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16 Best Industrial WordPress Themes 2022

The industrial WordPress themes in this collection have been created specifically to help you build a website for your business in the industrial sector.

Whether you’re offering engineering, construction, mining, logistics, or some other industrial-related service or products, these themes all feature a design and selection of features to make your website a success.

Many of these themes include multiple demos, giving you a range of options for how your website will look. The best options here also provide you with a library of templates for the most important pages of your site. Some themes even include premium plugins to help you customize the design of these templates or create your own from scratch.

If you need to create a website for your industrial business, then the WordPress themes in this collection will make this task much easier.

1. Yellow Business

Yellow Business has a good selection of pre-built designs for creating a range of industrial websites.

You can see all the available content layouts and templates on the Yellow Business online demo site and if you see a design that looks right for your project, the demo content can be imported into WordPress in just a few clicks. As well as the stylish homepage layouts, Yellow Business also includes a large library of templates for all the other pages your industrial website is sure to need. With pre-built designs covering the about, certifications, FAQ, team, and services pages, as well as many others, you can quickly and easily start adding new content to your site.

To help make your website stand out from the competition, the Yellow Business theme makes use of some of the latest web design trends. When browsing your website your visitors will notice the subtle yet eye-catching animation effects that are triggered as they scroll down your pages. There are sliders in use too, making it easy to present your most important content in a familiar format. As everything about the Yellow Business industrial WordPress theme is mobile-friendly, everyone should be able to access your site without any problems.

Another interesting point about the Yellow Business theme is that the developers offer a 24/7 support service where you can get help with any issues that arise while working on your site. The library of online documentation is another resource that can help you build the perfect website with this impressive industrial WordPress theme.

Thanks to the professional design and demo content, Yellow Business is well worth checking out.

More Info / Download Demo

2. Industrial

Industrial is a very flexible theme that aims to help you build a website that’s right for your business.

After a recent update, Industrial now gives you nine demo websites to choose from. Like most WordPress themes these days, these demos can be imported in just a few clicks, leaving you with a foundation that’s ready for your own content. Impressively, the nine website demos all have their own distinct style and appearance, instead of simply being slight variations on a core design.

Whichever demo version of this theme you choose to use, you should have no problems customizing it. Thanks to the inclusion of the powerful WPBakery drag-and-drop builder plugin, modifying any of the included page templates is very straightforward. You can also use this tool to create your own custom page designs from scratch.

If you do choose Industrial as the theme for your manufacturing or engineering website, then you’ll also find the premium Slider Revolution plugin included at no extra cost. This tool can be used to add advanced slideshows to your website that will wow your visitors. The Industrial theme demos include some good examples of this slideshow plugin action.

Despite only having been recently released, Industrial is already proving to be a popular option in this WordPress theme category.

More Info / Download Demo

3. Steeler

Steeler is an industrial and manufacturing WordPress theme.

Thanks to a small but well-formed selection of demos, Steeler will be able to help you quickly launch your new website. As the demos have all been created for building industrial websites, they should all be suitable for your project. Each demo can be easily adjusted, too, due to support for the powerful Elementor page builder plugin.

In addition to the well-designed and feature-rich homepage templates, each demo is packed full of other useful pre-built content. Thanks to this, whether you want to add services, about, careers, or a whole host of other pages to your site, you’ll find a ready-made template you can use. For anything not covered by the pre-built content, you can just use the default Steeler page template.

If you want to share video content on your site, Steeler has templates for that, too.

4. Amwerk

Amwerk is suitable for creating a range of sites in the industrial sector.

The pre-built website demos that come with Amwerk have very modern designs that are sure to impress your visitors. Whether you’re creating a website for a factory, manufacturing, or construction company, these demos should be more than up to the task.

As well as the stylish templates, Amwerk includes a good amount of features. Among them is a cost calculator for providing your visitors with accurate quotes and a timeline tool for sharing the history of your company. This theme also comes bundled with a bespoke page builder tool that was made by BoldThemes, the creator of Amwerk.

Amwerk can be customized and configured in many different ways.

5. Factory

Factory has been created with one purpose in mind and that is to help you build a professional website for your industrial business.

Factory keeps things simple with just one demo included in the package. Thanks to this approach, there’s no need to agonize over multiple website demos, trying to decide which one you like the most. Simply use the one-click demo installer and in just a few clicks, you’ll have the structure of your website in place. After that, all you’ll need to do is add your own content.

The page templates that are imported as part of the Factory demo website all have placeholder content. This makes it easy for you to see what needs to go where when personalizing the website and making it your own. Furthermore, as WPBakery Page Builder is included in the package, you can quickly edit any of the designs through an intuitive drag-and-drop front-end user interface.

No matter what type of industrial business website you’re creating a website for, the Factory theme is a feature-rich option that could be right for your project.

More Info / Download Demo

6. Manufacturer WP

Manufacturer can be used to create a number of different industrial-type websites with WordPress.

With a demo built for creating websites for industrial equipment and machinery companies as well as a demo for a factory or plant website, Manufacturer is well worth checking out. There are also other demos, including one for fabric and textile production websites, but most of them are less relevant to readers of this guide to the best industrial WordPress themes. However, you can easily borrow bits from the other demos if any of them catch your eye.

When it comes to the design of this industrial website demos, they are very modern and are sure to give your site a fully up-to-date look. Subtle animation effects are triggered as visitors scroll down the homepage, revealing the feature list, client logos, contact form, and other useful elements. There’s also a testimonials widget that can be used to share feedback from your clients and partners.

Although the pre-built content of the Manufacturer theme does look great, it’s also easy to customize. As this theme has been built around the Elementor page builder tool, you can personalize any of the templates with this drag-and-drop content editor. You can also insert even more useful elements into your pages, thanks to the library of modules found in the Elementor page builder plugin. In fact, you get access to over 50 Elementor widgets, as well as more than 40 Elementor page templates to help you add more content to this already feature-rich WordPress industrial theme. Finally, the header and footer builder integrated into the theme control panel makes light work of modifying these key areas of your website.

All of the features of the Manufacturer theme are supported 24/7 by the StylemixThemes team.

More Info / Download Demo

7. Facmaster

Facmaster is another high-quality WordPress theme for creating websites for factories and other industrial businesses.

The three homepage layouts in the Facmaster theme package have all been nicely designed and have mobile responsive layouts to ensure that smartphone users can access your website without any problems. Each of the three homepage designs consists of multiple sections to help you promote your business, describe your services, and connect with your audience. Depending on the homepage layout, this could include a large slider in the header area that your visitors can interact with to find out more about your business, a panel for highlighting the key areas your specialize in, and a section for sharing the details of some of the projects you’ve been involved in.

There are pre-built testimonial sliders included in some of the homepage layouts, too, giving you an effective way to publish feedback from your clients on your website. Sharing the details of your key team members is easy as well, thanks to the profile panel that you can make use of if you choose Facmaster.

As each of the pre-built homepages contains different elements, you can mix and match their individual sections to enhance the existing designs. Thanks to the support for the flexible Elementor page builder plugin, you can use this tool to easily edit the templates and combine their different elements to create the right homepage design for your website. This also applies to all of the other templates in the Facmaster package, such as the services templates, the project layouts, and the blog post designs, to name just a few.

Whether you’re looking for an off-the-shelf industrial WordPress theme that’s ready to go or a set of templates that will serve as the foundation for your own custom design, Facmaster works in both scenarios. For those seeking something in between, you can also easily make tweaks to the overall design of your site through the WordPress Customizer interface and the settings and options that Facmaster makes available there.

Facmaster has lots of useful templates that will help you build the right type of industrial website for your business.

More Info / Download Demo

8. Enginir

Enginir is a multipurpose industrial and engineering WordPress theme.

With enough demos and pre-built content to help you launch a wide range of industrial websites, Enginir is an appealing WordPress theme. The seven demos of Enginir are all focused on helping you to build an industrial website, with options aimed at creating construction, factory, and engineering sites, as well as others in this category.

Each of the Enginir demos comes with a full set of templates for your website. They’ve all been designed to a high standard to ensure that your website has a professional look. If you want to use your website to effectively promote your business and its services, then choosing a theme like Enginir, which comes with well-designed demo content, is essential.

While the Enginir templates all look good, you can easily customize them to make them even more attractive and suitable for your website. One way that you can personalize your website if you choose Enginir is to use the pre-built template blocks. This library of over 80 page sections has been created to help you add more content to your pages. Some examples of these blocks include the designs for adding welcome sections, testimonials, and information about your services to your pages. They’ve all been designed to work well with industrial websites so you’ll get plenty of options for your site.

Enginir comes with the WPBakery Page Builder plugin. Thanks to this, you have an easy way to add the template blocks to your pages, as well as lots of other options for customizing your website. With Enginir, every aspect of your site can be edited to ensure that it matches your branding and has the right look to appeal to your target audience.

Enginir is a highly flexible and professional industrial WordPress theme.

More Info / Download Demo

9. Nex

Nex is a WordPress theme that’s focused on helping people create professional-looking industrial websites.

The pre-built content and templates that make up the Nex package work well for building a range of industrial sites, including websites for construction, agriculture, and manufacturing businesses. The selection of website demos that you get access to with Nex gives you a varied set of options for how your website will look, while the customization tools give you even more possibilities when it comes to deciding what form your site will take.

To help you make any changes to the templates of Nex, this theme has been built to take full advantage of the popular Beaver Builder content editor plugin for WordPress. You can see a short demo video of what this tool can do on the Nex website, but for anyone who wants the ability to customize their website through a modern drag-and-drop interface, Beaver Builder certainly fits the bill.

However, with such a good selection of high-quality templates, you might not need to use the customization tools and features to create your industrial website with Nex. Unless you have very exacting requirements, or you enjoy personalizing the design of your website, you should find that the pre-built content of Nex provides you with everything you need to complete your project.

If you’re new to WordPress, then you might appreciate the 23 hours of video tutorials that come with this theme. Hopefully, these videos will get you up to speed and help you solve any issues you might run into when building your site. If not, the Nex support staff aims to respond to all email tickets within eight hours on average. You’ll also find an extensive setup guide in the theme package, providing you with instructions on how to get your website looking like your choice from the selection of Nex demos.

With lots of pre-built templates, useful tools, and other features, Nex is an appealing industrial WordPress theme.

More Info / Download Demo

10. Kingstrox

Kingstrox aims to help you launch a professional-looking industrial-services website as quickly as possible.

If your factory or industrial business needs a high-quality website then Kingstrox could be the theme to help you. As the theme package includes four different homepages, you get a good range of options for how this vital part of your website will look.

There aren’t just four homepage layouts in the Kingstrox package, though. This theme includes all of the templates for the other parts of your website, such as an about page template and a set of service page layouts. Thanks to this, these templates should really help speed up the process of building and launching your new industrial WordPress website.

As this is a fully modern WordPress theme, all of the templates make use of the latest web design trends to give your website an up-to-date look. Some examples of this include the full-width layouts, the large header area sliders, and the advanced user interface elements.

If you want to customize any of the templates that come with the Kingstrox theme, it’s not a problem. As this theme package includes the powerful King Composer page builder tool, you don’t need to install any extra plugins to unlock this functionality. Simply open up the template you want to edit in the King Composer plugin interface inside of your WordPress dashboard, and start making changes through the front-end, drag-and-drop user interface.

Making other changes to this theme in order to give your website the right look to match your branding is straightforward too. Again, Kingstrox has all the built-in functionality you should need for this type of work. The WordPress Customizer interface provides you with access to the controls that will enable you to change the default colors, fonts, and a whole host of other display properties.

If you want a modern, professional, and stylish industrial theme, Kingstrox is definitely a suitable option.

More Info / Download Demo

11. Manufacturing

Manufacturing has four homepage demos to choose from, with more on the way.

The demos this theme includes help to make it a good multi-purpose option in this collection of the best industrial WordPress themes. Therefore, whether you’re creating a website for a business in the gas and oil, civil engineering, or manufacturing sectors, this newly released WordPress theme aims to help you complete your project in style.

If your business has a particular color scheme or other branding details that need to be implemented, then the customization options and settings of the Manufacturing theme make it easy for them to be applied to your website. WPBakery Page Builder provides another set of tools for personalizing and modifying this theme to better meet your needs.

Whichever of the four website demos you choose, your new industrial services website will have a stylish homepage that’s packed with a range of useful elements, an extensive library of purpose-built page templates, and a fully mobile responsive design that caters to smartphone users.

More Info / Download Demo

12. Industryee

Industryee is another factory-friendly and industrial-focused WordPress theme that’s packed with templates.

With over 20 homepage designs in the Industryee package, covering a range of businesses and services, there’s a good chance you’ll find a suitable layout for your website here. Although this theme launched with a good selection of templates, after a recent update, there are now even more to choose from, including options for plumbers, mechanics, and construction services, plus lots of generic industrial designs that would work well for many types of projects.

The different layouts come in a range of styles, including single-page website designs as well as the more traditional multi-page configurations. As well as the homepage layouts, there are also lots of other templates that will help you quickly assemble all of the content your industrial website should need.

Like some of the other best-selling themes in this category, Industryee comes with a powerful page builder tool. Thanks to this, you can edit all of the templates with the premium WPBakery Page Builder tool at no extra cost. This plugin and the Slider Revolution tool will be installed during the setup process of this theme, giving you a quick way to create custom content and publish attention-grabbing slideshows on your website.

Depending on your personal preferences, you can choose to use this theme and its templates in either the dark or light mode. Implementing your chosen color mode only requires you to click a button. However, if you’d like more granular control over the design of your website, you can use the theme options and settings to take full control of how your site and its content looks. Due to the Google Fonts integration, you certainly won’t be limited when it comes to choosing a typeface for your website. This could be especially useful if your branding already uses a specific font that you would also like to use on your website.

With so many templates and demos, it’s well worth checking out all of the pre-built content that comes with Industryee.

More Info / Download Demo

13. Solustrid

Solustrid is an industrial theme with a focus on creating websites for factories.

The six pre-built homepage layouts in the Solustrid theme package have all been designed for creating industrial websites with WordPress. They’ve not only been well designed to give your website a professional look but also contain lots of useful elements to make it an effective marketing tool for your business.

Regardless of which demo homepage layout you open up, you’ll see that this theme provides you with all the features you’ll need to make your website a success. Some examples include the pre-built sliders that are ideal for sharing photos related to your business that are accompanied by informative text, multi-column layouts for displaying the key information about your company in an easily digestible format, and a pop-up video player window for adding this type of content to your site. There are also some interesting elements for adding a timeline to your website that displays the history of your company as well as a graph for highlighting your key areas of expertise.

Although the Solustrid layouts contain lots of potentially useful elements, you can easily pick and choose which ones you want to include on your website. Elementor is the page builder plugin that’s recommended by the developers of Solustrid, and once you’ve installed the free or paid version of this plugin on your website, you can quickly take control of the design of your site. Elementor makes tasks such as editing or removing page elements very easy. It can also be used to add extra elements to your content and change how they look in many different ways.

Thanks to other customization features, such as a selection of pre-built headers that you can choose from, a large list of settings that can be used to change many aspects of your site, and the Google Fonts integration, you should have no trouble ensuring that your website matches your company branding.

Solustrid aims to provide you with everything you’re likely to need to get your new industrial website online.

More Info / Download Demo

14. Real Factory

Real Factory will help you build a professional WordPress website for your industrial business.

With four demos to choose from, each focused on creating websites for factories, this theme gives you a few good options right out of the box. The creative options don’t stop there though. Once you’ve chosen a demo and imported it into your WordPress website, you can customize the appearance of your site further, without editing any code.

Thanks to the 19 distinct header layouts, you can easily choose the right navigational system for your site, simply by clicking a button. After setting up the header area – or simply using the default option — you can open up the WordPress Customizer tool and start personalizing many aspects of your website. These controls cover the overall layout of the site, the colors, typography settings, and much more, giving you a quick and easy way to make global changes to the design of your site. You can also visit the Real Factory theme admin panel in your WordPress dashboard for even more options and settings. These controls govern the appearance of your site, as well as how it functions. Through the panel, you can also set up social media integration plus a lot more.

If you still need even more creative control over your website, then the integrated page builder tool upgrades the WordPress Editor. This gives you the ability to redesign the demo content through an intuitive drag-and-drop user interface. Those are just some of the different ways you can create a custom factory website with WordPress and the Real Factory theme.

If you like the sound of this industrial WordPress theme, there’s a good chance you’ll be impressed by the other features it includes.

More Info / Download Demo

15. Industry

Industry, from the Saturn Themes team, is a brand new option in this category of industrial WordPress templates.

Although only recently released, Industry has now been updated to include three new demos, bringing the total of importable pre-built websites to six. The new demos have been created for businesses offering construction, transport, and financial services within the industrial sector.

As you would expect from a newly released theme, the design of the Industry demos and its pre-built templates look very modern and all employ the latest design trends. If you want your industrial business website to have a cutting edge look and feel, Industry could be a good choice.

Once you’ve chosen to import one of the demos, you can still customize many aspects of your WordPress website. The Industry theme gives you a selection of header layouts to choose from, as well as the ability to create custom color palettes for your site. Furthermore, as Industry is fully compatible with the WPBakery page builder plugin — which is included in the theme package — you can modify any of the website demos with relative ease.

The Industry WordPress theme is packed with features and page templates that will help save you a lot of time when creating a website for your industrial-focused business.

More Info / Download Demo

16. WP Industry

WP Industry has been created by Dannci, a ThemeForest author with a proven track record when it comes to creating well-received WordPress themes.

This theme has already gotten off to a good start since its initial release, clocking up a decent number of sales and an impressive feedback rating from those who’ve been using it to power their industrial business websites.

WP Industry has been built around the versatile Elementor page builder plugin. So you can customize any of its pre-built aspects, such as the demo homepages and inner page templates without the need to edit any code.

If you don’t want to get too hands-on with Elementor, WP Industry still gives you a good amount of creative control over the appearance of your site. Thanks to the drag-and-drop layout creator, you can simply re-organize the main modules of this theme to suit your needs, all without having to worry about precise positioning, color choices, and the other granular settings and options that can slow you down.

This mix-and-match approach to page design should help you quickly build the website you need with WP Industry.

More Info / Download Demo

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