19 Best Free WordPress Education Themes 2021

Whether you want to bring your university or school online or simply have a place to list all of your courses, WordPress and a great-looking education theme is the way to go.

A quality WordPress education theme will make it easy for you to list your courses, allow students to enroll and keep track of their progress. It will also allow you to share information about your enrollment process, your staff, and any other important information for potential students.

More importantly, a great education theme for WordPress will help you make a great first impression on your website visitors who are interested in enrolling in your school, university or an online course.

There are plenty of education WordPress themes out there. However, a free WordPress education theme is an excellent place to get started, especially if your budget is limited. And the best part about these free themes is that they all feature a beautiful and responsive design, paired with the right features needed to create a professional website for your institution.

We have scoured the Internet for the best free education themes for WordPress and gathered them below so you don’t have to waste time going through thousands of available themes. Check them out below.

1. Education Base

Starting off our list strong is the Education Base theme. This free theme features a bold and colorful design. The homepage has a well-organized layout with a full-width header that’s perfect for featuring your university or school or student life on campus. Your website visitors will be able to easily find the right information thanks to feature boxes and sections that highlight your teachers, courses, and other important information.

The Education Base theme is fully responsive and has a number of customization options that make it easy to incorporate your brand and style. You can upload your own logo, change colors as well as fonts, add numerous widgets to your homepage, and more. The theme also integrates with WooCommerce and SiteBuilder by Origin page builder plugin which means you can easily sell physical and digital products and create unique page layouts without ever touching a line of code.

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2. Education Hub

If you love a simple and clean design aesthetic, you’ll love Education Hub theme. The theme has an interesting blue and orange color scheme which inspires trust and also encourages visitors to take action. The homepage features a stunning full-width header which is perfect for a call to action that invites your visitors to learn more about your school or programs. The theme also has a search bar at the top which makes it easy to find information. Your visitors can easily access information about courses, enrollments, teachers, and more thanks to featured boxes right below the header.

The theme is fully responsive and you can also customize colors, fonts, and other design elements. What’s more, the theme allows you to upload your logo so you can give your students a fully branded experience. The theme offers 4 premade layouts and a number of widgets that you can use to showcase all the relevant information potential students need to know before enrolling.

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3. Education Zone

The Education Zone is another minimalistic free education theme for WordPress. What makes this theme a great choice is the fact that you can easily divide your homepage into different sections so your visitors can easily find the information that’s most relevant to them. The theme also makes it easy for your visitors to connect with you on social media so they can stay up to date with the latest news.

This theme is fully responsive and has plenty of customization options so you can easily incorporate your own brand. Another perk of the Education Zone theme is the fact that it’s optimized for SEO so your university or school will rank better in the search engines.

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4. Education Soul

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5. Clean Education

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6. Education Method

The Education Method is a perfect choice for universities that want a professional and sleek-looking theme. This theme has a slider right in the header where you can showcase life on campus and add calls to action that lead potential students to other areas on your website. Right below the slider, you will find a set of feature boxes that make it easy to highlight the most important information about your university. The theme also features a bold call to action in the top navigation that allows potential students to start the application process.

The theme is responsive so your visitors can easily browse your site even on mobile devices, which is especially important for younger audiences like students about to enroll in college. As far as customization goes, you can change visual styles to match your college colors as well as make use of the unique widgets to design your homepage and share relevant information. On top of that, the theme is translation-ready and comes with a blog page so you can share news about your college regularly.

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7. Kids Campus

Kids Campus is a fun looking WordPress theme suitable for educators of young children. It’s use of full-width images and childlike fonts makes it suitable for preschools, daycares, and young elementary school students. It could be utilized for educational facilities, tutors, nannies, and homeschoolers. The design is vibrant and colorful, making it instantly recognizable as “for kids” and also engaging for people of all ages.

The design itself includes plenty of whitespace so your information is easy to read and understand. Showcase bullet point style features or service offerings. Include a contact bar at the top of your site with relevant information. Customize menus and include a call-to-action on the homepage. Though intended for school websites, Kids Campus could easily be adapted for use for any kid-related website, including those for kid oriented products, educational resources, and even craft sites. Use the features here to create precisely the type of site you want with minimal effort. What’s not to love, right?

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8. Education LMS

Consider the Education LMS theme if you want to create an online learning site. This theme was optimized to work with the LearnPress plugin so you can easily create flexible content and sell your courses online. On top of that, the theme is compatible with the Elementor plugin. Elementor is a drag and drop page builder plugin that makes it easy to create a custom layout for every page on your site without ever touching a single line of code. You can easily showcase featured courses, share the course curriculum, display student ratings, and more.

The Education LMS theme has powerful theme customization options such as the ability to upload custom header media and logo, create a custom menu, add social icons, and more. You will also find options for a featured slider, title bar, and news. The theme is fully responsive and comes with ready-made demo content so you can build your course site quickly.

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9. VW School Education

The VW School Education WordPress theme was designed with educational institutions in mind. It has a real professional appeal and looks like it would be best suited for a college’s website. However, it could easily be adapted for use by K-12 education systems, preschools, after school clubs, adult schools, training centers, and more. You can easily update it with your school’s logo and other insignia. Add contact information in the header area as well as a stylish full-width slider that you can use to highlight on-campus events, special courses, or signup deadlines.

The theme itself is responsive and looks great on mobile devices. It’s SEO-friendly and includes secure and clean code that loads quickly and keeps your visitor’s information safe. It also uses shortcodes to make embedding video, audio, columns, and other formatting specifics easier. On the backend of things, you can make adjustments to the theme’s appearance using sliders. Adjust colors, fonts, and layout preferences. Create a list of courses, start a blog, and integrate social media. It’s all relatively easy with the VW School Education WordPress theme.

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10. Educational Zone

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11. Graduate

The Graduate theme is a multipurpose educational theme for WordPress. You can use it to build a powerful website for your university or school as well as to create an online learning website. The theme has an appealing design and features a well-organized home page that makes it easy to find different information that helps potential students start the application process or find course information.

The Graduate theme comes with multiple color schemes. You can choose one as your starting point or you can use your own colors and fonts. The theme is fully responsive and compatible with WooCommerce as well as TP Education plugin so you can easily sell your courses online. In addition to that, the theme has five different page layouts and nine premade pages that will help you launch your site fast.

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12. Kindergarten Education

The Kindergarten Education theme is a colorful and bright education theme for WordPress. Everything about this theme is perfect for education websites aimed at kindergarten and elementary students. For starters, the theme uses bright colors which are perfect for younger audiences and their parents. Secondly, it features a fun design that shows you can make a professional website for your school or daycare without resorting to corporate look and feel.

The theme was optimized to load fast and is fully responsive. It also includes plenty of customization options and premade page layouts which will help you speed up the design and setup process. The Kindergarten Education theme is optimized for SEO and compatible with WooCommerce so you can easily sell educational material and products on your site.

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13. Bizberg

Bizberg is another theme you should consider for your education website. It offers a full-width slider at the top of the homepage that you can use to showcase custom photos and call-to-action buttons and text. Add a custom logo up top in the header as well as custom menus and content in the footer. It allows you to customize the copyright section, make use of custom page layout templates, blog templates, and a variety of other elements. Plus, you can use a mega grid column for better organizing your content.

If you’re not building an education site, Bizberg still might be of use to you. It can be readily adapted for portfolios, corporate sites, medical sites, photography sites, and more. Just about any industry can use it — even restaurants — but the included demos make it a surefire fit for the education sector. It also works with the induced Elegant Block plugin, which makes WYSIWYG editing super straightforward and intuitive. The theme itself is lightweight, quick to load, and secure. It’s compatible with most popular WordPress plugins and makes full use of Gutenberg. Have fun creating precisely the type of site you want to create with this one.

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14. Rara Academic

As the name suggests, the Rara Academic theme is a perfect choice for university websites as well as online course sites. The theme has a modern and professional design. The header area is perfect for adding a call to action which directs potential visitors to other areas on your site. You can also feature your most popular courses, share information about your stuff, and share testimonials from past students.

The theme can easily be customized to match your brand. It’s fully responsive, translation-ready, and optimized for SEO. In addition to that, it comes with a custom sidebar and 8 social media icons that you can use to share your social media profiles.

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15. Educenter

Educenter is another fantastic WordPress theme that caters specifically to educational institutions like K-12 schools, colleges and universities, preschools, childcare centers, and tutoring centers. Online learning resources could make use of this theme. Or, if you plan on selling educational materials, this might be a good fit, too. The theme itself is responsive and mobile-friendly, so it’ll look good and is readily accessible to everybody, even while on-the-go.

On the customization front, Educenter offers a wide range of options to create the type of site you want with just a few clicks. With the included demos, you can get started quickly and make very few modifications if you wish. Or, you can make full use of the advanced features and customize to your heart’s content. You can adjust things like header layouts, CTAs, courses, teams, testimonials, and colors. It also works well with all the popular page builder plugins if you want to have even more control over how the finished site looks. It’s compatible with WooCommerce, so you can easily sell products or services from your site (ideal for online learning sites), and it works with Jetpack, Contact Form 7, and many other plugins so functionality will never be a problem. Full documentation and support is readily available, too. This is a robust option ideal for sites that will have a lot of content.

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16. VW Education Academy

The VW Education Academy is a perfect choice if your school or university has won awards and you want an easy way to showcase them. The theme has a clean and minimal design and makes it easy to access a list of courses, teachers, and other important information right from the homepage. The theme also makes it easy to add your contact information right in the header area on your site so your visitors can easily get in touch with you and ask questions about the enrollment process.

This theme is responsive and you can customize colors, fonts, and other visual elements. You can also upload your own logo. On top of that, the theme is fully integrated with popular social media networks so sharing your content is easy.

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17. Higher Education

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18. Kids Education

The Kids Education theme is a playful education theme for WordPress that’s perfect for education websites targeting young students. The theme uses a colorful and bright color scheme along with cute icons to add extra visual appeal to your navigation menu. Parents can easily find information about your curriculum and see the teachers before applying for a school tour.

This theme is fully responsive and you can change colors, fonts, images, backgrounds, and more. Kid Education theme is compatible with WooCommerce and translation-ready so you can create a multilingual educational website. On top of that, the theme was designed to load fast which means you’ll rank better in search engines.

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19. Uni Education

Uni Education is still another fantastic education theme that would befit any WordPress site well. It’s easy to setup and use, and has the added benefit of being lightweight and well-coded. This means it loads quickly and is optimized for search engines. Any site you make with this theme will be easier to find in search engines, which means more traffic for you. This WordPress was designed with schools in mind but could be used to create any type of education site, including those for tutors and online education centers.

This theme is highly customizable and comes with many features you can adjust and tweak to create precisely the type of high-quality site you want. Adjust the home page by changing the sections included. Add custom images and graphics. Enable or disable a homepage slider to showcase news, courses, or events. Select from wide and boxed layouts. And you can add widgets to several widget-enabled areas to add features easily. The theme is responsive and includes a contact information bar at the top of the site as well as customizable menus, social media integration, and more. The end result is polished and professional-looking website that’s undeniably modern and engaging.

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