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17 Best Coaching WordPress Themes 2024

If you’re a coach then you need the right type of website. Whether you’re offering coaching services in person or online, your website should be at the core of your promotional and marketing strategy. By choosing one of the items from this collection of the best coaching WordPress themes, you’ll be well on your way to creating a website that can help you reach a wider audience and grow your business.

No matter what aspects of your clients’ lives you coach or mentor them on, you’ll find a theme here that’s right for you. From life coaches and business mentors to wellness advisors and counselors, the WordPress themes in this collection cover a variety of areas.

If you want to take your coaching business online, most of the themes here support online booking and appointment scheduling. This can help your website generate new business for you, even when you aren’t available to answer phone calls and schedule appointments yourself. These coaching themes also include high levels of eCommerce support. This gives you the option of adding products to your website such as books and other items. You could even create and deliver online courses with these themes, allowing you to work with clients regardless of their location.

Any WordPress theme should be suitable for a basic coaching and mentoring website. However, if you want to take your business to the next level and help more clients, serve a wider audience, and share more of your great content, then choosing one of these purpose-built coaching themes is the best approach.

1. Sydney

Sydney has a range of demos for creating coaching websites.

Among the Sydney demos, you’ll find a good selection of options that would work well for creating your coaching website. Depending on the type of site you’d like to build, you might find that the Lead Generation demo is a good option for your project, especially if you want to ensure that your site turns as many visitors into leads as possible. The Resume, Agency, and Business demos are all worth checking out, too.

Once you’ve chosen a demo, you can import it in just a few clicks. Then it’s just a case of editing the demo content, either through the WordPress editor or the supported Elementor page builder plugin, and your site will be ready to go public. You can customize your site in many ways, too, such as changing the colors, page layouts, header design, and more, if you need to.

In short, Sydney has everything needed to promote your coaching services online.

2. Divi

Divi is one of the most popular WordPress themes around and if you check the pre-built content, you’ll see why. With multiple website packs that are ideal for creating coaching websites, Divi and its pre-built content are definitely worth closer inspection.

Thanks to its customization features, there’s a very small chance that any two coaching websites built with Divi will look exactly the same. Whether you choose to import one of the many pre-built website packs into your WordPress dashboard or not, you’ll get access to a powerful page builder tool that makes it very easy to customize almost every aspect of your site. The Divi Builder has an intuitive visual editor that lets you click on an area of your site and then start changing its appearance right away, whether that’s editing text, changing colors, or moving things around the page.

Divi also includes a conversion optimization tool that can help you improve your website so that it delivers better results. Thanks to this, if you plan to use your website to land new coaching clients, the Divi Leads feature can provide you with data to help you optimize your site to make it more effective. Purchasing Divi also gets you access to the Bloom email opt-in form plugin, giving you all the features you’ll need to start growing your newsletter and subscriber list.

Divi will appeal to anyone looking for an off-the-shelf coaching theme as well as those who want to launch a unique site for their business.

3. Efor

Efor is aimed at coaches and those delivering online courses from their WordPress website.

With three different website demos in the Efor package, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to find a suitable foundation for your new site with this theme. For example, one of the demos uses serif fonts to give it an elegant look while another demo opts for sans serif fonts to deliver a more modern and professional style.

In addition to the stylish appearance of this theme, the pre-built content is also very functional. The homepages contain lots of useful elements to help you generate more clients for your coaching business, signups for your online courses, or sales for your digital products. Some of these elements include testimonial sliders for sharing feedback from your clients and students, video players for embedding this type of content into your website, and a section for displaying the logos of organizations you’ve worked with.

You can also easily publish the latest posts from your blog on the homepage, share content from your social media accounts, and encourage visitors to join your newsletter through the email opt-in form.

As well as the settings that let you easily control which fonts, colors, and other aspects of your site looks like, Efor also includes the powerful Elementor page builder plugin. Thanks to this, you can edit all of the demo content through an impressive front-end drag-and-drop interface. Designing your own additional pages from scratch is easy too, thanks in part to the library of templates that come with the Elementor tool.

More Info / Download Demo

4. MaxCoach

MaxCoach is a theme for coaches that also has good online course publishing features.

As this is also an online education WordPress theme, it has been designed to work with all of the best course publishing plugins for WordPress, including the popular and powerful LearnPress tool. Thanks to this, you’ll find plenty of templates in the MaxCoach package to ensure that your courses and other learning content look great.

When it comes to pure coaching theme credentials, MaxCoach certainly isn’t short on features. One highlight is the 15+ website demos that come with this theme. Among the coaching demos are options designed for health coaches, fitness coaches, and finance coaches, to name just a few. There’s also a more general-purpose coach demo for those who are helping people in areas not covered by the more focused demos.

MaxCoach has many useful features to help make your website a success. One is the Zoom integration that’s ideal for delivering coaching sessions remotely, rather than in person. MaxCoach was also built to work with the impressive Elementor plugin to give you full control over the design of your site. This theme has good events publishing support, too, giving you a quick way to promote any in-person or online coaching events you might be running.

MaxCoach is packed with stylish templates and useful features to make it a very appealing coaching WordPress theme.

5. Magnetique

Magnetique is a female-focused theme aimed at online coaches.

However you deliver your coaching, whether online or in person, Magnetique is an appealing option. This theme definitely has a focus on those providing online coaching, especially if you’re a course creator too. The templates have all been designed to appeal to female coaches or those offering coaching services for women. Due to this, if you fall into those categories, you should be able to launch a powerful site to promote your services online quickly. 

Magnetique is about more than just stylish templates, though. This female-friendly coaching theme also includes an appointment booking tool that makes it easy for you to accept and manage coaching sessions via your site. A Zoom integration plugin is included in the package to make it even easier to deliver your sessions online. 

The impressive feature list of Magnetique is well worth checking out.

6. Wellco

Wellco is a theme for coaches who have online courses.

Although you don’t need to have an online course to use Wellco, if you’re a coach that does run online courses, or plans to do so in the future, Wellco is a theme you should take a closer look at. The target audiences for this theme are business, health, and life coaches. However, you could easily adjust the demos of Wellco to expand the appeal of this theme.

Wellco was built to work with LearnPress to help you add online courses to your coaching website, Depending on how you configure LearnPress and your courses, you could generate revenue from your educational content and collect payments through your website. You can also do a lot more with LearnPress, such as host courses from other publishers, publish tests and quizzes, and award course completion certificates.

Wellco should be able to help you generate more leads for your coaching business.

7. Pepper+

Pepper+ has all the templates you’ll need for your personal coaching website.

There are 10 different homepage designs in the Pepper+ package, covering portfolio, magazine, and agency sites. The demo entitled Expert is probably the one that’s best suited to anyone building a coaching website with WordPress. The digital product homepage templates would also be a good option for any coaches out there that have a product, such as an eBook or online course they’d like to promote.

The homepage layout has a large header area where you can display a welcome image and introductory piece of text that your visitors won’t be able to miss. Below the header image area is a section for explaining how your services work, along with step-by-step instructions that are illustrated with icons.

Other notable elements of the default coaching homepage layout include a call-to-action button to persuade your visitors to get in touch, a panel for displaying feedback from previous clients, and a signup form for adding new subscribers to your email list.

More Info / Download Demo

8. CoachFocus

CoachFocus can help you deliver coaching and publish courses online.

The varied selection of demos in the CoachFocus theme package is suitable for a wide range of different types of coaches. However, the CoachFocus templates do share a few common qualities, such as being optimized to help you promote your services online and present yourself in a professional way. 

As this is not only a coaching theme but one that can also help you promote a podcast and deliver courses online, you can use CoachFocus in many different ways. For example, it’s a great choice if you’re a coach with a podcast and online courses. The other features, such as the eCommerce and community-building support, combine to make this theme even more attractive.

CoachFocus looks great out of the box, but it can also be easily customized.

9. DotLife

DotLife is a WordPress theme for coaches and speakers as well as publishing courses online. The DotLife demos cover a wide range of styles and purposes related to coaching, making this a WordPress theme that’s sure to have a wide appeal.

While the demos are all different, they do have a few things in common. One is that they’re all focused on helping you promote yourself online. If you’d like to make yourself the main attraction of your coaching business, the templates that come with DotLife should be right for your project. Another common trait among the DotLife templates is the selection of useful features and widgets that have been incorporated into their designs.

The demos include useful elements such as call-to-action banners, client testimonials, and interesting image grids that have been used to good effect. Thanks to this, you won’t have to do much after you’ve installed this theme, apart from importing a demo and replacing the placeholder text and images with your own content.

If you’d like to sell or share online courses on your WordPress website, DotLife is a suitable choice. As this theme was built to integrate seamlessly with the powerful LearnPress plugin, you can use this extension to add all the necessary eLearning features to your website easily.

DotLife is a versatile coaching WordPress theme that can be configured in many different ways.

More Info / Download Demo

10. Life Coach


Life Coach is ideal for therapists, personal trainers, wellness consultants, psychologists, and anyone else who helps others improve their lives.

Getting started with the Life Coach theme is easy. There’s just one demo mode to choose from. Once you’ve imported the demo content into your WordPress website, you’re free to carry out any necessary customization work.

The custom theme options control panel lets you make many changes to your website, including layout options, font choices, color settings, and more. If you want to customize the individual pages that make up your site, then the premium WPBakery page builder plugin is on hand to help. Through the WPBakery drag-and-drop user interface, you can customize every aspect of your pages, all through a front-end, point-and-click editor.

Another useful feature of the Life Coach theme is its full support for WooCommerce. Thanks to this, you can install the free WooCommerce plugin and then start listing products and services for sale, directly from your website. Whether you want to collect payments online for coaching sessions or sell physical products and digital downloads, Life Coach and WooCommerce provide everything you’ll need.

Life Coach has a feature-packed homepage layout that will help you win over new visitors as soon as they arrive at your website.

More Info / Download Demo

11. Coaching

Coaching is a WordPress theme for creating coaching sites, that also has good support for publishing online courses.

Whether you want to work with coaching clients on a one-to-one basis or you’d rather help multiple people at the same time via your online courses, Coaching has everything you should need for both scenarios. The pre-built homepage layouts work well for promoting your services and your online courses, making this a versatile theme.

Thanks to the drag-and-drop page builder plugin that this theme supports, you can customize all aspects of your website, including the pre-built templates. You can also install a page builder plugin of your choice instead, and then use that tool to design new templates for your website.

To help you create and publish online coaching courses on your website, Coaching has been built to take full advantage of the LearnPress LMS WordPress plugin. Thanks to this, you can publish learning material that your clients can access and then consume at their own pace. If you’d like to diversify your coaching business from working with clients in-person to selling access to online courses, Coaching and its supported plugins make it possible.

Whatever type of coaching services you’re offering, there’s a good chance Coaching will work for your website.

More Info / Download Demo

12. Mentor

Mentor has the right kind of design and style to help you promote your life coaching services more effectively.

Whether you want to create a website that helps your target audience through the content you publish or one that will generate more clients for your coaching business, Mentor has all the right features. While this is a flexible theme that can be used to help promote any type of coaching service Mentor does have a slight focus on the world of business.

The default homepage layout of Mentor has a classic design. A large welcome image or video can be displayed at the top of the homepage, followed by all the most important information your visitors will want to see. This can include details of your services, information about you, success stories, pricing information, and an online booking calendar. To help keep in touch with those visitors who aren’t quite ready to book an appointment online just yet, the Mentor theme includes an opt-in form for your newsletter.

Mentor includes a good set of customization controls. Changing the default color scheme is easy. You can also switch the default header layout and footer style at the touch of a button. If that’s not enough control for you, the powerful WPBakery page builder plugin is ready and waiting.

If you’re confident in your coaching abilities, the Mentor theme has a design to match.

More Info / Download Demo

13. BeTop

BeTop has eight different website demos for those offering personal services such as coaching and mentoring.

Among the demos are designs that would work well for health, fitness, business, and motivational coaches. There are also demos for therapists and personal trainers that are suitable for coaching websites too. All of the demos have modern and stylish homepage layouts that are sure to give your coaching website a credible and professional look.

The demos all include useful elements such as email signup forms that enable your visitors to join your newsletter and get updates about your services direct to their inbox and the testimonials panel that makes it easy share to feedback from your coaching clients online. If you want to sell any content such as eBooks, online courses, or any other digital downloads from your WordPress website, BeTop works with all the plugins that are required to implement this functionality.

While the BeTop demos and pre-built templates look great, you’re free to change them in any way that you want as the theme works with the powerful Elementor page builder plugin. You’ll also get access to over 20 custom modules for Elementor that you can insert into your pages.

With templates for almost every type of coaching website, BeTop is an appealing option.

More Info / Download Demo

14. Tribe

Tribe is described by its creators as a feminine business coaching WordPress theme.

The two main homepage layouts that you can choose from for the front page of your coaching website include lots of features to help you connect with your visitors and effectively promote your services to your target audience. Some examples include a large header section that can be used to display a full-width photograph, a welcome message, and a call-to-action button. Some of the cool homepage elements include the panel for displaying the logos of places you’ve been featured, awards you’ve won, or clients you’ve worked with as well as an element that lets you introduce yourself to your visitors with some text and a photo.

Displaying testimonials from people you’ve coached is straightforward too, as is sharing the latest content from your blog. If you have any products to share, whether you’re giving them away or selling them from your website, you can list a few of those in the default homepage layout of the Tribe coaching theme. You also get access to an email opt-in form that should help you capture leads for your coaching services and grow your email list. You can either embed the signup form into your content or display it in a popup window on your website.

Although Tribe and its pre-built content look great, you can customize almost everything about this theme to suit your preferences.

More Info / Download Demo

15. Celeste

Celeste is a WordPress theme for life coaches and therapists that need an effective website. The style of the pre-built content reflects this, with brighter colors in use and a more informal design overall.

The four pre-built website demos in the Celeste package are aimed at health coaches, marriage counselors, and personal life coaches. You can then use the layouts as they come or start editing your site via the theme options control panel. If you want to carry out more extensive customization work, then the integrated page builder plugin will make this possible.

When building your coaching site, you can add useful elements to it, including a cost calculator that enables your potential clients to calculate your rates. This could be especially useful if you offer bulk discounts on your sessions.

If you’re looking for a stylish life coaching WordPress theme, Celeste is a popular option.

More Info / Download Demo

16. Leadership

Leadership is a WordPress theme for helping coaches grow their businesses.

Thanks to its varied selection of demos and templates, Leadership is suitable for many different types of coaches. From health and lifestyle to business and feminine coaches, no matter what area of life you help people with, Leadership could be the theme for you.

The Leadership demos have all been designed to help you put yourself at the center of your website. The large header section on the homepage templates is ideal for displaying a photo of yourself, alongside an introductory message and a call-to-action button. Further down the homepage templates, you’ll find other conversion-focused elements, such as testimonials, image galleries, and buttons. The templates are all fully editable with Elementor, so you can get them looking exactly how you want.

The clean and modern design of Leadership is perfect for creating premium coaching websites.

More Info / Download Demo

17. Entrepreneur

Entrepreneur is a multi-purpose business theme but it has many features that make it a good choice for creating coaching websites.

The core purpose of the Entrepreneur theme is to encourage your visitors to book your services, while also making it as easy as possible for them to do so. Therefore, if the goal of your website is to help you find more coaching clients, this theme is well worth a closer look.

When setting up your website you can choose from eight different demos, including a purpose-built coaching demo. You’re not limited to the coaching demo, though. The Entrepreneur theme and each of its pre-built websites are flexible enough to work for a range of purposes.

Once you’ve imported the demo content, you can start automating your appointment booking and scheduling. Through the integrated tools, you can choose to display your availability and let visitors make appointments online. Creating multiple time slots is easy. You can also collect payments online through the supported WooCommerce plugin. The whole system syncs with Google Calendar, so you’ll never miss another appointment again or end up double-booked.

Entrepreneur has all the features your website will need to promote your services, as well as some tools to help your visitors become clients.

More Info / Download Demo

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