10 Best Model Agency WordPress Themes 2023

Creating a model agency website is a task that WordPress is perfectly suited to. Thanks to this small but perfectly formed collection of the best model agency WordPress themes, no matter what type of modeling website you need to create, there should be an option that’s right for you.

In fact, although the number of themes in this collection is relatively small compared to some other categories, many of these themes include multiple website demos. Furthermore, most of these themes include some kind of page builder tool, giving you an easy way to create almost any type of model agency website.

The scope of these themes ranges from creating a small personal portfolio to promote your own modeling abilities to building a large agency website that represents many models in multiple cities or countries. With some of these themes, it’s even possible to create a self-service online agency where models and talent scouts can register, create a profile, and either publish their portfolios or contact the models they want to work with. With this type of theme, you also have the option of monetizing your model agency website by charging a fee in exchange for access.

This collection of the best model agency WordPress themes contains some versatile options and should provide you with everything you need to get the job done.

1. Top Model

Top Model has been created to help model agency owners launch a professional online portfolio with WordPress.

In fact, no one should have any problems creating a stylish online portfolio with this theme. Whether you’re a model yourself or you work with them in some capacity, this theme has plenty to offer. Both of the pre-built homepage designs are focused on helping you quickly set up an appealing model agency website. Both designs use plenty of photographs to showcase the talent working at your agency or the content from your portfolio.

The navigation system of the Top Model WordPress theme will make it easy for your visitors to find the content they’re looking for. Your models and other content can be organized efficiently with this theme, giving your audience a quick way to move around the site and view the type of models they seek. Thanks to the gallery page templates, you really can show off your photographs in style. Changing gallery layouts or adding image slideshows to your content is easy too.

As well as displaying your roster of models and publishing your services, you can also add a blog to your website with this theme. Sharing upcoming events is easy too, thanks to the integrated calendaring tool. You can also sell services and products from your site with WooCommerce as well as collect payments via PayPal or through your preferred payment processor.

Although the default configuration of the Top Model theme has a stylish and classic look, you’re free to customize it through the theme options control panel. You can also choose from a large library of fonts, thanks to the Google Fonts integration.

Top Model is a classy and elegant theme for creating professional model agency websites with WordPress.

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2. Oshine

Oshine is ideal for creating model agency websites as well as websites for promoting individual models.

Really, whatever type of model-related website you want to build, Oshine could be a great choice. With a pre-built model agency website demo among its 42 options, you can quickly launch your new site with this theme. The design of the purpose-built model agency website from Oshine has lots of space for displaying photographs of the models working for your agency, ensuring your visitors will know exactly what type of business they are dealing with.

Thanks to the many varied portfolio templates in the Oshine package, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to presenting the details of your models. However, with a powerful visual editor in the theme package, you’ll be free to customize any of the pre-built layouts from this theme, as well as create your own unique designs from scratch. As this tool has a drag-and-drop WYSIWYG interface, you should be able to produce something effective, regardless of how much or how little experience of web design you have.

As Oshine is a popular multi-purpose WordPress theme, it should come as no surprise to learn that it’s packed with useful features. As well as the page builder tool, Oshine users also get access to a powerful theme options control panel, a collection of different header and menu styles to choose from, and great support for video backgrounds. All this combines to make Oshine a versatile tool for creating salon websites in any style.

With Oshine, you can either use the pre-built model agency website demo as is or pick and mix the best elements from the other demos to create the perfect site for your agency.

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3. Eona

Eona is a fashion and model agency WordPress theme with 13 website demos.

The model agency demo homepage template has a stylish design that features a full-screen image in the header area that’s ideal for setting the tone of your website. You can add some text to be displayed over the image and use the two buttons to take visitors to specific parts of your site.

As your visitors scroll down the template, they can see logos of relevant organizations you’ve worked with, call-to-action panels that can be used to encourage them to get in touch or visit a specific page, and a pricing table section that can be used to highlight any packages you offer, such as membership plans.

If you offer any courses, such as model training content, you can use the Eona theme to publish them on your website. The model agency homepage template has space for highlighting a few of your key courses and displaying links to the other courses on your website. You can also use the image gallery panel to display some photos of your main models.

The model agency demo also has templates for publishing model portfolios, information about your agency, and contact details. If you’d like to sell products on your website or collect payments online, Eona supports the WooCommerce plugin and you can add the necessary eCommerce functionality to your site with ease.

The templates are all fully editable with the Elementor page builder plugin, making it possible to customize your website as much as you need to.

4. Kloe

Kloe is a popular WordPress theme that continues to receive positive reviews from users.

With multiple website demos, Kloe is a theme that works well for a range of projects, including creating model agency websites with WordPress. If you check out the demos that make up the Kloe package, you’ll quickly see that this theme has a particular style and design that should appeal to your target audience when creating a model agency website. The colors and tones are certainly pleasing on the eye and the choices of fonts and other typography settings work really well together.

However, that’s not to say that you have to use the default settings of this theme if you don’t want to. With a detailed theme options control panel, that provides an almost countless number of possible configurations, you really do get full control over how your modeling agency website looks with Kloe. Furthermore, as this theme includes the premium WPBakery Page Builder plugin at no extra cost, you’re free to open up any of the demo templates and start editing them through a drag-and-drop user interface. The equally powerful Slider Revolution plugin is included too, providing you with all the tools needed to create immersive slideshows for your website – something that will come in handy when publishing images and videos of your models.

Although the purpose-built model agency website demo should contain everything needed to launch your website with Kloe you also have the option of using the templates from the other demos that make up the theme package. Thanks to this, you get access to a wide range of different page layouts and other content elements to help you create the website your business requires. There are also lots of other useful features that come with this theme, including full ecommerce support for collecting payments online, excellent smartphone support and mobile device compatibility, and extensive social media integration options.

If you’re looking for a versatile and feature-rich theme for your model agency website, Kloe should be on your shortlist.

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5. Estelle

Estelle is a fashion-focused model agency WordPress theme with some eye-catching templates.

If your model agency website needs a design that’s sure to appeal to those working in the fashion industry, then the Estelle theme should be on your shortlist. The selection of model agency website templates in the Estelle package all have suitably professional yet attractive designs that will help you attract more models who want to join your agency as well as anyone who is looking for models they can hire to work on their projects.

All of the Estelle website demos include not just a feature-rich and stylish homepage template, but also layouts for all the inner pages your model agency site might require. For example, blog templates aren’t in short supply, giving you an easy way to add a blog to your site to keep your audience up to date with the latest developments from your agency. As you might expect from a leading agency theme, there are also stylish templates that can be used to publish the profiles of the models that are on your books. Publishing portfolios online with this theme is straightforward too, thanks mainly to the library of portfolio templates that you get access to.

As this theme can also be used to create an ecommerce store selling fashion items, you can easily enable a range of ecommerce features on your site. This could be useful if you want to collect payments online such as signup fees, or handle other types of transactions via your model agency website. Adding other features to your site, such as contact forms or slideshows, is all taken care of by the supported plugins recommended for use with Estelle.

If you want your model agency website to not only look great but have lots of useful features, Estelle is worth considering.

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6. Podium

Podium is a theme for creating websites for the fashion industry, including model agency sites.

While fashion bloggers, modeling schools, and fashion magazines will find the Podium theme useful for their websites, there’s also a fully-featured model agency website demo that’s ready to go. Not only can this model agency demo be imported into WordPress to help you start your new site as quickly as possible, but it also has a stylish and eye-catching design that’s sure to give your website a professional look. Thanks to this premium design, if you want to ensure that you only attract the highest caliber of models, Podium might be able to help.

Podium isn’t only about good looks though. The feature list of this theme is very long, giving you access to lots of useful tools to ensure that your website is a success. One example of these tools is the events calendar that can help you schedule events such as castings, open days, and other occasions that you run as part of your model agency. There’s also an appointment booking feature that provides you with a way to manage bookings online, through your WordPress website. Another useful feature is the email newsletter integration functionality that makes it possible to build a list of models who are waiting to join your agency.

Although the pre-built model agency demo looks great, if you want to take a more hands-on approach to building your website, you can do so with Podium. Thanks to the included premium WPBakery Page Builder plugin, every aspect of the pre-built content can be edited through a visual interface. You’ll also have access to a premium grid builder plugin that gives you more creative control over how your content is displayed, including the portfolio sections of your model agency website.

As well as all of its great features, Podium is well-documented to help you get the most out of this theme.

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7. Modellic

Modellic is a booking agency WordPress theme for model agencies that has full ecommerce capabilities.

Photo studios and modeling agencies will be able to create professional websites for their businesses with the stylish Modellic theme. Modellic comes in two main varieties with black and light versions to choose from. Once you’ve imported one of the demo variations into your WordPress website, you can start tweaking and customizing the theme to personalize your model agency website. This work can be carried out through the theme options control panel or by using the included WPBakery drag-and-drop page builder plugin. Slider Revolution is included too for even more creative possibilities.

Depending on how you choose to configure your new website, the Modellic theme gives you the option of simply promoting your models and services, or offering an online booking system for managing appointments and other services. If you’d like to automate your scheduling and appointments system then the powerful Modellic theme could be just what you’re looking for. Thanks to the full WooCommerce compatibility, this is a model agency WordPress theme that makes it easy to collect payments and sell products and services online.

Another useful set of features included with this theme is the ability to publish model profiles online. If you choose to use this feature, your visitors can filter the model profiles by custom properties, such as height, hair color, or anything else you choose to include. This all makes it easier for your visitors to find what they’re looking for.

Modellic is a feature-rich model agency WordPress theme that can help take your business online in style.

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8. Ubella

Ubella has a model agency website demo that you can import into WordPress in just a few clicks.

With a purpose-built model agency website demo, this theme could be all you need to get your business online. The portfolio templates give you lots of options for how your models are presented, hopefully increasing the chances of your site generating bookings from those working in the fashion industry. You can use the other templates to publish your terms of service, explain how your agency works, and let prospective models apply to join your agency.

In addition to the model agency website demo, Ubella has also been built for launching websites for models who would like to create an online portfolio to help them get hired or signed by an agency. If you do want to create a personal model portfolio, then this demo has all the templates you’ll need to publish photographs and videos of your work as well as share details about your employment history and the campaigns you’ve been involved in. Therefore, if you need to create a website for a model, to showcase their personality and skills online, Ubella would work well.

If you need to make any changes to the Ubella templates you’re free to do so. Thanks to the integrated Unyson page builder tool, all of the pre-built content in the Ubella package is ready for editing. You also get access to a good range of useful widgets with this theme, making it easy to insert elements like social media modules that display the latest content from your feed on your website and a live chat widget that can be used to communicate with your visitors in real-time. There are many more features in this theme, so be sure to check out the Ubella demos for the full details.

Ubella has a design that’s focused on helping you attract more models to your agency.

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9. Scent


Scent is a purpose-built model agency WordPress theme that can be configured in a number of different ways.

As well as the two distinct demo versions you can choose from, Scent also gives you the option of creating a website to promote a single model or a whole roster of models that you’re representing. You can even give visitors the ability to join your agency by submitting an application via an online form.

Other ready-made elements that you can add to your agency website include pricing tables for displaying your models’ rates, testimonials to display feedback from clients, staff profiles, and of course the details of the models from your agency. Visitors can easily filter the models by custom criteria before making a selection. After clicking through to a specific model, visitors can then read their detailed profile and view more of their photos. As Scent includes the WPBakery page builder tool, any aspects of this theme you’re not entirely happy with should be easy to alter.

Scent has proven to be a popular WordPress model agency theme and you can view some of the feedback from users on its ThemeForest page.

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10. Models Agency

Models Agency is a fashion and modeling agency WordPress theme with two homepage designs.

No matter which Models Agency homepage design you do choose, your visual content can take center stage. Whether it’s the photos of your models you want to showcase or the best items from your own portfolio, Models Agency is a visual theme you should definitely consider.

Like the best creative portfolio and model agency WordPress themes, this option makes it easy for visitors to check out the vital stats of each model. Simply hovering over a model’s profile picture reveals this important information, with the option to click through and find out more.

To help give your model agency some credibility, this theme makes it easy to publish testimonials and feedback on your website. You can also add links to your social media profiles as well as use the custom widgets to display the latest content from your feeds.

The pre-built contact page design will ensure your visitors can get in touch via email, while the online appointments system will help automate much of the organizational aspects of running a successful modeling agency. Other useful features include support for the best email marketing services to help you manage your mailing list of clients and models, countless customization options, and a powerful drag-and-drop page builder tool.

Models Agency has a distinct look and feel that should appeal to modern model agencies.

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