24 Best LMS (Learning Management System) WordPress Themes & Plugins 2020

As well as the many themes that have been created specifically for building a learning management system (LMS) with WordPress, there are also a handful of plugins that have been developed especially for managing and delivering online learning content to your students.

The features of the e-learning themes and plugins in this collection give you the ability to create a fully functioning online learning website. Depending on which option you choose, your visitors could be able self-register onto your courses, complete the assessments, and automatically progress through the lessons. Many of these themes and plugins also give you the option of monetizing your online content in a number of ways, including collecting one-time payments and recurring subscriptions.

Some of these LMS themes include all the features and functionality you will need to deliver courses online; while others integrate closely with third-party plugins to provide you with the necessary LMS features. Therefore, when choosing a theme from this collection, it’s important to take into consideration which LMS plugin it has been built to work with, or if it’s an all-in-one solution.

While some LMS themes will work with any LMS plugin, others are less flexible. So to help you decide which WordPress LMS plugin best meets your needs, we’ve covered each of the most popular options near the end of this list. However, if you’d like a more in-depth look at these tools, check out our guide to the best LMS plugins for WordPress.

In short, after you’ve created and published your learning materials, most of these LMS themes and plugins offer you a hands-off way of managing the access to your content and collecting payments from your students.

LMS Themes

1. Masterstudy

Masterstudy has pre-built website demos for creating all types of online learning platforms.

With an impressive selection of demos, Masterstudy can work well for a wide range of online course websites. Whether you want to publish a single course online, build an online learning system, or create a course delivery platform where others can sign up and publish their learning content, Masterstudy has a demo that’s suitable for these types of projects.

However, that’s not all that the Masterstudy demos cover. There are also designs for private tutors or teachers that would like to launch an online presence where people can buy their courses as well as a demo for promoting offline courses, such as a site for a traditional school or college. The language center demo might come in handy for anyone who wants to create this type of website.

To provide the eLearning functionality, this theme has been built to work with the Masterstudy LMS WordPress plugin. As both the theme and the plugin have been created by the same team, you can expect very high levels of integration between the two products. One of the key features of the Masterstudy LMS plugin is its course builder tool that really simplifies the process of creating online learning content for WordPress.

While this package does have a lot of useful features built-in, the Masterstudy LMS theme also integrates with many relevant services and tools. Some examples include PayPal and Stripe for collecting payments online, PaidMembershipsPro for controlling access to your website and its content, and WooCommerce for adding more ecommerce functionality to your online course platform.

As you might expect from such a powerful and well-rounded LMS theme, a lot of effort has been put into simplifying the process of creating your website with Masterstudy. For one, your choice of demo content can be imported into your dashboard in just a few clicks, while secondly, the live chat support channel should be useful for resolving any issues that might arise while building your website.

Masterstudy is an impressive WordPress LMS theme and plugin combination with lots of great features and templates.

Demo  More Info / Download



WPLMS is a newly released theme that has been regularly updated and improved upon by its creators since it was first made available.

The theme has a bold look and the integrated premium slider plugin gives you the ability to display a fullscreen content slider on the homepage to showcase your best materials to new visitors. The rest of the homepage can be put to good use, listing your courses in an attractive and easy to navigate way.

When it comes to creating the courses, WPLMS allows you to build and edit them through the front end of the website, saving your users the trouble of navigating the WordPress admin back-end areas. This not only makes a site built with this theme easy to use, but also creates a consistent user experience throughout your website.

Learners also get their own dashboard which allows them to see what content they have access to and how they are progressing through the courses. The instructor dashboard gives certain users the ability to quickly view quiz and course submissions, and also access the course stats.

With LearnDash, BuddyPress, bbPress, and WooCommerce support built into the theme, it’s very easy to add learning content, discussion forums, social networking, and ecommerce functionality to your site with the WPLMS WordPress theme.

Demo  More Info / Download

3. Eduma

Eduma is a very popular WordPress education theme with 20 website demos.

If you’re looking for a learning management system WordPress theme that has been thoroughly road-tested by thousands of website owners, then Eduma is hard to beat. Racking up over 20 thousand sales so far, Eduma has not only been chosen many times but it also has a very positive average user rating of 4.87 stars out of 5. So if you want to make sure that your educational or online course website is built on a solid foundation, be sure to check out some of the feedback from those who have purchased Eduma.

One reason why this theme might be so popular could be the selection of 20 website demos it includes. Thanks to this library of pre-built website content, you should be able to find a design that’s right for your project, both in terms of appearance and features. Creating websites for educational intuitions, building online learning platforms, and launching online instructor sites are just some of the many ways this theme can be used. The demos are all kept fully up to date too, so whether you choose one of the newer or more established options, your site will have a modern look.

When it comes to eLearning functionality, Eduma was built to work with all the best WordPress LMS plugins, although the powerful LearnPress is the recommended option for publishing online courses with this theme. The fact that Eduma and LearnPress have both been created by the same team should give you some idea of how well these two tools work together. Eduma also integrates with the Fancy Events plugin. Due to this, you can easily publish events related to your courses, or any other type of event, on your WordPress website with ease.

Eduma has one of the longest feature lists of any theme in this collection, making it a powerful tool for all types of LMS projects.

Demo  More Info / Download

 4. Guru


Guru has been created for those building an educational website with WordPress and would like to take advantage of the powerful Sensei LMS plugin from WooThemes.

The visual design of the Guru theme is clean, corporate, and professional, and does a great job of creating the right environment for promoting and delivering online learning materials. Thanks to its responsive design, visitors will be equally at home on your website, whether browsing on their desktop workstations, or logging in from their smartphones.

As well as including full support for the Sensei e-learning plugin, this WordPress theme  also makes it easy to harness the power of a selection of other top quality plugins for adding social networking, ecommerce, event scheduling, and email newsletter integration features to your LMS website.

As well as a useful set of LMS-related features, Guru isn’t lacking on the features you would expect to find in a premium WordPress theme. These include mega menus, one-click install dummy data, a choice of page layouts, and a library of useful shortcodes.

With Sensei handling the course content delivery and WooCommerce allowing you to charge for access to those courses, Guru has been built specifically for anyone who wants to start teaching online and build an e-learning training website that has the potential to generate revenue on a recurring basis.

Demo  More Info / Download

5. Academist

academist lms wordpress theme

Academist works well for many different types of educational and online learning website projects.

Thanks to the varied selection of homepage layouts in the Academist package, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to find one that matches the type of website you need to launch. Whether you’re an educator who’d like to start publishing courses online, an educational organization with lots of eLearning content to share, or you want to create your own online learning platform that allows other users to upload their courses, Academist should have the features and pre-built content that are needed.

As the Academist templates cover multiple types of LMS websites, you’ll find options for displaying lists of courses, publishing the profiles of the content creators, and of course, a selection of pre-built content for the actual course content itself. Other templates cover more standard website content, such as the about, contact, and blog areas of your site. If you need to make any changes to the Academist templates, you can use the integrated premium WPBakery Page Builder to edit them through the drag-and-drop interface of this plugin. You can also customize other aspects of your website through the Academist theme options control panel.

If you’d like to get a better idea of how your website would work if you chose this theme, you can actually log in to the demo site built with this theme and check out the admin area to see how the courses are organized and structured. The online documentation for Academist is freely available too, so you can explore how the different features work by reading the support content as well.

Designed to give you everything that’s needed to launch a fully-featured online learning platform, Academist is an interesting LMS WordPress theme.

Demo  More Info / Download

6. BuddyBoss

BuddyBoss is a theme that’s been built to take full advantage of the popular LearnDash LMS plugin.

This theme can be used for many types of projects, but its high level of support for the LearnDash plugin makes it a good option for publishing online courses or building an eLearning platform with WordPress. BuddyBoss has a good selection of website demos, but its LearnDash-focused option is the one that will be of interest to most readers of this article.

You can try the BuddyBoss course publishing demo for yourself, but to give you an idea of what to expect, you get access to a design that’s ideal for sharing educational content online. However, the BuddyBoss demos are all highly flexible, making it easy to add your own branding to your website, change the colors, and adjust the fonts.

As the name of this theme suggests, BuddyBoss has also been built to integrate with the BuddyPress plugin for WordPress. Thanks to this, you can easily enhance the default user profile functionality of WordPress, enabling your users and students to create more detailed profiles, connect with each other, and foster an online community around your website and its content.

Another interesting feature of BuddyBoss that might make you want to consider this theme is the ability to generate an app for your website that can be submitted to the Google Play and Apple App Store platforms. This gives your target audience another way to find your content while also providing your students with an additional way to consume your courses. The app supports in-app payments, push notifications, and real-time syncing with your website.

Other features of BuddyBoss, such as the integration with a wide range of third-party add-ons, the narrated tutorial videos, and a risk-free money-back guarantee, help to make this theme a competitive option in this category.

If you want to create an interactive and community-focused LMS website with WordPress, BuddyBoss can help.

Demo  More Info / Download

7. Academy


Academy is a popular LMS WordPress theme that has been in active development for over a year now, giving the developers plenty of time to build and refine this solid foundation for your online learning content.

By using the built-in functionality of this theme you will be able to create online courses, complete with lessons and question and answer sections, with the ability to track student progression through each course.

Students can be awarded course certificates, and each course can be priced individually. The individual lessons that make up the courses can be set up to have prerequisites, while also making use of quizzes and question and answer sections.

Another useful set of features of Academy are those which handle user roles and registrations. With this theme installed on your website visitors will be able to register and sign up for a course through the themed front end forms, subscribe to courses, and track their own progress through the courses and course content. Learners and course publishers can be assigned new custom WordPress user roles that have been created specifically for this purpose.

When it comes to features found in regular WordPress themes, Academy certainly isn’t lacking. With a responsive layout to support learners on the go, WooCommerce integration for adding a shopping cart, four custom post types, testimonials, and two image sliders to choose from, there are plenty of possibilities for how your website can be setup to look and function.

With a large fullscreen layout and professional design, and all the features you would expect from an LMS solution, Academy is a good all in one package for delivering educational courses online with WordPress.

Demo  More Info / Download

8. LMS


LMS has all the features you need to build a learning management system with WordPress, combined with a great looking design.

As well as all the necessary tools and integrations, LMS also looks the part with a very modern and professional design that will convey the quality of your course content and learning materials to your visitors upon their arrival at your site.

With the ability to list free and paid courses, and then collect payments online with the WooCommerce ecommerce plugin, LMS is a great choice for anyone wishing to generate revenue from their learning content.

To help your visitors find the right course, other users are able to leave their feedback in the form of star ratings. The course length in hours and minutes is clearly listed on each offering, while the course content pages give you the perfect opportunity to market your course to interested parties.

Visitors to your LMS-powered website can register and sign in through the front end submission forms, helping to create a consistent look and feel across both the front and back end of your website. The s2member plugin integration makes it easy to manage the members on your website, and keep in contact with them on a long-term, ongoing basis.

Thanks to the integrated visual page builder tool, creating custom layouts for your website is very easy, while the large selection of shortcodes makes it easy to insert useful page elements into your content with ease.

LMS has a highly professional look and feel that is backed up with all the best features you would expect to find in a WordPress LMS theme.

Demo  More Info / Download

9. Course Builder

Course Builder is a WordPress LMS theme for creating online courses, school websites, and educational portals.

Designed to be a multi-purpose option in the LMS WordPress themes category, Course Builder can be used to build many different types of educational websites.  Browsing the four Course Builder website demos will give you a good idea of what this theme can do. So whether you’re creating a website for delivering an online course, promoting a college, or supporting your students, this theme is well worth a closer look.

Thanks to support for LearnPress, one of the leading eLearning plugins for WordPress, you’ll find everything needed to run an online course in the Course Builder theme package. In fact, as Course Builder includes all the premium add-ons for the LearnPress plugin, you’ll be getting access to over $400 worth of eLearning software at no extra cost. With this extra functionality at your disposal, you’ll be able to create advanced online courses, complete with assessments, email notifications, payment options, and much more, all from within your WordPress dashboard.

Another useful feature of Course Builder is the events manager tool. By using this feature, you can create educational events, such as live training sessions or seminars, and then handle registrations by issuing free or paid tickets. You could even use this tool to host and manage offline events, such as meetups and conferences. Course Builder isn’t lacking any of the features you’d expect to find in a premium WordPress theme either, such as a drag-and-drop page builder, a one-click demo importer tool, a library of shortcodes, a fully mobile responsive layout, and a detailed theme options control panel.

All of the useful features of Course Builder are wrapped up in a stylish design to make this an appealing LMS WordPress theme.

Demo  More Info / Download

10. Skilled


Skilled works alongside the premium Sensei WordPress plugin to help you publish courses and other learning materials online.

The Sensei plugin from the WooThemes team turns WordPress into a fully functioning learning management system, allowing you to publish courses, manage students, and collect payments from users in return for access to your content.

By choosing Skilled as the theme for your e-learning website, you’ll have four different layouts or modes to choose from, as well as the ability to customize any of the included layouts by using the integrated Visual Composer drag and drop page builder tool. There’s a good selection of templates included in the package, covering the most common pages you’ll need to create for your website.

As well as the page builder tool, there are also six color skins to choose from and many other customization options that will help you get your website looking and functioning in the way that you want. The slideshow tool makes it easy to promote your content while the teacher profiles section gives your potential students a quick way to see whom they could be learning from.

If you want to publish courses online, with the option of selling them and charging a fee for access, the Skilled theme and its support for the Sensei LMS plugin has many useful features.

Demo  More Info / Download

11. Clever Course


Clever Course has been built to help you publish and sell online courses through your WordPress website.

This learning management system WordPress theme combines all the great features you would expect to find in the best-selling multipurpose themes, with all the tools you need to deliver courses online. This means not only do you get access to a slider and a drag and drop page builder tool for creating custom page layouts, but you also have the ability to publish free and paid courses online.

Each course that you publish can include multiple quizzes, as well as a varied selection of different content types. This allows you to cover a range of topics, while also being able to cater to multiple learning styles. As your students work their way through the course, their progress is tracked. This allows them to easily see where they are, how far they’ve come, and what is to come next.

The theme includes a front end student dashboard that displays progress and grades to each participant in your course. As this theme integrates with PayPal, you can collect payments directly from your students, in exchange for access to your learning materials. You can also offer professional-looking, printable certificates to your students. There are multiple demos available for this theme, allowing you to thoroughly test all aspects of it before you buy.

Clever Course includes all the LMS-features you should ever need, complete with tools that allow you to build an attractive-looking website.

Demo  More Info / Download

12. Academia


Academia is a flexible WordPress theme that is well suited to both creating a website for an offline place of learning and delivering courses online.

The large, fullscreen homepage slider tool makes it easy to highlight the best features of your website to new visitors, whether that’s the facilities on offer at your college or the type of online learning content being offered.

Searching or browsing the online courses is very straightforward, thanks to the AJAX-powered live search tool and the intuitive navigation system of the Academia theme. The theme also has a good system for managing events, giving you an easy way to publicize offline events, or hold online events for your registered users.

As you setup your website with Academia, you have a number of different headers, footers, and styles to choose from. If you need a more custom look for your website, then the included premium Visual Composer plugin not only saves you $34, but also gives you a tried and tested way to modify almost any aspect of your website, without editing any code. When it comes to premium plugins, you’ll also find the powerful Slider Revolution in the package, helping you save another $19 – not bad value for a $59 WordPress theme.

As setting up an online learning management system can be difficult, the developers of Academia have published a number of walkthrough videos to help you get the most out of this WordPress theme and ensure your project is a success.

Academia includes everything you need to start offering free and paid courses online, all through an attractive and modern user interface.

Demo  More Info / Download

13. Vultur

Demo  More Info / Download

14. Education Pack

Education Pack works well for creating many types of LMS websites, thanks to its varied demos.

If you check out the Education Pack demos, you’ll see that there are options for all types of educational content for universities, music schools, dance academies, kindergartens, and more. There’s even a demo for creating a website for a driving school with WordPress.

The features and templates of Education Pack make it a good option for projects where all of the educational content will be delivered online, such as distance learning courses and online learning platforms, as well as when in-person lessons will be supplemented with online content. Education Pack can be configured to just publish the courses you’ve created or to accept course submissions from your audience. This can help you to create a platform like Udemy. Collecting payments online is facilitated through the PayPal integration, while the WooCommerce support gives you additional options for monetizing your website and its content.

While the Education Pack demos do look good and cover a range of uses, they can all be customized with the included WPBakery Page Builder plugin. The Slider Revolution plugin is included too, providing you with the functionality to add interactive presentations to your website and online courses to help you deliver your learning content. Thanks to this, regardless of how you want your website to look, you should be able to get the desired results with Education Pack and its collection of tools and options.

For those that want to publish their learning content in more than one language, Education Pack, like many of the best LMS WordPress themes, has good multilingual plugin support, including use with the WPML plugin, as well as the ability to handle RTL languages.

With so many demos, it’s well worth taking a look at the different types of online course website you can create with Education Pack.

Demo  More Info / Download

15. eCademy

Demo  More Info / Download

16. University


University has a traditional design that makes it a good choice for more formal educational institutions.

Thanks to the one-click demo content importer tool, setting up your website with the University is very straightforward. Once the page templates and settings have been added to your site, you can then go in and begin editing the demo content and adding your own online learning materials.

As well as offering a good selection of course management features, the University theme includes an event management system for handling offline and online events. This feature includes an event scheduling calendar, as well as a ticketing system for taking care of user registration and participation.

Other features of this LMS WordPress theme include a fully mobile responsive design, a useful selection of page templates, an easy to use team profile manager, multiple gallery modes, a pricing table builder, and social media integrations.

If you need to create a website for a university or college, with the option of publishing courses online, then University includes many features that will make this task much easier.

Demo  More Info / Download

17. Turitor

Demo  More Info / Download

18. Invent


Invent has been created to help schools, colleges, universities, and other educational institutions build an attractive and functional website with WordPress.

The Invent theme includes two different homepage variations. However, thanks to the integrated page builder tool, you’ll have no problem creating your own custom layouts for any of the content on your site.

The developers of Invent have chosen to use the SiteOrigin page builder plugin as the drag and drop editor for this theme. In the package, you’ll find over 30 custom page elements, which can be dragged and dropped into your designs.

As well as using Invent to create a homepage for an educational institution, you can also host online courses and other learning materials on your site. This aspect of the theme is powered by the popular LearnDash learning management system WordPress plugin.

To help keep your content well organized, Invent adds multiple custom post types to your WordPress website. These custom post types work alongside the default blog post type, and help to publish courses, events, news, department, and faculty, as well as a providing a way to easily publish an interactive photo gallery.

Other useful features of Invent include a premium slideshow builder tool, an easy demo content importer, lots of customization options, and support for collecting payments online via the free WooCommerce WordPress plugin.

Invent makes it easy to build a stylish website for your place of learning, with the option of delivering courses online via LearnDash.

Demo  More Info / Download

19. CBKit

Demo  More Info / Download

20. Talemy

Talemy is an LMS WordPress theme that’s suitable for a wide range of educational websites.

It comes with eight different website demos that you can import into your WordPress dashboard in just a few clicks. Thanks to this, whether you want to create a website for a university or a school, or you just want to publish courses online with WordPress, Talemy should have a pre-built site that will provide you with a great foundation for your project.

One demo that online course creators should find interesting is the option that’s been set up to promote a single instructor and list a selection of their courses. This demo has a large section at the top for displaying a photo of the instructor and sharing some of their story. The rest of the default homepage layout has sections for publishing the other important information about the course creator, such as their skills, experience, and testimonials. There’s space for listing the featured courses too, as well as a pre-built course list template that can be used to create a page that displays all the rest of the available courses. If you’ve created some courses that you’d like to publish online with WordPress, this demo is sure to be a good option.

Alternatively, if you have just one course that you want to share online, the single course demo is ready to help. Talemy also works well for creating an online learning platform that features courses from multiple creators. So if you take into account these demos, along with the pre-built websites that have been created for educational institutions, such as kindergartens, high schools, and universities, you can see how flexible this LMS WordPress theme is.

Whether you’re publishing courses as an individual or on behalf of an organization, Talemy is up to the challenge.

Demo  More Info / Download

LMS Plugins

21. LearnDash


LearnDash (review) is another e-learning plugin for WordPress that adds all the features to your website necessary to build an online learning management system.

The learning materials are organised across three levels: courses, lessons, and lesson topics. Courses and lessons can have their own prerequisites to manage the progression of students from one level to the next.

As part of the lessons you create, students can be required to upload their coursework, which you can then view and manually approve. You can also leave feedback for your students in real time, to help them improve, while also encouraging interaction.

LearnDash also gives you the ability to drip-feed your lesson content. By using this feature you can set a schedule and then let it run on auto-pilot, making content available to your students on a predetermined basis, as they sign up for your courses.

If you want to monetize your website and course materials, LearnDash gives you some good options, including selling access for a one-time fee, or charging users a subscription fee. PayPal, 2CheckOut, and JigoShop are the supported payment gateways for handling the online financial transactions.

LearnDash also gives you some useful features for getting your users into the system, allowing you to mass enrol students into courses, Alternatively, you can let users self-enrol themselves onto their chosen courses.

LearnDash is a feature packed LMS plugin for WordPress that should work with any theme and supports a number of useful integrations to seamlessly add even more functionality to your online learning platform.

Demo  More Info / Download

22. LifterLMS 

LifterLMS Plugin

LifterLMS has everything you should need to create and sell online courses with WordPress.

Once this plugin is installed on your WordPress website, you’ll have no problems creating online courses that you can protect from the public and make available only to your registered users. You also have the option of selling these courses online too.

Thanks to the course building functionality of this popular WordPress LMS plugin, you can quickly create multiple courses with custom structures and curriculums that are tailored to your needs. Once the structures are in place, you can begin adding the lessons that will educate your users. As well as the ability to upload a range of content types, including images, audio files, and videos, you can also use the eLearning features to create tests and quizzes for your students.

Creating the learning content is straightforward with LifterLMS. Thanks to a decision to base the content creation interface on a modified version of the WordPress Editor, those who are familiar with WordPress should be able to get to work straightaway, while those that haven’t used this platform before, won’t find it difficult to master this relatively intuitive interface.

Other useful features of the LifterLMS plugin include the ability to send out automated emails that are triggered on certain custom events inside your courses and the option of generating awards and certificates for your students when they reach predefined milestones in your courses. The custom student dashboard should come in handy too, making it easy for your students to see what content is available to them and keep track of their learning.

When it comes to setting up the monetization of your courses, LifterLMS gives you lots of options. Through the settings, you can choose to sell courses with a one-time fee, create subscription packages, or use a combination of both. You can also create multiple packages, each with different course features and levels of access. Offering premium add-ons, like one-to-one tuition or group calls is another option with LifterLMS.

If you’re looking for a well-rounded LMS plugin for WordPress, then LifterLMS, and its 30-day demo, is well worth considering.

Demo Download / More Info

23. Sensei


Sensei is an LMS plugin rather than a theme, which means that it can be used in conjunction with your favourite WordPress theme to build the perfect online course delivery platform.

Sensei has been developed by the WooThemes team who is best known for their WordPress themes and hugely popular WooCommerce online store builder plugin.

With this plugin installed on your website, you can create courses, write lessons, and add quizzes. Each lesson or course can have its own set of requisites that must be completed before the student can move on to the next step in their learning journey.

The Sensei LMS plugin integrates seamlessly with WordPress, helping its features to blend in with the rest of the core WordPress functionality. This makes it easy to pick up and get started with this plugin. As you might expect Sensei also integrates with the WooCommerce plugin, giving you a powerful set of tools for selling access to your online courses.

While Sensei should work with any quality WordPress theme, WooThemes has created their own set of fully compatible themes to ensure your course content looks and functions as it should.

If you’d rather use a specific theme or custom design to create your online learning system then using a plugin like Sensei gives you the ability to do so.

Demo  More Info / Download

24. WP Courseware


WP Courseware is a learning management system plugin which will turn any WordPress website into an online course delivery platform, while giving you the ability to use a theme of your choice.

Once this e-learning plugin is installed on your website, you can start creating unlimited courses, modules, and lessons, with the ability to award completion certificates to your students. Educational content can consist of multimedia lessons, quizzes, and surveys, each of which can be graded and marked to provide feedback to your students. Courses can be set to expire and you can even offer live learning events through your WordPress LMS.

WP Courseware integrates with a number of powerful WordPress plugins, allowing you to sell your courses online, run a membership website, and use an achievements system to improve user retention and loyalty. You can also easily integrate email optin forms into your site to grow your list of subscribers.

WP Courseware is a popular option that has been put to good use by many well-known websites to deliver online learning content and courses.

Demo  More Info / Download

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