordPress. Finally, there’s a demo for building an online store that sells products related to this type of project. Therefore, no matter what type of website you want to create, Oaza could be a theme that can help.

If you take a look around the Oaza demos, you’ll see that the templates include lots of design features that will come in handy when creating a spa or salon website. Some examples include the tool for creating price and service lists that display your treatments in a nicely formatted table layout, the widget for publishing your schedule and opening hours, and the online booking form that your clients can use to make an inquiry about an appointment.

Other elements that make up the Oaza templates include a slideshow tool that’s ideal for displaying a stream of photos and videos of your spa or salon, team member profiles that make it easy to share the details of your staff, and sections for displaying your location through the Google Maps integration, publishing feedback from clients, and sharing content from your portfolio. There’s good social media integration too, allowing you to promote your profiles on the various networks and also display content from your accounts on sites like Instagram, on your website.

Oaza combines some very useful features with a stylish design that’s ideal for premium spa and salon websites.

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5. Divi

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6. Chérie

Chérie has a selection of four stylish demos for spa, beauty, and hair salon websites. Their demos are beautiful and minimalist, with key elements such as a service menu, about page, and effective call-to-action buttons. You can also set up a blog or ecommerce shop with this theme.

When it comes to customizing the Chérie demos, all of the theme templates can be edited using the supported Elementor page builder plugin. If you need to add your own branding or any other content to the Chérie demos, it’s not a problem. Chérie is also compatible with the Booked plugin, giving you the option of enabling an online appointment system if you want.

Chérie has some very attractive templates to help your salon website stand out from the crowd.

7. Aviana

Aviana is a WordPress theme for wellness centers, spas, and beauty treatment businesses.

The Aviana theme package gives you nine different website demos to choose from, including options for spas, resorts, yoga studios, and other health and wellness related projects. Therefore if you’re creating a website for a business in this type of sector, or you’re offering related products and services in these fields, Aviana could help you quickly launch a professional looking website.

Although each of the Aviana demos have been built for a specific type of website, you can easily adjust them to better suit your needs. For example, if you’re a wellness coach but the design of the yoga studio demo appeals the most, you can easily import this demo into your WordPress Dashboard and then adjust it to meet your requirements. As this theme comes with a control panel that’s packed with settings, you can easily make changes to the overall design of your website. Aviana also includes the powerful WPBakery Page Builder tool, giving you access to this premium plugin at no extra cost. Thanks to this, you can customize the pricing table templates, the portfolio and gallery sections, and all the other pre-built content in the Aviana package.

If you want to offer products and services for sale on your website or let your visitors make online bookings, the Aviana theme is compatible with all the best plugins that you’ll need to activate to add these features to your spa or salon website. But even if you just want to create a simple one-page website that lists your location and business hours, this theme is equally up to the task.

Aviana is a well-rounded option that has a good list of features to match its stylish design.

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8. Pur

Pur is a spa and massage WordPress theme for creating professional salon websites.

If you want your spa or massage center website to have a professional design that’s appropriate for this type of business, then Pur could be a suitable choice. The pre-built Pur website demo has a style and appearance that will immediately let your visitors know that you offer high-quality services to your clients. As this is a relatively recently released theme, the design of the pre-built content is fully up to date.

The default homepage layout has plenty of space for you to display photographs from your salon, or alternatively, insert stock images and photos that visually describe your business and its services. As the homepage layout does include a pre-built slider, you can add multiple images and display them in a slideshow format, with optional text descriptions. The rest of the default homepage design has a section for displaying a video, space for explaining more about the services that are available, and table that makes it easy to list your services and their prices.

If you choose to combine the Pur theme with an appropriate WordPress booking plugin, you can start taking online reservations through your website. Pur has all the templates needed for this type of functionality, leaving you to install a theme that has the booking system features that are right for your salon. Some other reasons to consider Pur include its social media integration features that help you reuse content from your profiles to populate your website with some eye-catching content, the drag-and-drop page builder tool that makes it easy to customize the pre-built content, and the WooCommerce support that gives you the option of collecting payments online.

Pur is a well-rounded spa and salon WordPress theme with a great design and lots of useful features.

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9. TheGem

TheGem has everything you’re likely to need to help you create a professional spa and salon website with WordPress.

As well as two purpose built spa and salon website demos, TheGem includes over 100 other website demos. Many of these designs can be easily adjusted to suit your spa or salon website goals, helping you create the site that’s right for your target audience.

Regardless of how hands on you want to get when setting up your WordPress salon or spa website, TheGem will ensure you end up with a site you’re proud of. For those seeking a quick way to launch their new website, the two spa and salon demos are perfect. Simply import the demo content, add your own text and images, and your new site will be ready.

Those who prefer to be more actively involved in the creation of their website will be pleased to learn that the best-selling Visual Composer drag-and-drop page builder is included in TheGem theme package. Visual controls for all the different aspects of your website are also accessible through the theme options panel. Mixing and matching the library of over 150 content templates is straightforward too, helping you pick and choose from the best that TheGem has to offer. Support for the leading ecommerce and online booking plugins ensures you’ll be able to accept appointments and payments online should your business require the ability to do so.

TheGem is packed with an impressive collection of features and designs, but it’s the two purpose built demos that have helped earn it a place in this collection of the best spa and salon WordPress themes.

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10. BeautyPress

BeautyPress has five website demos and a drag-and-drop builder for even more creative possibilities.

Thanks to the five website demos that make up the BeautyPress package, you should find it very easy to launch your new spa or salon website with this theme. These unique demos focus on helping you to ensure your business has a stylish and professional looking website, increasing your ability to attract more of the right type of clients. The selection of designs are each aimed at different aspects of the spa and salon industry, including hair, wellness, and beauty. Therefore, whatever type of services you’re offering your clients, the BeautyPress theme could have the right design for your website.

Each of the five demo websites have their own set of portfolio templates that make them ideal for showcasing your talents. By uploading photographs and descriptions, you can share more details about your services and why your website visitors should come in and sign up for your services. Also, as BeautyPress includes a drag-and-drop page builder tool, you can easily customize the pre-built content in the theme package.

Furthermore, creating your own custom page layouts is very straightforward with this tool. BeautyPress also includes the editable Photoshop PSD files that have been used in the creation of this theme, giving you another opportunity to personalize your site and make it your own. Other useful features of the BeautyPress WordPress theme include an online booking form, lots of color customization options, and a client review and rating system. Everything is mobile responsive to ensure visitors on-the-go can access all of your spa and salon website.

BeautyPress is a new spa and salon WordPress theme that includes lots of useful features with more to come in future updates.

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11. Oshine

Oshine can be used to make many different WordPress websites including sites for spas and salons.

Thanks to the 42 complete website demos in the Oshine package, you really can create almost any type of site with this theme. However, thanks to the salon website demo, Oshine is a great addition to this collection of spa and salon WordPress themes.

If you do check out the Oshine salon website demo, you’ll notice that it has a strong focus on creating a site for a modern barber shop. However, as almost every aspect of Oshine and its website demos can be fully customized, you can easily adjust the look and feel to better suit a spa, salon, hairdressers, or any other type of similar business site. Carrying out tasks like changing the background images, adjust the fonts, uploading your logo, and much more, can all be taken care of through the theme options control panel of Oshine. You’ll also be pleased to learn that this theme includes an impressive front-end page builder tool called Tatsu.

With the Tatsu visual editor in your toolkit, you can easily adjust any of the templates in the Oshine package, including the pre-built homepage layouts and inner site content designs.  The full WYSIWYG editor lets you drag and drop items around the page, insert a range of new elements, and use the pre-built page sections to assemble your own custom layouts. Although, as there are plenty of pre-built layouts in the Oshine package that have been designed to a high standard, you could just as easily use them to create your website. However, it’s good to know that you have access to such powerful tools for making any changes to your site, as and when necessary.

Even if you don’t want to do any customization work on your site, Oshine is more than ready for creating a stylish salon website with WordPress.

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12. Kendall

Kendall and its selection of homepage designs is a great option for a wide range of spa and salon related businesses.

With 12 modern and unique website modes to choose from, Kendall is ideal for anyone building multiple spa websites as well as those who want the option of easily changing the design of their site in the future. In addition to the eye-catching homepage designs, the Kendall theme has an impressive selection of designs for your site’s inner pages.

Among the prebuilt demo content, you’ll find product and services showcase pages that give you a great opportunity to share information about what you have to offer, whether that’s a treatment at your spa or a product your visitors can buy online. The Kendall portfolio templates give you another chance to impress your visitors. By publishing photographs, videos, and descriptions, you can really promote your skills and services online, helping to persuade more visitors to book an appointment and become a client.  In fact, there’s a wide selection of inner page templates that you should really check out to see how they can help you build the website your salon needs.

As well as the page templates, Kendall comes equipped with a good selection of page elements. These elements can be quickly inserted into any of your content, giving you an easy way to add pricing tables, info boxes, counters, and more to your regular posts and pages. This theme also includes full ecommerce support, making it a good option for anyone who wants to sell products and services online from their WordPress website.

The 12 high-quality and individual homepages design of Kendall make this one of the most versatile spa and salon WordPress themes around.

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13. Hair & Beauty


Hair & Beauty  is a newly released spa and salon WordPress theme with a modern and stylish design.

As Hair & Beauty is a flexible WordPress theme, it doesn’t really matter what type of treatments or services you want to promote on your website. Hair, beauty, tattoo, massages, and many other types of salons will find the Hair & Beauty theme a good match for their business.

When setting up your website, there are five website demos to choose from. Among the options, you’ll find an ecommerce demo and a personal website design. The personal website demo makes the Hair & Beauty theme a great choice for freelancers and individuals who are working independently in the health and beauty industry. The ecommerce demo, on the other hand, is more than capable of helping you build an online shop to sell hair and beauty related products and services from your website.

With the Hair & Beauty theme, nearly every aspect of your website can be customized. All of the personalization work takes place through an intuitive user interface. There’s no need to edit any code when modifying this theme. You’ll even find a set of tutorials video included with this theme to help you make the most of WordPress and your new website.

If you’re looking for a truly flexible WordPress spa theme, then Hair & Beauty is well worth checking out.

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14. Entrepreneur


Entrepreneur is focused on making it easy for business owners to accept, schedule, and manage bookings and appointments online, through their WordPress website.

This theme comes with a number of pre-built layouts, which you can apply to your website in just a few clicks. Some relevant layouts for those creating a website for a health and wellness related business include the Stylist, Coach, Trainer, and Barber layouts. However, the entire theme is very flexible so you should have no trouble customizing any of the pre-built demos to suit your needs.

To enable you to let your visitors book appointments through your website and give you the ability to publish your schedule online, this theme has been built around the commercial Booked – Appointment Booking for WordPress plugin. This plugin is included in the package, which not only saves you $34, but also ensures its features are fully integrated with your website.

Other reasons why you might want to use this theme include the ability to accept payments and bookings online, a range of blog post layouts, a slide show tool, pricing comparison tables, and social media integration.

Entrepreneur works well for creating a range of different types of website, but its pre-built layouts make it a particularly good match for health and wellness business websites.

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15. Jacqueline


Jacqueline is a premium WordPress spa theme that can be used for a wide range of health and beauty related businesses.

Whether you’re working on a website for a spa, salon, or another health and wellness destination, the Jacqueline theme and its feature-rich homepage layout could be a good choice. When setting up your website, you can quickly import the demo content in just a few clicks. Then it’s time to edit the pre-built content to make it your own. As this spa theme includes the Visual Composer page builder plugin, editing any of the demo content is very straightforward —  whether you want to simply add your own text or get more creative with the appearance of your site.

To help you turn your website into a tool that can help your spa business grow, the Jacqueline theme includes an online booking tool. This feature gives your visitors the ability to book appointments themselves, directly through your website. Alternatively, you can use the online booking system as an internal-only tool for managing your schedule more effectively.

Another way this spa theme can help your business is through its support for the WooCommerce plugin. Thanks to this, it’s easy to add an online shop to your website. Through your ecommerce store, visitors can either purchase sessions and gift vouchers or buy any physical products you wish to sell online.

The Jacqueline WordPress theme not only has a stylish and appropriate design for spa websites, but it also includes lots of useful features to help your business succeed.

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16. Curly

Curly is a premium WordPress theme that’s been created specifically for hairdressers and salons.

If you’re looking for a theme that can provide you with lots of choice for how your spa or salon website will look, Curly and its six demos is hard to beat. If you take a look at the promotional website for this theme, you can try out the different demos to get a good idea of the type of sites it can be used to launch. As this is a flexible theme, it works really well for both salons and individuals who are offering hairdressing services as freelancers or from home.

Because Curly is a relatively new WordPress theme, the design of the pre-built websites is very modern. Among the features and web design trends in use are parallax scrolling, split screen sliders, and an innovative navigation area. Therefore, if you want to ensure your spa or salon website is fully up to date, Curly comes highly recommended.

To help you personalize your new website and make sure it matches your brand and image, Curly comes equipped with the premium WPBakery Page Builder plugin. As well as saving you money, the inclusion of this tool gives you the ability to open up any of the Curly theme templates for editing, via a drag-and-drop visual editor. For even more creative possibilities, the premium Slider Revolution plugin is included too, giving you a quick and easy way to add animated slideshows to your site’s portfolio sections, image galleries, or elsewhere. There’s also a powerful set of theme customization controls that give you full access to the display settings and properties for your website. As everything is explained in the online documentation, even if you’re new to WordPress and creating websites in general, you shouldn’t have any problems with Curly.

With a stylish and full modern look, the Curly theme should ensure your website brings more clients and customers to your spa or salon.

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17. X


X (review) is one of the most popular WordPress themes of all time and is a tool that can be used to build almost any type of website.

However, amongst the prebuilt templates included with this multipurpose theme is a great looking design that would perfectly suit a spa or salon website. Thanks to the way the X theme has been built, setting up your website takes very little time or effort.

Simply choose from one of the prebuilt templates, or stacks as they are called here, select the appropriate demo version and all that’s left to do is add your own content to the site. If you do want to get a bit more adventurous and customize your website, the X theme includes lots of tools and settings to help you give your site a makeover.

The X theme package includes plenty of additional tools and plugin to help your site become a success. This includes page design tools, slideshow builders, email newsletter forms, photo gallery managers, and many social media related tools.

The X WordPress theme is as close to the full package as you will get, with everything you’ll need to get your spa website online toady.

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18. Spa Lab


Spa Lab is a beautiful theme for promoting businesses in the beauty industry. Whether you run a spa, salon, health and wellness centre, or offer your services on a freelance basis, Spa Lab has the right mix of looks and features to help promote your offerings online.

With the ability to list your services in detail, visitors to your website will immediately be able to see what is on offer. By using the inbuilt catalogue feature you can really sell your services and ensure they appeal to your visitors, using text and imagery to create an offer they can’t refuse.

Another way you can promote your spa or salon is by using the therapists profile builder tool. This feature of Spa Lab allows you to introduce your team of professionals to website visitors, helping to build a sense of familiarity and anticipation before their appointment.

This health and wellness focused theme also includes an attractive and functional gallery feature. This can be used to showcase your facilities, services, staff, products, and more, giving you another opportunity to connect with your visitors and demonstrate how you stand out from the competition.

When it comes to setting up your website from a technical standpoint, Spa Lab doesn’t disappoint either. With 600+ Google Fonts to choose from, multilingual support and translation readiness, online appointment booking facilities, and online store functionality, you can build the website you need with this theme.

Spa Lab even includes a gift card feature that allows visitors to gift their friends with a pre-paid experience at your salon or spa, with the checkout and delivery process all taking place online.

Spa Lab combines a pleasing design with useful features to create a website that will do a great job of promoting your spa and its services.

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19. Dream Spa


Dream Spa, with its clean and minimal design, is perfect for conveying the tranquil atmosphere of your spa, salon, or wellness centre.

When it comes to providing information for prospective clients, the theme includes a special post type for adding details of the procedures you offer to your site in a nicely presented way. This makes it easy to answer any of their questions, and allay any concerns your visitors may have before booking an appointment.

Publishing the address of your spa with this theme is very easy thanks to the pre-built location page, which includes a Google Map complete with marker for your business, opening hours, contact details, and of course your mailing address.

As the premium Visual Composer plugin comes integrated with this theme, even the most inexperienced of site owners will be able to start creating their own custom page layouts in no time at all. Dream Spa also includes the premium Revolution Slider and Layer Sliders plugins for adding attention grabbing image sliders to your home page and inner pages with ease.

With six colours schemes to choose from and the page builder included in the package, Dream Spa gives you plenty of customisation options for getting the perfect look and feel for your spa.

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20. Primavera

Primavera is a WordPress theme aimed primarily at nail bars and beauty salons.

The three demos of Primavera make this a theme that works really well for creating websites for spas and wellness centers, hairdressers and barbershops, and businesses offering manicure and pedicure services. The demos all have really high-quality designs, ensuring that your spa or salon has a premium look that will attract the right types of clients.

Primavera has some handy features to help you make your spa and salon website a useful extension of your business. Some examples of this include the cost calculator that you can use to allow your potential clients to get a better idea of how much their desired treatments will cost and the ecommerce plugin support that gives you the option of collecting full and partial payments online or selling products and other items directly from your website. You can also use the timetabling functionality to publish your opening hours and the availability of your staff.

While the demos of Primavera are all very attractive, they’re easy to customize, too. Thanks to this, if you already have your branding established, you can quickly adjust the default font and color settings to make sure that your website is a good reflection of your brand. With hundreds of typefaces available through the Google Fonts integration, you should be able to present the text on your website in exactly the way that you want.

Colors can be just as easily configured, allowing you to decide how the different elements on your site look, such as the buttons, header areas, and of course, the text. As Primavera comes with a spa and salon focused icon package, you have the option of decorating your site with these stylish illustrations. Primavera has a page builder tool integrated into its design as well, making it possible to edit the templates that make up the demos as needed.

Primavera is certainly stylish enough to be suitable for creating websites for premium spas and salons.

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21. WellnessCenter


WellnessCenter gives you three main layout options to choose from when setting up your spa or salon related website.

Whether you choose the regular homepage layout, the full-width slider options, or the calendar homepage mode, your website will display a welcoming photo to your visitors along with all the essential details about your wellness center.

To help you get your website looking just right, the WellnessCenter theme includes a custom color picker that makes it easy to create a color scheme for your site that matches your brand. There’s also a drag and drop page builder tool included in the package. This lets you get more creative and build custom page layouts for your website.

To help your customers and clients make an appointment, there’s also a commercial booking management tool included with this WordPress spa and salon theme at no extra cost. Your visitors can also leave reviews to help spread the word about your services and encourage more potential clients to try you.

To help keep your website and client bookings safe and secure, the WellnessCenter WordPress theme includes an easy to use backup tool. This feature will automatically create copies of your website and store them offsite in a secure location. Should something ever go wrong with your website, you can quickly and effortless roll back your site to the last saved version.

The WellnessCenter theme is fully responsive, making it easy for you and your clients to view and manage their appointments, no matter where they are.

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22. Dictate


Dictate is a truly multipurpose WordPress theme that can be easily setup to suit a website for a salon or spa. As this is a 6-in-one theme, you get plenty of options for customization and the ability to mix and match the different elements ensures your designs will be as unique as possible, helping your site to stand out from the competition.

Dictate uses shortcodes to allow you to easily insert over 70 built-in page elements into your content. The developers have also included the premium Visual Composer page builder plugin with this package saving you an additional $25. This means you can create imaginative and feature-rich page layouts, free from the traditional constraints of WordPress, without the need to edit any code.

For a highly flexible and customizable WordPress theme for a salon or any other type of website, you can’t go wrong with Dictate.

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23. Beauté

Beauté not only looks great but is also packed with useful features that combine to make it a great choice for anyone building a website for a spa or salon using WordPress.

Although the theme is highly flexible, the default layout for the homepage functions as the perfect gateway into the rest of your website. The full width background images and large scrolling photo gallery both help to create a professional image for your business. The prominent ‘make an appointment’ link ensures it will be as easy as a possible for any visitors to the site to schedule in a treatment at your spa or salon.

As well as the unique design, Beauté is a fully responsive WordPress theme for use on a range of devices, while also being optimized to take advantage of the latest retina displays.

The theme is available as part of the CSS Igniter theme club which means it comes with a great selection of themes, all for one low price.

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24. Lirena

Lirena is a multipurpose spa and salon WordPress theme with three different homepage layouts.

The Lirena homepage templates make great use of images to help you create a stylish and inviting website for your spa or salon. When you explore the Lirena templates, you’ll see that you can display a large full-screen photograph as the main focus of your website. Then, as your visitors scroll down the homepage layout, they can see other smaller photos that you’ve either taken yourself or found on stock photography websites.

As well as the space for publishing aspirational photos of your salon or the services you provide, the templates have lots of sections for displaying useful text. While the demos have been set up to display text that describes the salon philosophy, you can easily adjust this to cover anything you like.

Highlighting your key services is very easy with Lirena too. The stylish icon set that comes with this theme works really well for illustrating your services, with options that cover waxing, massage, facials, and much more. Thanks to this, your visitors can quickly see at a glance what services are available, with the option of reading about each one for more information.

If you’d like to give your clients the ability to book an appointment through your website, Lirena has the necessary functionality. The online forms are very simple and can be used to capture all of the essential data. You can then reply to the online form messages to confirm or discuss the proposed appointment. Other features of the Lirena theme enable you to publish testimonials from your clients, display the profiles of your staff, and share the latest news with your visitors.

Lirena looks great out of the box but can be easily customized too.

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25. Leisure


Leisure is a stylish full-screen WordPress theme that gives you a great opportunity to promote your business online. This theme also includes a selection of plugins that make it very easy to accept bookings online, via your website.

While the demo version of this theme has been built to showcase a golf resort, the neutral tones and styling of the Leisure theme help make the task of promoting any kind of spa-related venture a simple process. Furthermore, through the custom control panel, almost every aspect of your website can be personalized to meet your needs – all without editing any of the underlying code yourself.

However, if you do want to dip into the code, then you will be pleased to know that this theme has been constructed in compliance with the latest WordPress coding standards. Not only does this result in faster loading times and a better user experience, but should the need arise, you or your developer won’t have any trouble deciphering what is going on under the hood.

The inclusion of the premium Revolution Slider results in easy to build animated content slideshows that can be used throughout your website.  Visual Composer is another premium plugin that is included in the package. This tool allows you to create advanced page layouts, all through a drag and drop front end editor.

The Leisure theme makes it easy to build a website that can effectively promote your resort, golf course, hotel, or other rest and relaxation residential venue.  Whether you want to accept reservations online, or just showcase your facilities, this theme makes it possible.

More Info / Download Demo

26. Coiffeur


Coiffeur has been designed to appeal to salon and spa owners who want to build a website to portray a classic image of their business, combined with all the latest cutting edge features in web design and online marketing.

When using this theme to build your website, you will be able to blend timeless typography and styling, with modern design trends, such as full width content sliders, long form homepages, and full screen video backgrounds. This all helps you to fuse the old with the new to tell the story of your brand and forge a connection with your prospective clients.

As the beauty, health, and personal wellness industries are very visual sectors, the Coiffeur theme lets you capitalize on that by giving you plenty of opportunities for showcasing stunning imagery in a number of ways. Among the available options for displaying your location, products, or services, you will find Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram feed integration, smart galleries, slideshows, and product sliders.

While the above aspects of this theme should please those with a focus on the aesthetic, more technical users won’t be disappointed with Coiffeur either. Thanks to the custom online booking form, pricing table builder, 20+ page templates, WooCommerce integration, and other features, building a highly functional website with this theme will be straightforward.

If you like the visual style of this theme then you can add it to your shortlist, safe in the knowledge that it has all the features you need to not only promote your business and services, but also list products for sale online thanks to the online shop builder integration features.

More Info / Download Demo

27. Kitring

Kitring is a drag-and-drop spa and salon WordPress theme with lots of editable templates.

Kitring is a good example of a flexible spa and salon theme that really can be used to create many different types of websites in this category. Browsing the demos that come with Kitring will show you that this theme is capable of quickly launching websites for barbershops, hair salons, and beauty spas. There are also a few different variations of most of the demos, so you do genuinely get a good range of options for how your website will look, even when using the prebuilt content.

That’s not to say that you’re limited to using the Kitring templates as they are. Thanks to the inclusion of the premium WPBakery Page Builder plugin in the Kitring package, you should have no trouble creating a custom website with these ready-made templates.

Although the Kitring templates do look very good and are highly appropriate for creating spa and salon websites aimed at men and women, they also include many of the essential features that you’re likely to need to ensure that your site is an effective business tool.

Examples of this include the services and pricing table format that makes it easy to list and promote your treatments and the team member carousel for showcasing your most talented staff. If a visitor clicks on a staff member photo, they can go on to find out more about them before deciding whether or not to get in touch to book an appointment with them.

As Kitring comes with a booking tool, you have the option of taking your reservation system online or sticking with more traditional telephone and email contact.

Kitring has good levels of social media integration, too. So if you’ve been using your Facebook and Instagram accounts to promote your business online, you can repurpose some of that content on your website with ease. You can also share the links to your profiles on those sites. This should help you to grow your following and increase the number of people who see your latest posts.

With light and dark color templates, Kitring should appeal to a wide audience.

More Info / Download Demo

28. Skin Beauty


Skin Beauty is a multipurpose theme for creating websites in the beauty and health and wellness sectors.

Whatever type of services and treatments you are offering, the Skin Beauty WordPress theme should be able to promote them in style. This theme also includes full support for the popular WooCommerce online store builder plugin for WordPress. This means that if you want to sell products and services directly from your website, including gift vouchers and certificates, you’ll find everything you need right in the theme package.

To help you turn more of your website visitors into clients, Skin Beauty makes it easy to publish a portfolio to demonstrate the skills and services on offer. There are many different portfolio layouts to make use of, helping you to present your work in the best possible way. Each portfolio entry can include multiple photographs, a description, and any relevant pricing details. You can also add a downloadable brochure for each item to help provide your potential clients with everything they might want to know before booking an appointment.

If your visitors do want to make an appointment, they can either make use of the prominent contact information, which is displayed on every page. Depending on how you’ve setup your website, they can also book online.

If you decide to run any promotions at your salon, you can display them in the relevant section of your website. These promotions could include reduced pricing or discount codes, which can be redeemed at your online store.

No matter what type of business you are running or services you are offering in the health and beauty industry, Skin Beauty should easily adapt to your needs.

More Info / Download Demo

29. Shang

Shang is a hair salon WordPress theme aimed at barbers and other types of hairstylists.

Whether you want to create a website for a hair salon or barbershop, Shang is a suitable theme. The three demos in the Shang package are clearly populated with content that would work really well for barbers. However, the stock images and text are easily editable to make this theme better suited for those providing other types of hair-related services.

If you are planning to launch a website for a barbershop, though, you should find that Shang is a very appealing option. Browsing the demos will show you how your website could look if you import the prebuilt content and then carry out very little editing. If you want to get your new barbershop website online as quickly as possible, Shang shouldn’t be overlooked.

The homepage layouts that you get access to with Shang cover a few different styles, including one with a left-hand sidebar navigation area and others with fixed or floating header areas. Whichever style you prefer, you can quickly apply it to your WordPress website with Shang.

While the templates of Shang are definitely eye-catching, there’s more to this theme than just the prebuilt content. If you want to take bookings for your salon online through your website, this theme supports the plugins that can make this possible. Shang has full ecommerce support, too, giving you the ability to sell products directly from your website, such as hair care items and gift vouchers.

Shang comes with the WPBakery Page Builder plugin to add drag-and-drop editing to your hair salon website.

More Info / Download Demo

30. BeautySpot


BeautySpot has been designed for promoting any type of business or individual offering wellness, hair, or beauty related services.

The colourful and feminine design choices, such as the pastel colours and floral patterns, make this a theme that will strongly appeal to those looking to pamper themselves with a luxurious and indulgent treatment session.

As well as allowing you to publish the details of the different services and treatments you offer, the BeautySpot has all the functionality and features you would expect from a business-focused WordPress theme, making it easy for you to provide other essential information to your visitors. This includes a contact page with Google Maps integration, an image gallery portfolio section, and a set of blog templates for publishing regular news, with the option of engaging in content marketing to attract new clients.

You can even install the free WooCommerce plugin and begin selling products and services directly from your website, thanks to the online store page templates included in this theme.

BeautySpot gives you everything you need to promote your salon and the services you offer in style, while giving your visitors the opportunity to book a treatment of their choice online via your own website.

More Info / Download Demo

31. AppointWay


AppointWay will appeal to those who want to build a business-style website for their salon or spa.

Once this theme is up and running, visitors to your website will be able to schedule appointments and make payments to secure their session. The appointment form is easy to setup and easy for your visitors to use, allowing them to select a service, time, and price from the options you make available to them.

As well as the integrated payment module and appointment booking tool, there is also the option for adding a Google Map pin pointing your exact location, uploading your own logos and branding, adding customer testimonials, and displaying your services in a content slider.

With four colour schemes to choose from, AppointWay is a versatile theme that is ideal for anyone promoting their health, beauty, or wellness based business online.

AppointWay is available on its own or as part of the Ink Themes membership programme which gives you access to all 40+ of their current themes, plus one new addition each month for as long as you are a member, all for just $147.

More Info / Download Demo

32. Rejuvenate


Rejuvenate is the ideal WordPress theme for anyone who wants to create a relaxing and calming website for promoting their salon, spa, or massage parlour. The subtle colours and imagery help to set the tone for the services offered, while the useful on-page elements make it easy for visitors to quickly see what is on offer and how they can go about making an appointment or getting more information.

The homepage layout can easily be adjusted thanks to the use of widgets and the theme options control panel lets you fine tune the settings of the theme, all through a well-designed interface.

The Rejuvenate responsive salon and spa theme can be purchased as part of the Templatic themes club. This means you can get access to this theme, along with over 60 others for just $299.

More Info / Download Demo

33. SPA Treats


SPA Treats includes all the features a spa or salon website could ever need. However, an interesting inclusion is the WooCommerce eCommerce plugin which allows you to easily add an online store to your website, and sell items or services.

This theme serves as a 2-in-one template thanks to its ability to be converted into a theme for use on a restaurant website, as well as functioning as a spa-style template. The developers have also included two premium WordPress plugins in the package. This not only provides lots of extra functionality but also makes this theme even better value.

Spa Treats is a flexible and feature laden WordPress theme that is not only ideal for creating a spa or salon website, but also a site for a restaurant.

More Info / Download Demo

34. Beauty Center


Beauty Center has a very modern and up to date design thanks to its recent refresh and upgrade to version 2.0.

The developers of this spa theme have done a remarkable job of incorporating the flat design approach into Beauty Center. The result is something that manages to use the features of WordPress to create an original design for any site the theme is used with.

This spa theme also integrates with Google Maps so potential customers and clients can easily see where you are based, and also get directions to your salon or spa. In addition to this, the theme now includes a good selection of shortcodes, custom post types, five colour schemes, custom widgets, and a responsive mobile-friendly layout.

If you want a WordPress theme that has an original design and feel, then Beauty Center could be that theme.

More Info / Download Demo

35. Eller

Eller is a creative WordPress theme for launching stylish spa and wellness center websites.

The overall style of Eller is probably its best feature. So if you need to create a website for a premium spa or wellness center, then the design of this theme won’t let you down. To help you get your site looking just right, there are three main configurations of this theme that you can choose from for your website. All of them have been designed to a very high standard while also including lots of helpful elements in their layouts.

To make sure that your website helps maximize the potential of your online presence, Eller uses inspiring images throughout its prebuilt layouts. These stock images can easily be replaced with your own content to give your spa website a personal touch that’s relevant for your services and clientele. The text-based sections of the prebuilt homepage templates all have their own interesting layouts that will help to give the front page of your website a unique look. As you can quickly add your own text to these sections, you can start promoting your spa and its services right away.

Other useful elements of the Eller theme include the team member profiles panel that’s perfect for introducing the people who work at your spa, the pricing table widget that makes it very easy for you to promote your services and packages to your visitors, and the contact details area that has its own built-in contact form that’s ready to go. The default settings for the footer area of your website include a newsletter sign-up form, giving your visitors a way to keep in touch and get email notifications about your latest news and promotions.

While the homepage layouts look great, they aren’t the only templates you get access to with Eller. This theme is packed with prebuilt content to help you populate your spa website with useful information. Some examples of this include the selection of services templates, the portfolio layouts, and the ecommerce templates for selling items from your website.

The prebuilt forms for accepting booking inquiries through your website are the icing on the cake when it comes to the feature list of Eller.

More Info / Download Demo

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