29 Best Education WordPress Themes 2023

Whether you are the president of a university, the director of a daycare center, or a professional tutor, you know that the way your institution’s website looks and feels to visitors could play a role in whether they decide to trust you with their educational needs or decide to look somewhere else.

What the below WordPress themes have in common is a focus on quality design and practical functionality made especially for education-based websites. Everything from LearnDash and other course management systems, to teacher biography pages, to course rating and review widgets, to events calendars can be found in most of these themes. On top of that are the usual assortment of excellent choices when it comes to basic features such as fonts and icons, along with top-notch support.

Just one thing before we go any further: If you are specifically looking for an LMS website to offer passive online courses and material to students, you should check out our collection dedicated exclusively to LMS themes.

1. Sydney

sydney elearning wordpress theme

Sydney is a popular multipurpose business theme that comes with an eLearning demo packed with useful features and templates.

Building your site with Sydney couldn’t be easier. Simply upload the theme to your WordPress dashboard and then import one of the starter sites. With an eLearning starter site among the options, you should be able to lay the foundation for your new educational site in no time at all.

There are other starter sites that might work for your project, so be sure to check them out too.

The eLearning demo is built with the powerful Tutor LMS plugin (our review), but thanks to good levels of compatibility with third-party WordPress plugins, you should be able to use your eLearning or LMS plugin of choice with Sydney.

This theme was also built to be edited with the Elementor page builder plugin, giving you plenty of creative freedom when it comes to designing your pages. 

Sydney is a versatile theme with lots to offer education site owners.

2. Masterstudy

Masterstudy is an elegant education theme that is rich in premium plugins that are well-integrated to save you money and create a top experience for both educators and students alike.

One of the better-looking education website themes out there, Masterstudy manages to be as useful as it is striking. The focus of this theme is online course offerings, whether for individual businesses and tutors or as part of a broad educational institute such as a junior college or a four-year research university.

Integration with the premium WooCommerce plugin makes listing courses easy, and you can organize classes based on a variety of different categories. Three layouts for listing courses – including grid, listing, and single course – enable you to feature your offerings as you see fit, and a countdown-style events calendar adds a sense of urgency to time-sensitive courses and seminars, which will help you get more signups.

Four different types of blog post layouts, three kinds of photo and video galleries, and three event templates make customizing your website’s more engaging features simple. Especially useful if you want to grow your institution’s online following, integration with the premium MailChimp subscription manager grants you the power to send out emails for reduced course price offerings, new upcoming courses, featured guest speakers and bloggers, and more.

If you are an independent online educator, tutor, or even larger educational institution, Masterstudy’s combination of excellent design and a smart assortment of premium integrated plugins makes it a great choice for your website.

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3. Education WP

For some, learning is a joyous experience – others, though, wouldn’t be seen within a five-mile radius of a textbook. It’s vital, therefore, to choose a theme that looks inviting, while offering the functionality necessary to see learners through their course. Those qualities are something that Education WP has in abundance.

Overall, Education WP’s design is clear and welcoming, with the default accent color of yellow helping to evoke a sense of warmth. There are nine different demo layouts to choose from (all imported with one click), but practically any layout can be created and tweaked further using the bundled SiteOrigin Page Builder plugin.

While there are a number of additional plugins bundled with Education WP, top marks go to the LearnPress plugin. This can be found for free in the WordPress.org plugin directory, but with a number of premium add-ons included, it really gives its competitors a run for their money. Functionality within the add-ons includes the ability to assign co-instructors to courses, issue certificates, and offer ‘content drip’ style courses – which helps to make an incredibly powerful theme.

Overall, given the outstanding feature set of Education WP, it’s definitely top of the class and well worth your consideration.

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4. EduVibe

If you cater to young adults, you’ll likely want a site with a modern and fresh look. EduVibe is a creative education theme that also supports online classes.

With EduVibe, you can choose from five colorful homepages. You’ll also get a selection of different layouts for your course page. The theme is built with Elementor, so you can customize every aspect of your site with the drag-and-drop builder. Plus, you’ll have access to widgets like testimonials, pricing plans, and info boxes.

Additionally, EduVibe enables you to create educational content on your site, with features like quizzes, video lessons, questions, and more. It also integrates with Zoom and LearnPress, making it easy to host courses. Plus, it’s WooCommerce-ready to help you sell your educational content.

If you’re looking for a fun and fully-functional education site, EduVibe might be the right option for you.

5. Divi

Divi is a powerful WordPress theme with a good selection of education-focused templates.

Laying the foundation for your education website is easy with Divi. Thanks to the Divi education website layout pack, you get access to seven templates that have been made for creating a school or similar type of site with WordPress. As Divi comes with 100s of other layout packs, you can easily borrow templates from those packs to create your own unique education website.

To ensure that your site has the right look, Divi has a built-in editor that gives you full control over the appearance of your content. So with Divi, not only do you get access to over 800 pre-built templates, but you also get the tools needed to customize every aspect of your WordPress website.

Divi has lots of other features to help your website become a success, whatever your goals.

6. Courselog

Courselog is a stylish and professional-looking LMS and online education theme.

Built for offline educational institutes and online learning content providers, Courselog has over 10 homepage templates to help you get this important part of your site looking just right. There are also more than 14 inner page templates for you to use when building your website.

The demos include designs for kindergarten, university, and individual instructor websites. Whether you’re sharing educational content as part of a formal institution or on your own, Courselog should work well for your project. Courselog also has templates for creating a website that contains just one course as well as sites that have multiple courses. However, if you start out with the single course website template, you can easily expand it if you decide to add more courses to your site in the future.

When it comes to the WordPress plugin that will enable you to publish courses on your website, LearnPress is the option that’s recommended by the developers of Courselog. Although any good LMS plugin should work with the theme, as the templates have been optimized for use with LearnPress, you should get the best results by using this plugin. However, as LearnPress is a very popular and well-regarded online course publishing plugin, you won’t be disadvantaged by having to use it for your website.

Another nice feature of Courselog is that it has good support for creating and publishing events on your website. If you want to hold promotional events, such as virtual meetups to discuss your courses or educational institution, you can do that with this theme. Also, if you want to run group sessions as part of your online courses, you can easily schedule and organize them with Courselog and the supported Eventin solution.

Courselog has Zoom support as well, giving you a way to communicate with your students via video.

7. Astra

When you’re running an education website, you’ll likely want to incorporate many different types of content. If so, Astra can help you organize your site in a functional and aesthetically-pleasing way.

This multipurpose theme can be used for a wide range of websites, including portals for schools and colleges. It comes packed with customization features and design options, including an intuitive theme customizer, multiple page, header, and footer styles, and advanced typography and color options.

With Astra, you’ll also get a plethora of layouts and features that are ideal for education websites. For example, in addition to the LearnDash plugin, the theme offers University, Kindergarten, College, and School templates.

8. Los Ninos

Do you run a kindergarten or school for kids? Los Ninos is a fun theme that lets you create online lessons for children.

With Los Ninos, you can choose from four pre-made sites, including an option for kindergarten and another for online schools. You’ll also get a selection of blog post layouts and over 70 premium widgets, which include header and footer components, and audio and video elements. Plus, you can customize your site with the Elementor page builder.

Los Ninos is packed with functionality. It lets you create subscription-based content, host podcasts and videos, and more. Plus, you’ll have access to pre-designed teacher profiles, a dedicated programs post type for sharing information about your preschool or daycare institution, and a classes post type for displaying lesson details and timetables.

If you want to create online classes for children without any hassle, Los Ninos can help you get started!

9. Edumodo

For educators running a website, it can sometimes be a challenge to strike the right balance between informative content and design. It’s crucial you’re able to communicate your services in a concise and effective way. Fortunately, Edumodo has all the elements you need to create a stunning website, with your essential content at its center.

Creating a website for any school, university, or educational institution is a cinch with this theme. It’s powerful, flexible, and comes with a library of pre-designed layouts — all compatible with the WordPress Block Editor. If you prefer to customize your website using a page builder, Edumodo comes bundled with the Elementor plugin.

Although these features are strong, Edumodo’s true power is in its full support for many of the most popular Learning Management System (LMS) plugins, such as LearnDash, LearnPress, and Sensei. Whether you’ve been in the online education business for a while or are just getting started, these plugins can help you to design and implement your curriculum for students of all ages.

Overall, Edumodo is an effective choice for any online education business or institute. If this is your goal, you can’t go wrong with Edumodo.

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10. Kingster

Just because your niche is education doesn’t mean you have to forgo thinking about conversions on your website. After all, your institution will thrive on a constant influx of new students. Fortunately, Kingster provides many of the tools you’ll need to reach a wider audience.

In a way, it’s refreshing to see a theme with only two home page demo layouts. Its developers understand that a plethora of designs only serves to dilute the focus of the theme. At the same time, you can still achieve a unique layout. There are nearly 20 header styles to choose from, for example, and a collection of pre-built pages to help you build the perfect education website.

In order to optimize your site further, there’s an in-built page builder plugin, and the option to set up a one-page layout. The latter gives you the opportunity to create a landing page for your institution, meaning that you can provide the exact information visitors need to see (in the most effective order).

Overall, Kingster is designed to help you achieve a specific goal – turning visitors into students. If that’s your aim, this theme should be near the top of your shortlist.

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11. Academica Pro 3.0

Regardless of the size of your educational establishment, you likely have a myriad of activities, events, and courses running at any one time. This means you’ll want a customizable theme for your website, to help you communicate with your students. Fortunately, Academica Pro 3.0 has been freshly updated to provide the tools you need.

This theme is designed to bridge the gap between simplicity and a comprehensive feature set. For example, there’s only one design layout, but within that option, you can choose either two or three columns, select from among three different menu designs, and pick from four page and post layouts.

There’s definitely enough here to help you create a compelling site. What’s more, you can use the extensive live customizer to tweak your site’s design to perfection. Plus, by using the built-in Dynamic Homepage Builder, you can create a unique layout using custom widgets from the developer.

While we’re not particularly keen on the ‘stuffy’ default design, the included options for personalizing your site will enable you to make yours unique to your institution. Academica Pro 3.0 is a solid update to a workhorse theme and definitely warrants a closer look.

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12. eCademy

eCademy is an education theme that works with all of the best LMS plugins for WordPress.

As part of its multipurpose credentials, eCademy has an impressive selection of well-designed demos. These demos can be imported into your WordPress website in just a few clicks. There are designs for a wide range of educational websites, including online training schools, language centers, kindergartens, and more. If you’re an individual, such as a coach or tutor, there are eCademy demos that would be suitable for you, too.

The demos and templates should all work with the main LMS plugins for WordPress. Thanks to this, you can choose the right tool for publishing your online courses. However, LearnPress, Tutor LMS, and LearnDash are the plugins recommended for use with this theme by its developers. You can also the WooCommerce plugin and any of its LMS and eLearning add-ons as well.

If you want to run live classes over Zoom, eCademy supports that. Via the included Zoom plugin, you can integrate this service into your website and its courses to deliver content and lessons remotely and in real time. eCademy also works with the WP Events Manager plugin to make it easier to schedule, promote, and run events online via your website. Whether you want to schedule virtual open days, online lessons, or social events, eCademy and WP Events Manager make it possible.

To make your educational website even more interactive, you can enable the supported and free-to-use bbPress plugin. Doing so adds a wealth of social media style features to your site. This includes enhanced functionality for creating user profiles that goes beyond what’s currently possible with WordPress, a private messaging system to allow your users to communicate on your website, and the ability to set up discussion groups on various topics.

As all of the eCademy templates can be edited with the Elementor plugin, you get complete creative control over how your website looks when you choose this theme.

13. Kalium

Every educational website has its own unique needs. Choosing a multipurpose theme such as Kalium can give you the flexibility needed to adapt your content to the requirements and interests of your students and faculty.

Kalium offers users a selection of demos to jumpstart the design process, including one built with schools and universities in mind. You can customize the included templates with the WPBakery Page Builder plugin, add image galleries to show off your campus with the Revolution Slider plugin, and make use of the extensive font library (just to name a few options).

This theme also enables you to incorporate video thumbnails and backgrounds, adaptive images, and hover effects, for a visual experience that should wow prospective pupils. Plus, you can welcome international students by translating your site. Kalium even supports Right To Left (RTL) languages.

On top of all that, Kalium is lightweight to help you deliver super-fast loading times. All of this results in a high-quality foundation for any educational site.

14. Ivy School

However much educators would like students to be engaged solely with learning, the reality rarely reflects that ideal. It may go against the purist’s mindset, but most students respond better to a captivating and engaging website than a traditional curriculum. That’s where Ivy School comes into the picture.

There are four home page designs that you can choose from by default, and each can be imported with a single click. You’ll notice that the layouts themselves are set up like sales or landing pages. This is important because it can help you convert visitors into full-fledged students. However, if you have another approach in mind, you can tweak the demos to fit your needs or create your own layout using the bundled WPBakery page builder plugin.

Speaking of additional plugins, Ivy School also comes bundled with LearnPress – one of the top Learning Management System (LMS) plugins. What’s more, there are a plethora of premium add-ons included, meaning you’ll likely have everything you need to create a quality site right at your fingertips.

In our opinion, Ivy School gets the job done. It’s a great-looking theme, with a collection of relevant and value-adding plugins. For that reason, we encourage you to check it out further!

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15. EduMall

EduMall has over 11 website demos for creating education portals with WordPress.

The demos all have unique designs to give you a good range of options for how your education site will look. There are light and dark modes, too, making it easy to quickly adjust the whole style of your site. EduMall has more than just great-looking templates, though. This theme has been built to work with the Tutor LMS plugin to ensure that you have access to all online course-related features that you’re likely to need. If you want to test out this theme and its features, you can log in to the demos as either a student or instructor to see what EduMall is like to use.

As part of the LMS functionality of EduMall and its bundled plugins, you can run detailed reports on your courses and student activity. This gives you an easy way to see many things about your website, including student access rates, retention rates, grades, and much more. You can also easily create fun and challenging quizzes for your courses, with the freedom to set them up in exactly the way you want. Structuring your courses in the right way is straightforward, too. With EduMall, you can drag and drop the different course elements into place, and make many other changes, all through an intuitive user interface.

Like some of the other education WordPress themes out there, EduMall was built to integrate with the BuddyPress plugin. Thanks to this, you can easily add more community and interactive features to your education website. Private messaging, user profiles, activity feeds, and groups are just some examples of these features that you can use to help create a community around your website.

Also, according to the developers of EduMall, there’s a mobile app for this theme coming soon. Once available, users will be able to access your site more efficiently on their smartphones by installing the purpose-built app.

The library of tutorial videos for EduMall will help you to set up your website and create your courses in no time at all.

16. Academist

Education may be one of the oldest industries around, but that doesn’t mean your institution’s website has to look stuffy. In fact, if you’re looking to engage students, teachers, and parents, a modern feel is the way to go.

Fortunately, Academist has a contemporary style in spades. Its demos and layouts offer a relevant, approachable look, while still remaining professional. There’s also plenty of customization potential – including a number of home page options – so you can create a site that reflects your school’s particular ethos.

Whatever aesthetic you settle on, this theme makes getting your educational website off the ground simple. There are fully-built pages for showcasing courses, events, faculty, and other key content you’ll need to include. In addition, you’ll get access to handy shortcodes that help you quickly add course, instructor, and event lists and sliders to whatever pages you like.

If you’re looking for the right theme for your school, Academist has what you’ll need. It’s fully equipped to suit anything from a preschool to a university, making it well worth a look!

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17. Eikra

You’ll likely want the theme for your educational website to both highlight the strengths of your organization and serve as a learning hub for students. Eikra is a powerful, flexible theme that will enable you to achieve the best in both of these areas.

Out of the box, Eikra comes with 12 eye-catching home page layouts, as well as an excellent variety of page templates for staff profiles, upcoming events, staff profiles, and more. The bundled WPBakery Page Builder plugin makes customizing these layouts a simple, drag-and-drop process.

A standout aspect of Eikra is the bundled LearnPress plugin, which turns the theme into a full-fledged Learning Management System (LMS). This means you can create course curriculums, quizzes, lesson schedules, and more with ease. Eikra is also compatible with WooCommerce, making it easy for students to pay for their tuition on your site.

If you’re looking for a powerful, customizable, and well-supported educational theme, Eikra is a great option. It’s more than worth the price tag.

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18. Educavo

Educavo has plenty of templates for presenting your courses in many different ways.

Across the demo websites that come with Educavo, you’ll find a good selection of templates for your courses and the other content you’d like to publish. The Educavo templates have been built specifically to work with a range of WordPress educational plugins, including LearnPress, LearnDash, and Tutor LMS. Thanks to this, you’re not limited to only being able to use a specific plugin on your website. Educavo also has good WooCommerce plugin support. This means you can not only use this tool to handle financial transactions and sell products on your site but also use any of the educational add-ons for WooCommerce to enhance your site.

If you explore the Educavo website demos, you’ll see that they each contain lots of individual templates. These templates cover the course content and other pages a good education website is likely to need. Some examples include the about, teachers, FAQ, and application page designs. Courses can be presented in many different ways, depending on which of the course templates you decide to use.

If you need to edit any of the Educavo templates, you can use the supported Elementor page builder plugin to do so. Applying your own site-wide branding to the theme is straightforward, too. Simply open the WordPress Customizer after the theme has been activated on your site, and you’ll see a large number of options and settings for configuring the design. If you need help with this or any other aspect of building your site with Educavo, you can use the online documentation and support service for assistance.

Communicating with your students through your website via Zoom or private messaging is supported by Educavo, too.

19. Course Builder

Regardless of your exact educational focus, creating a robust website to give learners the opportunity to find your courses is a must. In short, Course Builder is a solid theme for creating your website.

Layouts are created primarily with the bundled WPBakery Page Builder plugin, although there are pre-built demo layouts available to install. The theme also serves up an array of customization options for colors, fonts, and more. However, the real star of the show is the bundled LearnPress plugin. It’s free to download from WordPress.org, although Course Builder gives you access to a number of premium add-ons.

For example, you can build courses using a drag-and-drop builder, and sell courses directly via a range of payment gateway options. What’s more, you have the option of selling subscriptions to your courses using the included PaidMembership Pro add-on.

On the whole, Course Builder is a flexible, user-friendly, and practical theme for anyone looking to create a smooth-running educational website.

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20. Education Pack

For many, the word “school” conjures up memories of stuffy teachers, blackboards, and a recess that’s always ten minutes too short. However, Education Pack shows that not all learning experiences are confined to a classroom, or so drab.

There are nine demo templates available – suitable for universities, driving schools, kindergartens, and more – enabling you to get up and running quickly. For further layout refinement (or to create bespoke layouts to almost any specification), you can turn to the bundled WPBakery Page Builder plugin.

Education Pack’s look is pleasant and welcoming – exactly what you need to attract pupils with a negative opinion of education. Also included are the Learning Course and TimeTable plugins, enabling you to offer and administer courses directly from your WordPress website. It’s a bonus that both are easy to use and flexible enough to handle almost any type of course you offer.

Education Pack has solid functionality, with powerful plugins included to boot. While it’s not the star quarterback, it’s not the class dweeb either. It’s more of a straight-A student, and a theme you can depend upon when creating your education establishment’s website.

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21. Ed School

At a base level, a school must achieve one thing: ensure the success of its students. However, as time has progressed, education has become so much more. Schools are now expected to be nurturing and welcoming environments. If you’re running a modern educational establishment, you’ll need a suitable theme for your website – such as Ed School.

This theme comes with three demo layouts, all offered with one-click installation. If you have more unique layout requirements, you can employ the bundled WPBakery Page Builder plugin. This tool enables you to build custom headers, mega menus, and much more.

In addition, there are over 26 unique niche pages that can help you display crucial information about your school. Many of them (including the Principal’s Message page) include gorgeously animated pie charts and other graphs, to help hammer home the school’s achievements.

An inviting and successful educational website needs a compelling theme, and Ed School’s bright color scheme and a plethora of impressive features could be all you need. Check it out, but be prepared to end your search early!

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22. Invent

Invent uses a modular framework in its design, giving it a modern look and a user-friendly interface. It’s ideal for colleges and universities but can be used for other types of schools as well. LiveMesh, its developer, created Invent as a result of studying what educational institutions require for their websites.

What Invent does well is customization. It offers near-unlimited color options, more than 500 Google Fonts, and unlimited sidebars, as well as eight custom post types, a large selection of shortcodes, and unlimited heading styles. Parallax and video sections serve to liven up the content you display.

Featured plugins include Contact Form 7, WooCommerce, the Revolution Slider, and the Flex and Nivo sliders. Invent is also designed to work with the LearnDash learning management system (purchased separately). This plugin enables you to create and sell courses and manage quizzes, certificates, reporting, and subscriptions. You can use Invent to customize styles, sidebars, posts, and page templates for LearnDash.

Being so user-friendly and customizable makes Invent an excellent choice to showcase your school.

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23. Skilled

For some, learning is a joyful experience – but for others, the mere mention of essays and exams can cause them to turn on their heels and run. In order to convince people to invest in the courses you offer, it’s important to have an inviting and easy-to-navigate website – for which, you may look to Skilled.

The need for an inviting look is at the forefront of this theme. Along with a selection of Google Fonts, there are six color schemes to choose from – all in bright shades of green, yellow, and blue – which can be customized further from an extensive color palette.

The LayerSlider plugin is bundled with Skilled, enabling you to display any important courses or information prominently, and there are over four demo layouts to choose from if you need to get up and running in a hurry. Further customizations can be made with the included WPBakery Page Builder plugin and bundled Ultimate Addons extension.

Skilled supports the Sensei plugin – for which a further purchase is necessary – but does bundle a number of other plugins. The Events Calendar plugin helps you schedule any non-course-related events, while the Timetable for WP plugin helps you organize your course timetables.

With further support in the form of extensive documentation, and a packed knowledge base to guide you if needed, the developers of Skilled have created a worthy theme, with almost everything you need to start selling and hosting courses on your website.

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WPLMS is designed specifically as a learning management system, featuring management for courses, instructors, and students, and the ability to create and sell courses online. According to the product page, WPLMS is the top-selling theme in the education category.

WPLMS is fully responsive and has an intuitive interface – it’s easy to find what you are looking for anywhere on the site. It offers free updates and support in addition to customization options and compatibility with a number of popular plugins, including WooCommerce, BuddyPress, Layer Slider, and WPBakery Page Builder.

What sets WPLMS apart from other themes is its learning management plugins. Covering everything from instructor and student dashboards to front-end course creation (including pricing and reviews), it is this extended functionality that makes WPLMS hard to beat as an online learning platform.

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25. Education Center

A highly-rated theme geared towards children’s education and online learning, Education Center is a good choice for early childhood and primary educational institutions.

A particularly eye-catching aspect of this theme is the bright primary colors, friendly icon and font styles, and beautiful scrolling effects that add plenty of dynamism and energy to the homepage. There are three homepage layouts to choose from, enabling you to feature galleries with news of goings-on at school as well as reminders for everything from parent-teacher conferences to upcoming class field trips. An in-depth blog panel with ten premade templates makes it easy to optimize your website for online searches, which is particularly useful should you offer online coursework.

Like many of the themes in this collection, Education Center is compatible with the award-winning LearnDash plugin, so you can upload readings for assignments, share quiz and exam grades with your students and parents via an online portal, and curate online discussion board forums for instructors and students in a variety of different subjects. Course feedback is also easy to integrate thanks to a ratings/review feature, where students or parents can rate instructors or courses out of five stars, from 1 to 10, or out of 100%. Numerous shortcodes, including testimonials, make it simple for you to inform potential course enrolees about the benefits of signing up by showing feedback from previous students.

Thanks to its beautiful design, user-friendly site navigation, and well-thought-out course management system, Education Center is definitely a great choice for your website.

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26. UOCE

The University of College Education (UOCE) theme is a great choice for higher education providers, thanks especially to its standout course management system.

UOCE is a highly customizable theme with a focus on two-year colleges and four-year universities offering comprehensive coursework and extracurricular activities. A straightforward demo theme makes for a great template to build your institution’s website, particularly the homepage, with plenty of room for add-ons depending on what your school offers. A front-and-center gallery slider is an ideal place to broadcast the latest news from campus, be it a notable visiting speaker, an arts performance or exhibition, a sporting event, or commencement. You can include downloadable forms for applications, financial aid, admissions, and any other important materials that visitors to your website might find handy.

However, the main feature of this theme which sets it apart from others is the course catalog. You can choose to arrange courses in four different layouts, enabling prospective students to easily browse classes in the disciplines they are interested in, and making it easy for current students to sign up for next term’s classes without a hitch. The course management system provides a user-friendly platform for instructors to list their courses and make them searchable by keyword and school campus (such as sciences, arts, or humanities) – a highly useful feature if your institution is located in an urban area or has satellite campuses in different locations – and by department (such as Biology, History, French, or Political Science).

With simple, functional layouts and a custom-designed course management system, UOCE is a theme well-suited for colleges and university websites alike.

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27. Baby Kids

Baby Kids is an action-packed theme designed for a variety of schools, particularly kindergartens and elementary schools. Your school’s website gets a fresh, contemporary look with parallax scrolling on the home page and a number of customization options.

You can use the WPBakery Page Builder plugin to create custom pages. Page layouts are available not only for groups of teachers and event and course archives but also for individual teachers, courses, events, and excursions. The Timetable plugin allows you to post your schedule and filter it for particular classes and events. You can also add sidebars to each page and post. In addition to layouts, you can customize backgrounds and colors and choose from hundreds of Google Fonts.

Baby Kids is multilingual-ready with the WPML plugin and uses the Contact Form 7 and Gravity plugins for easy form management. Custom search is included so you can search for any content on your site. Other plugins, such as WooCommerce and MailChimp, enable you to have a multipurpose site.

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28. University

University is a feature-packed theme built especially for trade schools and educational institutions that offer many of their courses online.

The first thing you need to know about this theme is the five available homepage variations. With several premium plugins included in the University theme package – including Revolution Slider, Page Builder, and WooCommerce – it’s easy to create the ideal website to suit your school’s needs. If you are a trade or technical school, such as a hairdressers’ school or an electrician certification course, University’s integrated shopping cart will make it easy for your students to purchase the courses that are right for them. Meanwhile, its course management feature lets your students browse for the classes they are looking for with minimal fuss.

If your focus is online learning, you will love that University is fully compatible with LearnDash, the most powerful online coursework plugin available. A built-in events calendar created exclusively for this theme plus the ability to create events and sell tickets is an excellent option to have if your institution holds seminars, webinars, or networking and career events for your students, alumni, and related professional groups. And with the inclusion of sophisticated scrolling and loading effects, not to mention plenty of customizable visual options, your institution’s website will have a sleek and professional appearance.

If you plan on offering skilled training or online courses to your students, University is ideal for getting the job done.

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29. Guru

Guru is an impressive theme with a modern, stylish look perfect for its intended purpose as an online education and training website.

In addition to being responsive and retina-ready, Guru uses the Visual Page Builder plugin and shortcodes for surface-level customization. One of Guru’s best features is its compatibility with the Sensei plugin – a powerhouse for learning management. With this plugin you can create online courses and track student progress; it even supports user registration.

Guru also features the Events Calendar plugin for easy scheduling, the WooCommerce plugin for the collection of course fees, the WPML plugin for language translation, and the Contact Form 7 plugin for form creation and management. You also have access to teacher profile management, unlimited blog options, a portfolio gallery, documentation, support, and search engine optimization.

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