12 Best SAAS WordPress Themes 2019

If you want your SaaS to be a success it will need a high-quality website. Thanks to the options in this collection of the best SaaS WordPress themes, creating an effective website has never been easier. Although there aren’t hundreds of themes in this category, most of the SaaS themes available here do include multiple […]

Best WordPress CRM plugins, featured image

5 Best WordPress CRM Plugins 2019

Looking for a way to manage leads and customer relationships on your WordPress website? A customer relationship management tool, or CRM for short, might be just the ticket. Though there are tons of huge SaaS CRM tools — with Salesforce probably being the most notable example — you can also bring the power of a […]

8 Best WordPress Themes for Actors 2019

If you’re an actor then having an online presence is essential. While you can use social networks like Facebook to promote yourself online, having your own website gives you much more control over how your profile will look and what you can do with your online presence. Thanks to this collection of the best WordPress […]

30+ Best WordPress Affiliate Programs for Bloggers

Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular ways to make money online and rightly so. However, as a WordPress blogger, what items should you promote? This collection of the best WordPress affiliate programs will help you find the most lucrative WordPress-related products and services to promote to your audience. With the opportunity to earn […]

9 Best Wedding Photography WordPress Themes 2019

Thanks to this collection of the best wedding photographer WordPress themes, creating a website to promote your services online has never been easier. Designed to help you share your portfolio online and also promote your services in a stylish online environment, these WordPress themes for creating wedding photography websites all look great. Not only that, but […]

21 Best Flat Design WordPress Themes 2019

It’s great to see that the flat design trend is still going strong, and as these themes demonstrate, this style can be interpreted in many different ways. In fact, with options covering digital agency sites, blogs, online portfolios, and ecommerce stores, you can create almost any type of website with the flat design WordPress themes […]

15 Best SEO Friendly WordPress Themes 2019

MH Magazine MH Magazine is a WordPress theme that’s perfect for websites that publish lots of content on a regular basis. There are 12 demos available where you can see the flexibility of this theme; no matter what you’re blogging about, with MH Magazine you can create professional, well-organized layouts for your website. Thanks to […]

17 Best BuddyPress WordPress Themes 2019

BuddyPress is the social networking plugin for WordPress that enables you to build your own Facebook. Whether you want to create a social space for your friends and family, develop a collaborative environment for your co-workers and colleagues, or somewhere in-between, the free and flexible BuddyPress plugin is for you. While any good WordPress theme […]

11 Best Coffee Shop WordPress Themes 2019

Coffee shops have come a long way in recent years. From the functional cafes of the past to the artisan creative spaces we have today. While this is great for the consumer, it means coffee shop owners need to up their game to compete in the current market. Fortunately, creating an effective website for your […]

14 Best Coaching WordPress Themes 2019

If you’re a coach then you need the right type of website. Whether you’re offering coaching services in person or online, your website should be at the core of your promotional and marketing strategy. By choosing one of the items from this collection of the best coaching WordPress themes, you’ll be well on your way […]