16 Best Transportation WordPress Themes 2022

By choosing one of these transportation WordPress themes you can simplify the process of building a website to promote your business and its services. Whether your organization provides transport services to the local community, or you’re offering global logistics and relocation services to a wider audience, one of these themes can really help you promote your brand and all you have to offer.

Some of the features you will find in these transport-related themes include a selection of homepage layouts and multiple pre-built inner page layouts, the inclusion of premium plugins such as WPBakery Page Builder and Revolution Slider, and mobile-friendly responsive designs.

As most of these themes include multiple layouts and modes, it’s well worth checking out the different demo configurations on offer to see what they have to offer. Many of these themes also include demo content which can be imported into your site in just a few clicks. This helps to ensure that you are able to get your website up and running as quickly as possible.

If you are building a website for a logistics, transport, shipping, or other related business, then one of the themes in this collection is sure to be able to help make your project a success.

1. TheGem

TheGem is a creative multi-purpose WordPress theme with a pre-built transportation website demo.

Although TheGem can be used to build a wide range of websites with very little effort, the transportation and logistics website demo will be of particular interest to anyone reading this article. To help you promote your business in the most effective way, the transport business demo features a full-screen slider that’s perfect for displaying attention-grabbing photographs that are relevant to your services. Each slide in the slideshow can also include a text caption and a call to action button, helping your visitors decide where to go next on your website.

The rest of TheGem transportation website demo includes a panel for highlighting your most important services as well as a space for displaying interesting facts and statistics about your business, such as how many customers you’ve served, how many packages you’ve delivered, and which areas you serve. You can also use the pre-built pricing table to share the details of your main packages in an easy to digest format. When a visitor reaches the end of the homepage, if they like what they’ve seen, they can use the form to request a quote.

TheGem transport demo also includes templates for all the inner pages your website is likely to need. Thanks to the one-click demo importer tool, you can easily transfer this demo into your WordPress website in no time at all. As this WordPress theme includes a drag-and-drop page builder tool, you can edit any of the demo content without any difficulty. You’re also free to use any of the content from the other 70+ website demos that make up the TheGem to build your custom transport and logistics website.

Whether you’re looking for a ready to go, pre-built transportation website theme or you want to create a custom business site from scratch, TheGem is the flexible tool you could be looking for.

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2. Logisco

Logisco is one of the newest transport and logistics WordPress themes in this collection.

Although Logisco only has one homepage layout, it is packed with features that you can easily choose whether to display or not. Thanks to this, you still have plenty of options for how your site will look if you choose Logisco when creating your transport website with WordPress. Some of the highlights of the pre-built homepage of this theme from GoodLayers include a request a quote form that’s ideal for collecting business leads from your website customers, the optional order tracking information box, and the video player section that’s ready for you to upload a presentation that explains your services and why people should choose your business over the competition. Although as mentioned, you can easily choose which of these modules to display, and which ones to remove.

While Logisco might only have one homepage layout, when it comes to templates for the inner pages of your transport and logistics site, this theme isn’t short on options. For example, you can easily use the demo content to add an about page, a services page, and a careers section to your website. You can also quickly add a blog to your website as well as publish case studies that document your business experience.

If you like the look of the Logisco theme but need to make a few changes to its appearance, then that isn’t a problem. With a detailed theme options control panel and a powerful drag-and-drop page builder tool at your disposal, even the most inexperienced WordPress users should find personalizing their website very straightforward. For extra customization options, you’ll also have 19 different header designs to pick from for your site if you choose Logisco for your project.

With an easy-to-use demo import tool, Logisco simplifies the process of launching a new transportation website.

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3. Transport


Transport has been built to help you create the ideal website for your logistics and transportation business and services.  The theme has been developed by a ThemeForest author with a good selection of other successful templates to their name.

As Transport has only recently been released, it helps to know that it is packed with the latest and most important features your WordPress website will need. As Transport is a versatile template that can cater to many types of business in this niche, it comes with five different homepage designs to help you get the right look and feel for your project.

In the theme package, you will also find four premium plugins on offer. This includes the leading WPBakery drag-and-drop page builder tool and the equally popular Slider Revolution plugin. As well as these included plugins, the Transport theme has been built to work alongside any of the other extensions available for WordPress, including WooCommerce, WPML, Contact Form 7, plus many more.

Transport is both easy to set up from an administrator perspective, as well as being easy to navigate from an end-user perspective. With support for retina displays and mobile devices, as well as a one-click demo installer and a wealth of customization options, Transport certainly isn’t lacking when it comes to features and highlights.

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4. TransX

5. Moovit

Moovit is a modern transportation and logistics WordPress theme.

The nine unique homepage layouts that come with Moovit are accompanied by over 30 templates for the inner pages of your website. Thanks to this, you should be able to find a suitable combination of pre-built content to help you to assemble the perfect website for your transportation company.

As this is a relatively recently released theme, all of the templates of Moovit are fully modern and up to date, incorporating many of the latest web design trends. Therefore, if you’d like your transportation or logistics website to have an appearance that will enable you to promote your business in a positive way, this theme should help with that.

The templates that are included in the Moovit package cover the services, about, and contact pages your website will need, plus lots of other options. There are multiple variations of each type of template, so you can choose from a range of different ways to advertise your services on your website.

If you need to redesign the Moovit templates to make them match your company branding, it’s very easy to carry out this work. The theme settings give you full creative control over how your website will look, and all of the settings can be accessed through a user-friendly interface located inside of your WordPress dashboard.

As Moovit was built around the popular Elementor page builder plugin, you can use this tool to customize the individual content templates that come with this theme. Furthermore, you get access to a selection of custom Elementor blocks when you purchase Moovit, helping to make this powerful page builder even more appealing.

The Moovit demos make this theme suitable for creating websites for all types of transportation businesses.

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6. Industry


Industry can help you create a website for any business in the transportation sector.

For manufacturing and construction businesses to transport and finance service providers, the Industry WordPress theme is a suitable option. The library of homepage layouts has recently been expanded to bring the total number of available website demos to six. These demos can all be imported with ease, making Industry the ideal choice if you’re working to a tight deadline and need to get your website online as quickly as possible.

Once you’ve chosen a demo, you can easily customize your website further through the theme options and settings panel. Industry gives you the ability to create an unlimited number of custom color skins, has five header styles to choose from, plus many other settings and options to experiment with.

The WPBakery page builder plugin is also included at no extra cost, giving you an easy way to edit any of the Industry theme’s page designs. You can also use this drag-and-drop editor to create your own custom page designs from scratch.

If you’re looking for an off the shelf solution for your next website that also has the flexibility to help you personalize your site, Industry is worth a closer look.

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7. TransCargo


Transcargo is a popular logistics and transportation WordPress theme from StylemixThemes.

To keep things simple, Transcargo includes just one website demo. However, thanks to the customization settings and tools, you won’t be creatively restricted with this theme. The default homepage layout features an animated slideshow that’s powered by the premium Slider Revolution plugin. Through the slider builder interface, you can easily customize the existing demo content or create your own slideshows.

The WPBakery page builder plugin is also included in the Transcargo package. Thanks to this, you can use the drag-and-drop user interface of WPBakery to customize any of the layouts that make up the Transcargo demo, including the homepage design.

Creating your own advanced custom page designs isn’t a problem either. With WPBakery, you can quickly create varied layouts and then populate them with a range of useful modules. Transcargo also includes good support for the WordPress Customizer tool, making it easy to personalize your site by changing the typography settings, color choices, and layout options.

Transcargo should provide you with all the page templates and layouts you’ll need to build a professional transportation website for your business.

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8. Geoport

Geoport has three different homepages layouts for your transportation company website.

The homepage templates that you get access to with Geoport have all been designed to a high standard and are sure to help you create a professional website for your transportation company. They don’t only look great but are also packed with useful features to help you promote your services and grow your business online.

If you open up any of the Geoport demo websites, you’ll see that many elements, such as image carousels, online forms for requesting a transportation quote, and custom feedback panels, have been incorporated into their designs to help your website become an effective marketing tool.

As the homepages have different designs and layouts, you do get a good range of options for your website. However, as the homepage templates share many of the same features, you won’t be missing out on anything by choosing one layout over another. The same applies to the many templates that are included for the inner pages of your site, such as the about, services, and contact layouts.

If there is anything about the templates you’d like to change, including moving a section from one template to another, you can do so using the supported Elementor page builder plugin. Using this tool enables you to edit the templates, create your own unique templates from scratch, and personalize your website in many other ways.

As mentioned, Geoport does come with some pre-built online forms. As well as the simple request-a-quote form, there are also more advanced options that will let your visitors submit lots of details about their project. Once you have received this information, you can reply with a tailored quote that matches their unique requirements. You can, of course, customize these forms to collect the right information from your potential new customers and clients.

Geoport is highly customizable to ensure that your website looks right and works in the way that you want.

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9. Optime

Optime is a flexible logistics and transportation WordPress theme.

Designed for logistics, transportation, and cargo related businesses that want to establish a professional-looking online presence, Optime should appeal to experienced and non-experienced web designers alike. With three pre-built website demos, those new to building sites will find it easy to import one of the demos into their WordPress dashboard, and then add the information about their business to the templates. Those who have a specific vision for their website will also find creating their transportation website with Optime is a suitable choice, thanks to all of the customization options of this theme.

To ensure you’re able to adjust this theme to your business needs, Optime comes with the premium WPBakery Page Builder plugin included at no extra cost. Therefore, regardless of your web design experience, you should be able to give your website a personalized look, all through the drag-and-drop user interface of the popular WPBakery Page Builder.

Another premium tool that comes with the Optime theme is the Slider Revolution plugin. This slideshow builder has been used to create the sliders that you see in use on the Optime demos. As they can all be easily edited with this tool, you can quickly add your own images, text, and videos to these slideshows. Alternatively, you can create your own sliders from scratch or remove them entirely from the templates if you don’t need them. With Optime, it’s up to you how your cargo and logistics website looks.

To ensure that your website can help grow your business, Optime has a pre-built request-a-quote form that allows your visitors to submit detailed information about their requirements. You can also upload files, such as a brochure, that your visitors can download to find out more about your services.

Optime has a highly professional design to ensure your business website has a credible and trustworthy look.

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10. Additrans

Additrans has four homepages for you to choose from for your transport and logistics website.

The four homepage layouts of Additrans and its library of other templates have all been designed so that you can easily create a professional-looking website. Plus, you can import the demo content directly into your WordPress dashboard in just a few clicks.

The templates include lots of useful elements to help make your website more effective. Some examples include the testimonial publishing feature that gives you an easy way to share the feedback from people you’ve worked with and the carousel for publishing the logos of companies and organizations you’ve been involved with. You can also use the pre-built templates to prominently display the contact details of your company and a link to the page where visitors can request a quote.

If you want to customize any of the pre-built content that comes with Additrans, you can use the Elementor page builder plugin which gives you lots of freedom to create the look you want.

Additrans has full WooCommerce support, too, giving you an easy way to accept payments on your website.

11. Trucking


Trucking has reportedly been built in cooperation with transportation website owners to ensure it includes all the elements that this type of project needs.

This means that if you choose Trucking for your website, you’ll get access to a mobile responsive WordPress theme that’s packed with useful page templates. Among those page templates, you’ll find designs that make it easy to present the different services your business offers. You’ll also have access to a range of different templates for your website’s about us page. Company clients, careers, online applications, and news templates are just some of the other pre-built content options available with Trucking.

The Trucking WordPress theme definitely doesn’t take a one-size-fits-all approach to web design. The drag-and-drop WPBakery Page Builder plugin is on hand to help you personalize any of the included page templates. You can also change the overall look and feel of your website through the theme options control panel. This covers typography and color settings, as well as header and content layouts. If you want to get even more creative, the editable Photoshop files for the main images used by the theme are included in the Trucking package.

If Trucking sounds like a good match for your project, you can check out some of the customization options on the theme demo.

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12. TransPress


TransPress has been regularly updated since its initial release and is now one of the most feature-rich transportation WordPress themes available.

Recent additions to the TransPress theme include new demos that have brought the total number available to six. There are also now six header layout styles to choose from, two forms for accepting online quote requests, and a selection of new templates for specific pages. This all means that when it comes to creating a transportation website with TransPress it’s highly likely that you’ll find a pre-built template that’s suitable for each piece of content you’re publishing.

Like the best transportation themes in this collection, WPBakery Page Builder is included in the theme package to help you customize any of those pre-built templates. Slider Revolution is another premium plugin that’s included, giving you the ability to create immersive full-screen animated presentations as well as more restrained featured content carousels.

TransPress has been built to work seamlessly with WooCommerce, the leading ecommerce plugin for WordPress. This means that you can easily create products and services that your visitors can purchase from your website, including the ability to collect deposits for arranged jobs.

To help keep your website under wraps until it’s ready, TransPress also includes a useful maintenance mode.

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13. LogisticBusiness


LogisticBusiness has been created to help you build a professional website for your trucking or transportation business.

LogisticBusiness is all about giving you the tools to make a website that will drive more customers to your website. From the mobile-friendly design to the interactive Google Map that makes it easy for your visitors to find your offices, your website will have everything it needs to grow your business.

To help your potential clients get a better understanding of your business, the staff profiles page template gives you a great opportunity to introduce your visitors to your team members. You can also use the history page template to tell the story of your business, while the attractive blog post design makes it easy to share regular news, advice, and other useful content with your target audience.

The LogisticBusiness theme isn’t lacking in customization options either. Through the powerful theme options panel, you can quickly modify the typography, layout, and color settings of your site. The integrated drag-and-drop editor helps you take things a step further and start rearranging the demo page layouts to create your own designs.

As this is a flexible theme with lots to offer, it’s good to see that detailed online documentation is on hand to help you make the most of LogisticBusiness. The Slider Revolution and LayerSlider plugins are also included in the theme package at no extra cost, giving you plenty of options when it comes to creating slideshows and presentations for your website.

LogisticBusiness has a clean and simple look that should appeal to anyone with an eye for design.

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14. Transport


Transport is another newly released WordPress theme catering to the logistics sector. Whether its transportation, shipping, logistics, cargo, or any other services from this industry that you are offering, this theme aims to help you build an effective website.

When setting up this theme for your website, you get two main layout options to choose from, as well as four pre-defined color schemes. After you’ve made this initial decision, there are then plenty of different ways on offer that allow you to further personalize the theme in order to make it your own.

Through the theme options and settings of Transport, there are multiple header styles to choose from, as well as a whole host of elements which can be deployed to the homepage. The theme also comes equipped with a quotation form which allows your visitors to quickly and easily submit their details in exchange for a quote for their requested service.

The Transport WordPress theme also includes the Revolution Slider plugin. This tool has been used in the demo version to add some attractive and immersive content slideshows to the homepage and inner pages of the website.

Transport ticks all the boxes when it comes to WordPress themes in general as well as the features you will need to build a website to promote a business in the logistics sector.

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15. GoCargo


GoCargo can help you with your freight, logistics, and transportation business website requirements.

When setting up your website with GoCargo you’ll have seven demos to choose from. Each demo has been stylishly created and can be considered as individual website templates rather than variations on a single design. Most of the GoCargo demos make good use of the bundled Slider Revolution plugin. This means you can open up any of the included slideshows for editing and add your own content. WPBakery Page Builder is also included as well for extra creative possibilities.

GoCargo has enough website demos to cover a range of businesses in the transportation industry and you can even find links to real-world examples of this theme in use on the GoCargo product page.

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16. Globax

Globax is a logistics WordPress theme that can help you create a high-quality transportation website for your business.

The eight different homepage designs in the Globax package makes this a suitable theme for building a range of transportation websites. Depending on which layout you choose, the homepage of your site could feature a large slideshow display that highlights your main services, a section with a video background that lets your visitors know how you can help them, or a design that features a list of your projects. There are also multi-page and one-page website layouts that give you even more options for your transportation site.

As well as getting to choose from multiple homepage styles for your website, Globax also gives you over 30 different header and sidebar configurations to work with. Some examples of these include headers with logos in different positions, a boxed header, and full-width options. Options for the inner pages of your website aren’t limited either. Among these templates, you’ll find designs for the about, services, contact, and FAQ pages.

If you need to add any more pages to your website, that shouldn’t be a problem with Globax, as this theme comes with the premium WPBakery Page Builder plugin included. Thanks to this, you can create brand new pages from scratch or easily copy an existing page and edit to match your requirements. All the work takes place through a modern drag-and-drop content editor, making WPBakery Page Builder an accessible tool for all.

In addition to customizing your website with the page builder, the appearance of Globax can also be controlled through the theme options panel. As the Globax options panel is pretty advanced, you get a high level of control over how your website will look. Although as the Globax demos all look very good, you might not even need to use this feature, however, it’s nice to know it’s there, should you ever wish to make any changes to the appearance of your site.

Globax is a good example of a modern, feature-rich transportation WordPress theme.

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