13 Best Affiliate Marketing WordPress Themes 2021

Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest ways to get started with making money online. By linking to participating services, products, or offers, you can earn a commission for each customer you refer.

While you can add these income generating affiliate links to any WordPress website and theme, choosing a theme that has been created especially for this purpose has many advantages. One common feature of these affiliate WordPress themes is that they make it very easy to publish professional looking reviews. These reviews can highlight the best and worst aspects of each item, along with other useful features such as product comparisons, star ratings, video and images galleries, and lots more.

Other more general features found in the themes in this collection include fully responsive designs, a wealth of theme options and customization controls, and also some bundled premium plugins. Some of these affiliate themes are available as part of multi-template theme clubs, so if you are in the market for more than one theme, be sure to check these out.

By choosing a purpose-built affiliate theme, you should be able to increase the chances of your WordPress website becoming a success.

1. REHub

REHub has been created with the aim of taking the number one spot when it comes to money making themes for WordPress. With a plethora of product display related features, REHub certainly makes it easy to add reviews, comparisons, and other product showcasing features to your WordPress website.

Whether you’re featuring products on a strictly affiliate basis, or you’re also selling your own items from your website, REHub is a great choice. This is thanks to its full support for two of the leading ecommerce plugins for WordPress: WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads. By using either of these two plugins, you can list products you are promoting as an affiliate alongside your own inventory to ensure maximum sales and money making opportunities.

The REHub affiliate theme is pretty flexible and you can configure your website in a number of formats. This includes a regular blog layout, an online store format, or in a magazine layout. This means that however you prefer to publish content, you shouldn’t have a problem with this theme.

The theme includes a number of affiliate related plugins, including one for creating product comparison tables, as well as another one for managing your outbound affiliate links. This second option makes it easy to track the clicks your links receive, as well as quickly change where they take the user to, all from one central dashboard.

The product comparison tables you can add to your posts and pages are highly recommended for anyone publishing reviews. These tables make it very easy for your visitors to see the different variations and options on offer, without leaving your site and going elsewhere. This is great as it can help prevent you from missing out on those vital last click referrals.

With a fully modern design and lots of affiliate related features, REHub is well worth taking for a test drive if you are planning on generating an income online, either solely or partly from affiliate commissions.

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2. Zox News

Zox News is a news and magazine-style theme that’s ideal for creating a content-rich affiliate site.

If your affiliate marketing strategy involves creating a website that’s packed with high-quality content that aims to attract lots of readers via the search engines, then the Zox News theme will ensure that your site has the right type of design. Thanks to its large number of article templates, each time you publish a new piece of content on your site, you can choose the layout that works the best for your latest post.

If you check out the Zox News demo, you’ll be able to see how the homepage of your affiliate marketing website could look. As this is a news and magazine WordPress theme, your site could have an appearance that’s similar to the popular and well-established media outlets. This means that your homepage will have a feed that displays the latest and most popular articles from your website, with featured images and snippets to encourage your visitors to click through and check out an article in full.

When it comes to monetizing your website with affiliate links, you can use the advertisement areas to display banners and other promotional content on your site. You can also use the included Reviewer Plugin to publish in-depth reviews on your website, which can include affiliate links to the places where your readers can purchase the items you’re evaluating. Zox News has good support for audio and video content too, so if you want to publish video reviews on your website, it’s straightforward with this theme.

If you’d like your affiliate website to look like a news or magazine outlet, Zox News should be on your shortlist.

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3. Typer

Typer has been designed for creating blogs and multi-author content websites with WordPress.

Whether it’s just you creating content for your affiliate website or you have a team of writers producing articles and other types of content, Typer could be a good option. Each author or registered user on your blog or magazine website gets their own stylish profile page. Not only does this page include their author bio and links to their social media profiles but also a selection of their latest posts. While many of the best content-focused affiliate marketing themes include this sort of content template, Typer delivers this feature in a very stylish way.

As well as the user profile page templates, the Typer package also includes a few different homepage layouts for you to choose from. Among the options is one that’s optimized for publishing tutorials. Thanks to this, if your affiliate website will be focused on sharing how-to guides and other tutorials, and including referral links in those articles, Typer and its review and tutorial templates are well worth checking out.

Typer has also has a travel-focused website demo that makes this theme a good option for starting a travel blog or a similar type of website. By using the article templates that feature large header images, you can easily include some eye-catching photography from your travels in the articles that you publish on your travel blog.

To ensure that your content not only looks great but is also easy to read, Typer works really well with both the recently updated WordPress editor and the popular Elementor page builder plugin. Thanks to this, you get full creative control over how your articles look, helping you to ensure that your affiliate website stands out from the competition with its own unique design. If you want to display popups on your site, either to promote affiliate offers or grow your email list, Typer has the functionality for doing so, built into its core capabilities.

A good choice for travel blogs and general-purpose multi-author blogs alike, Typer has lots of stylish article templates to choose from.

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4. Blabber

Blabber is a WordPress affiliate marketing theme designed for bloggers and online magazine sites.

The library of 20 website demos that you get access to with Blabber helps to make this a true multipurpose affiliate marketing WordPress theme. Among the Blabber demos are designs for tech blogs, travel sites, gaming portals, and food blogs, to name just a few. With so many options, whatever type of content you’ll be publishing, and on whichever topics, there’s a good chance that Blabber has a design that’s ready to go.

If you check out the Blabber demos, you’ll see that they all have stylish homepages that can list feeds of the latest blog posts from different categories. There’s also space for publishing adverts and other monetized content on your homepage and in the articles themselves. In fact, with a good selection of custom widgets, you can insert a wide range of additional content into your articles, including ones that contain affiliate links.

To help you publish articles that are formatted in the right way for your niche and its audience, Blabber has been built to take full advantage of the latest version of the WordPress editor. Thanks to this, you can insert a range of different blocks into your articles to make them look more interesting. You don’t have to use the default WordPress editor though, as this affiliate marketing theme is compatible with the Elementor page builder tool. By using Elementor, you can open up the pre-built content and layouts, and then edit them to match your preferences. If you choose Blabber, each piece of content that you publish on your blog or online magazine can have its unique design.

In addition to monetizing your website with affiliate links, you can also use the ecommerce support of Blabber to generate revenue from your site in other ways. So if you do want to sell products alongside your affiliate offers, Blabber can certainly help with this.

Blabber has good social media integration too, to help you grow your followings on the most popular networks.

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5. Zeen

Zeen is a modern news and magazine WordPress theme that’s just been updated and refreshed.

To ensure Zeen remains a competitive option in the affiliate marketing WordPress themes category, its developers have recently released a major upgrade that has seen more website demos added to the library of options, improved support for video backgrounds, and much more. If you’re looking for a theme with a modern set of pre-built templates and layouts, Zeen could meet your requirements.

As well as more website demos, the recent update involved optimizing Zeen for faster loading times. Therefore, if you want to keep the search engines happy by ensuring your pages load within their recommended time scales, Zeen is worth checking out. You can also use features such as lazy loading to help speed up your website and deliver a more positive user experience.

Although Zeen is packed with pre-built layouts and templates, you’re not limited to only using the demo content. As Zeen has its own custom-built content editor integrated into its core, you’re able to create your own custom article layouts. So if you have a specific idea of how your affiliate marketing content should look to appeal to your audience and generate more clicks and revenue, you can use the page builder to present your articles in the way that you want.

As well as the page builder tool, Zeen can be extensively customized through the theme options panel. So if you want to change the fonts, colors, and other aspects of this theme, you can do so with Zeen. As everything is well documented too, whether or not you’ve used WordPress before shouldn’t hold you back when building your affiliate website with this theme.

With templates covering a wide range of content types, Zeen is good for lots of different affiliate marketing websites.

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6. Neori

Neori is an affiliate-friendly news and magazine WordPress theme.

If you want to create a content site, such as a blog or online magazine, that’s monetized using affiliate offers, then Neori is worth checking out. Once you’ve imported the demo content, you’ll be able to access a range of post templates for your articles. Due to this, each time you publish a new piece of content on your site, you can choose the right layout for it from the available options.

To make your blog or online news site look as visually appealing as possible, the creators of this theme have chosen the best fonts and colors to deliver a reading experience that your visitors are sure to enjoy. Some extra features such as the estimated time it will take to read each article and the article progress bar that displays how far a reader has gotten through a piece of content are sure to give your site a premium look while also making it more user-friendly for your audience.

Some of the other useful features of this affiliate marketing theme include the mega menu functionality that lets you add a wide range of content to your navigation area, such as commission-earning links and the optional sticky sidebar that’s ideal for keeping your best offers on display at all times. Animation effects that are triggered when a reader moves their cursor over an article can help catch the attention of your visitors, while the responsive layouts ensure that everyone can access your content, no matter what type of device they’re using.

While Neori is packed with templates and layouts to help you publish affiliate marketing content, you can also install your own choice of page builder tool — including the free and paid options — in order to customize those templates or create your own unique layouts from scratch.

If you want to create a blog or magazine website and then monetize it with affiliate links, Neori will ensure that your site has a stylish look.

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7. Blurb

Blurb comes with advanced product review and price comparison features to help you publish valuable content for your audience.

This theme should work well for a range of website projects, including coupon sites, review blogs, and price comparison portals. Thanks to the library of templates included with Blurb, sharing discount codes and coupons on your site is straightforward, as is publishing product reviews. You can also use the price comparison functionality to create tables that enable you to compare the features and cost of a selection of products to help your visitors make a purchasing decision.

Blurb also works well for deal sites such as Groupon, so if you want to build a portal that will have your visitors coming back to find the best offers, Blurb can help. You can then monetize that content with affiliate links to generate revenue from your WordPress website. To help you build your audience, Blurb also has some useful features for adding email opt-in forms to your website, including popup forms and in-content options. Once a visitor joins your email newsletter, you can send them a message each time new deals are added to your site. As Blurb works with all the best email marketing services, you can use whichever platform best meets your needs to build your list of subscribers.

Another interesting feature of Blurb is the functionality that gives you the option of allowing other users to sign up to your site and start sharing their own affiliate deals and offers with your audience. As this functionality is quite sophisticated, you get a lot of control over how this aspect of your site will work. Through the theme options panel, you can set up profit-sharing or charge these users a flat fee for publishing their deals or come to some other arrangement.

If you’d like to publish informative and stylish product comparisons on your affiliate site, Blurb has the necessary features.

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8. Pixwell

Pixwell is a modern, gadget-friendly magazine theme that can be monetized with affiliate links and offers.

This theme is suitable for publishing a range of content, including short articles, long-form blog posts, and reviews. Thanks to the reviews system that’s integrated into this theme, you can start publishing professional-looking reviews, complete with custom ratings and review criteria, and then monetize that content with referral links to online stores that will pay you a commission each time one of your visitors buys an item from them.

As well as the review templates and features, Pixwell has a set of layouts for publishing recipes on your blog. So whether you want to create an affiliate marketing food blog website, or just share the occasional recipe with your readers, Pixwell has everything you should need to include nicely formatted ingredients lists in your content as well as nutritional information about the dishes.

Pixwell also has good ecommerce support, should you want to list your own items for sale alongside your affiliate offers. Thanks to this, Pixwell is a good choice for those who want to develop their business and website to sell their own products at some point in the future, after starting out with affiliate links. You can also use the advertisement functionality of Pixwell to display ads in and around your content, giving you another way to monetize your website.

To help you launch your new website, this affiliate marketing WordPress theme has a sophisticated content importer tool. Due to this, you can easily choose which templates of the theme to import into your WordPress dashboard, as well as enabling the recommended and required plugins in just a few clicks. With Elementor as the supported page builder plugin, you can customize the demo content and the rest of your website as much as you need to, without having to worry about editing any code.

With support for reviews, recipes, and videos, Pixwell can help you launch many types of affiliate sites with WordPress.

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9. JNews

JNews is another popular affiliate marketing-friendly magazine theme with great mobile support.

Three new website demos have been added to the JNews theme, giving you even more templates to choose from for your affiliate marketing website. Thanks to a recent update, JNews now has demos and templates for creating tech blogs, travel sites, gadget blogs, and news-focused magazine portals. With over 40 demos available, each of which can be imported into your WordPress dashboard in just a few clicks, you could find that JNews has a pre-built website that’s a perfect match for your project.

If you don’t find a design that exactly right for your website, JNews isn’t short on customization options. The theme options panel provides you with access to lots of settings that control nearly every aspect of how JNews looks and works. For full creative control over the individual templates that come with JNews and make up its demo sites, this theme is fully compatible with both the Elementor and WPBakery Page Builder plugins, with the later tool included in the package at no extra cost.

Another customization feature of JNews is the header builder. By using this tool, you can define exactly how the header areas on your site will look and what content they will contain, including whether or not you want to monetize this section of your site with affiliate links or other types of adverts. You can also use the tools of this theme to design custom category pages, enabling you to display the latest articles from specific categories in a format that works best for your content. The footer of your site can equally be customized too if you choose JNews.

Thanks to so many customization options and a great selection of pre-built content, you might find JNews is the right theme for your unique website project.

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10. CouponXL

CouponXL is, as the name suggests, ideal for building coupon websites with WordPress.  You can then monetize these discount coupon offers with your affiliate links and be on your way to building a stylish money making website.

The default layout of the theme includes some handy search fields, front and center. This feature makes it very easy for your visitors to find the best deals that are not only of interest to them, but also in their local area.

The rest of the layout of theme gives your deals plenty of room to breathe, while also displaying a good selection of links to the other offers you are promoting. Another nice feature of the CouponXL theme is that your visitors can sign up and start submitting their own deals. This is great, as enabling this feature can really help your website grow organically, as more content is added. You also have the option of charging your visitors a fee for making use of this service, giving you another way to monetize your site.

As well as its modern and stylish front end design, CouponXL includes a user friendly dashboard for managing your deals and coupons.

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11. Voice

Voice comes in a number of layout options, but for those creating an affiliate website with WordPress, the full width layout with cover image is a good choice.

As well as the multiple post and pages layouts on offer, the theme package ships with a good selection of shortcodes. These codes can be used to insert a range of elements into your content, including progress bars, font icons, a library of buttons, tabs, and even column layouts.

With the Voice theme, you also get to choose from a number of color skins, header configuration modes, custom sidebar and widget layouts, and multiple pagination options. The theme also is also built to support WooCommerce and bbPress right out of the box, making it easy to add online store and discussion board functionality to your website if needed.

Voice is a popular theme that will appeal to those publishing content on a regular basis that is monetized with affiliate links.

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12. Goliath


Goliath comes with a built in review system which makes it a great choice for creating a reviews type website.

This theme includes four distinct styles, which are advertised as being best suited to sports, news, fashion, and technology related content. Monetizing that content with either affiliate links or AdSense code is very easy thanks to the inbuilt support for these two options. You can also display banner ads using the ad areas and included widgets.

To help you give your website a custom look and feel, the Goliath theme includes the premium Visual Composer drag and drop page builder tool. In the package you will also find the premium Revolution Slider plugin which makes it easy to add advanced animated slide shows to your posts and pages.

If you do choose this theme, creating professional looking reviews will be very straightforward, thanks to the review builder control panel.

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13. MoneyFlow


MoneyFlow is another SEO friendly, fast loading template from the MyThemeShop team. This means not only will your visitors be able to enjoy impressive page speeds, but if you buy this theme, you can also get access to the whole library of templates at a bargain rate.

With three prebuilt layouts to choose from, whether you want to monetize your website with affiliate offers or AdSense displays, MoneyFlow has got you covered. Amongst those layouts you will find a regular blog mode, as well as a full width home page option that is perfect for websites with lots of content.

If you do join the MyThemeShop club, you can get access to the premium WP Review Pro plugin to give your review content a professional look and feel. Alternatively, you can start out with the free WP Review plugin to add a few nice features to your affiliate content.

On the back end, MoneyFlow features an extensive theme options control panel. This set of options makes it easy to customize your website and get it looking exactly how you want.

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