24 Best Creative Agency WordPress Themes 2020

Creating the right website for your agency is vital if you want your business to succeed. No matter what type of services you’re offering through your agency, there’s bound to be plenty of competitors in the same space, fighting for the same clients. That’s why choosing the best agency WordPress theme for your website is so important.

We’re confident that you’ll find something that’s perfect for your project in this collection of themes. If you take the time to test out a few of the demos and scan through the feature lists, you’ll soon find the theme that matches your needs.

Then all that’s left to do is import the demo, make any necessary changes, add your own content, and you’ll have a professional WordPress agency website that is ready to start attracting the clients your business deserves.

To help you create the prefect website for your agency, the theme features to look out for include multiple demos, a good set of theme customization options, and of course a design that matches your vision. If you really want to personalize your website, you might also want to look out for a theme that includes a page builder plugin, like Visual Composer, for extra creative options.


Uncode is a multi-use WordPress theme, but it really excels as an agency theme thanks to its flexibility and the purpose built demos the package includes.

When setting up your website with Uncode, you can choose from a range of different concepts, or demos as they’re more commonly known. With Uncode, there are over 30 concepts to choose from, including a number that are perfectly suited to creating websites for many different types of agencies.

No matter what demo you choose to import into your WordPress website, you can still make use of any of the features of Uncode. This includes the ability to display full-screen background images and videos, create animated sliders, display attractive portfolios of your work, promote client testimonials, and highlight customer and client logos, all wrapped up in a fully responsive design.

The sliders that you can create for your website are powered by the leading LayerSlider and Revolution Slider plugins. Having access to these two powerful slider plugins means that you can display your agency work in a range of formats, using an animated slideshow. You’ll also have access to the premium Visual Composer page builder plugin to help you customize any of the page templates that make up the demos or create your own from scratch.

The Uncode agency demos are well worth checking out as they cover a range of styles and features many of the latest and greatest web design trends.

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While agencies are more than simply the sum of their parts, it’s the work they produce that ultimately separates the good from the great. The developers of Oshine understand this, and have offered a slick theme that places your work front and center.

Oshine is another multipurpose theme that targets creative niches, and agencies are well catered to among its 42 demo templates. However, unlike most other themes, Oshine uses a custom built drag-and-drop page builder for further layout refinement – with the bundled Master Slider plugin taking care of hero sliders, calls to action, and prominent full screen displays of your work.

Speaking of your work, Oshine’s approach to showcasing your portfolio is definitely unique. Given the plethora of options available, there are almost unlimited ways to display your work. From the custom panel, you can select from eight hover options and seven title styles, control the width of element gutters, add columns, and much more.

If you’re a digital agency that sees your work as your primary selling point, you’ll appreciate Oshine’s approach. Given its plethora of customization options, you’ll have the power and flexibility to create almost any layout for your agency website.

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Werkstatt is a creative portfolio theme that’s perfect for building agency websites with WordPress.

To help you get started, Werkstatt has three pre-built agency website demos. However, many of the other Werkstatt demos could also be a good choice for your project. Whichever demo you do choose, you can quickly import the content into your WordPress website. The one-click demo importer tool greatly simplifies the process of getting your new website online. Then it’s up to you to add your own content to your site and make any changes to the theme.

Some of the highlights of the Werkstatt demos include their modern and bold designs, full-width layouts that make the most of your visitors’ screens, and custom-made navigation areas that make it easy for your audience to find your best content.

When it comes to publishing the content that will help your agency website land more clients, Werkstatt has all the right templates. These designs cover the homepage, portfolio, projects, about, and blog pages. To ensure the portfolio and completed projects section of your website have the right look and feel, there are multiple templates to work with.

If you need to do any major customization work on this theme, Werkstatt includes the Visual Composer drag-and-drop page builder tool. Thanks to this, you can open up the demo content for editing, without the need to write any code yourself. You can also make global changes to your site through the control panel of this agency WordPress theme.

Werkstatt is a modern and stylish WordPress theme that is ideal for a range of agency website projects.

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TheGem is a multi-purpose WordPress theme with an impressive selection of agency-focused demos and features.

Among the 40 demos that TheGem has to offer, you’ll find 7 that have been created especially for agencies. Whether you’re creating a website for a digital agency, a media company, an architecture firm, or even a real estate agency you’ll find a pre-built demo that’s ready to go.

Alongside the pre-built website demos, TheGem also includes a library of other pre-built content. When setting up your website you can choose from over 150 pre-built page templates. There’s also over 20 navigation layouts and many blog layouts. TheGem isn’t lacking in portfolio and gallery designs either, with over 20 templates to choose from. All of these templates can be combined in any way, helping you to build the perfect website.

TheGem is also an incredible flexible WordPress agency theme. In the package, you’ll find the Visual Composer page builder tool. This intuitive premium plugin makes it straightforward to edit the included templates. There’s also a wealth of customization settings and options built into the theme. Thanks to this, you should have no trouble modifying any of the 40 demos, making them better suited to the type of website you’re trying to build.

More highlights of TheGem include two premium slideshow tools, full support for video backgrounds and parallax scrolling, over 20 custom widgets, and the ability to create as many custom sidebars as you need.

TheGem is a very exciting new multi-purpose theme that’s ideal for anyone looking for an off-the-shelf agency theme, as well as those with more custom requirements.

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Brunn is a purpose-built creative agency WordPress theme with multiple website demos to choose from.

With pre-built demos that cover creative agencies, modern studios, and online portfolio websites, as well as options for showcasing products, apps, services, and more, Brunn is definitely worth exploring. All of the content in the Brunn package can be fully customized too, making this theme a good option for those seeking a ready-made solution for their creative agency website as well as anyone who is looking for a theme that they can use as a foundation for a more bespoke project.

If you do decide to carry out any customization work, you’ll be able to use the integrated WPBakery Page Builder to edit the pre-built content. The drag-and-drop interface of this tool will allow you to mix and match the different elements that make up the Brunn demos. Therefore, if you see something you like on the online portfolio website demo, for example, and would like to use it with the creative agency demo, it shouldn’t be a problem. As Brunn comes with a good set of online documentation, you should be able to find instructions to help you personalize this theme.

When setting up your website, you’ll notice that this theme includes a lot of elements that can help you promote your creative agency services online. Some examples of these include the client showcase module that’s ready for you to add your client details to in order to share who you’ve worked with, the Instagram feed widget for publishing your social media content on your website, and the pricing table element for displaying your creative agency packages and services in an easy-to-read format. However, as this theme has so many features, settings, and widgets, its best to view the demos yourself to see exactly what’s possible with Brunn.

The 12 different demos should make Brunn a good choice for building your creative agency website.

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Maaucuni is a multipurpose creative WordPress theme with lots of agency-focused content and features.

Among the seven demos included in the Maaucuni theme is at least one option that would work very well for creating an agency website with WordPress. However, the other demos, including the portfolio options, should also be suitable for this type of project. Whichever demo you do choose, you’ll not only get access to stylish homepage layouts but also templates for all the inner pages your site should need.

As the additional templates cover the about, services, and contact sections of your site, you should have everything you’ll need to launch your creative agency website with Maaucuni. As there are multiple versions of most of the templates, such as three contact page designs, you do get a good range of choices with this theme. For those with more bespoke needs, this theme includes a powerful page builder that will ensure you’re able to edit the existing templates, and perhaps more importantly, create new pages designs for the other areas of your site. As the page builder includes its own library of useful elements, you can easily add features like sliders, video players, and pricing tables to your creative agency website.

Adding a blog to your website is uncomplicated with this theme. Simply create a new blog post in WordPress, choose a template from the theme package, and your content will be published with a stylish design that will blend right into the rest of your site. As this theme also includes a good set of portfolio templates, showing off your completed work and projects is equally painless with Maaucuni.

Maaucuni does a good job of combing useful features with some truly creative templates for your agency website.

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Studio 8 


Studio 8 and its ability to display a large background video on the homepage is a great choice for any creative agency that is looking to give their online presence an upgrade.

As well as displaying video backgrounds, through the multimedia homepage slider, you can just as easily add photographs to the slideshow, or a combination of the two. Your visitors can then interact with the homepage slider to view your best content as soon as they arrive at your website.

Because Studio 8 is a very flexible theme, as your visitors scroll down the homepage, you have the option of displaying a wide range of different types of content. Depending on your preferences, this could include information about your brand, items from your portfolio, client testimonials, content from your blog, and much more.

Studio 8 includes a number of prebuilt pages, including a professionally designed services template and an option for displaying your pricing packages. With all the essentials included, this makes setting up your site very straightforward. For many of the prebuilt templates, you will have multiple options to choose from, such as two different about pages for example.

There is also a great selection of portfolio templates and layouts to choose from, enabling you to display your work in the right way for your business. The design of Studio 8 is fully responsive and the theme can be installed and set up in just a few clicks, thanks to the easy import feature. As Studio 8 is available from the WP Look Studio team, it’s available to purchase on a range of different pricing plans including an affordable all themes option.

Studio 8 has a big and bold design that isn’t afraid to fill the visitor’s screen with content. If you have the content to match, then this theme has a lot of offer.

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POFO does a great job of simplifying the process of launching an agency website with WordPress.

Designed with both experienced website owners and new WordPress users in mind, POFO really should be able to help almost anyone create their own stylish and effective agency website. Part of the how POFO achieves this is through its impressive library of pre-built website demos. With designs covering a range of project types and web design styles, you should be able to find a suitable option that matches your vision and aligns with your website goals.

Although there are pre-built agency website demos in the POFO theme package, it’s worth checking out the other demos too, as they can easily be adjusted to better suit your needs. For example, if one of the portfolio website demos catches your eye, it shouldn’t take much work to modify the design so that it works well for a creative agency site. With tools like the WPBakery Page Builder – previously known as Visual Composer – in the POFO package, creating custom web page designs, or modifying existing templates, has rarely been easier. The other customization options, alongside the powerful page builder tool, help POFO also appeal to experienced website creators. By using this theme as the foundation for your site, you can quickly design your own unique creative agency WordPress website, no matter what type of services or sectors your agency specializes in.

Despite being a relatively new WordPress theme, POFO has already gotten off to a good start. With a positive average user rating of 4.41 out of 5 from people who’ve bought this theme, there’s a strong chance you’ll also be happy with your purchase if you choose POFO. Furthermore, the fact that this theme was created by a well ranked ThemeForest author should give you extra assurance when deciding whether or not to trust POFO with your precious website.

For a feature-packed and flexible WordPress theme, with a strong focus on creative agency websites, POFO is hard to beat.

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Noor has over 40 demos for all types of website projects, including building an online presence for a creative agency.

After a recent update, Noor has even more demos than before, giving you a nice selection of agency-focused options to choose from. While there is a creative agency demo in the Noor package, there are also a few other agency demos, including a digital and general-purpose agency option. Due to this, there’s a good chance that you’ll find something that works for your website in the Noor theme package.

Once you’ve found a suitable demo, you can import it into your WordPress dashboard in just a few clicks. Then it’s up to you whether you decide to use the integrated visual page builder tool to carry out any customization work, or instead, just replace the demo content with your own text and images. If you want to add a portfolio to your agency website, Noor has lots of useful templates for doing so. There’s also a full set of blog templates to work with, making it easy to add a new section to your creative agency site.

As Noor comes with multiple header and sidebar layouts, it’s easy to configure the pre-built creative agency demo to match your preferences, all without the need to edit any code. Simply open up the theme options panel from inside your WordPress dashboard, and then click on the header and sidebar layouts that will work best for your website. As mentioned, if you do want to get more creative with the design of your agency website, you can use the integrated Visual Composer page builder plugin to take full control of the design of your site.

Noor has some very impressive templates and layouts that are sure to make your creative agency website stand out from the crowd.

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The Agency


The Agency makes it very easy to create a professional website to promote your creative services, or those of your business or organization.

The unique home page design of The Agency theme gives you a great opportunity to showcase your brand with a selection of high resolution, full screen background images. The inner pages of this theme haven’t been overlooked either. With bold colour choices and creative layouts, each post or page on your website will really stand out on the screen.

The developers of this theme have put a lot of effort into ensuring your website will load as fast as possible when using The Agency. You also get the ability to customize many of the aspects of your website, thanks to the user friendly theme options control panel. A child theme has also been included in the package. This makes it straightforward to customize the design of your website further, without having to worry about your work being wiped out by future updates.

As well being available on its own, The Agency can be purchased as part of the multi-theme pack of WordPress themes from WP Look Studio.

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Solid, dependable, flexible: the traits of the perfect agency. In addition, these are all elements of Weston – and it’s a go-to theme for creating your agency’s website.

Weston includes 12 demo templates (referred to as ‘concepts’) covering all manner of creative endeavours, including agencies. This full-width template offers video and parallax backgrounds, along with a number of elements to help your brand build trust and convey professionalism. There are image carousels to showcase recent client work, testimonial elements to display social proof, and a highly functional portfolio with a number of different layouts to choose from.

What’s more, although Weston has a myriad of customization options, there are two popular bundled plugins (Visual Composer and Slider Revolution) with which you can create almost any website design imaginable.

Overall, Weston has a lot in common with a good agency – it offers the right amount of functionality to get the job done with little fuss. It’s going to be a popular choice among web designers, and is well worth your consideration.

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Dendrite is a flexible WordPress theme aimed at helping creatives build the right type of websites for their projects.

With nine website demos to choose from, including two purpose-built creative agency designs, Dendrite easily earns its place in this collection of the best agency WordPress themes. Both of the agency website demos include stylish designs that will help win over your target audience and increase your chances of turning visitors into new clients. As well as their full-screen layouts, the Dendrite agency demo homepages include lots of useful elements and sections to help you get your message across. From animated text and portfolio excerpts to team member profiles and client testimonials, you should be able to add all the essential content to your agency website homepage without carrying out any customization work.

If you do want to get creative with this theme, however, you’ll find all the tools you need in the Dendrite package. Visual Composer will help with the personalization of the individual pieces of content on your site, while the advanced theme options control panel will let you make site-wide changes to your website at the touch of a button.

As well as the two purpose-built agency demos, you’ll find personal website demos, online portfolio options, and a selection of stylish blogging designs. Thanks to the ability to mix and match the different Dendrite demo elements, you’re free to combine your favorite sections from each demo to create something new and unique.

Dendrite is a theme that will let you unleash your creative talents without having to start from a blank canvas.

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Agency Pro


Agency Pro is a stylish child theme for the popular Genesis Framework from StudioPress.

With this theme, you get five colour schemes to choose from, as well as a selection of page templates. You can also easily upload full screen background images to your website. When it comes to creating your home page layout, the use of widgets makes it easy to drag and drop the available elements into place.

If you want a fast loading WordPress theme to power your studio’s website, then Agency Pro certainly fits the bill.

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Offering an immersive experience is a trait of the most captivating creative work, and a website that can reproduce that feeling will leave a lasting impression. Although it’s name is decidedly nondescript, Any is a theme that could never be labelled as bland nor is it lacking in immersive qualities.

On the surface, Any exudes minimalism. It has a monochromatic color scheme, and your work takes center stage within a full screen slider, courtesy of the bundled Slider Revolution plugin, or via any of the 14 different portfolio layouts. However, given the large number of animations found throughout, Any balances its minimalist tendencies with interactive flourishes.

Any comes with 15 different home page layouts. However, by combining the bundled Edge Slider and Visual Composer plugins, you can create any layout you can imagine such as immersive splash or intro screens that welcome visitors into the rest of your website – very cool, and a standout feature.

Given its name, you’d think Any was another “me too” theme. Far from it – Any is striking, and given its bundled plugins, you can create a website that is captivating and immersive. It’s just the ticket for digital creative agencies that require a unique online presence.

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Notio is packed with page layouts and templates that can be used to apply the appropriate design to the contents of your website.

As well as the 10 portfolio layouts, 8 product detail pages, this theme includes the premium Visual Composer plugin. This means you can easily customize any aspect of your website and its layouts, simply by using the visual interface of this popular drag and drop page builder tool.

To help you get your agency website up and running as quickly as possible, Notio features a one-click installation and setup process. This imports all demo content, widgets, slider content, settings, and more. This just leaves you with the job of adding your own custom content to make the theme your own.

A nice additional feature of Notio is that it has been built to integrate seamlessly with the WooCommerce online store builder plugin. This means you can easily add a shopping cart to website, allowing you to sell single or multiple items to your visitors.

With a modern design and endless customization options, Notio should appeal to those looking for a highly flexible agency theme.

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Bridge has become a well-established agency theme since its release in 2014 and is now on version 9.

This means that if you choose Bridge for your website, you’ll be getting a tried and tested WordPress agency theme that has been constantly refined over the years. Two years is a long time in the world of web design, with trends coming and going at a rapid rate. However, due to the constant updates this theme has received, Bridge can hold its own against the latest and greatest themes in this category.

New agency website demos have been added to Bridge on a regular basis and there are now over 150 to choose from. Granted, some of these demos will be more suitable to your needs than others, however, it’s highly likely that there’ll be a good selection for you to choose from.

As well as the growing list of website demos, Bridge has a feature called Layout Concepts, and there are 24 different layout modes to choose from. In this agency WordPress theme, you’ll also find powerful slider tools, countless customization controls, and a full set of online support videos to help you get the most out of Bridge.

With so many high quality and modern agency demos to choose from, there’s sure to be at least one that’s right for your project here.

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Beckett has been created by ThemeTrust and features a big home page slideshow, designed to grab the attention of your visitors.

Whether your visitors are accessing your website on their desktop, tablet, or smartphone, they will enjoy a user experience that is optimized for their device of choice. This extends to the slideshow builder tool that can create sliders for use on any of your posts or pages.

When it comes to personalizing the Beckett theme, you get the ability to use the built-in customizer to change many of the aspects of your website. The theme also includes a number of purpose built widgets for displaying your content; while the testimonial and portfolio custom post types make it easy to organize and publish your client feedback and completed projects.

If you’ve got lots of high quality images that represent your brand, then Beckett makes it easy to show them off on your website.

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Heli is a creative multipurpose WordPress theme that includes a number of predefined homepages that are perfect for agency websites.

As well as having 35 predefined website demos to choose from, you’ll find that the demo import process of Heli is very straightforward and easy to use. In just a few clicks, you’ll have the foundation of your new website up and running leaving you to tweak a few settings and add your own content.

If you want to get a bit more creative and really customize any of the demos or even make your own from scratch, that’s not a problem either. The Heli agency WordPress theme includes a selection of premium WordPress plugins, including the powerful Visual Composer page builder tool.

Depending on which demo you choose, your new agency website could include a full-screen slideshow, video backgrounds, fixed or floating menus, attractive animation effects, and countless other features and widgets to help your site stand out from the competition.

Heli is a good choice for anyone looking for a creative WordPress theme that offers many different agency homepage designs.

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The best agencies know one thing: it’s getting the little details right that imbues quality to a piece of work. Dani is ultimately best for low concept creatives – it’s a seemingly high concept theme but has plenty of depth.

On the surface, there’s little to Dani. It offers seven demo templates encompassing all manner of creative niches, along with four menu styles to choose from. Also bundled with Dani is the Slider Revolution plugin, for creating prominent full screen hero sections.

As we alluded to, it’s the micro details that really sell us on Dani – and, in turn, will sell your work to your clients. For example, the typography is chunky without being overbearing (meaning it’s clear to read and prominent), and the subtle scrolling detail on the portfolio is a neat touch that enables the feeling of movement from an otherwise static website.

Overall, Dani stands out – not because of what it does, but rather what it doesn’t do. There’s little flash, and almost no reliance on short-lived design fads. What remains is a solid yet unique theme for creating your agency’s website, and it’s one you should check out without delay!

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Pitch has a bold and colorful design that makes it a great choice for agencies that really want to differentiate themselves from their competitors and make a memorable impression on their potential clients and partners.

Like the best agency WordPress themes, Pitch gives you a growing selection of prebuilt demos to choose from. These demos cover a range of styles, and can be imported into your website in just a few clicks. As well as the site demos, there’s also a number of different portfolio layouts and styles to choose from. These portfolio designs will ensure that this most important part of your website has the right look and feel to match your content.

After you’ve chosen a demo, you can then set about customizing it through the set of options and controls found in the Pitch theme dashboard. For good measure, the Visual Composer plugin has been included to give you even more creative control over how the content on your website looks. There are also over 80 shortcodes to make use of with Pitch, giving you an easy way to insert useful page elements into your content.

Pitch has some interesting animation effects and tricks up its sleeve, making it an agency theme whose demos you should at least experience before making a final decision.

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As you peruse the choices in this collection, you’ll come across some themes that are busy while others offer a more reined-in design. Kalium looks to split the two ideologies, albeit not equally, and do just enough to stand out.

Kalium is geared toward creative professionals, although its demo templates include layouts suitable for non-creatives as well. In any case, for the most part you’ll get a minimalist, monochromatic look that’s as good as any for promoting direct and practical creative work. Furthermore, the default Inconsolata font (normally used for displaying command line text), gives Kalium a punkish air, that will sit well with modern creative designers.

In addition, there are a number of subtle elements that will help enhance your design. For starters, Kalium includes an ‘auto-type’ element that cycles through a set of predefined words spelling each out one individually – perfect for showcasing your key traits in an eye-catching way. The animations used throughout are also tastefully applied, and highlight the content of your site – which is the way it should be.

For the non-scientific among you, Kalium is Latin for Potassium. It’s a fitting name – this theme is white hot, and is a top-notch solution for creating your agency’s website.

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Lobo has been developed with creative types in mind. Whether you are working individually as a freelancer, or collectively as part of an agency, Lobo aims to be the one stop solution for promoting your services.

The large full screen imagery and bold layout will ensure that your visitors won’t forget about your website in a hurry. As this theme works on a modular system, it’s very easy to arrange your own layouts for either the home page, or the inner pages of your website.  The modules include text, images, video, sliders, and more, and they can all be arranged in unique configurations to suit your content.

The fly out menu system works well and does a good job of freeing up lots of screen space to let your work take centre stage. If you’d like to ensure your visitors can always find their way to the important pages of your website, there is also a sticky menu you can make use of.

Lobo makes it easy to give each page on your website a unique identity that matches the content it is presenting. So if you are looking for a WordPress theme that is anything but uniform, Lobo could be a good option.

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Strength and support, that’s what a pillar represents, and they are also two qualities that you need out of your agency website theme. Pillar is a theme that is true to its name and helps to support your digital agency by serving as a solid foundation for your website.

Let’s get one seemingly negative factor out of the way: Pillar offers little in the way of standout functionality or marquee features. However, to judge it on that basis is to miss the point. There are 24 demo templates to choose from, covering all manner of creative niches, including agencies. As a result, while some popular plugins have been bundled with the theme (Slider Revolution and Visual Composer), there’s really no need to use them. Plugins and demo templates aside, layouts can be created using over 140 content blocks, covering all manner of functional site elements.

This is normally the point where we mention additional features worth considering, but Pillar offers little else. However, rather than a drawback, it’s all part of Pillar’s charm.

Pillar’s name is apt – it offers functional support for building your website using practical real-world elements. It cuts through the flashy design flourishes common to so many other themes and relies on straightforward functionality, and that makes Pillar a solid contender for your shortlist.

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