26 Best Construction Company WordPress Themes 2020

If you are building a website for a company or individual in the construction sector, then you will be pleased to learn that there is a great selection of WordPress themes that have been built specifically for this purpose.

Whether it’s a website for an individual who is offering their services on a freelance basis, a large corporation that needs a new website to promote their brand and accomplishments, or anywhere in between, one of the themes in this collection is sure to meet your needs.

Many of these themes include a selection of pre-built page layouts that make setting up your new websites as easy as possible. For those with more bespoke needs, look out for the themes that include customization options and page builder tools.

Whichever theme you choose, you should have no trouble setting up a professional website to showcase and promote a construction related business in style.


Lightwire is packed with pre-built content to provide you with lots of options for your construction company website.

With over 35 complete pages in the Lightwire theme package, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to find a suitable design for your website among the demo content. If you do check out the demo content, you’ll see that there are actually six different website modes to choose from, including a design for a factory website, a technology-focused construction business, and more general-purpose construction company option.

Whichever demo site you choose for your project, you’ll be getting access to a feature-rich homepage layout that’s packed with useful elements, such as sliders and video players for welcoming your visitors, feature lists for promoting your services, and a logo display panel for showing off the clients and companies you’ve worked with. You can also use the skills graph to highlight your areas of expertise as well as use the testimonial module to publish feedback you’ve received. Of course, as this theme is highly flexible, you can easily pick and choose which elements from the available templates you want to display on your website homepage.

Other ways that you can customize the look of your website include choosing from the 13 different header layouts and using the theme options control panel to adjust the colors, fonts, and other display settings of your site through a visual interface. The Lightwire construction company WordPress theme also comes with a large library of elements that can be inserted into your content. Some examples of these elements include counters and countdown timers, social media integration panels for displaying content from your profiles, and a list builder for publishing your content in interesting ways.

If you’re looking for a thoroughly modern design for your construction company website, then Lightwire is hard to beat.

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Yellow Business

Yellow Business is a WordPress theme for creating professional construction business websites.

If you want your website to be an online lead generation asset, then it’s vital that you choose a WordPress theme with a focused and professional design. The Yellow Business theme can definitely help you with this. After installing this theme, you can choose which of the high-quality demo homepage layouts you want to apply to your site as well as which of the internal pages you’d like to publish. With so many professional templates and layouts to work with, you should be able to find the right designs for your construction business that also appeal to your target audience.

Yellow Business can help with adding the all-important content to your site too. Thanks to the bundled page builder tool, you’re no longer constrained by the limitations of the default WordPress editor. Now you can use a powerful drag-and-drop interface to create stylish content layouts and designs that will help set your website apart from the competition. If you want to take even greater creative control over your website, like some other construction company WordPress themes, Yellow Business includes a selection of pre-built header layouts that can be applied to your website in just a few clicks.

One important aspect that a good construction company website needs is a portfolio that can be used to display completed projects. As Yellow Business includes over 15 portfolio design variants, adding this type of content to your website is very straightforward, regardless of your web design skills or experience. And if you do run into trouble, the online documentation and 24/7 help desk are on hand to help you out.

Yellow Business is a brand new construction company WordPress theme that is packed with all the latest and greatest features.

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Wilmer is a construction WordPress theme with nine homepage designs for your company website.

The modern Wilmer theme has a striking design that will give your website a premium look while still including all the essential features of a traditional construction company theme. If you check out the Wilmer demos, you’ll see that this theme should work well for many different websites for companies in the construction industry. Some examples include the construction website option, the architecture site demo, and the construction projects portfolio design.

In addition to choosing which demo you want to import into your WordPress website, you can also select from a range of header styles, including a full-screen menu option, a left side menu bar, and a more traditional header menu layout. You can also enhance your navigation areas by using the mega menu functionality to display a range of content in your dropdown areas, instead of just text links. There’s a powerful slider tool too, giving you a way to add interactive slideshows to your website that can be used to showcase your completed construction projects. Also, as everything about this theme is mobile-friendly, your website and its content, including the slideshows, will look great regardless of the size of the user’s device.

For more creative control over the appearance of your site, the Wilmer theme includes the premium WPBakery Page Builder plugin. Thanks to this, you can open up all of the templates for editing through a drag-and-drop user interface, with no coding skills required. However, while this theme does come with a lot of customization options and tools, the pre-built content is particularly well-designed, making Wilmer a good option for anyone looking for an off-the-shelf template that’s ready to go.

Wilmer is a good example of a modern WordPress theme with a fully up-to-date design.

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Koncrete is a drag-and-drop construction WordPress theme for creating professional business websites.

The creators of Koncrete have taken many of the most popular and useful website features and used them throughout this theme. Thanks to this, you can create a modern and stylish website for your construction company that will impress even the most design-savvy visitors to your site. However, despite the great looking design, any website built with this theme will also be highly usable, too.

The main attraction of the default website demo in the Koncrete package, and its homepage layout, is the animated background display that’s sure to catch the attention of your visitors. The animated text is another pleasing feature of this theme, giving you a way to quickly introduce your business to your visitors, as soon as they arrive at your site.

As they scroll down the homepage layout, the default design gives you the opportunity to outline your services, share customer feedback, and introduce your team members. If you’re selling products online, you can use the ecommerce functionality and catalog templates of this theme to list items for sale, and also display a few of your featured products in the homepage layout. Thanks to the blog templates, you can easily share your latest news on your website, while also using the blog excerpts section on your homepage to promote some of the latest posts from the blog.

As Koncrete is a drag-and-drop theme, powered by the Elementor page builder tool, almost everything about your construction company website can be customized. If you choose this theme, you can move the sections around on your homepage and the other pages, add new sections to them, and change almost everything about the appearance of those sections and your other page elements.

If you want to create a website that will impress your visitors, Koncrete could be what you’re looking for.

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Construction has been built especially to help you grow your business. With a professional design that is perfectly suited to the task of creating a construction website, as well as all the essential features needed for such a job, this theme is well worth checking out.

If flexibility and being able to add your own personality to a project is important to you, then the multiple layout options of the Construction theme should appeal. When setting up your website with this template, you’ll get four header layouts to choose from, each with their own style and menu system.

Following on from there, you can then choose from one of the four homepage layouts on offer. These prebuilt designs give you the option of greeting your visitors in a number of different ways, including a full screen photograph display or even an auto-playing video background.

If those layout options weren’t enough, you are also free to fire up the included premium Visual Composer page builder plugin and have a go at designing your own homepage layout. This tool also makes it easy to customize the included layouts in case you need to make any tweaks and improvements.

Whichever way you decide to use this theme, getting it setup is a breeze. The one click demo importer significantly reduces the time and effort required to get your website online. After that, adding your own content is very straightforward thanks to the use of WordPress and its custom post types, not to mention the integrated layout tools, such as the Essential Grid plugin and the aforementioned Visual Composer.

Construction gives you everything you need to create a professional online presence for your business, whether you want to use the out of the box templates or get a little creative.

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Ratio has a pre-built website demo that would work perfectly for creating a construction company site.

Thanks to the 15 homepages and website demos that you get access to if you choose Ration, there are many ways that you can use this theme to launch your construction company WordPress website. Among the options is one purpose-built construction company website demo, but there are a few others that would also work well for this type of project, including the architecture and remodeling demos.

As all of the Ratio demos include lots of different templates, once you’ve chosen a pre-built website mode for your project, you can easily import templates from the other demos into your site to ensure that you’re able to publish the type of content that your website needs. Thanks to this, when adding a portfolio or services page to your site, you can choose from a wide range of different templates and layouts to help you display your content in the right way.

If you need to edit any of the templates in the Ratio package, you’ll find the included premium WPBakery Page Builder plugin makes it very easy to open the pre-built content for editing. Even if you’re new to WordPress, it shouldn’t take very long to get used to editing the templates through the intuitive WPBakery Page Builder interface. There’s also a powerful slideshow builder tool included in the Ratio package, giving you more options for how you can display content on your site. You don’t need to worry about how your site will look to smartphone users either, as everything about Ratio is fully mobile-friendly.

Thanks to recent updates, all of the pre-built content of Ratio is modern and fully up to date.

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TheGem has a stylish and professional-looking construction company website demo in its library.

Although TheGem can be used to create almost any type of website, it’s highly suitable for launching websites for construction companies with WordPress. While you’re free to use any of the demos from TheGem, choosing one of the purpose-built construction-focused options should make it much easier to launch your new site. However, if one of the other demos does catch your eye, adjusting it to match your requirements should be simple enough. Also, if you need to use any of the templates from the other demos, adding them to your website is straightforward too.

When it comes to the demos that would work well for creating a construction company website with WordPress, they all have professional designs that are ready for you to add your unique content to. As these layouts make use of elements like slideshows, contact forms, and testimonial sliders, your website will not only look attractive but also be highly functional. If you do want to add more elements to your pages, such as maps, pricing tables, or video players, doing so is effortless, thanks to the integrated page builder and its library of modules.

TheGem has lots of other features that will help make your website a success. This includes elements such as opt-in forms for growing your client database and email list, ecommerce support for collecting payments online, and a one-click demo importer to help you kick start your new website. Everything is covered by the online documentation, so whether or not you’re familiar with WordPress, you should be able to get the most from TheGem.

With so many templates and layouts, adding any type of content to your construction company site with TheGem is very straightforward.

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Real Factory


Real Factory is a flexible construction WordPress theme from the GoodLayers team.

GoodLayers have a documented track record when it comes to creating powerful and popular WordPress themes. Real Factory is no exception. With four homepage demos to choose from, Real Factory can help you build a wide range of different websites in the construction industry.

As the name of this theme suggests, creating a factory website is one option. However, you can just as easily build a website for a construction firm, a logistics company, or even an ecommerce store dealing in factory and construction supplies. When setting up your new WordPress website, the Real Factory theme gives you the ability to choose from 19 different header layouts. Changing the colors, typography, and layout settings of your site at the touch of a button is also possible.

Thanks to the inclusion of the GoodLayers drag-and-drop page builder tool, you can get even more creative with this theme. Through the builder’s user interface, you can create your own custom page layouts, populate them with a range of modules, as well as edit any of the Real Factory demo content.

To provide you with even more options for your website, Real Factory also includes the premium Slider Revolution slideshow builder plugin. There’s also a maintenance mode which can help you keep your visitors informed as you work on your new website. The 19 blog layouts and 9 portfolio templates will be useful when it comes to adding new content to your site.

Real Factory has an impressive feature list that’s combined with a collection of professional page layouts and templates.

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Exponent is a modern multi-purpose WordPress theme for businesses in the construction industry.

So far, this new multi-purpose WordPress theme has just over 20 pre-built demos for a range of different business websites, including one demo that’s perfect for creating construction company sites. Thanks to this, you can simply upload the theme files, then import the construction demo into your WordPress dashboard, and you’ll be well on your way to producing your very own company website. Replacing the demo images and text with your own content is straightforward, especially as this theme comes with a full set of documentation to help you get the most from it.

If you take a look at the Exponent construction company website demo, you’ll see that it features a large full-width slider as its main element, giving you a good opportunity to share photos from your completed projects or just display content that you think will help promote your business. If you decide to use the construction demo in its default mode, you’ll have a section for outlining your key services, space for sharing details of your completed projects, and the ability to publish testimonials from your clients. However, as this is a highly flexible theme, adding or removing sections from the default homepage layout or changing their order couldn’t be easier.

In fact, thanks to the visual website builder that’s included in the Exponent package, you can open any of the demo templates for editing, all through a drag-and-drop page builder interface. Furthermore, it’s possible to personalize almost every other display setting of your website via the intuitive WordPress Customizer control panel. There’s also full multilingual support should you need to publish your website and its content in more than one language.

Exponent looks great out of the box but is also highly customizable to help you get your website looking the way that you want.

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Construction has been created by the Anps team to help you build a stylish website for your business as quickly and easily as possible.

When creating your construction website with WordPress and this theme, you get four different homepage design to choose from. Among these pre-built options, you’ll find a range of styles to suit your business. Once you’ve chosen a homepage design, you can then use the page layouts and templates included in the package to add the other essential elements to your website.

The pre-built templates and layouts of the Construction theme cover the important pages that every professional website in this industry will need. This includes a selection of templates to promote the services you offer, a project section to showcase the work you’ve completed, an about us page to allow your potential clients get to know you better, and a contact page for accepting quotes and other messages from your visitors.

To help you get your construction website looking exactly how you want it, this theme features a detailed admin control panel. Through the settings of the control panel, you can make a wide range of changes to your website, including color, typography, and layout configurations.

For those with more advanced customization needs, the included Visual Composer plugin is on hand to help. This premium tool allows you to create custom page designs, all through an intuitive, front-end, drag-and-drop user interface. You’ll also find the premium Revolution Slider in the Construction theme package, making it easy to add advanced slideshows to your website.

Even if you’re new to WordPress and website building in general, Construction aims to help you get your website online with as little effort as possible. Thanks to the library of documentation videos, and easy import tool, you shouldn’t have any trouble completing your project.

No matter which service your business provides in the construction industry, this purpose built WordPress theme will help you get more leads from your website.

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AVXBuilder has two creative homepage designs for you to choose from for your construction website.

As well as the two different homepage layouts, AVXBuilder has lots of other pre-built layouts and templates for the rest of your construction site. Thanks to this, when it comes to adding a blog, portfolio, and contact pages to your site, you can choose from many different templates for that content.

To help make your website as interesting and engaging as possible, this construction company WordPress theme uses a good selection of page elements and widgets to enhance your content. You can see these content elements in action on the AVXBuilder theme demos, however, some examples include the pricing table widget that lets you easily list and compare your products or services, the testimonials slider that gives you the space to publish feedback from your clients, and the team member profile widget that allows you to showcase who will be working on the client projects.

As AVXBuilder includes a powerful drag-and-drop page builder tool, you can choose exactly which content modules are displayed on your pages and how they are presented. Editing the pre-built content is very straightforward with the AVXBuilder theme, as is creating your own custom page designs with the page builder tool and its visual editor.

The AVXBuilder theme also has a few useful features to help you generate leads from your construction company website. For starters, you can use the email optin forms to grow your newsletter. This can be a good way to keep in touch with the visitors to your site who aren’t yet ready to start working with you but might want to sometime in the future. There’s also an online contact and request a quote form that makes it easy for those visitors who are ready to start working with you to get in touch. You can also add your phone number to the header, footer, and other areas of your site so people can call you instantly.

AVXBuilder is a modern theme with all the features anyone creating a construction company website should need.

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Hood is a multi-purpose WordPress theme with website demos for all types of projects and sectors.

Although you can customize any of the Hood demos to adjust them to meet your needs, the purpose built construction demo is ideal for creating websites for architecture, planning, renovation, building, and other types of similar businesses. The default Hood theme construction demo features a large full screen animated slider that’s perfect for displaying photographs of your accomplishments. As visitors scroll down the homepage, they can view information about the services being provided, completed projects, and contact information. However, as Visual Composer and the Ultimate Addons pack are included in the Hood theme package, you won’t have any problems adjusting the layout or creating your own custom homepage design.

Other ways you can personalize this theme include adjusting the colors, fonts, and layout options through the Hood control panel. You can also use the included Slider Revolution and LayerSlider slideshow builder tools to create custom sliders for your website. The premium Essential Grid builder plugin is on hand too, helping you to design new and interesting page layouts for your content. With 10 different header layouts to choose from, Hood makes it easy to add the right type of navigation area to your website.

As well as being multilingual ready, Hood has also been translated into an impressive number of languages making this theme a good choice for creating an international construction website.

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Apex by Templatic has been developed for anyone building a website for a construction company. Whether you are a builder, an architect, working as a freelancer or running an agency, this theme is ideal for anyone promoting their construction industry related services.

The Apex construction theme is powered by the Foundation framework and has been designed to deliver a fast loading and mobile-friendly responsive website for your business.

The theme uses custom post types to allow you to publish the properties you’ve worked on, keeping that content separate from your regular blog posts. Each of the individual property pages that you create can include a selection of images, a description, videos, downloadable brochures, and a location map.

When it comes to setting up the homepage of your site, the Apex theme includes a widgetized homepage layout. This allows you to simply drag and drop the available elements into place to create the ideal homepage for your website.

Those widget elements that can be dragged and dropped into place include a full-width slider, a latest property slider, a brochure download button, contact details, a contact form, social media links, client testimonials, and much more, giving you all the tools you need to built a custom homepage layout with ease.

Apex also makes it easy to customise the colours and fonts used on your site. Thanks to support for the WordPress Theme Customizer tool, it’s possible to make changes to the appearance of your website through the easy to use editor, while also getting a live preview of the changes as you make them, helping you to get that personalized look from an off the shelf theme.

As with all Templatic themes, it’s possible to not only use the theme demo, but also create a test site and experience the advanced back end to check out the features and see how easy they are to use.

Apex is a great value construction WordPress theme that includes all the features you need to build a professional website to promote your business.

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BuildPress has been designed to cater to those working in the construction industries who need to create an online presence, or give their existing website an overhaul.

Whether you are offering your services on an individual basis, or providing solutions delivered by a team of professionals, BuildPress has all the features you need to help your website stand out from the competition and provide potential clients with all the information they need.

With an intuitive page builder tool included with this theme, as well as the custom page layouts the developers have created, you can also go ahead and build your own designs, all without the need to write any code.

If you don’t want to make too many wide-reaching changes to the theme, such as creating custom layouts, but would still like to personalize the fonts, colours, and other elements of your site, then you will be pleased to know BuildPress makes use of the WordPress real-time customizer. This allows you to make tweaks to the look and feel of your site with a live preview.

Setting up the BuildPress theme is about as simple as it gets, thanks to the one-click demo installer the developers have incorporated into the package. Customers also get access to a library of instructional videos, support documentation, and screencasts, covering how to setup the theme and customize it.

With a responsive and retina ready design, your construction website will be able to meet all the challenges and demands placed upon a modern website with ease.

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Constructo has been created for anyone who needs to build a website to promote their construction business online.

While there are other themes that have been built for the same purpose, Constructo does a good job of distinguishing itself from the competition. This is thanks to its highly professional design which helps to make it a great choice for architecture websites as well as other higher end fields of the construction industry.

Constructo functions like a portfolio theme, but one that has been tailored for the construction industry. This means you get plenty of opportunities to showcase your completed projects as well as highlighting the skills and services you have to offer. There is also a homepage widget for displaying the logos of clients that you’ve previously worked with, which can be used to help increase your credibility.

As Constructo includes the premium Visual Composer drag and drop page builder plugin you can easily modify any of the pre-built page templates that make up this theme. This is in addition to creating your own complex designs from scratch through the intuitive interface of this tool.

The premium Revolution Slider plugin is also a part of this theme, allowing you to create animated full screen slideshows to present your most important content in eye catching style. Other integrations and features include unlimited sidebars, wide and boxed modes, and extensive online documentation.

Constructo is packed with useful features, and includes plenty of customization options to help you build a professional website for any construction related business.

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Construction Edile

Demo More Info



Renovation is a great theme for building a website to show off your architecture, building, interior design, or other construction based services.

When it comes to showcasing your work, the theme includes the premium Revolution Slider plugin which allows you to add a full-width image and content slider to the homepage of your site to greet your visitors as they arrive.

You can also add a multicolumn icon menu to your homepage and inner pages to highlight the different services you offer. The theme includes a selection of useful shortcodes for inserting elements into your content, including buttons, maps, sliders, and even pricing tables, allowing your visitors to compare your services in one easy to read format.

The portfolio section of the Renovation theme is well thought out and gives you the opportunity to highlight your best work, or the different types of projects you work on.

The theme gives you access to the demo content which can be easily imported into your site, while the customization options allow you to personalize its appearance to meet the needs of your brand. The included Photoshop image files give you the option of making changes to those in order to achieve the look you desire.

Renovation is a feature rich theme that includes some good customisation tools for personalizing your website.

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MIES is described as an avant-garde architecture WordPress theme, and it does a great job of standing out from the completion, thanks to its eye catching design.

This theme combines full screen images, video backgrounds, parallax scrolling, and a mobile responsive layout to great effect in order to help you present the best qualities of your brand to your visitors. Completed projects can be published in the portfolio section of your website that this theme includes, while the collapsible menu makes it easy for visitors to find their way around the website, without obscuring your photographs and other types of content.

To help spread the work about the services you offer and projects you’ve worked on, the MIES theme includes integrated social media sharing buttons. The theme has also been built to take advantage of Facebook Open Graph, Twitter Cards, and Schema.org for Google Rich Snippets. This all means that your content will not only be easy to share, but will look really impressive when it is shared, helping you to get more visitors back to your website.

Despite being packed with features and functionality, the developers of MIES have worked hard to make this theme as easy to setup as possible. The package includes one-click sample data that allows you to set your website up to look just like the demo version in no time at all. The theme also uses a live customizer tool to enable you to see how your changes will look to your visitors as you make them in real time.

With a bold, full screen design and lots of nice visual elements throughout the theme, MIES could be a great fit for your next architecture or construction website project.

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The Contractor


The Contractor makes it easy to present construction and architecture projects online, in one nicely designed package.

Each of the projects that you create on your site can have their own page, complete with a full-width header image and optional slider, a lightbox photo gallery, and a text description. The featured images for each post or project can include animated images that play when the mouse cursor hovers over them. When it comes to displaying the members of your team, The Contractor doesn’t disappoint either.

The appearance of your website can be easily customized thanks to the support for the native WordPress Customizer. This allows you to change the colours and other appearance settings, all through a visual editor with a live preview.

Thanks to the support for mobile devices and Retina displays, no matter what device your website is viewed on it will look its best.

With an interesting navigation system and support for full-width images, it’s easy to build an eye catching website with The Contractor.

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Avanter is a great choice for those looking for a construction focused theme with a corporate slant.

The layout and features of the theme make it a good option for conveying your firm’s mission statement and ethos, while giving you plenty of opportunity to showcase your completed projects. With Avanter you can create unlimited portfolio items, while also adding a blog to keep your visitors and potential clients up to date.

To help you get your new website up and running as quickly as possible Avanter includes a detailed set of documentation and instructional videos, as well as all the demo content you need to populate your site with dummy content while working on your layout.

This construction theme has been built with support for high resolution Retina displays and smaller screen devices and is suitable for use with the free WooCommerce online shop builder plugin.

Demo More Info


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Billio makes use of the some of the most popular and up to date web design trends in order to help you create a stylish and modern construction WordPress website.

If you choose this theme, the home page of your website can be divided up into multiple segments, with each part highlighting a different aspect of your business and what separates it from the competition. As your visitors scroll down the front page of your website, they can view your client testimonials, explore your portfolio, and see what services you have to offer.

The Billio theme makes use of subtle animations to really help your content stand out on the page and create a memorable impression on your visitors. As you would expect from a modern WordPress theme, any websites you create with Billio will be fully mobile-responsive, to cater to smartphone and tablet using visitors.

The Billio theme package includes the premium Visual Composer and Revolution Slider plugins to help your content really stand out from the crowd. If you are looking for a big and bold WordPress theme to promote your business online, then Billio is well worth checking out.

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Batakoo has all the features you would expect to find in the best premium WordPress themes, all packaged up in a template that is ideal for promoting a business in the construction industry.

Some of the impressive features and characteristics of Batakoo include integration of the premium Revolution Slider plugin, over 600 Google Fonts to choose from, and a responsive design for mobile device compatibility. This construction theme also includes a selection of useful page templates. These cover such uses as a contact page, FAQ, portfolio, client testimonials, and an attractive blog layout.

When it comes to making changes to the appearance of your website – from fonts, to colours, and logos – the developers of Batakoo have built this theme so that it can make use of the WordPress Customizer tool. This gives you a live preview of any changes you make, saving you from having to switch browser tabs and refresh windows.

On top of all this, the Batakoo theme package also includes a proprietary drag and drop page builder tool. While this isn’t a front end builder tool, it does allow you to easily create complex page layouts and then drag and drop the available elements into place. This tool makes Batakoo a highly flexible theme that helps you break free from the traditional post screen constraints of WordPress.

With all the main bases covered in terms of features, Batakoo adds an attractive design into the mix to help you create a professional looking construction website with WordPress.

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Structure aims to give you everything you need to promote your construction-related business online, in order to help attract new clients to your services.

When using Structure for your website, you get six pre-built home page layouts to choose from. Each one has a different look, and at least one of them should suit your personal tastes. Each home page layout be easily applied at the touch of a few buttons. In addition to those layouts, there are also four pre-defined colour schemes to choose from, as well as six header layout options to make use of.

However, you aren’t just limited to the pre-built layouts and configurations. Almost every aspect of your website can be personalized. This takes place through the WordPress Customizer tool, giving you a user friendly interface and live preview of your changes as you make them.

This construction theme includes four premium plugins to help you make your website even more attractive. These tools include Visual Composer, Slider Revolution, and Essential Grid, as well as an upgrade package for Visual Composer. Together they can really help you make the most of your website. The demo content that comes with the theme can also be installed in one click, enabling you to get your website online even faster.

Structure gives you a modern design for your website, with a number of pre-built layouts to choose from, as well as plenty of customization options for those who want a more personalized look.

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Housebuild is a feature packed WordPress theme that has been built to help you create a website for any type of company associated with the construction trade.

As well as its great array of features, the design and visual appearance of Housebuild makes it an excellent choice for creating a professional looking website with minimal effort. With this theme, you not only get the opportunity to easily add full screen animated content sliders to your posts and pages, but also the ability to choose from an unlimited number of colours in order to customize the different areas of your website.

Housebuild includes a selection of useful page templates that can be used to present the different sections and content on your website in the best possible way. There are also a number of different blog page layouts to choose from for organizing the blog content on your website. This theme has been built to be compatible with the WordPress Customizer tool, allowing you to make changes to the appearance of your website with a live, front end preview as your modifications are applied.

The feature list and highlights of this theme also includes the Visual Composer premium page builder plugin which is integrated into the package and allows you to create your own advanced page layouts, the popular Slider Revolution plugin, and the integration of all 600+ Google Fonts. Housebuild also makes use of parallax scrolling, a fixed header menu area, and a portfolio section to showcase your completed projects.

Housebuild makes use of a full width layout to give you a great opportunity to really catch the attention of your visitors and let them know what services you provide.

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BuildMe has been built to ensure your website loads as quickly as possible. The main benefit of this is that your visitors won’t be put off by long loading times, while the speed of your website will help it to rank more prominently in the search engines.

As BuildMe can be used for a range of different businesses in the construction sector, it comes with over 12 pre-built layouts and configurations. Each of these options can be installed in just a few mouse clicks, making it very easy to lay the foundation of your new website.

Each of those layouts can be customized using the included Visual Composer plugin. Alternatively, you can have a go at creating your own designs from scratch. As well as building your own custom page layouts, you can also make smaller changes, such as choosing different fonts and colours, through the visual theme customizer tool.

If you are looking for a theme that can help you offer your visitors a great user experience, while also doing all it can to follow the Google page speed guidelines, BuildMe could be a great choice.

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  1. I just wanted to share with your readers that I recently bought and installed the “Arche” theme from themeforest and it is hands down the WORST theme I have ever had the displeasure of being ripped off for.

    Nothing works correctly in that theme, and the support team could not care less. It’s quite attractive, but very poorly coded.

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