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16 Free WordPress Travel Themes 2021

Travel blogging is one of the best ways to earn online while travelling. If you’re looking to document your travels on a blog, then you’ll know that you’re going to need a specific kind of theme. Photos are a big staple for any travel blog, so you’ll need a theme that showcases all the pictures you’ll take from all your travels – among other things.

However, if you’re on a budget you probably won’t have tons of extra bucks to shell out on a premium travel theme. What do you do then? You get a free theme! Check out the following free themes that will be perfect for your travel blog.

1. Poseidon


Poseidon was a deity in Greek Mythology – his domain was the ocean. This theme reflects the strength and power that lies in that name. Poseidon is perfect for the traveler with a penchant for the ocean, and videoing their underwater escapades.

Some key features of this theme are a full screen slider for your stunning images, a list for your featured posts and latest posts, and a full-width header, giving you all the space that you need to link to the various categories of your travel blog. There’s even a section for all your social links, so visitors can keep up with what’s happening on your other social media networks.

The best part? This awesome theme is free!

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2. Travel Diaries


Travel Diaries is THE theme for you if your travel blog is less of a hobby and more of a business that you use to supplement and support the unique lifestyle that you live. With this theme, you get a custom homepage, as well as two menus to house your links and direct visitors through the different pages of your site. There’s a tab to keep track of how many countries you’ve visited to date, the country you’re currently in and where you were on your last trip.

Another theme focused on imagery, Travel Diaries makes it possible for you to grow your subscriber list with a very visible Subscribe Form. If you or your blog has been featured on other notable travel publications, there’s a space for you to showcase those achievements with this theme as well!

One of the better free themes for the serious travel blogger, Travel Diaries is a great option for your travel blog!

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3. Blossom Travel

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4. Travel Eye


Travel Eye is the perfect travel theme for any blog or agency looking to incorporate bookings into their blog setup. This theme puts all contact information in full view, social media links, as well as a menu that makes nearly everything accessible from the home page. The full-screen slider gives you all the screen real estate you need to captivate your audience with stunning pictures.

The homepage also gives visitors the option to book select trips, tours or travels and select from a range of hand-picked featured tours. You can also showcase captivating images from recent trips, as well as the faces of the team behind the blog.

Travel Eye is the perfect out of the box solution! It’s even better that it’s completely free.

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5. Travel Master

More Info / Download Demo

6. Prevalent

The Prevalent WordPress theme is another fantastic free option that offers a clean design that’s both professional and lovely to look at. Though it’s tailor made for the travel industry, it can be adapted for use for a variety of businesses, including photography, hotels, fitness, spas, beauty, education, sports, and more.

This theme makes it easy to add and highlight various packages you have on offer, for rooms, tourism, and other events or things. This can be paired nicely with an e-commerce plugin and/or a booking plugin to make it easier for your site visitors to book appointments, rooms, or anything else related to your business.

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7. The Minimal


This theme is perfect for the travel blogger who thrives on minimalism. The Minimal, as the name suggests, is a theme created with a focus on the simplicity of blogging and documenting travels.

This theme still gives you the opportunity to showcase your best articles and images through a slider, and your articles are the focus of this theme. This theme is perfect for any travel blogger because it also gives you the opportunity to showcase yourself, your social media links and even a search feature – all in a way that isn’t overbearing.

The Minimal is the best choice for a minimalist travel blogger!

More Info / Download Demo

8. Courtyard

Courtyard is another WordPress theme option that provides a responsive and clean design that can be used for a wide variety of purposes. It is tailor-made for the travel industry and allows you to feature full-width images to really help visitors immerse themselves into the destinations you’re wishing to promote.

This theme can also be used for hotels, bed and breakfast locations, hostels, inns, restaurants, cafes, and motels. Just adapt the layout and design options to suit your specific purposes. You can also customize the landing page with a custom image and CTA button.

More Info / Download Demo

9. Travel Booking

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10. Travel Agency

The Travel Agency is a great choice for any travel agency website. The theme has a striking full-width header area where you highlight your most popular travel destination or a particular travel deal. You can also add trips, destinations, and trip types, feature travel activities, and allow visitors to book the trips right from your website. The theme has a one-click import demo so you can easily setup your site and a number of page layouts to help you create all the necessary pages for your site.

The theme is fully responsive so your visitors will be able to easily book trips no matter what device they are using. You can customize every aspect of your site with your fonts and colors, upload your own logo, and more. In addition, the theme is optimized for SEO and loads fast so if you want to make you have a theme that the search engines love as much as your visitors, the Travel Agency theme is a great option.

More Info / Download Demo

11. Travel Way

Another fantastic option is the Travel Way theme. This WordPress theme is responsive and ideal for any company in the travel or tourism industries. But because of its gallery settings, it could easily be used for portfolio or photography sites as well. This theme is robust in its feature set and includes a variety of fonts to choose from. With it, you can showcase services, packages, destinations, and other elements of relevant to your company.

It also works seamlessly with WooCommerce, so you can add e-commerce elements. Allow customers to book travel packages or hotel rooms, sell merchandise, or anything else you can think of. It works with Gutenberg and is compatible with most major page builder plugins. It also has an unlimited slider, logo options, custom sidebars, multiple category colors, social media integration, breadcrumbs, and more. This theme is also translation-ready.

More Info / Download Demo

12. Travelore

More Info / Download Demo

13. Writee

If you’re looking for a WordPress theme for a travel blog, consider the Writee theme. The theme is focused on blogging so you can rest assured that your travel guides will stand out. It includes large featured images for each post which means
it’s easy to showcase various travel destinations. You can also add sliders on top of your homepage as well as in your post to display more images in a dynamic way.

The theme can be customized using Live Customizer. Add your fonts, customize colors, upload your logo image and take advantage of other style settings to make this theme truly your own. The theme is fully responsive and comes with its own social media button widget. On top of that, the theme is WooCommerce compatible so you can sell your travel guides or travel related accessories.

More Info / Download Demo

14. Tafri Travel

Consider the Tafri Travel theme if you’re looking for a modern and clean travel theme. This theme can be used by travel agencies and travel bloggers alike. It has ample space to showcase your destinations and package deals as well as offer detailed guides and recommendations for local destinations. You can also easily display featured tours and promote your travel related services.

The theme is responsive and can easily be customized with your colors and fonts. You can also add your own logo and use various shortcodes to add buttons, accordions, and other elements to your pages. The theme also supports Google Fonts and comes with multiple page layouts to help you setup your theme exactly the way you want.

More Info / Download Demo

15. Travel Ultimate

Travel Ultimate is an easy to use, free theme best suited for travel agencies. The theme makes it easy to search for tours right on the homepage and you can easily display popular locations and push your visitors towards your blog so they can read more about various travel destinations. In addition to that, you can display reviews from past customers so you can build trust.

This theme is responsive and can be installed and setup easily thanks to one-click demo import. You can also customize colors, fonts, and more to get the theme to look the way you want. You’ll also find custom widgets, premade sections for the homepage and the ability to add your own CSS so you can take this theme and take it to the next level.

More Info / Download Demo

16. Travelbiz

Still another option is Travelbiz. This WordPress theme is user-friendly and extremely easy to edit thanks to its integration with the built-in Gutenberg editor. It has a professional design that lends itself well to any travel-related company as well as hotels, photography, and portfolio sites. Additionally, it features a booking system that makes it easy for your site visitors to book rooms or tourism packages right from your site’s landing page.

Create as many tour packages as you want, solicit testimonials to feature, and ensure your site visitors have a safe and secure browsing experience. A few other features include multiple page layouts, CTA buttons, testimonials, services, a contact us section, a slider, blog post layouts, and more.

More Info / Download Demo

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One comment

  1. I’ve been using the snowbird theme and it’s beautiful but has some major issues. I’ve had to make some major modifications to overcome them.

    First is that “it has a large header area for an image that represents the type of traveling you do” isn’t quite correct. The image at the top of the feed is the featured image for the blog post. There is no visible branding for either the desktop or mobile versions, even on the home page. All branding is hidden in the navigation drawer for both mobile and desktop.

    That means every time a user visits the home page, they may encounter a totally different image with no header to orient them as to where they are. It’s beautiful but it’s terrible out of the box for branding.

    It also looks like the creators have abandoned the project and things they advertise on their website as being included with the theme (free child theme, free PDF instructions) are nowhere to be found. They’re not in the downoaded theme ZIP or anywhere else.

    I would skip that one and go for something else.

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