26 Best Digital Agency WordPress Themes 2021

If you’re trying to launch or run a successful digital agency, then it’s essential that your business has a professional website. In the past, that might’ve meant hiring a freelance web designer or working with a creative agency and paying them for their services.

However, now, thanks to this impressive collection of the best digital agency WordPress themes, you can find an off the shelf solution for a fraction of the price. Not only will you be saving money, but you’ll also be able to get a good idea of how your website will look before handing over any payment.

Thanks to the feature-rich demos of these digital agency WordPress themes, you can explore all of their features, page designs, and other attractions to ensure you pick the right option for your website. Also, just because you’re choosing an off the shelf WordPress theme, it doesn’t mean your website can’t be unique or compatible with your branding.

Many of these themes include detailed control panels that enable you to customize almost every aspect of your website in just a few clicks. Some of them also include drag-and-drop page builder tools that provide you with a hands-on web design toolkit without any coding experience required.

These digital agency WordPress themes have been designed to help you attract new visitors, promote your services, and grow your business, all without breaking the bank. As many of these themes include multiple website demos, be sure to check out the live previews to find out exactly what they have to offer.

1. Exponent

Exponent has a lot to offer anyone creating a digital agency website with WordPress.

Whether you’re happy to use an off-the-shelf design for your site or you’d like to create a custom digital agency WordPress website, Exponent is a suitable option. With one purpose-built demo that was created specifically for those who want to launch a digital agency website, as well as a few other demos that would also work well for this task, the Exponent pre-built demos are well worth checking out.

However, where Exponent really stands out from the other options in this collection of digital agency WordPress themes is its customization features. While many themes include a page builder tool these days, Exponent provides users with a fully visual content editor that can be used to customize all areas of a website. Instead of just being limited to customizing the WordPress post and page content areas, as you are with some builders, you can use this tool to customize the header and footer areas of your site, giving you full creative control over its appearance. Not only that, but the interface is very easy to use, thanks to features like copy and paste, undo and redo, and the ability to save your designs as reusable templates. This all means that Exponent should appeal to anyone who wants to really take control over the design of their website.

Aside from pre-built content and customization tools, Exponent can be recommended for lots of other reasons when it comes to creating digital agency websites with WordPress. The optional animation effects should come in handy when trying to catch the attention of your visitors and stand out from the crowd, while the testimonial slider and client logo display panel can help promote how reputable your agency is.

Whether you’re looking for a ready-made solution or want to create a bespoke website, Exponent covers both scenarios.

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2. Digeco

Digeco is a digital agency theme aimed at startups that has multiple website demos.

Whether you want lots of options for your own website, or you’re in the business of creating sites for digital agencies, Digeco will give a good range of inspiration. Thanks to more than 10 high-quality website demos that are waiting to be imported into your WordPress dashboard, Digeco should appeal to a wide audience.

As the Digeco demos are all unique and different from both each other and the demos found in other popular digital agency WordPress themes, they will all help you to build a website with a style that will be immediately recognizable to your audience.

If you want to stick to the traditional style of a digital agency website, Digeco won’t disappoint. The demo content will help your digital agency stand apart from the competition. Furthermore, if you want to personalize the demo content, you’ll have all the tools you need to do so.

As Digeco was built to integrate seamlessly with the powerful Elementor page builder plugin, you get full creative control over how your website will look when it goes live. As this theme comes with a package of 28 custom modules for Elementor, you don’t just get the standard Elementor experience when you purchase Digeco. Instead, you’ll be able to insert a wide range of additional custom elements into your content. You can also tailor the design of this theme through the WordPress Customizer interface, changing the colors, fonts, and layout settings of your site with ease.

With lots of portfolio, blog post, and content templates, alongside the stylish homepage layouts, Digeco should have everything your digital agency website needs.

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3. Linoor

4. Artem

Artem comes in just two main variations, but it has lots of prebuilt content for all the pages your website will need.

Both of the Artem demos use an eye-catching single screen layout that lets you display all of your key content in one main area. Your visitors can then swipe, click, and scroll through the homepage sliders, revealing more of your work and the reasons they should sign up with your digital agency.

Due to the default layout of this theme and its templates, Artem works really well for those who have lots of visual content, such as images, that they’d like to include on their website. So whether you’re providing photography or illustration services via your digital agency or you just want to decorate your website with some eye-catching images, the Artem templates should be a good match.

If you do want to add a portfolio area to your digital agency website, Artem has all the templates that are required for this. In fact, there are three different portfolio options that come with this theme, including a carousel and lightbox mode. There are two blog formats as well, and as this theme is fully compatible with the latest version of the WordPress editor, you can easily create impressive blog post layouts using the blocks of the editor.

If you want even more creative freedom when setting up your site, the good news is that Artem has been built to take full advantage of the powerful Elementor page builder plugin. With this plugin installed, you don’t have to worry about making changes to the design of your site, as almost everything is editable through the user-friendly Elementor interface.

Artem could be the digital agency theme with the most original and unique set of templates.

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5. Seocify

Seocify should provide you with everything needed to create a professional SEO or digital agency website.

As this is one of the newest options in this collection of digital agency WordPress themes, if you choose Seocify for your website, you’ll be getting access to a full set of highly modern and up-to-date templates for your digital agency site. When checking out the demos, you’ll notice animated sliders, animated icons, and lots of other elements that should help elevate your website above the competition.

With four homepage designs in the package, you also have a good range of options for deciding how the front page of your agency site will look. Furthermore, as this theme includes the Elementor page builder tool, you can easily customize the pre-built content to give your website a unique and custom look that should appeal to your target audience. In addition to the homepage designs, the Seocify theme also includes templates for all the other pages your site might need. Thanks to this, adding a portfolio, blog, services, about, and contact page to your website is very straightforward with this theme.

Other tools and features at your disposal if you choose this modern digital agency WordPress theme include a mega menu builder for creating dynamic dropdown menus for your site, a selection of pre-built pricing table designs for comparing your services, and access to countless fonts and icons for decorating your website. Whether you’re an experienced WordPress user or not, the online documentation and guides should ensure you’re able to get the most out of this stylish WordPress theme. Each purchase of Seocify also includes six months of support from the theme developers, should any problems arise when creating and managing your website.

Seocify is a great addition to the growing number of high-quality WordPress digital agency themes that are available today.

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6. Oshine

Oshine is another popular multipurpose WordPress theme that’s ideal for creating digital agency sites.

If you’re looking for a best-selling WordPress theme that’s been tried and tested by thousands of website owners, Oshine is a very suitable option. Thanks to receiving many updates over the years, Oshine is adept at creating a wide range of websites, including digital agency sites. In fact, with over 50 impressive demos to choose from, you should find at least one that catches your eye, whether that’s the purpose-built digital agency demo or not.

Once you’ve chosen a demo, you can quickly import it into your WordPress dashboard. If you want to, you can customize all aspects of your chosen demo with Oshine. Due to this, if you choose a demo that wasn’t created specifically for digital agency sites, but would still work well for this type of project, you can quickly make any necessary changes. Regardless of whether or not you’ve created a WordPress website before, you should be able to get to grips with the integrated page builder tool of Oshine.

Another benefit of having so many demos to choose from is that you can easily pick and choose individual templates from the other demos and then quickly add them to your site. For example, if you want to showcase your completed projects on your digital agency site, you might find that a template from one of the purpose-built portfolio demos is a good match for your requirements. If that’s the case, adding that template to your chosen demo is very straightforward.

Oshine should appeal to those who want to create a custom WordPress website as well as anyone looking for a digital agency demo that’s ready to go.

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7. Zermatt

8. Brisk

Brisk can be used to create a wide range of websites, including sites for digital agencies.

Thanks to its large portfolio of website demos, you won’t be short of pre-built content when designing an online presence for your digital agency with Brisk. As there are over 30 website demos in the Brisk package, including many that work really well for creating sites for digital agencies, this is a theme that is likely to appeal to a wide audience.

As you browse the Brisk demos, you’ll see that this theme makes use of some popular and well-established web design trends to help you build a modern and stylish website with WordPress. Some examples of this include the mega menu tool, the selection of different header layouts, and the animation effects. The page layouts all have a clean look that will give your website a modern and minimal feel. However, the Brisk templates can’t be described as boring, so you won’t have to worry about your website not making a positive impression on your visitors.  

Brisk has lots of features to help you promote your digital agency services and build an effective website for your business. One example is the set of portfolio and case study templates that are perfect for sharing how you’ve helped your clients. There are also templates that have been created for publishing details about your services, explain how you work, and what the pricing options are. In most cases, Brisk has multiple versions of each type of template, giving you a good range of options for how your website will look. You can also use the supported Elementor page builder plugin to customize all of the content that comes with this theme.

Brisk is a theme that meets the needs of anyone who is creating a digital agency website with WordPress.

9. Troma

Troma should be suitable for a wide range of different types of digital agency websites.

No matter what services your digital agency is providing, the Troma theme could have all the features and templates your website needs. The five homepage demos in the Troma package have been designed to give your website the classic digital agency look while still having their own personality. Among the homepage options is a one-page website layout that’s ideal for sharing all your key information on a single page, rather than separating it out across multiple pages on your website.

The other homepage templates that come with Troma are packed full of useful features too. Depending on which one you decide to import into your WordPress dashboard, your homepage could include large animated header sections, counters for displaying your key metrics in a stylish format, and team member profiles. You can also use the video player to easily insert this type of content on your homepage, giving you an effective way to connect with your audience and attract new clients.

If you want to move things around on the homepage templates and other prebuilt layouts that come with Troma, the powerful and premium WPBakery Page Builder plugin is included at no extra cost. Editing pages is very straightforward with this tool, giving you creative control over how the finished version of your agency website will look.

Another reason to consider Troma is the fact that this theme has been created to help a varied selection of agencies build a stylish online presence. So whether you’re offering digital marketing services, web design packages, or freelance graphic design, Troma could work well for your website.

Troma has full ecommerce support, too, giving you a way to sell items and collect payments online.

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10. Seosight

Seosight has been created to help you launch the website for your digital agency with WordPress.

As soon as your prospective new clients arrive at your website they can view the core information about your digital agency through the full-screen slider. Once they start scrolling down the default homepage layout, they’ll be able to check out more details about your services, the packages on offer, and some key stats from your agency.

Seosight also has a varied selection of portfolio templates and features, giving you an easy way to share cast studies and the details of projects you’ve worked on. The individual case study page templates feature impressive layouts that will help you really convey to your audience how you were able to help past clients and also how you can help your new visitors.

Thanks to the contact form builder, you should have no trouble assembling the right type of forms to collect all the information you need from potential new leads. There’s also a newsletter signup form included in the package, giving you another opportunity to generate leads from your digital agency WordPress website.

Other useful page templates included in the Seosight theme package cover the about, testimonials, services, and pricing packages. There’s also a full set of blog templates to help you attract new clients through content marketing. If you want to offer digital products as a lead magnet to those who join your email list, the support for Easy Digital Downloads makes it easy to manage your downloadable files, whether you want to sell them online or give them away for free.

If you want to launch a fully formed digital agency website with WordPress as quickly as possible, Seosight is ready to go and should contain everything you need.

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11. Pofo

Pofo is a creative portfolio WordPress theme that has a few different demos for building agency websites.

Among the selection of demos that make up the Pofo theme, there are a number of options that anyone creating a website for a digital agency should find interesting. One of those is the creative studio demo that has a stylish yet professional design that’s been optimized to help you promote your business and its services online. On the default homepage layout of that demo, you’ll find a section for listing the number of clients you’ve worked with, projects you’ve completed, and other stats. There’s also a section for displaying the latest content from your portfolio in order to showcase your abilities.

Other relevant demos in the Pofo theme package include the digital agency, web agency, and interactive agency options. However, that’s just a few of the demos you get access to in the Pofo theme package. Due to this, checking out the different Pofo configurations is highly recommended.

Pofo isn’t just about great looking templates and stylish designs. This theme also comes equipped with a drag-and-drop page builder plugin. With the WPBakery Page Builder plugin in your toolkit, you’ll not only be able to easily edit the demo content but also create your own designs from scratch. There’s also a wealth of controls that are accessible through the WordPress Customizer interface, giving you full control over the display settings of your digital agency website. Another useful tool in the Pofo package is the premium Slider Revolution, a best-selling plugin for creating advanced slideshow presentations for WordPress websites.

The library of Pofo layouts and templates makes this a theme that’s ideal for a range of different digital agency websites.

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12. Keystroke

Keystroke is a multipurpose WordPress agency theme with a small but stylish library of demos.

Unlike some themes in this collection, Keystroke only has five complete website demos. However, these demos are all well suited to creating agency sites, including demos for creative, corporate, and digital agencies. There’s a personal portfolio demo in there, too, making Keystroke a good option for anyone who is providing digital agency services as a freelancer.

Keystroke is one of the most recently released themes in this collection, and you can see this in the stylish design of its templates. The templates are all fully up to date with the latest design trends, ensuring that your website will have a fresh look if you choose this theme. The other digital agency themes in this collection are all regularly updated too, so whichever one you pick, your site will have a modern style. However, Keystone would definitely be a suitable choice for creating a website for a digital agency that focuses on delivering cutting-edge services.

If you’d like to publish case studies on your digital agency website, Keystone has the templates for that as well. There are also team member pages for showcasing your staff and portfolio templates for showing off what you can do. Other types of content, such as the about, contact, and blog pages, can all be added easily using the library of prebuilt templates.

As you browse the Keystroke templates, you should notice the little extras that help make this theme an appealing choice. Some examples include the animated background and transition effects, the interesting content layouts, and the hover effects that will all help to capture the attention of your audience. Other features, such as the contact form widget that makes it easy to display an integrated online form into the footer of your website and the social media icons, combine to make this a great example of a well-rounded WordPress theme.

If Keystone doesn’t have all the templates you need, you can quickly create more using the supported Elementor page builder tool.

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13. Ewebot

Ewebot has some very attractive content templates for your digital agency website.

Thanks to the eight different homepage layouts in the Ewebot package, you get access to some interesting options for how this vital part of your digital agency website will look. These homepages are all packed full of useful elements to help you promote your agency, explain your services, and capture leads from your audience.

With elements such as image displays, client logo panels, and integrated video players, you can add lots of useful content to your website to help you connect with your audience and hopefully convince them to give you a try. Other elements, such as the testimonials slider, the case studies section, and the online form, all help to give your homepage a professional look.

Ewebot isn’t just about stylish homepages, though. With this theme, you also get access to a useful selection of high-quality templates for the inner pages of your website. If you check out the demos, you can see these templates for yourself, but some examples include the selection of services pages, the about, contact, and pricing options, not to mention the library of blog templates that will help you publish your latest news and thoughts in stylish surroundings.

This theme was not only built to look great but also load quickly. Thanks to some clever behind-the-scenes code optimization, Ewebot could be one of the fastest loading digital agency themes for WordPress. The developers of this theme have published some pretty impressive site speed scores from their tests. However, while this is good to know, your choice of web host will play a large role in determining how quickly your site loads. But at least with Ewebot, you won’t have to worry about your choice of theme getting in your way.

Ewebot includes everything you’d expect from a professional-looking digital agency WordPress theme.

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14. TheGem

TheGem has multiple pre-built demos that are ideal for creating digital agency websites with WordPress.

With over 80 website demos to choose from, including nine purpose-built agency website demos, TheGem is definitely worth checking out. Also, as this theme has been recently updated, all of the website demos and templates are highly modern and mobile-friendly. Therefore, no matter what type of services you’re offering from your digital agency website or who your target audience is, there’s a good chance you’ll find a suitable demo in TheGem theme package.

If you do find a pre-built website design that’s a good match for your project, you can easily customize it using the features that are included with TheGem. As almost every aspect of this theme can be personalized through the control panel, you can quickly make changes to the global settings that help you to adjust the fonts, colors, layout properties, and much more. For more hands-on design work, you can fire up the included page builder tool and use the drag-and-drop visual editor to work on the individual templates that make up TheGem website demos.

As mentioned, everything about TheGem is mobile friendly. Therefore, you can land new clients from your website, no matter what device your visitors are using.  Other features like email newsletter sign-up forms and social media widgets can help your visitors stay in touch, even if they’re not ready to use the contact form to submit a quote request. TheGem has also been fully search engine optimized to make it easier for your target audience to find your website. You can also use the support for multilingual plugins like WPML to publish your content in more than one language and attract a wider audience.

TheGem is highly flexible and will allow digital agency owners to create a bespoke website when using an off-the-shelf theme.

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15. Ametex

Ametex is a digital marketing and SEO agency WordPress theme with multiple website demos.

If you help your clients with their online marketing and SEO strategies and you need a stylish website to generate more leads for your business, the Ametex WordPress theme should be on your shortlist. Although designed with agencies in mind, Ametex should also work for solopreneurs who are offering their digital marketing services as an individual. However, if you need to create a website for an agency, Ametex has the right look and features to help you succeed.

With Ametex, you don’t just get one option for how your website will look. Instead, the Ametex package includes seven fully-formed homepage demos for your digital marketing agency. While these homepage designs do share a similar style, they are different enough to give you a good range of options for how your website will look.

Regardless of which one of the Ametex homepage templates you do decide to use, this part of your website will not only look great but it will also contain some useful features that are sure to help you turn more of your visitors into clients and successfully grow your business.

Some of the lead-generating features of the Ametex theme include the call-to-action button in the header that advertises your free quote service, the online form for requesting a call back from your team, and the panel that’s advertising your contact details. You can also display lots of other content on your homepage that can be used to promote your agency, such as the services sections, the testimonials panel, and the portfolio grid for showcasing projects you’ve worked on.

Although Ametex has all the templates your digital marketing agency website is likely to need, you can also create your own custom designs or edit the provided layouts via the tight integration with the Elementor page builder plugin. Thanks to this, you can open up all of the pre-built content of Ametex for editing in the intuitive Elementor interface.

Ametex has the right look to help you establish a professional online presence for your digital agency.

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16. Marketing Pro

Marketing Pro is a multi-purpose digital agency and online marketing WordPress theme.

To ensure Marketing Pro is suitable for a range of different website projects in the digital marketing space, this theme comes with 11 pre-built demos. Although they’re all flexible website demos, the different options have been designed for creating SEO agency, freelance digital marketer, and more corporate focused websites. There’s also a pre-built demo that’s ideal for those providing social media services as well as an events promotion website demo.

Regardless of which Marketing Pro demo you choose, your website will have a stylish homepage that’s been designed to encourage as many of your visitors as possible to get in touch and enter your sales funnel. If you want to demonstrate that you’re able to help your clients grow their business, then your Marketing Pro powered website will do a good job of displaying your credentials.

With client logo sliders that are perfect for showing off who you’ve worked with to a testimonials widget for displaying quotes from your happy clients, the default Marketing Pro homepage layouts have been thoughtfully designed. There’s a whole lot more you can add to your homepage layouts though. Email optin forms, blog post excerpts, case study information, and feature grids are just some of the available items.

Marketing Pro also includes some premium tools to help you upgrade your website. With Visual Composer and Convert Plug Popup in your toolkit, you’ll be able to personalize your website for the highest conversion rates possible. You can also use the full set of theme customization options to adjust the overall design and appearance of your digital agency site.

The varied selection of digital agency website demos in the Marketing Pro package makes this a good theme for a range of projects.

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17. Holmes

Holmes has 16 different website demos to provide you with inspiration for your digital agency site.

If you install the Holmes theme on your WordPress website, you’ll have a good range of options for creating an online presence for your digital agency. Among the different demos in the Holmes package are a few that were built especially for digital agency sites as well as a number that could be easily adapted for this type of project. Thankfully, as this is a highly flexible theme, you should find it very easy to carry out any modification work on any of the demos or other templates that make up the Holmes package.

Some of the other features that have helped earn Holmes a place in this collection of the best digital agency themes include the selection of widgets and elements that are used throughout the pre-built content. Not only can these elements be quickly personalized to match your goals but they should also help make your agency website more effective. Examples of these widgets include the testimonials slider that can be used to share feedback from your clients, the client icon carousel that’s ideal for showing off who you’ve worked with, and the call-to-action elements that can be used to persuade your visitors to get in touch and find out more about your services.

If you’re not quite ready to create a full website for your digital agency, you can also use the Holmes theme to build a simple landing page that shares some brief information about your business while still giving your potential clients an easy way to find you online and reach out and get in touch. Then, when you’re ready, you can add other pages to your site using the library of templates, or swap demos while still keeping all of your existing content. You can quickly launch a stylish blog with Holmes to share your digital marketing knowledge online.

As Holmes has a distinctive look, the digital agency website demos of this theme are worth checking out.

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18. Noor

Noor has many pre-built demos, including one for creating websites for digital agencies with WordPress.

A quick browse of the Noor demos reveals that there are a few different agency website demos in this theme package, including one that’s been purpose-built for creating digital agency sites. As you’d expect from a modern digital agency theme, the appearance of the templates and layouts from the Noor theme are fully up to date with all the latest web design trends. This includes full-width layouts that are populated with lots of useful elements and some eye-catching background content.

To keep your visitors interested in your site, animation effects are triggered as users scroll down the page. However, you’re free to customize how these effects work or whether they’re in use at all. If you do decide to customize your website, rather than using the digital agency demo as it comes, you can make lots of changes to your site with Noor.

Thanks to the premium page builder that comes with Noor, you can easily move items around the pre-built pages, as well as edit their appearance. You can also create your own custom layouts from scratch, giving you the ability to add more unique content to your website. The pre-built grid layouts also simplify the process of adding a portfolio section to your site for sharing the details of projects you’ve completed for your clients. The slider tool should come in handy too, should you wish to create animated presentations or just a basic slideshow to share some of your work.

With lots of templates and demos from Noor, you should be able to find an option that works well for your digital agency site.

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19. SEO Crawler

SEO Crawler has three main website demos to help you create an online presence for your digital agency.

Designed for digital agency websites of all types, from online marketing providers and search engine optimization experts to freelancer portfolios and design studios, SEO Crawler is a versatile option. As well as the three main website demos, the SEO Crawler package is loaded with pre-built inner page templates.

Thanks to this selection of content, you can mix and match the various options to create a custom website while only ever using pre-built templates and layouts. However, if you do want to get more creative or your needs are more specific, the GoodLayers page builder is included in the package. With a drag-and-drop page builder at your disposal and a library of compatible pre-built content, you should have no trouble tweaking, customizing, and rebuilding any of the SEO Crawler demo content.

If you don’t want to get too hands-on with the drag-and-drop page builder, but still want to ensure your digital agency website has the right look, the global settings of SEO Crawler can be adjusted through the theme control panel. Here you can change the fonts, modify the colors, and select a header from the pre-built options. All of your changes are applied to your site in real time so that you can preview them as you work. Only when you’re ready will they be published on your website.

SEO Crawler and its pre-built templates are well worth checking out if you’re looking for a feature-rich and flexible digital agency WordPress theme.

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20. Gentium

Gentium has lots of templates, including light and dark variations, to suit your personality.

Agencies providing content marketing, SEO, or web development services are part of the target audience for this theme. Furthermore, the creators of Gentium have attempted to design a theme that will appeal to a wide audience, and after exploring the demo content, it seems like they’ve achieved this goal. The selection of demos in the Gentium theme package also works well for agencies of all sizes, including those just starting out and working on their own. Therefore, if you want to create a website to promote your freelancer services before you launch your agency, this theme should have everything that’s required.

Interestingly, a lot of the Gentium content is available in light and dark versions, giving you two distinct options for how your website will look. While it’s good to have light and dark modes to choose from, if you want to get more hands-on with the design of your website, Gentium won’t get in your way. You can easily edit all of the templates, including changing their layouts and their general appearance, thanks to good levels of support for the Elementor page builder plugin. This level of flexibility extends to the header and footer areas of your WordPress website and is not restricted to just the main content areas. Gentium has good integration with the WordPress Customizer interface, too, giving you even more say in how your website will look, all without the need to edit any code yourself.

Importing the demo content of Gentium only takes a few clicks. This not only saves you time but also ensures that everyone should be able to get started on their new digital agency website with ease, regardless of their level of WordPress experience. If you do need any help along the way, this theme comes with a full set of online documentation plus the option of contacting the developers to ask for assistance.

Gentium has a different design to most of the other best digital agency themes, helping it stand out from the crowd.

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21. The SEO

The SEO is another purpose-built digital marketing agency WordPress theme that’s just been updated.

Now on version two, The SEO has even more to offer than before. For a start, there are more homepage layouts to choose from. Although all of these website demo homepages have a focus on creating marketing relating products, they are varied in their designs and style. Thanks to this, whatever type of digital marketing agency website you’re creating, you should be able to find a suitable design among the options available from The SEO WordPress theme.

The SEO theme also makes it easy to import your demo website of choice. Once you’ve laid the foundation of your new website by importing one of the demos, you can start adding your own content to the site. You also have the option of opening the theme dashboard and customizing the global settings of your site. This could include changing the colors, fonts, layout settings, and header design of your site. Visual Composer is one of the premium plugins in the theme package, providing you with a drag-and-drop page builder tool for customizing the demo content or creating your own unique page layouts.

As well as Visual Composer, the other premium tools included in the package are the powerful Slider Revolution slideshow builder, the Suppa Mega Menu tool, and a few icons for adding responsive characters to your designs. You also get access to the editable Photoshop image files for customizing the visual elements used in The SEO. This digital marketing agency theme is also fully search engine optimized, giving you the power to make sure your website and every piece of content you publish stands a good chance of being found by your target audience.

The SEO has lots to offer anyone who needs to create a professional website in the digital marketing space.

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22. SEO WP

SEO WP is a popular digital agency WordPress theme that has been constantly updated since its initial release.

Despite being available for some time now, SEO WP is not showing its age in the slightest. Thanks to the regular stream of updates and improvements, SEO WP has a fully modern design that can easily compete with other digital agency WordPress themes available today. The feature list is also totally up to date and thanks to its clean code, it’s one of the fastest loading themes for creating a website to promote your agency or freelance online marketing services.

SEO WP only has one main website demo, however, this could actually save you time as there are fewer designs to compare before getting started. Simply upload the theme files to your WordPress website, activate the included plugins, and import the demo content before adding your own text and images to your new site.

When it comes to the tools that are included in the SEO WP package, you’ll have the latest version of the Live Composer page builder plugin to work with, the premium Easy Social Share Buttons plugin, Master Slider 3 slideshow builder tool, and a few commercial Ninja Forms add-ons to help you grow your email newsletter and collect payments from your clients. There’s also a rank checking tool that will monitor the visibility of your website in the search engine results pages to ensure you’re getting the most leads possible from your digital agency site.

SEO WP is a tried and tested WordPress digital agency theme that has only gotten better and better over time.

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23. Optimize

Optimize has been designed for agencies offering SEO, social media, and online marketing services.

If you need a professional website for your agency or freelancer website, then Optimize could be a great choice. Created to help you improve your site visibility in search engines and then convert more of your visitors into clients, Optimize has a lot to offer. With a strong focus on helping you launch a site with a search engine friendly structure, the clean code of Optimize will make it easy for all of your content to get indexed and ranked by services like Google.

Once a visitor has landed on your website from the search engines, you can use all of the lead generation features at your disposal from the Optimize WordPress theme. This includes call to action buttons that will direct your visitors to your contact page, email optins that will encourage users to join your mailing list funnel, and the footer form that simplifies the process of your audience getting in touch.

Optimize isn’t just about fast loading times and impressive SEO and lead generation features. This popular digital agency WordPress theme has an eye-catching library of full website and inner page content demos that can be quickly imported. All the designs are fully up to date and will ensure your agency or freelancer portfolio has a website that will stand out in the crowded online marketing space. As you’d expect from one of the leading digital agency themes, Optimize includes the powerful Visual Composer drag-and-drop page builder plugin for all our customization needs.

With a pre-built design for almost every type of digital marketing agency, Optimized is well worth a closer look.

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24. Mr SEO

Mr SEO has an impressive feature list and an equally impressive design that is sure to appeal to your target audience.

With nine homepage demos on offer so far, Mr SEO has a pre-built design for a range of websites in the online services and digital marketing sectors. So if you’re creating a website for a solo consultant, an SEO agency, a startup, or a similar project, you should definitely check out the Mr SEO demos. If you like what you see, getting started with Mr SEO is very straightforward thanks to the one-click demo importer tool.

Whether you want to add advanced slideshow presentations to your website in order to impress prospective clients or keep things simple with a static homepage hero image, Mr SEO gives you the option. Also, with Visual Composer in the package, not only is customizing the demo content very straightforward, but you’ll also get a useful library of content elements to add to your pages, including pricing tables, optin forms, feature grids, skills graphs, and much more.

As this is a fully modern WordPress theme, integrating your website with social media won’t be a problem if you choose Mr SEO. As well as the social media share buttons, you can also easily display your best content from your social media account in the sidebars, footers, and throughout your website. If you want to demonstrate to your clients the type of website and marketing services you can offer them, then Mr SEO gives you an effective way to do so via your own site.

As well as all the useful features above, Mr SEO is also available with website hosting making it even easier to launch your professional digital agency website.

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25. SEO Engine

SEO Engine gives you 12 homepage designs to choose from to help you launch your digital website with ease.

With a good selection of multi-page and single-page website designs to work with, you should have no trouble turning your WordPress installation into a lead generation asset to promote your services and grow your business. Whether you’re creating a blog to demonstrate your digital marketing knowledge or a traditional business website to promote your online marketing services, SEO Engine could be a good solution.

Regardless of which of the SEO Engine website demos you decide on, you can still create a unique website. With a varied choice of header layouts that can be applied to your site in just a few clicks through to a powerful set of theme options, personalizing your website with SEO Engine shouldn’t be a problem for anyone. The fact that the premium Visual Composer drag-and-drop page builder plugin is included in the package at no extra cost makes this an even more attractive option for anyone who needs a custom website. In fact, the creators of SEO Engine have included 12 custom Visual Composer add-ons to make this tool even more useful when it comes to designing a unique website with WordPress.

As you’d expect from one of the leading digital agency WordPress themes, your website will be fully accessible on smartphones and smaller screen devices if you choose SEO Engine. Even the slideshows that are powered by the premium LayerSlider plugin are smartphone friendly and can be controlled through any modern touchscreen device.

SEO Engine combines a useful set of pre-built content designs with a selection of essential digital marketing agency website features.

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26. Ohio

Ohio is a creative multipurpose WordPress theme that works really well for digital agency sites.

Among the 29 website demos that come with Ohio are 17 agency demos that all look very good. These agency demos have been designed for corporate, digital, and creative agencies, to name just a few, so whatever type of website you want to launch, there’s a good chance you’ll find a set of templates that are ready to go in the Ohio package. Creative studios and individuals who’d like to create a stylish portfolio to promote their abilities and services online will also find that Ohio meets most, if not all, of their requirements.

Ohio should also appeal to anyone who wants to create a custom website for their digital agency. As this theme comes with the premium WPBakery Page Builder plugin and was designed to integrate seamlessly with the Elementor page builder plugin, you can use two of the most popular tools of this type to edit the prebuilt content and design your own templates from scratch. Ohio includes a large number of custom shortcodes and widgets for both WPBakery Page Builder and Elementor, making it easy to add lots of useful elements to your website and its pages.

When setting up your website, you don’t have to use the page builder to give your site a unique look. All of the demos can be easily customized through the theme settings, including the ability to change the position and style of the header and footer of your site. Thanks to this, it’s unlikely that any two websites built with this theme will look alike, due to how easy it is to add your own personal style to the design. You can see screenshots of the theme settings control panel on the Ohio website, which demonstrate how user-friendly this interface is.

If you want a theme that specializes in being suitable for multiple types of projects, Ohio could be just what you’re looking for.

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