13 Best Affiliate Marketing WordPress Themes 2019

Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest ways to get started with making money online. By linking to participating services, products, or offers, you can earn a commission for each customer you refer.

While you can add these income generating affiliate links to any WordPress website and theme, choosing a theme that has been created especially for this purpose has many advantages. One common feature of these affiliate WordPress themes is that they make it very easy to publish professional looking reviews. These reviews can highlight the best and worst aspects of each item, along with other useful features such as product comparisons, star ratings, video and images galleries, and lots more.

Other more general features found in the themes in this collection include fully responsive designs, a wealth of theme options and customization controls, and also some bundled premium plugins. Some of these affiliate themes are available as part of multi-template theme clubs, so if you are in the market for more than one theme, be sure to check these out.

By choosing a purpose built affiliate theme, you should be able to increase the chances of your WordPress website becoming a success.



REHub has been created with the aim of taking the number one spot when it comes to money making themes for WordPress. With a plethora of product display related features, REHub certainly makes it easy to add reviews, comparisons, and other product showcasing features to your WordPress website.

Whether you’re featuring products on a strictly affiliate basis, or you’re also selling your own items from your website, REHub is a great choice. This is thanks to its full support for two of the leading ecommerce plugins for WordPress: WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads. By using either of these two plugins, you can list products you are promoting as an affiliate alongside your own inventory to ensure maximum sales and money making opportunities.

The REHub affiliate theme is pretty flexible and you can configure your website in a number of formats. This includes a regular blog layout, an online store format, or in a magazine layout. This means that however you prefer to publish content, you shouldn’t have a problem with this theme.

The theme includes a number of affiliate related plugins, including one for creating product comparison tables, as well as another one for managing your outbound affiliate links. This second option makes it easy to track the clicks your links receive, as well as quickly change where they take the user to, all from one central dashboard.

The product comparison tables you can add to your posts and pages are highly recommended for anyone publishing reviews. These tables make it very easy for your visitors to see the different variations and options on offer, without leaving your site and going elsewhere. This is great as it can help prevent you from missing out on those vital last click referrals.

With a fully modern design and lots of affiliate related features, REHub is well worth taking for a test drive if you are planning on generating an income online, either solely or partly from affiliate commissions.

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SteadyIncome has been designed especially for building websites that are monetized through affiliate programs. As this template has been created by the MyThemeShop team, you can guarantee it will be one of the fastest loading themes around.

Fast page load times have many benefits. Avoiding a slow loading theme can result in higher conversion rates and improved rankings in the search engines: two metrics every affiliate marketer and website owner should be focusing on.

As well as a quick loading website, choosing the SteadyIncome theme means you get access to a great set of features that will help you earn more money online. These features include: an email list building tool, unmissable featured product displays, stylish social media icons, and of course a fully mobile responsive design.

When setting up this theme on your WordPress website, you get access to a wealth of features to make SteadyIncome your own. This ranges from choosing the right home page layout for your project, through to more granular settings such as picking custom fonts and colors.

SteadyIncome is an easy to deploy theme that is highly customizable. If you join the MyThemeShop club when purchasing SteadyIncome, you could get access to this theme along with over 100 other products for one low price.

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Rethink has recently been updated to version two and along with the revised design, the theme also has some great new features on offer to help you build the perfect affiliate website.

Amongst the features of this theme you will find some very useful tools for publishing product and service reviews. Whether you are adding monetized reviews to your blog, or are building an affiliate website from the ground up, being able to easily compare items should come in very handy.

If you check out the demo of the Rethink theme, you can quickly see how it handles products reviews. Each listing on your site can include a price comparison feature that makes it easy for your visitors to quickly find the best deal for the product they are interested in. This saves them the trouble of visiting each site individually to get the latest pricing, while also increasing your chances of earning a referral commission from their purchase.

As well as helping you to publish professional looking reviews, the Rethink theme also makes it very easy to organize the different products and types of items you are featuring on your site. The benefit of this is that it then makes it very easy for your visitors to find what they are looking for, again increasing your chances of earning an affiliate commission from their visit.

Rethink combines a stylish design and feature set to help you build a professional product review website with great earnings potential.

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Splash is another high performance template from the MyThemeShop team. This means it carries their trademark clean and crisp design, as well as delivering some of the fastest loading times around.

Thanks to the inbuilt rating system of this theme, it’s easy to add a bit of extra interactivity to your website in order to keep your visitors coming back for more. Splash also includes a good selection of page templates. These designs can be applied to the different types of content you are publishing on your site, helping to give them a unique and bespoke look.

If you do want to branch out into ecommerce after you’ve tested out your concept with affiliate offers, Splash and its support for the popular WooCommerce plugin makes adding this functionality to your website straightforward.

With a flexible layout and a clean and modern design, Splash could be the right choice for anyone who wants to let their product reviews stand out on the page.

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Voice comes in a number of layout options, but for those creating an affiliate website with WordPress, the full width layout with cover image is a good choice.

As well as the multiple post and pages layouts on offer, the theme package ships with a good selection of shortcodes. These codes can be used to insert a range of elements into your content, including progress bars, font icons, a library of buttons, tabs, and even column layouts.

With the Voice theme, you also get to choose from a number of color skins, header configuration modes, custom sidebar and widget layouts, and multiple pagination options. The theme also is also built to support WooCommerce and bbPress right out of the box, making it easy to add online store and discussion board functionality to your website if needed.

Voice is a popular theme that will appeal to those publishing content on a regular basis that is monetized with affiliate links.

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Engine is a great example of the new generation of blog and magazine style themes for WordPress. As well as the features that have made this type of theme so popular, Engine has been built specifically for publishing review and news content for the entertainment and gadget niches.

The default home page layout of this theme makes it a great option for websites that have busy publishing schedules. From the moment a visitor lands at your site, they will have a wealth of articles to choose from. After making their choice, they can then read the article, as well as find their way to more of the content on your site, via the trending article display in the header, the multiple sidebar widgets, and the range of footer links.

Although Engine has a pretty distinctive look right out of the box, it’s a highly customizable theme. By using the bundled drag and drop editor, you are free to modify the existing designs or even create your own – all without the need to edit any code directly.

Engine is packed with content publishing related features, including a mini sites feature, which is ideal for promoting individual products or offers as an affiliate, alongside your regular website content.

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InReview from Elegant Themes, is a purpose built theme for publishing reviews online. If you want to then monetize those reviews with commission earning affiliate links, then doing so it not a problem with this template.

InReview includes a special custom post type which is used to publish reviews, giving them a unique layout and format that stands out from the rest of the content on your website. These reviews include star ratings, custom review criteria, pricing information, and bold purchase buttons.

This theme might not have the most cutting edge design out there, but it’s a tried and tested look that has been used by countless websites in the past to build up a loyal audience of readers and subscribers. You get a pretty good selection of theme options to configure your website through, and the included shortcodes make adding new and interesting page elements to your content a breeze.

Also, as InReview is an Elegant Themes product, it can be yours, along with a great selection of other themes, including the impressive Divi, for one low price.

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MoneyFlow is another SEO friendly, fast loading template from the MyThemeShop team. This means not only will your visitors be able to enjoy impressive page speeds, but if you buy this theme, you can also get access to the whole library of templates at a bargain rate.

With three prebuilt layouts to choose from, whether you want to monetize your website with affiliate offers or AdSense displays, MoneyFlow has got you covered. Amongst those layouts you will find a regular blog mode, as well as a full width home page option that is perfect for websites with lots of content.

If you do join the MyThemeShop club, you can get access to the premium WP Review Pro plugin to give your review content a professional look and feel. Alternatively, you can start out with the free WP Review plugin to add a few nice features to your affiliate content.

On the back end, MoneyFlow features an extensive theme options control panel. This set of options makes it easy to customize your website and get it looking exactly how you want.

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CouponXL is, as the name suggests, ideal for building coupon websites with WordPress.  You can then monetize these discount coupon offers with your affiliate links and be on your way to building a stylish money making website.

The default layout of the theme includes some handy search fields, front and center. This feature makes it very easy for your visitors to find the best deals that are not only of interest to them, but also in their local area.

The rest of the layout of theme gives your deals plenty of room to breathe, while also displaying a good selection of links to the other offers you are promoting. Another nice feature of the CouponXL theme is that your visitors can sign up and start submitting their own deals. This is great, as enabling this feature can really help your website grow organically, as more content is added. You also have the option of charging your visitors a fee for making use of this service, giving you another way to monetize your site.

As well as its modern and stylish front end design, CouponXL includes a user friendly dashboard for managing your deals and coupons.

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Expert has been created especially for marketers who need a blog to promote their business and services.

The full width layout gives your content plenty of room to breathe, while the contrasting colors should help make a strong impression on your visitors. However, as much of the look and feel of the theme can be customized, you are free to make any changes as you see fit.

Expert is certainly a quality blogging theme for WordPress that can easily be monetized with affiliate links to your recommended products and services.

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Goliath comes with a built in review system which makes it a great choice for creating a reviews type website.

This theme includes four distinct styles, which are advertised as being best suited to sports, news, fashion, and technology related content. Monetizing that content with either affiliate links or AdSense code is very easy thanks to the inbuilt support for these two options. You can also display banner ads using the ad areas and included widgets.

To help you give your website a custom look and feel, the Goliath theme includes the premium Visual Composer drag and drop page builder tool. In the package you will also find the premium Revolution Slider plugin which makes it easy to add advanced animated slide shows to your posts and pages.

If you do choose this theme, creating professional looking reviews will be very straightforward, thanks to the review builder control panel.

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Comre is another feature packed theme that is ideal for building coupon code and affiliate websites. As the theme also includes full support for the WooCommerce plugin, adding your own products to the site isn’t a problem either.

Any website built with the Comre theme can include a detailed search tool that makes it easy to track down the best deals, as well as a fully responsive design for accommodating mobile and tablet users. Comre also has a nice blog design, giving you another option for monetizing your website with a regular stream of posts.

Comre includes a bundle of commercial plugins, including Visual Composer and Revolution Slider, making it a great value package.

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Techwise is a magazine WordPress theme that is ideal for creating a technology based website, complete with all the latest reviews.

The default layout of the theme includes a full width content slider that automatically scrolls through your latest content, making it easy for your visitors to see what you have to offer. With this theme, making your best content stand out is simple – just promote it to the featured section on your home page.

Techwise has been built to accommodate video content as easily as it does the written word. So if you are creating video reviews for your website, then this theme could be a good choice. When it comes to publishing reviews, another nice feature is that it’s easy to create side by side comparisons that really let your visitors make an informed decision when it comes to picking the right project.

If you are creating a technology related website, then Techwise certainly has the look and feel to help you get online in style.

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